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Gold IRAs, a type of retirement account, have gained appeal as a way to diversify retirement savings and, in theory, reduce portfolio volatility by investing in physical precious metals. Several reputable gold IRA providers can assist you in opening an IRA to buy precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, or palladium.

Finding reliable businesses that deliver top-notch services can take time and effort. You can use the knowledge in this article to choose the best gold IRA companies for your specific circumstances.

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Best Gold IRA Companies of 2023


Company Name

Trustlink Rating

Minimum Investment


1 Goldco
4.8 ratings
$25,000 * Setup Fees – $50
* Annual IRA Fees – $80-$100
* Storage Fees – $100 per Year
* Other Fees – $30
2 American Hartford Gold
4.9 ratings on Trustpilot
$10,000 * Annual IRA Fee – $75
* Accounts Valued – $100,000 or Less and $125 for Accounts Valued at $100,001 or More
* Annual Storage Fee – $100 Fee in Most Cases.
3 Augusta Precious Metals
4.9 ratings
$50,000 * Initial Setup Fee – $50
* Annual Custodian Fee – $100
* Annual Depository Fee – $100
4 Birch Gold
4.9 ratings
$10,000 * Initial Setup fee – $ 50
* Wire Transfer fee – $ 30
* Annual Maintenance fee – $ 80
* Annual Storage fee – $ 100


Rank #1
Trustlink    Rating
Minimum  Investment $25,000
Fees * Setup Fees – $50
* Annual IRA Fees – $80-$100
* Storage Fees – $100 per Year
* Other Fees – $30


Rank #2
Trustpilot Rating
Minimum Investment $10,000
Fees * Annual IRA Fee – $75
* Accounts Valued – $100,000 or Less and $125 for Accounts Valued at $100,001 or More
* Annual Storage Fee – $100 Fee in Most Cases


Rank #3
Trustlink Rating
Minimum Investment $50,000
Fees * Initial Setup Fee – $50
* Annual Custodian Fee – $100
* Annual Depository Fee – $100


Rank #4
Trustlink Rating
Minimum Investment $10,000
Fees * Initial Setup fee – $ 50
* Wire Transfer fee – $ 30
* Annual Maintenance fee – $ 80
* Annual Storage fee – $ 100


Editor’s Choice – The Original and Most Reliable Gold IRA Provider as a Whole

#1 Goldco

American Hartford Gold

Rated 4.9/5 Stars

Precious Metals: gold, silver, bullion bars, bullion coins

Website Features: resources for education, free investment guide, live chat, company’s history, client feedback, news blogs

Why We Chose It

This company deals with precious metals and is known for its professionalism and good reputation. Goldco was founded by Trevor Gerszt in 2006. Gerszt envisioned a company that would aid investors in making sound financial choices. They have assisted numerous customers in growing and developing their wealth over the last years by investing in tangible metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Additionally, customers are directly offered precious metals.

Goldco aims to utilize precious metals as a means for Americans to safeguard their retirement funds from the effects of stock market instability and inflation.

Goldco trades gold and silver coins that are approved for IRA. Their specialty is assisting you in selecting precious metals appropriate for your needs.

Goldco offers precious metals coins and bullion for direct purchase by collectors and investors. The San Fernando Valley Business Journal rated Goldco as the third fastest-growing financial services firm.

Pros & Cons




  • Goldco sends free written, audio, and video materials to help clients answer.
  • A+ grade from the Better Business Bureau.
  • Goldco lets some owners store their things for free.
  • The Goldco website doesn’t say anything about exact charge patterns.
  • For precious metals IRAs, there may be annual maintenance and storage costs, which lower the total return on the investment.

Featured Coins


      Gold Coins

      Silver Coins

  • Gold Valor
  • American Gold Buffalo
  • Gold Lucky Dragon
  • Gold American Eagle Type 2
  • Gold Freedom and Hope
  • Silver Lucky Dragon
  • Silver World War II Victory
  • Silver Australian Spotted Eagle Ray
  • Silver American Eagle Proof
  • Silver 20th Anniversary Britannia

Runner up – Great Offers on Bullions

#2 American Hartford Gold

American Hartford Gold

Rated 4.8/5 Stars

Precious Metals: gold bars and coins, silver bars and coins, platinum, palladium

Website Features: free investment guide,  precious metals education, detailed product, interactive charts and graphs, customizable investment calculators, easy online precious metals ordering, live chat

Why We Chose It

The company in Los Angeles is privately owned and has a good reputation. Their service involves assisting clients with investing in gold and silver bullion, coins, and bars. They have platinum and other precious metals in their product list.

The company is excellent in providing security for gold/silver IRA and offers clients the opportunity to diversify their investment portfolios. The company ensures its customers are satisfied by offering reasonably priced high-quality gold and silver products.

American Hartford Gold provides promotional deals to clients, allowing them to purchase gold and silver at specific amounts and receive a no-account maintenance fee for a set duration to improve their service.

Their customer service is exceptional and hard-working, providing 24-hour assistance to address the concerns and needs of clients and potential investors.

American Hartford Gold’s team, including Executive Leaders, Product Specialists, and Client Service Representatives, strives to ensure a fast and effortless gold investment process.

Pros & Cons



  • Free precious metals consultation provided.
  • Newsmax, Fox News, RSBN, and Epoch Times wrote about it.
  • They have a lower minimum investment amount than other gold IRA companies.
  • No palladium is available.
  • The prices for precious metals on the page need to be clarified.

A Solid Strategy For Buyback

#3 Augusta Precious Metals

Rated 4.6/5 Stars

Precious Metals: common gold bullion, common silver bullion, premium gold, premium Silver, IRA eligible coins

Website Features: easy-to-navigate online store, free investment kit request form, precious metals prices, customer service phone and email

Why We Chose It

Augusta Precious Metals is a broker of gold and precious metal IRAs in the United States widely recognized for its success.

The California-based company has gained an excellent reputation for its exceptional customer service and the quality of its sales consultants.

Reportedly, Augusta Precious Metals has 38 workers and earns $18 million annually by selling gold and silver bullion.

Their primary focus is on marketing gold and silver IRAs. You can buy it from your account.

With the aid of the agent, you can open an IRA account, put money into it from your existing retirement account, and make purchases of gold and silver through Augusta’s order desk.

Physical gold and silver can be purchased from Augusta outside of an IRA, and the company provides insured shipping at no cost to the customer. You must deposit cash into your account, pick between gold and silver, and agree to take delivery wherever you like.

Among Augusta’s many gold and silver offerings are Canadian and American commemorative coins. Trusted custodians like Equity Trust and the best gold IRA Company will manage your new Individual Retirement Account.

Pros & Cons



  • Voted the most trusted company in the U.S. for gold IRAs.
  • It’s quick and easy to get started, and it only takes 15 minutes to do so.
  • Their services are easy to use and convenient
  • Investment must be at least $50,000.
  • Since Augusta is focused on rare metals, there may be better places to invest in other assets.

Everyone on the Team is at a Very High Standard

#4 Birch Gold

Rated 4.5/5 Stars

Other Metals: Silver

Website Features: Educational resources, live chat, spot price charts

Why We Chose It

Founded in 2003, Birch Gold Group is a company. The company is a reliable seller of tangible precious metals in the United States.

The firm comprises financial advisors, wealth managers, and commodity brokers. The team collaborates to assist you in expanding your investment portfolio by including precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum.

The headquarters of Birch Gold Group is located in California, and it provides services to clients in all 50 states. Thus, residing in a distant state does not hinder you from expanding your investment portfolio with valuable metals.

The reputable company has collaborated with well-known companies like Citigroup and IBM. However, the team collaborates with clients to ensure comprehension of the investment process.

The team is prepared to address inquiries, guaranteeing you acquire the desired metals.

The company holds a AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Birch Gold Group frequently appears on prominent news and media platforms to discuss different investment aspects.

Pros & Cons



  • The amount you have to put down to invest is low, which makes it easier for more people to invest.
  • The company has high standards for security, so your investments will be safe and sound.
  • The company lets you choose from four different types of valuable metals, giving you a lot of ways to spread your investments around.
  • The company doesn’t offer a repurchase guarantee.
  • No way to see how well a portfolio is doing, which makes it hard for investors to see how well their investments are doing over time.

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Why You Should Invest in Gold IRA Company

Individuals who want to diversify their holdings and ensure their retirement are flocking to the Gold IRA. The advantages, disadvantages, and how to get started with a Gold IRA investment will all be discussed in this article.

During economic instability, it is especially vital to diversify your holdings away from paper assets by investing in a Gold IRA. It has been a refuge from economic and political turmoil for centuries. Gold IRAs help investors save for retirement by providing tax advantages and allowing them to diversify their holdings.

Benefits of a Gold IRA

Owning gold bullion or actual gold coins or bars is now possible with a gold IRA. It’s a retirement plan with features like 401(k) or a standard IRA. Gold Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are available at most major banks and brokerage houses.

(IRA) is a great way to hedge against inflation and diversify your retirement savings. But why should one put their money into gold?

Here are some of the most compelling arguments favoring a gold IRA.

Safeguarding Investments

Gold is a haven in turmoil and a diversifier that can help keep your Retirement Account (IRA) well-balanced. This means that gold tends to fluctuate independently of different asset classes. Gold, for instance, is unaffected by the ups and downs of the stock or bond markets.

Gold won’t go down if stocks do, and vice versa. You can hedge your portfolio against the risk of loss without reducing your return or access to your money by including gold.

A gold IRA rollover tutorial might help those unfamiliar with Gold IRAs.

Gains from Taxes

Unlike other assets, gains from a gold IRA can grow tax-deferred or even taxation-free. Although a typical IRA provides a solid foundation for retirement planning, there may be better choices if you prefer greater financial freedom.

However, if you have a Gold Individual Retirement Account (IRA), you can invest in gold without paying taxes on your gains each year or when you retire.

Quick Liquidity

Gold has always been one of the most stable investments due to its low correlation to the performance of other commodities like oil and wheat. In other words, gold is a wise investment because it often increases in value over time.

Selling an asset like real estate isn’t always done if you need cash urgently since purchasers might not be willing to pay a fair price or be accessible at the right time. To convert gold into cash, however, you’ll need to contact a local coin shop and let me know the amount of gold you’d like to convert. A trip to the mall is in order.


(IRA) is a haven during high inflation and economic uncertainty. Gold is a secure investment option due to its low price fluctuations over extended time frames. Gold’s value does, however, rise when inflation is substantial or when the economy is unstable.

But its value typically falls when the economy improves, and inflation falls. Therefore, buying gold protects you from inflation over the long term and diversifies your portfolio away from stocks and bonds.

Safety for the Future

Gold IRAs provide long-term safety. Gold has been around for a long time and will probably be around for a long time. Gold’s long history as a medium of exchange means it will not soon become irrelevant. Gold’s use as currency has aided the development of many nations’ economies.

Low Cost of Management

Investing in gold bullion, coins, and other precious metals is possible with a gold IRA since it is a self-directed retirement account. Investors seeking security and long-term growth can do a little better than a gold or silver IRA as an alternative to mutual funds and stocks. The value of a gold IRA is independent of market fluctuations and economic factors.

Adding Up the Interest

An added perk of a gold IRA is the opportunity for compound interest. “compound interest” refers to adding the interest accrued to the initial investment. Interest is accrued on the total thus obtained, and so on. This procedure lasts until the investment’s maturity date or until the money is withdrawn, whichever comes first.

The longer you keep your gold IRA open, the more potential gains you have for future growth. This is because a gold IRA’s compound interest allows investors to focus on the long-term growth of their account rather than the more common short-term swings of stock prices and economic situations.

Things to Be Aware of Before Opening a Gold IRA

As part of a self-directed individual retirement account (SDIRA), investors can hold actual gold or other precious metals in a gold IRA. Here is the thing that you need to be aware of:

Fees and Expenses

Fees for setting up a gold IRA and storage, custodial services, and upkeep can eat your returns. As a result, investors may be asked to pay excessive fees or amounts for storage or transactional procedures that are disproportionate to their actual expenses. Therefore, unwary investor sees their savings steadily disappear. No matter how much money they put in, they never get the promised return.

No Yield, No Dividends, No Interest

Gold-backed IRA investments and precious metals IRAs do not provide a passive income source in the form of dividend payments like stock investments do. Other benefits of a gold IRA may compensate for this, but it’s still something to consider.

Fraud and Theft

The consequences of falling for a gold IRA scam are severe. Investors in gold who fall for these scams risk losing a substantial sum when their savings are either stolen or used to finance a fake mining operation. In addition, you should be wary of salespeople who contact you out of the blue and try to get you to invest in a gold IRA.

Investing in a self-storage IRA comes with its own set of dangers. Since the IRS hasn’t approved this procedure, you should get the advice of an attorney before proceeding. The tax benefits of an IRA will not apply to investments made in a home storage IRA, which could result in unpleasant financial consequences.

Buyer’s Guide to Investing in a Gold IRA

One of the finest methods to diversify your retirement portfolio is to invest in precious metals due to their long-term stability. In the long run, precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium tend to do better than more conventional investments.

They have lasting worth because of their inherent qualities. Due to their scarcity and varied industrial and technological uses, precious metals have maintained a stable market for centuries.

You may rest assured that your retirement funds will be there when you need them if you invest in precious metals. It’s a beautiful concept for an alternative investment asset, but its value may still fluctuate with market conditions.

This brief information has been compiled based on our knowledge of the gold investing market and is intended to help you make more informed decisions.

Speak with a Financial Advisor or Lawyer

You should consult a lawyer or financial counselor before buying or selling precious metals.

Why? Investments, especially when first starting, can be fraught with risk. Finding suitable investment vehicles requires some research.

Before investing in gold, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the account’s specific constraints. In this way, you can stay out of problems whenever possible.

Conversation with a lawyer or reliable financial advisor can help you find the best gold IRA providers to work with. You should be aware that these investments carry with them certain tax consequences.

Review Current News for Fraud Alerts

It would be best if you were prepared because there will be a lot of fraud and scams to get you to part with your money. That’s why you must fulfill your duty as an investor by keeping abreast of current fraud schemes.

Be wary of who you sell your possessions to if you’re already enjoying retirement. You may have to find purchasers independently because sometimes even the top gold IRA companies do not offer buyback schemes. Your precious metals IRA dealer may have given you some educational materials that included red flags for fraud. Keep these in mind if you ever engage in unsupervised trading.

A red flag would be if someone offered to acquire your asset rapidly but for less money than it’s worth. Be extra cautious whenever your financial reserves are at stake.

Find a Gold Investment Custodian and Establish the IRA

A custodian who will assist you in managing your self-directed IRA is necessary. Your custodian will help you with all the transactions and paperwork required to meet the criteria given by the IRS, and specific laws regulate how you can traverse an IRA.

So that you know, your custodian will keep you on track. The yearly maximums change depending on whether you are above or under 50.

Many gold IRA providers also provide safekeeping services. You can have these firms act as custodians for your precious metals investments. However, they are provided by financial institutions such as banks, mutual fund organizations, trusts, and brokerage houses.

Your custodian’s primary responsibility is to send you the required documents and have them signed.

Remember that a yearly cost must be paid to the custodian. All of their work on the deal and your IRA account is included in this fee.

Establish and Fund the IRA

Once you and your custodian have worked out the details, you can determine how to put money into the account. You can make regular contributions to your gold IRA or a lump sum payment anytime. You should check with individual employers to learn whether or not they permit dual employment.

If you need help deciding, talk to your custodian or a reliable financial counselor. It also is dependent on the location of your financial resources.

Having access to the funds you require that are readily available is ideal. Your precious metals IRA can be funded with money from an existing IRA through a transfer or rollover. It’s important to remember the regulations that apply to various types of financing, though.

Invest in Precious Metals Via the IRA

If the IRA has money, you can buy gold and silver immediately. Numerous precious metals are available for investment, with multiple firms specializing in gold and silver bullion.

The Internal Revenue Service accepts most of the precious metals they sell. They don’t sell IRA-related things, but you can still shop there.

Precious metals purchased outside an individual retirement account can be kept in a home safe but not inside an IRA. They are a good hedge against inflation, but unlike an IRA purchase, they are not as safe, guaranteed, or regulated.

5 Things to Look For When Choosing a Gold IRA Company

It takes work to pick a gold IRA provider because many have desirable qualities and solid reputations. Thus, the following are the most crucial criteria to consider while selecting a gold investing firm:


You can tell a lot about how they treat customers based on the feedback they’ve received online. You can learn whether or not a corporation can be trusted by its products in online discussion boards.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is one of the most trustworthy resources. Customers know they can rely on the site’s evaluations because they’re objective and show them whether or not to do business with a given company. They also provide a forum for people to air their grievances.

IRA Fee Structure

Companies have different pricing structures, so it is essential to find one honest about their costs. Initial setup costs, insurance premiums, regular maintenance, and other charges are typical.

Make sure there are no surprises with the price of your gold IRA by calling around to other providers before committing. This way, you can plan for the costs of maintaining the account.

Efficiency and Delivery Time

How quickly you receive your order is another indicator of a company’s efficacy that you should think about. It would be best if you didn’t wait long for their transactions or processing.

Companies that are both substantial and trustworthy in the gold IRA industry have a reputation for providing their services quickly and effectively. Non-IRA orders from a gold investment firm can be delivered in an armored vehicle or picked up at a local branch.

Pushy Salesmen or Unfriendly Customer Support

Keep an eye out for persons who try to persuade you into investing in their business through threats or other forms of intimidation. This may suggest that they only care about getting their hands on your cash. Take the time to think about using their service, even if their sales methods are scary and threatening.

Don’t be hasty or reckless when it comes to your financial well-being. They will try to put you under so much pressure that you won’t have time to think about what you’re doing. If you experience any high-pressure technique, you should immediately leave the situation.

They act in this manner due to the commissions they receive. The more you buy, thanks to their advice and recommendations, the more money they make.

You can choose a business with helpful customer service representatives. It’s best to discuss your financial situation with someone you are comfortable talking to get any misconceptions out of your head.

Other Alternative Investment Options Available

It’s preferable if a gold IRA investing firm offers more than just precious metals as investments. Included in this category are various cryptocurrencies and mining-related equities.

Final Thought – Best Gold IRA Companies

Goldco stands head and shoulders above the competition as the top gold IRA provider. All of their customers are pleased with the service they receive and the quality of their products, which has earned them a solid reputation in the market.

Goldco exemplified the qualities of a trustworthy gold IRA provider: transparency and honesty. The high required minimum investment is the single factor that discourages potential investors. Also, selecting Goldco as your gold IRA provider is a no-brainer.

Read this entire post if you need help figuring out which of the top gold IRA providers is right. We shared our expertise and reviewed everything you need to know about investing in precious metals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are precious metals IRAs?

Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium stored in an IRS-approved depository can be held in a precious metals IRA, a type of Self-Directed IRA.

How Does a Self-Directed IRA Differ from a Traditional IRA?

Alternative investments, including real estate, precious metals, and cryptocurrency, are common for Self-Directed IRA users. With a traditional IRA, you can only invest in paper assets like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and money market accounts.

I have an existing self-directed IRA; what should I do with it?

Silver and gold bullion coins and bars may be held if permitted by your custodian. To find out if your present trust business allows investment in precious metals, you can look them up on this list of Gold IRA Custodians.

Can I invest in any kind of metal with my IRA?

Coins and bars of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium that are high enough in purity to pass IRS scrutiny.

Can I Get My Hands on Some Rare Coins?

The Internal Revenue Service does not allow IRA investments in coins graded by a third party. American Eagle proofs from the United States Mint are the only collector coins permitted in an Individual Retirement Account.

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