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Investors who demand unmatched, personalized care for self-directed IRAs turn to Advanta IRA.

Advanta IRA provides each client with superior service tailored to meet their needs, including a dedicated account manager.

Investors have autonomy over their checkbooks and access to other investment alternatives, such as cryptocurrencies.

Before you begin this evaluation:

You know how challenging it is to choose a business you can entrust with your hard-earned savings. They produce insightful and practical material to give you as much information as possible so you can make the best decision.

In 2003, Advanta IRA was established, with its corporate headquarters in Largo, Florida. The business sets itself apart from many other financial service providers by providing a variety of self-directed IRA administrators within the corporate framework.

The IRA administrators offer services to investors across the nation, offering a variety of adaptable investment possibilities.

The account managers at Advanta IRA are familiar with every aspect of their client’s accounts, investments, and investing objectives. Your account is secure because Advanta Ira account managers follow IRS requirements.

Advanta IRA Products

Some strategies for investing in retirement include:


The income from annuities comes from scheduled payments over a long period.
Annuities can be set up to provide retirement income, safeguard a spouse or inheritors, or prepare for life events.


Cryptocurrency is electronic money that can use for payment or investment. Blockchain technology is a common component of cryptocurrencies; a central body does not print Bitcoins.

A government organization theoretically cannot interact with or influence cryptocurrency.


Direct purchases of farmland and investments in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are both possible with farmland investments. Shares in hedge funds that hold investors may purchase agricultural property for their portfolios.

Hedge Funds

Private investors participate in hedge funds by forming a limited partnership. The fund manager invests a hedge fund’s assets in unconventional or risky ventures. Mutual and hedge funds are comparable, but hedge funds are more aggressive.

Precious Metals

Due to their tangible nature, ability to diversify an investor’s portfolio, uniqueness, and high value, precious metal or gold-backed IRAs are an excellent choice for investors.

When inflation is rampant, precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum preserve their value.

Secondary Annuities

Winnings from a lottery or structured settlements are examples of secondary annuities. In an SMA, the owner sells the firm their payments for a one-time fee.

Customer Service

Advanta, unlike some IRA providers, assigns a professional account manager to each client who helps them through every stage of the investment process. Other IRAs do not offer the educational resources that Advanta does.

To enhance your investing experience, Advanta provides weekly webinars, seminars, investment case studies, blog pieces every week, and videos. The money you haven’t invested in is secure, you know.

Advanta IRA holds all funds not invested in FDIC-insured banks and other financial institutions.


More than 20 financial professionals work as part of Advanta IRA’s management team to oversee business operations and create fresh business ideas.

Attorneys, Self-Directed IRA Professionals, SDIP, and Certified IRA Services Professionals, or CISP, make up the Advanta IRA team.

What Investments are Allowed?

The nearly limitless investment options are one of the most substantial reasons to invest in a self-directed IRA. IRS regulations prohibit collectibles and life insurance investments.

The majority of other investments, however, are legal. Self-directed IRAs can own conventional assets, including equities, bonds, and mutual funds. However, the numerous other investment possibilities available to account holders draw most investors.

Alternative Investment Accounts

A Roth is frequently chosen by investors who want to start a regular account. Additionally, standard are traditional IRAs, and an alternative for a self-employed investor is a 401K plan.

Individuals can pick the options they desire for their investment portfolio with a self-directed IRA.

These are a few of the most well-liked investments using an Advanta IRA:

Alpaca Farms

Alpacas are known for being great livestock investments. A small farm holding is perfect for an alpaca herd because they only need a little room. Alpaca breeding is an excellent way to postpone taxes and accumulate wealth.


Both commodities and commodity stocks make significant investments and can shield your portfolio from volatility. The global market is driven by factors that provide stability against inflation, food security, and poverty reduction.


Using cryptocurrency allows for efficient international trade without the need for tight regulation or oversight from the government. The exchanges are digital, take place on open platforms, and are self-contained.

In e-commerce, cryptocurrency is a valuable asset. Countries, businesses, and individual investors all purchase cryptocurrencies, and Digital transactions involving Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are the most common.

Forex or Foreign Exchange Trading

For investors with little capital to invest, foreign exchange investments are advantageous. Trading forex can help diversify your portfolio and get you up and running quickly. The basis of forex trading is your conviction that the stocks you purchase will increase or decrease.

Horse Shows

Investments in dressage horses are profitable for many investors. Numerous horse breeders frequently visit Europe to purchase horses for breeding and dressage contests, particularly those who produce Friesians.

Show horses can generate investment returns ranging from 23 to 76 percent.

Improved And Unimproved Land

Buying land can be profitable and insulate you from a choppy stock market. Investors could purchase unimproved land, buildings, and commercial and residential properties.

Real estate investments typically increase in value when the stock market is unsteady.

Oil, Gas, And Minerals

Investing in oil, gas, and minerals are a great way to diversify your portfolio.
While concentrating on your company interests, investing in oil, gas, and minerals can give you a sizable monthly income.

Special tax incentives are available for oil and gas investments.

Precious Metals

Investing in precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum is a great way to diversify your portfolio. Although the IRS prohibits purchases of precious metals for standard IRAs, there are various regulations for self-directed IRAs.

Gold and silver are fantastic for investors when the stock market is erratic, or inflation rises.

Private Equity And Private Stock

Private equity, also known as private placements in a self-directed IRA, allows investments in funds, corporations, or companies. You can either invest directly in a business or pool your resources with other investors to form a fund.

Private Money Lending

Private money lending, sometimes peer-to-peer lending, functions similarly to banking. The IRA gives funding to firms or individuals that require loans.

In a self-directed IRA, private lending generates income that may be tax-free or tax-deferred. Your self-directed IRA receives all loan proceeds.

Real Estate

Diverse real estate ventures are a well-liked method of generating income. Various real estate assets offer protection from growing inflation.

There are also business and residential properties available. Even when inflation rises, multifamily housing will still generate income.

Sports Teams

Most ordinary investors need more money to own a sports franchise. Investing in the company that holds your favorite team is one way to support them financially. Professional sports teams are affiliated with numerous large corporations.


Your investment portfolio can gain value by investing in timber. To boost revenues, timber producers diversify their holdings by selling to investors and businesses with experience in forestry and financial management.

Rollover Rules for IRAs

Self-directed IRAs are more flexible than conventional 401K, 403B, 507 pension, or employer-sponsored retirement plans. Transferring your assets from one of these traditional plans to a self-directed IRA is a direct rollover.

There should be no obstacles if you want to roll over money from a former employer’s account.

However, there can be limitations if your IRA is with your current employer and you are under 59.5.
You can also transfer money from your current IRA to the self-directed IRA administrator as an alternative to shifting it to a new, self-directed IRA.

You must transfer money to a self-directed account within 60 days of closing your employer-sponsored IRA. The IRS will charge you early distribution penalties if you still need to meet the 60-day limit.

An indirect rollover is only permitted by the IRS once every twelve months.

Transfer Rules for IRAs

Moving your assets from one administrator to another is required to convert an existing IRA to a self-directed IRA.

Since the funds in the initial account were never declared payable to you, transfers of assets from one IRA to another aren’t considered transactions that must report to the IRS.

Unlike a rollover, there are no restrictions on how many IRA transfers you can make each year. The IRS is not informed of IRA transfers. Since you gave no assets, your transactions between accounts are not taxed.

There is no issue as long as the transfers you make are among qualifying IRAs. SIMPLE, SEP, and Roth accounts are among those you can move between custodians

Advanta IRA Fees

You only pay fees when you start an Advanta self-directed IRA for administering your account and preserving the relevant records.

No additional charges or commissions are concealed; the only expenses are those related to managing your Advanta account.

Reasons to Choose Advanta

You can buy and sell assets with an Advanta Self-Directed IRA at any time rather than waiting for the market to establish prices.

Checkbook control is one of the choices of a self-directed IRA. Checks for investments may be written by account holders using money in their retirement accounts.

Advanta IRA Offers Attractive Options To Investors

Self-directed Advanta IRAs offer a more comprehensive selection of assets than traditional IRAs. For small business owners and individual investors, Advanta has appealing account alternatives.

Investors who seek more diversification in their portfolios have access to several alternative investing possibilities. Advanta has no hidden costs, unlike several IRAs, and the rates are reasonable.

Customers are pleased with the investor materials, which include case studies, blogs, and videos to help investors choose wise investments

Reasons Not to Choose Advanta

The majority of customer reviews for Advanta IRA have been favorable. The most frequent criticism about Advanta is that live chat should be an option.

Investors want to get in touch with customer service as soon as they have an issue with their account so they can quickly fix them. Most respondents to a survey regarding customer service said they preferred live chat to email, phone help, and social media.

More than just giving investors a quick, convenient option to contact customer service is what a live chat function is all about.

Live chat enhances the client experience, boosts efficiency, enables agents to choose items with more excellent knowledge, and aids in getting to know your investors.

Pros and Cons



  • Ira specialists, qualified financial advisers, and attorneys work with Advanta IRA.
  • The business has an excellent client education program.
  • An option is investing in cryptocurrencies.



  • Almost no customer testimonials
  • There isn’t a live chat option.

Final Thoughts – Advanta IRA Review

Advanta has received favorable ratings from investors who value the administrators’ professionalism.

Investors can learn about the fundamentals of starting a self-directed IRA, how to open and fund an account, and the variety of alternative investments accessible through the firm website’s information page.

As you open and fund your self-directed IRA, you can get assistance from experienced financial advisers and legal professionals at Advanta IRA.

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