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Finding a place to purchase gold at a reasonable price is the main challenge for most people. It could be difficult to locate a business that sells gold or other precious metals in a world full of swindlers.

This study will provide information on the American Gold Exchange (AGE) and help you decide if it will meet your needs. It will also evaluate both the goods they sell and the ones they purchase.

It is an in-depth analysis of the American Gold Exchange, so please read it carefully.

Before you begin this evaluation:

They know how challenging it is to choose a business you can entrust with your hard-earned savings. They produce informative and practical material to give you as much information as possible to make the best decision.

A precious metals trader established in the US is The American Gold Exchange. They have been operating since 1998, and Dana Samuelson presently serves as its leader.

It is among the oldest businesses of its kind and has established a solid reputation. It focuses primarily on purchasing and selling precious metals, including gold, silver, and platinum, dealing with bullion, bars, coins, and rare coins.

Before the demise of the gold standard, they recognized them for buying and selling pre-1933 coins, which served as the exchange unit. Numerous gold-related items are available through the American Gold Exchange.

The business buys back gold, silver, and other valuables at fair prices. Their rates are modified weekly to remain competitive with other dealers in the market. They sell gold-related things on a website.

Their website also has a store where customers can purchase gold jewelry and other items containing gold. Notably, they want something other than a broker; instead, they buy and sell.

American Gold Exchange Products and Service

A wide range of goods and services are provided by AGE. They also run silver, platinum, and palladium dealers; however, they specialize in gold. The various metals are available as coins, bars, and bullion. The following is a list of the goods they provide:

  • Gold

    They can sell Your antique gold coins and other gold items to AGE. They provide a cash-on-delivery option in which they will purchase your metal and pay you in cash.

    You could also mail them a check for the cost of the metal.

    One of their most popular techniques is this one, particularly with customers who want to sell their gold jewelry but need more time to fill out all that paperwork.

  • Silver Coins

    You can sell any antique silver coins you might have to AGE. The business is a significant buyer and seller of silver coins, mainly vintage coins. The majority of silver items, including bars, bullion, and other valuables, will be bought and sold by them.

    They also offer a website where you can quickly get information about each of their various silver goods, including the price they will pay for it. For instance, go to their website and choose the “Silver Bars” button if you wish to sell your silver bars.

  • Platinum

    A significant retailer of platinum goods is The American Gold Exchange, and their website provides a vast selection of platinum products for purchase.

    Additionally, on their website, under the Platinum category, you can check the pricing for any platinum products you want to sell.

  • Palladium

    The AGE also buys and sells palladium at a fair price. They provide a wide range of palladium product alternatives, like coins, bars, and bullion.

    Even silver objects will be repurchased for you by them. Additionally, their website provides a wealth of information regarding palladium, including a price calculator.

How to Sell

It’s simpler than you think to work with the American Gold Exchange if you’re interested. You must first ascertain the type of metal you possess and its value. You can visit their website or contact them by phone to find out more.

Only bother with it if it is worthwhile—just something to consider before transacting with them. You must determine the value of your gold and other valuables if they are valuable.

If you wish to sell it to them, give them a call and let them know you want to sell some valuables. They’ll provide you a list of every piece of gold and silver they’re interested in purchasing, along with a price quote for each.

Only submit something if it is on their list; it may be worth more than they paid. Define your valuables and submit the necessary information on their website.

Call them after you’ve submitted your information and let them know about your possessions, or wait to hear back from them. For further information, you may also get in touch with their president.

How to Buy

AGE is an online store that provides all of its services. You can purchase, sell, and even get price quotes for the various precious metals and products they offer. You can be confident that the gold dealer you buy from is trustworthy.

The American Gold Exchange buys all 50 states, so your purchase will be filled and dispatched on schedule.

They ensure that your package is delivered to you in good condition thanks to the solid relationships they have developed over the years with their customers and other dealers. To purchase from them, first, go to their website.

They sell a wide variety of goods on their website, including bullion, coins, gold and silver bars, jewelry, and other priceless products. You can even sell your used products to buy new ones.
Because transactions are entirely secure, you will receive your money quickly.

How to Open a Precious Metals IRA

You must first open an account with a company that offers Precious Metals IRAs, such as the Entrust Group.

Through their website or your computer, you can open an account. You only need to supply your details and the information of the person who will serve as the money’s custodian.

Once you have an account, you can start funding it. You must send a cheque if you use an IRA custodian, and it should include the metal’s value in the amount sent.

Only send something if you have gold or silver products. Don’t assign a value to a coin, bar, or other item made of gold or silver because doing so will only serve as an estimate and make it more difficult for your IRA account to achieve gains.

After funding your account, you can buy the permitted precious metals. It comprises gold bullion, bars, and coins.

The fair market value will be used to establish the prices of the precious metals (FMV). Any gold IRA company can help you purchase and sell gold, but you must be sure they work with a trustworthy organization like The Entrust Group.

American Gold Exchange Guarantee

How does the American Gold Exchange provide its customers with a guarantee?

All of the precious metals and goods owned by the AGE come with a value guarantee. Additionally, they promise to deliver each purchase to you on schedule and in perfect shape.

You can be confident that the AGE is taking exceptional care of your valuables and precious metals. Additionally, it ensures that customers will receive a competitive pricing quote for their purchases.

Customers will also be completely safe from shady businesses and people. They have an excellent reputation in the field and a lot of happy customers.

American Gold Exchange Reviews

In the majority of rating and review websites, AGE has done well. Some of the ratings are listed below.

  • Yelp has 20 reviews with a 5/5 rating.
  • 4.9/5 on Trust Pilot after 2016 reviews
  • Reviews for the gold dealer: 4.7/5 after four reviews.

Certified Coins

The AGE promises that every one of their precious metals is certified. They are sure that the value of your precious metals and belongings will leave you completely happy.

When doing business with the American Gold Exchange, you can be sure you are getting your money’s worth. They get their metals certified by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), and PCGS-certified gold and silver coins are among the accredited coins they provide.

The gold and silver coins are acceptable and change in value by the market.

Are They a Scam?

There is no fraud at the American Gold Exchange. You can trust that your belongings are in excellent hands with them because they are a reputable firm. They will ensure that your precious metals are kept safe; they have been in operation for more than 25 years.

With the assistance of the American Gold Exchange, you can start a precious metals IRA and expand your portfolio.

Furthermore, reputable organizations like PCGS have certified all of their coins.

Pros & Cons


  • The AGE collaborates with numerous gold and silver dealers and, in exchange, gives its customers access to a large selection of goods.

  • To ensure that their customers receive prompt service, they have developed good relationships with their customers and other gold dealers.

  • Customers can call AGE’s particular phone line, available around-the-clock, to ask questions.

  • They also follow an ethical policy of delivering their customers the best possible value for their purchases.


  • You can need help obtaining the things you require from The AGE because they need to be well-known in the industry

  • They operate on a local scale and are well known in San Diego

  • It can be annoying because, after 4:30 pm, no one answers the office phones.

Final Thoughts – American Gold Exchange Review

The American Gold Exchange is a reliable business with top-notch services and goods. You can open an account with them and use their funds to invest in precious metals.

You can trust the AGE to secure your precious metals if you want to purchase gold or silver coins, bars, or bullion.

The AGE promises that their customers will receive the most excellent pricing for the caliber of their goods, and their high-quality products significantly increase their value.

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