Barbara Corcoran Net Worth 2023

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Barbara Corcoran is admired by millions of people worldwide for her skill in investing. She has been heavily involved in real estate since the 1970s and was successful enough to start The Corcoran Group, one of the most prestigious brokerages in New York.

She has also participated in the “Shark Tank” television program on ABC. People are interested in knowing her net worth because of her public persona and extensive media engagement. We collated all our information about her assets and liabilities into this profile report to respond.

Barbara Corcoran’s net worth is estimated at $100 million. This amount is based on all publicly available information on her net worth that is readily available online and verified by websites like Yahoo! Finance and the South China Morning Post.

Corcoran has amassed significant riches over the years due to her business endeavors, TV appearances, and real estate investments. She has also invested in startup companies through her position as a Shark Tank judge.

Her remarkable net worth is a result of this and her portfolio of wise investments. Corcoran also owns several buildings in New York City, getaway residences in the Hamptons and Florida, and financial holdings.

She also has stock in several companies, including Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group, NRDC Equity Partners, and Union Square Hotel Group. She now has significantly more money in the bank thanks to her investments.

Many people find inspiration in Corcoran, an American success story. Through her hard work and determination, she has built a life for herself that most others can only imagine, and she has become financially successful.

One of the wealthiest women in America, she has amassed an outstanding portfolio of investments and real estate holdings thanks to her business savvy, drive, and ambition. She is a devoted philanthropist who has given millions to organizations and causes worldwide. Corcoran is a prime example of what can be accomplished with effort, commitment, and aspiration.

Barbara Corcoran Biography

On March 10th, 1949, Barbara Corcoran was born in Edgewater, New Jersey. She was one of ten children, and her difficult upbringing contributed to her perseverance, competitiveness, and capacity for compromise. She received a degree in education from St.

Thomas Aquinas College in 1971 despite having dyslexia and not being a stellar student. She then accepted work as a waitress before getting hired for a receptionist position at a New York City real estate firm.

The Corcoran Report, a New York real estate statistics, monthly published by Barbara Corcoran in the middle of the 1970s, was how she first found success. The Corcoran Group, a Manhattan-based real estate agency that was later formed after she broke up with her boyfriend and business partner, was bought by National Realty Trust LLC (NRT) in 2001 for an estimated $66 million. Following this, Ms.

Corcoran became a public personality thanks to her participation in ABC’s “Shark Tank” and “Dancing with the Stars,” among other programs. Since 2003, Barbara has written several best-selling books that have brought her notoriety and wealth.

How Did Barbara Corcoran Build Her Wealth?

Barbara Corcoran’s perseverance, resilience, and wise investment in numerous revenue streams has contributed to her wealth. She made her first wealth by selling her real estate agency and subsequently increased it by adding real estate properties, book deals, and TV deals.

She had the wisdom to allocate some of her fortunes to alternative assets like real estate and a venture capital portfolio rather than putting all her eggs in one basket. The following three books, which Barbara has penned throughout her career, have also helped to increase her wealth:

  • Put Ribbons On Your Pigtails If You Don’t Have Huge Breasts, and Other Things I Learned From My Mom (also known as “Use What You’ve Got”) (Penguin Books, 2003)
  • Incredible Locations to Enjoy Your Life in Nashville. (Springboard Publications, 2008)
  • Shark Tales: How I Built a $1,000 Company into a $1 Billion Enterprise. SPortfolio Trading from 2011

How is Barbara Corcoran’s Net Worth Calculated?

Barbara Corcoran’s net worth is calculated by deducting her liabilities from her assets. Based on the sale of The Corcoran Group, the value of her publicly owned properties, and the investments she has made privately, and on Shark Tank, we calculated the value of her assets.

Ms. Corcoran’s fortune is mainly derived from real estate; among her holdings are a 2,7000-square-foot apartment complex on Park Avenue and a penthouse suite on Fifth Avenue.

Her net worth has increased over time due to Manhattan real estate’s rising value, and a square foot cost increased from $328 in 1997 to $1,775 in 2017.

Who Else Invests Like Barbara Corcoran?

Different investors have different styles. Check out these investor profiles to compare other investors like Barbara Corcoran:

  • Robert Herjavec
  • Lori Greiner
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Want to Invest Like Barbara Corcoran?

Playing it safe didn’t help Barbara Corcoran accumulate her wealth. Instead, she achieved her rags-to-riches story by being brave, taking measured chances, and diversifying her investments.
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Pros & Cons


  • Barbara Corcoran has had great business success, increasing her projected net worth to $80 million in 2021.
  • She is a wealthy businesswoman, real estate tycoon, and television personality, which has helped her build up her wealth over time.
  • She invests in various enterprises, tech startups, and real estate endeavors, which have helped her increase her wealth.
  • She has dramatically boosted her net worth thanks to the solid returns on her investments over the years.
  • She has received various honors and recognition for her business accomplishments from significant institutions, including Forbes Magazine and Harvard Business School.


  • Some people not used to witnessing such high amounts of wealth may find Barbara Corcoran’s enormous riches daunting.
  • Her current investments are mainly concentrated in high-risk industries like tech startups, which may only sometimes provide profitable results.
  • There is no assurance that any of the businesses or projects she continues to fund will succeed. If things work out differently than planned, she could experience income losses or even a decline in net worth.
  • Large sums of money, like the one she presently has, may also have possible tax ramifications, which could result in additional financial obligations on top of other costs incurred by the businesses she invests in.

Final Thought- Barbara Corcoran Net Worth 2023

With a predicted net worth of roughly $90 million in 2021, Barbara Corcoran will rank among the wealthiest businesswomen in the country. She has become a real estate and business household name because of years of dedication, hard work, and wise investments. Barbara may make significant contributions to finance and business for a long time, thanks to her enormous fortune and influence.

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