Best Precious Metals IRA Custodians

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More options are available than one might imagine for those looking to purchase precious metals for their IRA.

Precious metals investments are a terrific way for people to take advantage of tax benefits while safeguarding their retirement funds against changing economic conditions.

Because it might give them more flexibility and control over their retirement assets, many people decide to form a self-directed IRA.

Along with precious metals, they can also invest in other assets like commercial paper, real estate, and intellectual property. But before investing, you must select an IRS-approved custodian for your IRA account.

Successful retirement investing also requires choosing a reputable firm to help set up a self-directed IRA for investments in non-traditional assets like gold. Putting your trust in any precious metal IRA custodian is not brilliant.

Customers should study more to find the most reliable precious metal IRA companies. Customers may be charged annual astronomical fees.

Suppose they do their homework before opening an account with an IRA custodian company. In that case, they might also have valuables like bullion, collectibles, or rare gold coins that can only hold in a tax-advantaged retirement plan.

Before selecting a precious metals IRA custodian, clients should know the following information.

Before beginning:

You know how challenging it is to choose a business you can entrust with your hard-earned savings. They produce insightful and practical material to give you as much information as possible so you can make the best decision.

Customers should be aware of the function of a precious metal IRA custodian in retirement investments. A precious metal IRA custodian is a financial institution that manages, holds, and safeguards the assets in clients’ retirement accounts.

The IRA custodian abides by and complies with all tax-advantaged account laws and regulations issued by the IRS. They allow account users to build self-directed IRAs managed by them using the assets of their choice.

Customers would be responsible for adhering to IRS rules, and legislation absent authorized IRA custodians. Businesses that provide financial services must first have IRS approval and authorization before the IRS may license them as precious metal IRA custodians.

Any authorized private financial institution is permitted to serve as the custodian of a precious metal IRA and is known as a “non-bank custodian.”

The custodian of a precious metal IRA owes the account holder a fiduciary duty to maintain and protect their assets and never to trade or sell them without the account holder’s express permission.

Precious metal IRA custodians must adhere to strict regulations by the Internal Revenue Code, requiring them to uphold strict fiduciary standards. The state additionally audits custodians.

Additionally, custodians must follow capital requirements and security procedures by federal and state legislation.

The Role of a Precious Metal IRA Custodian

The duties of a precious metal IRA custodian are varied. These tasks consist of the following:

  • Assist clients with creating and funding their precious metal IRAs
  • To complete the purchase, sell, distribute, transfer, and rollover transactions, adhere to customer instructions.
  • Properly keep track of and title the assets
  • Create quarterly reports for your clients.
  • Inform clients of required minimum distribution commitments.
  • Fulfill the IRS’s reporting requirements.

A custodian of a precious metal IRA is also restricted from doing several things. These limitations consist of the following:

  • They are unable to offer investment or tax advice.
  • They cannot provide insurance against financial loss on the assets except for the $250,000 FDIC insurance for any cash in the account,
  • They need help to investigate or verify the validity of customer investment decisions.
  • Investment choices or investment performance are not their responsibility

Choosing a Fair and Reputable IRA Custodian

Customers should check for a few things in a precious metals IRA custodian. They consist of the following:

Design of Websites

The website is one of the first things users look at while looking for an IRA custodian. Customers should thoroughly review the website and brand design before selecting an IRA custodian.

A good IRA custodian’s website must be easy to use, expertly designed, and filled with details on the company’s management, investing offerings, and fee schedule.

Additionally, the website must look good and include background information on the business.

Market Reputation

Because IRA custodian organizations rarely engage in direct customer interaction, most consumer complaint and review websites, including Yelp, BBB, and Yellow Pages, do not feature or evaluate these businesses.

Instead, precious metal IRA firms and brokers work with IRA custodians. The simplest way to evaluate their reputation is to determine how long a custodian has been in business.

Customers should also look at the IRA custodian’s account and client count, affiliations with other precious metal IRA companies, and further necessary details that might verify a business’s validity.

Review the Fees

Customers should consider whether a precious metal IRA custodian has a flat-rate or sliding-scale cost structure before choosing them.

Customers should determine if the company charges starting or administration fees because a precious metals IRA may be expensive to establish and maintain.

Annual price schedules and administrative costs should be posted on each precious metal IRA’s website and be simple to find. Find another precious metal IRA custodian if their fees are challenging to locate or need to be stated.

Discover Ways to Cut Costs.

Check to see if a trustworthy precious metal IRA custodian provides discounts for opening an account. Check if companies offer savings on storage rates or waive setup expenses if clients keep a certain amount in their accounts

Type of Accounts Precious Metal IRA Custodians Offer

Four different kinds of self-directed plans are available from precious metal IRA custodians:

Conventional IRA

A typical IRA can be opened by anyone who receives a paycheck. The most common type of account is a regular IRA, which allows account users to contribute up to $6,000 yearly before taxes or $7,000 if they are over 50.

Tax-deferred earnings can increase until the owner becomes 72. The required minimum distributions must commence when the account holder turns 72. (RMDs).

IRA Roth

Anyone who earns less than the current IRS limit on adjusted gross income is eligible to contribute $6,000 per year, or $7,000 if they are over 50, after taxes to a Roth IRA. After reaching the age of 59.5, distributions are tax-free for the account holder.

If a payout is taken before the account holder reaches the age of 59.5, there is a 10% early withdrawal penalty. With a Roth IRA, RMDs are not required.


Self-employed people and business owners can provide employees with a simple, affordable retirement plan using simplified employee pension plans.

In 2021, employers may contribute up to $58,000, or 25% of an employee’s salary, tax-deductible. Owners of SEP IRAs must begin taking RMDs at age 72, just like those who own Traditional IRAs.


Small businesses with fewer than 100 employees can use a SIMPLE IRA, including independent contractors. Employees under 50 can make an annual contribution of $13,500, and those over 50 can make a yearly contribution of $16,500.

The employer may contribute up to 3% of an employee’s salary. RMDs must be started when the account owner reaches 72.


Custodians of precious metal IRAs use one of two different charge structures:

  • A yearly fixed fee regardless of the account’s value
  • A  sliding scale where the annual charge is based on the account’s worth

The least expensive precious metal IRA custodians have a fixed fee schedule. When selecting a custodian, they ought to be the first option.

Each custodian incurs different setup, storage, and administration fees. Additionally, most custodians charge a transfer fee when moving an IRA between them.


Before selecting a custodian for their precious metal IRA, investors should conduct their due research. To assist investors in searching for the IRA custodian that would best suit their needs, the following is a summary of several IRA custodians.

Equity Trust

Equity Trust, a market-leading supplier of IRA custodial services for brokers and financial advisors, is situated in Westlake, Ohio. This company oversees the custodial management of approximately 130,000 clients and $12 billion in assets.

Additionally, Equity Trust works with more than 10,000 financial professionals. The business focuses on real estate, managed futures, hedge funds, self-directed IRAs for precious metals, and other assets.

They qualified to operate as a non-bank IRA in 1983. The annual fixed rate for Equity Trust is $225 and includes storage costs.

The Entrust Group

The Entrust Group is a recognized account administrator for tax-advantaged plans and self-directed retirement accounts with offices in Oakland, California. This organization has a lot to offer, with $4 billion in assets under management and more than 40 years of industry experience.

Currently, 45,000 clients all around the country receive services from The Entrust Group.

Customers who seek alternative investments, such as precious metals and real estate, in their self-directed IRAs can now get custody and administrative services from the Entrust Group.
For both corporate clients and private investors, they provide all four IRA plans. The Entrust Group has been in business since 1981 and operates 30 walk-in locations across the country.

The business charges a one-time startup price of $50, a fixed annual rate of $150, and storage fees.

Midland Trust

Midland Trust, situated in Chicago, is an administrator and custodian specializing in helping its clients with self-directed IRA investments in non-traditional assets, including precious metals.

Thousands of precious metal IRAs are held in custody by the business. They also provide continuing access to educational tools for IRA experts and investors in addition to bookkeeping services.

Customers of Midland Trust can buy gold, silver, platinum, and palladium using a quick and easy procedure. The storage cost charged by Midland Trust is typical for the sector, and however, they charge $50, a little more than usual, for each purchase or sale of precious metals.

The Delaware Facility also provides safe storage and segregated holding options.
The annual flat rate for Midland Trust is between $295 and $395 and includes the cost of storage.

Millennium Trust Company

A pioneer in the financial services industry, Millennium Trust Company specializes in providing a comprehensive range of custodial and administrative services to individuals, companies, and advisors.

The Millennium Trust Company, founded in 2000, has grown its clientele to over 305,000 accounts, with over $11 billion in assets under custody.

Millennium Trust Company customers can use several IRAs to invest in standard and non-traditional securities.

Additionally, they offer registered investment adviser services for institutions and advisers, alternative asset custody solutions, private fund custody services, automatic rollover programs, and self-directed IRAs, enabling customers to invest in precious metals.

The annual flat rate for Millennium Trust Company ranges from $200 to $275 and includes storage costs.

Pacific Premier Trust

In December 1989, Pacific Premier Trust was founded as PENSCO Trust. In 2020, the trust merged with Pacific Premier Bank and took on the bank’s name. The business maintains San Francisco and Denver offices and its California headquarters in Irvine.

Pacific Premier Trust protects nearly 44,000 customer accounts and $17.6 billion in assets. Among all custodial entities, Pacific Premier Trust may accept one of the largest ranges of asset classes.

Real estate, marketable securities, wind farms, promissory notes, and precious metals are all included in their brief list. A prime depository that offers services to Pacific Premier Trust is the Depository Trust Company of Delaware, LLC

Final Thouhgts – Best Precious Metals IRA Custodians

The investor must consult the custodian regarding the kind of IRA they can handle best and the investments they feel comfortable making before starting a precious metal IRA.

Before choosing the right IRA and assets, the main factors that distinguish one custodian from another should be investment options, costs, and customer service.

IRA custodians have qualified staff to assist new and current account owners with any queries regarding their retirement accounts.

Additionally, prospective clients can contact several precious metal IRA custodians’ customer service departments to learn more about their services.

The success of a customer’s retirement savings can be significantly increased by selecting a custodian with the most excellent customer service and an intuitive website

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