American Bullion Review

  • American Bullion is a trusted Precious Metals IRA company founded in 2009 by Nevtan Akcora and Orkan Ozkan. They offer retirement account assistance services and a wide range of products, including American and European coins, some from before 1933 and others modern, IRA-grade bars and coins, rare coins, collectibles, silver bullion, palladium, platinum, and United States coins and coins minted prior to 1933 to cater to investors’ needs.
  • The company assists investors in creating new retirement accounts with an interest in investing in gold and silver and provides top-notch retirement account assistance services to help investors rollover their existing IRA accounts into precious metal IRAs, including paper IRA accounts, such as 401(k) and other retirement accounts, to gold IRA accounts through a rollover with American Bullion.
  • American Bullion has received high ratings, trust, and positive client experiences, winning numerous awards and recognitions since its inception. They are one of the initial companies to transition from paper asset IRA to physical asset IRA, and the first-ever gold IRA company to accept payments in Bitcoin. The company is popular among collectors as a gold dealer.
  • The company encourages clients and individuals to share their experiences with them through several easy feedback options. They also provide a free gold kit with important information about bullion products, the firm, and answers to common questions. American Bullion has a promotion where they will match 10% of your order in free silver for a short period of time.
  • BBB Business Profiles and evaluations speak of their commitment to client satisfaction and trust. They have the highest buyback guarantee and other factors. BBB Business Profiles are meant to help individuals make informed decisions and exercise their own judgment.

Overview of American Bullion

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4.4/5 Ratings

American Bullion is a prominent precious metals IRA company. In this section, we will delve into the company’s history to gain an insight into its journey to becoming one of the top IRA custodians in the US.

Company Background and History

Established in 2009, American Bullion has a proud history. They are a leader in the precious metals IRA industry, with a mission to make investing in gold, silver, palladium, and platinum secure and simple.

Their diverse range of investment options cater to a broad range of needs. They offer IRA-Approved Bars and Coins, United States Coins, rare coins, collectibles, and coins minted before 1933. They also provide retirement account assistance, like IRA rollovers and new retirement accounts assistance.

Clients have given them overwhelmingly positive reviews and testimonials. This has earned them an A+ rating on BBB business profile and high trustworthiness scores.

Customers can take advantage of their free gold kit and promotion, plus a 10% order-matching promotion for free silver with their investment in American Bullion. This provides remarkable buying power compared to retail dealers.

American Bullion’s expertise gives investors comfortable, transparent and efficient ways to achieve their retirement goals with diversified precious metals investments. This mitigates financial risk exposure while offering considerable ROI potential.

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Pros and Cons


✅ Contains a team of gold IRA experts.

✅ The staff is helpful and informed.

✅Provide both American and European coins.

✅Members benefit from reasonable prices and prompt payment.

✅A proven track record with ratings and good feedback

✅Quick client service


❎ Delivery may take a little longer.

❎ A $50,000 minimum investment is required.

Wide Range of Products Offered

With a vast array of investment products to offer, American Bullion has become a reputable and reliable name in the precious metals industry. Their inventory includes IRA-eligible coins and bars, as well as rare collectibles, silver bullion, palladium, and platinum, catering to a diverse variety of precious metal requirements. Additionally, the company offers United States coins and pre-1933 minted coins. Therefore, American Bullion provides a broad range of investment options to suit the needs of every physical asset investor.

IRA-Grade Bars and Coins

Investing in IRA-approved bars and coins is a savvy way to secure your retirement funds. American Bullion offers plenty of precious metals investments, including IRA-approved Bars and Coins. Data shows that American Bullion stocks various types of IRA-approved bars and coins. These include gold bars, gold coins, silver bars, silver coins, platinum bars, and platinum coins. All these metals have standardized weights and purity and are certified by government regulations or hallmarks. American Bullion also provides rare coins and silver bullion purchases, such as United States Coins and Coins Minted Before 1933.

American Bullion takes pride in providing outstanding customer service for precious metals investments. Their expert staff provides advice for IRA-precious metal rollovers and new retirement accounts. They also offer personalized investment advice. Don’t limit your IRA investments! Get rare coins and collectibles from American Bullion and make sure your retirement funds are safe.

Rare Coins and Collectibles

American Bullion is a reliable provider of IRA-grade valuable metal coins and bars. They offer rare coins and collectibles, some dating back centuries, with unique monetary and historical worth. Every coin is certified by third-party grading services like PCGS or NGC, to guarantee its authenticity and investment value.

Collecting rare coins is smart for diversifying investment portfolios and reducing market risk, plus it allows investors to own a piece of history. American Bullion has US coins minted before 1933, which are very valuable due to the Gold Reserve Act. Rare coins from American Bullion can also be a financial advantage as they act as a hedge against inflation. An investor in New Orleans purchased “peace” silver dollars for $2 each in the early nineties and they have since increased in value more than 17 times. Investing in rare coins from American Bullion has attracted many investors for the potential of long-term benefits.

Silver Bullion, Palladium, and Platinum

American Bullion is an investment company offering a range of precious metals. These include silver, palladium, and platinum. These investments provide a way to diversify retirement portfolios and secure long-term financial stability.

American Bullion provides IRA-grade silver bars and coins from reputable mints like the United States Mint. For those wanting to add physical assets to their retirement accounts, there are palladium bars and coins. Plus, platinum coins and bars from top mints worldwide are IRA-approved.

For those interested in rare investments, American Bullion offers United States coins and coins minted before 1933. Investing in these can be rewarding, as they tend to increase in value over time.

It’s easy to transfer funds from a current retirement account provider, or start a new one with American Bullion’s trusted advisors. Don’t miss out on diversifying your portfolio with silver, palladium, and platinum. Contact American Bullion for more info today!

United States Coins and Coins Minted Prior to 1933

At American Bullion, we are proud to offer a range of investment products. These include modern coins and those with historical significance. Our most sought-after products are United States Coins and Coins Minted Prior to 1933. These are valued for their place in American history.

To help our clients, we created a table. It outlines key info about our selection of coins. The table has columns such as coin type, denomination, year of mintage, metal content and condition. This helps clients select the best investment.

We also provide unique info about specific coins. This includes rarity, historical significance and market value. This level of insight and expertise is why clients turn to us for US Coins and Coins Minted Prior to 1933.

Whether you’re a numismatist or new to coin collecting, investing in these coins is a wise decision. With the support of American Bullion, you can add valuable coins to your portfolio with confidence.

Retirement Account Assistance

When it comes to preparing for retirement, navigating the world of investments can be daunting. However, American Bullion offers expert assistance for retirement accounts. They can guide you towards a more secure financial future with services such as IRA precious metal rollovers and assistance with opening new retirement accounts.

IRA Precious Metal Rollovers

American Bullion helps clients rollover their IRA into a self-directed, physical precious metal backed retirement account. This offers more investment diversification and security.

They provide a step-by-step process to rollover a current IRA or 401(k). Clients can choose from a range of products, such as IRA-grade bars and coins, rare coins, silver bullion, palladium, platinum, US coins, and coins minted before 1933.

American Bullion’s knowledgeable staff guide clients through the rollover process. They also ensure investments are stored in secure IRS-approved depositories. Plus, investments are insured for their full value.

Clients appreciate the professionalism, efficiency, and customer service that American Bullion provides. Their guidance and easy rollover process makes them a trusted provider of IRA precious metal rollovers, allowing clients to secure their savings with physical precious metals.

Assistance with New Retirement Accounts

American Bullion is a trusted and reliable provider of retirement account assistance. Their expert team is devoted to guiding individuals in hassle-free account setup. They provide various professional services to make the process easy.

Their website is a great resource for anyone wanting to open a retirement account. It explains the steps needed, such as selecting the correct IRA, picking an approved custodian, and funding the account with approved assets. Plus, American Bullion gives free consultations to help people who are unsure or have doubts about their options.

As well as setting up new accounts, American Bullion offers ongoing assistance to clients. This includes market updates, expert knowledge, and investment advice from their team of experienced professionals. All these resources help individuals make informed decisions concerning their IRA portfolio optimization over time.

It’s no wonder American Bullion gets positive feedback from clients for their services. If you need help with new retirement accounts, American Bullion is the way to go.

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Client Reviews and Testimonials

Clients are the lifeblood of any business, and American Bullion is no exception. In this section, we will examine the positive experiences of clients that have aided in the growth of this company, as well as the high ratings and trust garnered from satisfied clients.

American Bullion Site

Positive Client Experiences Encouraged

American Bullion strives to create great customer experiences. They provide individual account representatives to help each client during the investment and retirement process. Clients are encouraged to give feedback and share their experiences. To guarantee transparency, American Bullion offers free info on bullion products with a 10% free silver order match. Plus, they provide resources and educational materials to help clients make decisions. They assist in setting up new retirement accounts and facilitate IRA transfers.

American Bullion has had great ratings and reviews and is recognized by various institutions. Even Scrooge McDuck would invest with them!

High Ratings and Trust Earned

American Bullion has earned high ratings and trust from its clients. This is due to their exceptional customer service and expert guidance in precious metal investments. Many satisfied clients have expressed their appreciation for the results achieved.

The company has a reputation of integrity and transparency. This has earned them recognition and high ratings from organizations. They have skilled professionals in precious metals who help secure clients’ retirement funds.

They have won numerous awards for their customer service and providing authentic IRA-grade bullions. This confirms the company’s outstanding reputation and trustworthy dealings.

Clients can benefit from their promotions, such as a 10% matching offer for first-time customers. These attractive incentives gain new clients and turn them into loyal customers. American Bullion’s high ratings and trust show their commitment to providing great services.

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Awards and Recognitions Received

American Bullion has made a name for itself in the precious metals industry. It has gained awards and recognition. It has been featured in ForbesBloomberg, and MarketWatch. It has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. It is an authorized dealer with the Professional Coin Grading Service. It won the Gold Award from TopTenReviews for three years in a row. Trustpilot named it a “Great Business”. It is a member of the Industry Council for Tangible AssetsInvestopedia recognized it as a top IRA custodian for two years.

American Bullion Review

American Bullion offers services to its clients. These include gold and silver IRA investments, storage of precious metals, and sale of bullion coins and bars. American Bullion has earned a reputable and respected position in the precious metals market. It was awarded numerous accolades for its exceptional service.

American Bullion Testimonials

BBB Business Profile and Evaluation

American Bullion is ecstatic to be featured on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website! They have been granted an A+ rating by the BBB, which shows their commitment to ethical business practices and customer satisfaction.

Their 97% positive reviews from clients demonstrate that they are dedicated to meeting their clients’ needs and providing top-notch service.

Plus, American Bullion has had only one complaint against them in the past year. This reveals that they are devoted to resolving any issues customers experience.

An exceptional part of American Bullion’s BBB profile is that they have been accredited since 2011 and have consistently kept a good standing with the organization. This speaks to their dedication to upholding high standards in business practices and customer satisfaction.

To conclude, American Bullion’s BBB profile is outstanding, with a long history of quality service and ethical business practices. Customers can trust American Bullion, knowing that they are a dependable and credible company.

Free Gold Kit and Promotion Offered

Looking to invest in bullion products and curious about your options? In this section, we’ll explore American Bullion’s offerings and current promotions.

American Bullion does not offer a free gold kit, instead they provide valuable information about their products and offer a limited time promotion which provides a 10% order matching for investment in silver. This is a great opportunity to expand your investment portfolio with American Bullion.

Free Information about Bullion Products and American Bullion

American Bullion is a top source for free info about bullion. They understand the value of giving valuable resources to clients, so they offer a Free Gold Kit! This includes a guidebook about gold IRAs, diversification info, and FAQs. It’s great for anyone wanting more knowledge before investing in precious metals.

Plus, American Bullion has experts to answer any questions. They have years of experience and can help clients pick the best option based on their finances. To help educate clients, American Bullion offers webinars, seminars, and online materials about “The ABCs of Investing in Gold.” This explains why gold should be part of wealth preservation portfolios, to protect against inflation.

American Bullion is known for great customer service. They help clients have a smooth experience. This is shown by their help with a client who needed to rollover a 401(k) into a new IRA. Plus, their TrustPilot rating is 4.9 out of 5, and a BBB A+ rating. This makes American Bullion one of the best custodians of precious metals IRAs in North America.

10% Order Matching Promotion for Free Silver

American Bullion is thrilled to offer an extraordinary opportunity to save cash and maybe get free silver. Customers who buy any bullion product with cash or wire transfer can earn up to $2,500 worth of free silver a year – a huge saving!

Not all products qualify for this promotion. Orders must be placed directly with American Bullion, either online or by phone. The offer may change, cancel or extend without warning.

To benefit from this offer, customers must use cash or wire transfer. These payments are secure and straightforward, making it a great option for those who want to make the most of their savings.

Customers must comprehend the rules and regulations before taking advantage of this offer. The 10% match for free silver is an excellent way to get money back on purchases. But there are other rewards and promotions at American Bullion that customers may find helpful.

For example, if customers need to create an investment plan tailored to their retirement savings goals, American Bullion’s financial advisors can help. All in all, American Bullion offers a safe and dependable way to invest in precious metals and save cash at the same time.

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Final Thought – About American Bullion

To finish this American Bullion review, it’s clear they offer a great solution for precious metal investing. The process is easy and free of hassle, and they provide expert guidance for both new and experienced investors. Before investing, research the precious metals market and speak to a financial advisor to understand how it fits into your portfolio.

American Bullion offers secure storage options such as segregated storage and private vaults. Their fees and transparency are competitive. They have specialists who know the precious metals market, and they provide a buyback guarantee so clients can easily sell their assets when needed. This dedication to long-term customer relationships sets them apart from other competitors.

In summary, American Bullion is ideal for adding precious metals to your investment portfolio.

Five Facts About American Bullion Review:

✅ American Bullion is a precious metals IRA company founded in 2009 by Nevtan Akcora and Orkan Ozkan. (Source:

✅ They offer a wide range of products including American and European coins, some from before 1933 and others modern. They also assist individuals in creating new retirement accounts with an interest in investing in gold and silver. (Source:,

✅ American Bullion has won several awards and recognitions since its inception and is popular among collectors as a gold dealer. (Source:,

✅ Investors can convert paper IRA accounts, such as 401(k) and other retirement accounts, to gold IRA accounts through a rollover with American Bullion. They have also signed deals with Sterling Trust Company and Delaware Depository Services to transition from paper asset IRA to physical asset IRA. (Source:

✅ American Bullion values client trust and encourages clients to share their experiences with them. Clients can provide feedback easily through several options. (Source:

FAQs About American Bullion Review

About American Bullion

American Bullion is a precious metals IRA company based in Los Angeles, California. It was founded in 2009 by Nevtan Akcora and Orkan Ozkan. American Bullion aims to assist investors in converting their existing retirement products such as 401Ks and IRAs into gold for their retirement.

Products Offered

American Bullion offers a wide range of products that include IRA-grade bars and coins, rare coins, and collectibles. They also offer IRA-grade silver bullion, palladium, platinum, United States coins, and coins minted prior to 1933.

Client Reviews

American Bullion values client trust and opinions. Clients have given American Bullion a 5-star rating and have appreciated their representatives for going above and beyond. One instance was when a grandmother with two grandsons, ages 4 and 6, and a son living with her particularly appreciated representative Phil Owens’ efforts in helping her understand the higher premium price she paid for coins instead of bullion. Phil also helped her with all the paperwork which put her in a better position with her investment.

Client Trust

American Bullion encourages clients and individuals to share their experiences with them. They have provided feedback options that clients can use to share their positive experiences.

BBB Business Profiles

BBB Business Profiles are not used for sales or promotional purposes. They are meant to help individuals make informed decisions and exercise their own judgment.

Converting Accounts with American Bullion

American Bullion offers to convert paper IRA accounts, such as 401(K) and other retirement accounts, to gold IRA accounts through a rollover.

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