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Since 2013, Allegiance Gold has worked in the precious metals sector.

The company focuses on helping clients choose suitable metals for their assets and retirement savings.

Mark Naaman and Alex Ebkarian formed Allegiance Gold, with Mark serving as CEO and Alex as COO. Its main office may be found in Woodland Hills, California.

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Allegiance Gold was founded in 2013 and had its headquarters in West Hills, California. Their goal is to assist customers in protecting their money and retirement by diversifying their investment portfolio with precious metals. They market themselves as the “#1 Trusted Gold Company.”

The bulk of the investment-grade Gold, platinum, silver, and palladium coins and bars in the Allegiance Gold collection are eligible for holding in a Precious Metals IRA.

Strata Trust Company and Goldstar Trust Company offer custodial services. Delaware Depository and Brinks Global provide vault storage. Allegiance Gold focuses on products that can be kept in precious metals IRAs or added to assets.

This precious metals dealer helps customers open self-directed IRAs thanks to relationships with reliable custodians.

Management Team

Mark Naaman, who also holds the CEO position of the company, was a co-founder of Allegiance Gold. As the Chief Operating Officer and a co-founder of the business, Alex Ebkarian oversees daily operations and manages client relations.

His experience spans more than 15 years in the financial services and investment sectors, and he has a Bachelor of Science in finance from California State University, Northridge.

Mr. Ebkarian has a wealth of expertise in financing start-up companies, venture-backed businesses, and private equity firms. Each of his clients has had outstanding business success because of him.

The management and employee collaborate to ensure the business’s overall success.

Allegiance Gold Custodians and Storage

Regarding your precious metals IRA account, Allegiance Gold has partnered with two of the best Self-Directed IRA precious metals custodians in the United States. Strata Trust Company and Goldstar Trust Company offer safekeeping services.

The precious metals acquired through Allegiance Gold are kept in facilities run by Brinks Global or the Delaware Depository. A third-party storage facility called a “depository storage facility” guarantees the security of any precious metals.

Your precious metals are kept in a secure location and protected from theft, loss, and other risks.

Before you can finance a self-directed IRA, you must first choose how you wish to store your traditional IRA assets before converting them to tangible precious metals.

Allegiance Gold Products and Services

Although IRA-eligible bullion is the focus, there is a limited selection of silver and gold numismatics. Allegiance Gold offers a variety of investment-grade coins as well as gold bars.

  • Gold Canadian Gyrfalcon
  • Gold American Buffalo
  • Gold American Eagle
  • Silver American Buffalo
  • Palladium Canadian Maple Leaf
  • Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf
  • Platinum American Eagle

Allegiance Gold additionally provides their customers with a free Investment Guide in exchange for specific personal information like your name.

How Does a Gold IRA Work?

A Gold IRA works similarly to a standard IRA, with the added bonus that you can invest in physical gold coins, bars, and other IRS-approved metals.

Depending on the selected tax treatment, you can choose to invest your retirement funds in a Gold IRA or a Custom Precious Metals IRA, and then you can take distributions in the future just like you would with any other retirement plan.

IRA versus 401(k)

You can do this through tax-free growth or delayed growth. Avoid taxes by putting money away in a retirement account for when you retire. You can fund both an IRA and a 401(k).

Social Security benefits and a 401(k) savings plan offered by your employer might need to be revised to cover your savings needs. Traditional IRAs are retirement plans that let you invest before taxes and let your gains compound tax-free.

Although you can write off your contributions, you will only have to pay taxes once you start to make money in retirement. On the other hand, the 401(k) is a retirement savings plan sponsored by the employer.

It enables workers to save and invest a portion of their income prior to taxation. Like in a traditional IRA, taxes are only paid once funds are withdrawn from the account, and some employers provide matching funds.

Types of Gold IRA Accounts

Several other account kinds offer various tax advantages, much as conventional retirement plans. The three categories of Gold IRA accounts are as follows:

Traditional Gold IRA

Your distributions from a pre-tax IRA will be subject to taxes once you reach retirement age. This tax-deferred retirement account functions like conventional pre-tax IRAs, and gains and contributions are generally tax deductible and are not subject to tax.

Roth Gold IRA

An after-tax retirement savings account known as a Roth Gold IRA performs similarly to a Roth IRA.

Roth IRA contributions don’t offer immediate tax advantages because their primary purpose is to prevent taxes from being due when you start receiving distributions in retirement.


SEP gold IRAs are available to freelancers and entrepreneurs. In that your contributions are tax-free, it is similar to a conventional pre-tax IRA, but the contribution restrictions are more stringent.

What is a Rollover IRA?

People who change careers or retire and need to transfer their 401(k) from their previous company to a new financial vehicle most frequently use a rollover IRA.

Most of the time, you lose your 401(k) investment when you leave a job. It is feasible to empty a 401(k) of all assets, but doing so will incur hefty tax penalties.

You can move your 401(k) amount to a traditional IRA without paying taxes. A typical IRA is funded with pre-tax money, just like a 401(k).

Some of these tax advantages will be lost if you roll any of your retirement assets into a Roth IRA that is not financed with pre-tax money.

If you’re interested in learning more, we created an entire essay on it: Gold IRA Rollover Guide for 401(k)s

Why Invest in a Gold IRA?

The typical American IRA, which contains equities, mutual funds, and bonds, is managed by large financial institutions. These conventional wealth protection tools provide no assurances.

The mainstream media, government tax breaks, employers, and big financial services businesses actively encourage investment in the stock market and real estate to build wealth.

However, these organizations need to recognize the significance of investing in precious metals to protect one’s assets.

Due to its consistency in the face of shifting market conditions, investing in Gold IRAs has a strong track record and has grown in popularity. The majority of investors have some insurance to protect the most crucial goods.

An excellent method to guarantee total diversification is to save actual priceless metals in an IRA.

Precious metals are part of a sound portfolio diversification plan that guards against violent stock market crashes, inflation and deflation, and currency depreciation.

Your retirement money is insured by a Gold IRA, much like other types of insurance.

Benefits of Gold

Due to its great value and extensive history of being woven into cultures for thousands of years, Gold is highly appreciated on a global scale. People have saved Gold over the years for a variety of reasons.

Here are some justifications for owning Gold in an IRA right now.

1. Risk/Return Balance: Some assets are supposed to protect you and provide protection or insurance; others are meant to make you money. Gold is one of them. Investments in Gold have a low risk and can be used as protection against other risky assets.

2. Geopolitical Uncertainty: During times of monetary instability and geopolitical unpredictability, Gold maintains its value.

It is referred to as the “crisis commodity” because investors rush to it when tensions between nations rise because of its perceived safety. During these times, it frequently outperforms other assets. When individuals have less faith in governments, their worth increases the highest.

3. Gold is a type of Personal Wealth: In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, with frequent data breaches and cyberattacks, privacy is essential.

Physical Gold is a private form of tangible and transferable wealth that may be traded internationally, swiftly liquidated, and amassed discreetly.

Reviews, Ratings, and Complaints

The reviews you’ll see below come from reliable consumer reporting and rating companies.

  • Ratings

Clients have given Allegiance Gold outstanding ratings on Trustlink and other customer satisfaction sites.

  • Reviews

The precious metals merchant Allegiance Gold has a solid internet reputation and a history of satisfying its clients.

According to one satisfied client, they offer knowledgeable guidance and advice to people interested in discovering more about precious metals.

  • Complaints

One of Allegiance Gold’s weaknesses, according to a consumer reporting agency, is that they need to be a legitimate gold custodian. Positive reviews are present, yet there is still a gap.

Final Thoughts – Allegiance Gold Review

Investing with confidence is essential, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced professional. There are many benefits to diversifying your investment portfolio with valuable metals.

People should diversify their investments and buy valuable physical metals to protect their money and retirement savings.

The well-known allegiance gold offers these investments, which has earned the highest rating from its clients and is a recognized consumer protection organization.

Your Allegiance Gold staff assist you at every stage of the process.

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