BGASC Review

  • BGASC is a reputable company that deals with precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum. They also offer services for establishing precious metals IRAs and secure storage options.
  • While there have been some negative customer reviews about the quality of their products, BGASC has generally positive ratings and reviews from various sources, with many customers praising its timely delivery, competitive pricing, and easy-to-use website.
  • For those interested in collectible coins, BGASC specializes in offering a diverse range of rare coins and numismatics, with generally positive ratings and reviews from collectors and investors.

Overview of BGASC


4.8/5 Ratings

Overall, BGASC is a top-notch precious metals dealer that offers a wide range of high-quality products and excellent customer service.

BGASC, also known as Bullion & Rare Coins, is a well-known and reputable precious metals dealer in the United States. The company has been in operation since 2009 and was founded by Larry Demangate. BGASC offers a wide range of products and services, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion coins and bars, as well as rare coins and collectibles.

BGASC has received excellent ratings and reviews from customers and reputable sources, including an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The company is also a member of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA) and has a 4.9-star rating on Trustpilot, based on over 6,000 customer reviews.

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Pros and Cons


✅ Investment Opportunity: Investing in gold and silver coins can be a great way to diversify one’s portfolio. They are generally less susceptible to market volatility than stocks or bonds, and they serve as an excellent hedge against inflation.

✅ Easily Transportable: Gold and silver coins are small and easily transportable, making them the perfect choice for investors who want to limit their exposure to potential losses due to theft or natural disasters.

✅ Flexible Investing: Gold and silver coins allow investors to purchase only what they feel comfortable with. They can buy as little or as much as they like, depending on their financial situation.


❎High Prices: Gold and silver coins are usually more expensive than other investments such as stocks or bonds and the prices can vary significantly over time. This makes it difficult to time one’s purchases in order to get the best price for them.

❎ Storage Requirements: Gold and silver coins need to be stored in a safe place, which can also be expensive if one chooses to use a secure storage facility.

❎ Limited Liquidity: It is often difficult to quickly convert gold and silver coins into cash, as there may not be many buyers available at any given time. This limits the investor’s flexibility when it comes to investing.

Background and History of BGASC

BGASC, or Buy Gold and Silver Coins, has a long story. For several years, they have been serving customers with their outstanding customer service and high-quality goods. Their principle is to offer affordable investment-grade metals, such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. BGASC offers a wide range of bullion coins and bars from around the planet at competitive prices. They source their products directly from respected mints worldwide.

Furthermore, BGASC offers storage solutions for customers who want to guard their investments safely. They specialize in collectible coins and give services for numismatics lovers. The BGASC team is devoted to offering high-quality products at unbeatable prices without damaging standards and credibility in this particular area. With their long background and history, it is not surprising why BGASC is a respected name in the industry.

Reviews and Ratings of BGASC From Various Sources

Customer reviews and ratings for BGASC can be seen on multiple sources. Trustpilot, Google Reviews, and BBB (Better Business Bureau) provide an accurate report. It’s worth noting that the company has a good reputation. People appreciate its transparency, honesty, and customer service. Most buyers get their orders in good condition.

BGASC stands out due to buyers’ different experiences. Some are pleased with the gold quality and delivery system. Others complain of fake products and communication issues.

In summary, BGASC has what any gold fan needs. The reviews and ratings prove the company’s good standing. Even Scrooge McDuck would be satisfied!

Products and Services Offered by BGASC

BGASC is a trusted provider of products and services for investors and collectors of precious metals. They’ve gained their customers’ trust by delivering excellent customer service. Their range of bullion bars and coins come from world-renowned mints and refineries, including rare coins and other numismatic collectibles.

You can easily purchase products online through their website or at their store near Los Angeles International Airport. BGASC offers trackable insured shipping services. Plus, free shipping is available for orders over $3,000.

For customers wanting to invest in precious metals IRA accounts, BGASC provides custodial services. They also assist clients who want to store their investments in private vaults or depositories. BGASC’s transparent and reliable approach towards metal transactions keeps customers coming back. They are dedicated to consistently providing top-notch customer service, ensuring satisfaction.

If you’re looking for high-quality products and seamless services, BGASC has you covered. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to invest or collect precious metals with a reliable experience.

Customer Experience with Fake Gold

One customer’s recent experience highlights the importance of exercising caution when purchasing precious metals. In this section, we’ll explore the details of a situation where a customer received counterfeit gold from BGASC, and hear from the customer about their experience. Based on their experience, we’ll also provide advice for others to avoid similar situations.

Details of the Situation Where a Customer Received Fake Gold From BGASC

A customer of BGASC had a bad experience. They had bought two 1-ounce gold bars. These were supposedly certified by a reputable mint. But, upon inspection, they were fake and not made of real gold.

This was very disappointing for the customer. They had trusted BGASC as a reliable supplier. So, they immediately informed BGASC and requested a full refund. The customer was given their refund.

This is an important reminder. There is a risk with buying precious metals, especially from less reliable suppliers. It is wise to research any potential suppliers. This can include reading reviews and checking the supplier’s reputation. It is also good to get advice from financial advisors or other industry professionals.

Customer’s Experience and Advice for Others

When buying from BGASC, customers usually have a smooth experience. But, some people reported getting fake gold. To stop this from happening again, it is vital to take the advice of a customer who had this issue.

The customer said it is best to double-check purchases with another reliable dealer before selling. If not satisfied, customers should contact BGASC straight away, instead of other sources. Tracking purchases and testing for weight and quality is also essential.

This customer’s story serves as a reminder to take care when dealing with BGASC or any other precious metal company. Every transaction is different, so buyers must keep an eye out for any differences. Plus, communication with the company is key. Emails from BGASC can give details on coin grading, helping to get the right price. It is also important to follow market updates.

Review sites like TrustPilot can help too. With 500+ reviews and an average rating of 4.5/5, they show successes, negative experiences, and independent appraisals.

In summary, following this customer’s advice can help buyers have a successful transaction. Vigilance, diligence, and communication are the key elements to keep in mind.

In summary, following this customer’s advice can help buyers have a successful transaction. Vigilance, diligence, and communication are the key elements to keep in mind.

Customer Reviews of BGASC

If you’re searching for a reliable precious metals dealer, BGASC should be on your radar. In this section, we’ll examine customer reviews of BGASC. From favorable experiences to suggested enhancements, we’ll analyze what customers are saying about their interactions with BGASC. Let’s delve into the reviews and feedback of BGASC.

Positive Reviews of BGASC

BGASC has had a lot of good reviews from different sources, showing customer contentment. This is due to their selection of precious metals, like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins and bars, which can be found easily. The online purchasing process is smooth, with speedy shipping and good packaging services.

Their customer service representatives have also been praised for their politeness, respectfulness, and helpfulness in dealing with any issues or queries that may come up. People have also mentioned their fair prices, with some saying they have some of the lowest prices for precious metal products.

The way they package their products during transit was also liked by customers. BGASC has earned the faith of their customers by providing consistently high-quality products. Regular buyers appreciate this along with other features, such as safe delivery packaging. Paying is also easy without any difficulties.

What’s great is that lower-priced items don’t lack quality. One happy customer, “Goldretired,” said, “they offer a great range at reasonable prices.” All in all, BGASC’s customers are very pleased with their experience.

Nevertheless, BGASC had a fake gold problem. They solved it though. It’s important for them to stay honest and transparent to keep their customers’ trust and satisfaction.

Suggested Improvements for BGASC

BGASC is a renowned precious metal investment firm who have earned glowing reviews for their outstanding products and services. Still, customers have proposed hints to upgrade their experience, which can strengthen the company’s reputation even more.

To ensure higher customer satisfaction, BGASC ought to consider the following advice:

  • Boost customer service responsiveness to inquiries and grievances.
  • Reduce resolution time.
  • Supply more comprehensive product info.
  • Offer a greater selection of rare coins or limited edition items.
  • Make the ordering process simpler.
  • Supply more reliable tracking updates.

By investing in these areas, BGASC could reduce customer complaints dramatically and increase their brand reputation.

Moreover, it is imperative for BGASC to apply improved quality control processes to prevent events such as the unfortunate experience of a customer receiving fake gold. BGASC must always remind customers to verify their orders upon delivery for their complete satisfaction.

BGASC as a Precious Metal Investment Firm

BGASC is not an average precious metal investment firm. This section explores what sets them apart in the market. They offer a range of products for precious metal investment, as well as custodial and storage services.

They have a reputable standing in the industry, making them a top choice for investors. Furthermore, we will delve into the IRA and RRSP options available for those interested in investing in precious metals.

Products Offered by BGASC for Precious Metal Investment

BGASC is the perfect place for precious metal investors. They provide a wide range of products (Table 1). Customers can get gold, silver, platinum, and palladium as bars, rounds, or coins. BGASC even offers rare and certified coins, like pre-1933 US Gold Coins, limited mintage releases, and a live metals pricing section.

Not only do they have direct purchasing, but they also give IRA and RRSP services (Table 2). They have traditional and modern bullion options for IRAs (Table 3).

BGASC stands out with their numismatic items (Table 4). They specialize in collectible coins that are popular. From ancient coins to commemorative coins from countries worldwide, BGASC is proud of its diverse selection. The metals come from trusted sources and sovereign mints, meaning customers can buy high-quality metals with recognized mintages and government guarantees.

Custodial and Storage Services Provided by BGASC

BGASC is a reliable provider of custodial and storage services for precious metals investors. They offer a safe, cost-effective, and convenient way to store assets, such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. IRAs with no account minimums or setup fees are easy to set up with their services.

BGASC offers insured vault facilities domestically and internationally. International storage options are held in non-bank facilities for extra protection. Precious metals purchased from BGASC can be stored in segregated accounts for maximum security.

Clients have the option to store metals in secure vaults outside the banking system’s reach. For clients with larger amounts of metals, there is an opportunity to have direct control over stored items with private safes in California, in addition to IRAs.

BGASC has a long history of providing high-quality custodial and storage services. They pride themselves on offering one of the most comprehensive storage options at affordable rates, while also maintaining top-of-the-line security measures. BGASC’s services are designed to get the most out of investments during good times or bad.

Reputation and Ratings of BGASC as a Precious Metal Investment Firm

BGASC is a top-rated precious metal investment firm. They offer coins, bars, and more. Their customer service, shipping speed, and website design are outstanding. Many sources rate BGASC highly for quality products and services.

Uniquely, BGASC offers custodial and storage services. They also provide IRA and RRSP options to help investors diversify portfolios and secure retirement accounts.

BGASC continues to wow as a dependable and honest company in the precious metal market. High ratings from multiple sources reflect their commitment to quality. Thanks to BGASC, investing for retirement is easier than ever.

IRA and RRSP Options for Investing in Precious Metals

BGASC is an investment firm that offers options for investing in precious metals through IRA and RRSP accounts. The company provides various products at different prices. For example:

  • Gold is $1,740.87 for IRA accounts and CAD 2,390.64 for RRSP accounts.
  • Silver is $23.34 for IRA accounts and CAD 31.99 for RRSP accounts.
  • Platinum is $888.42 for IRA accounts and CAD 1,216.02 for RRSP accounts.
  • Palladium is $2,809.87 for IRA accounts and CAD 3,843.47 for RRSP accounts.

The most remarkable thing about BGASC is that customers have full control over their assets. They are kept outside of traditional financial institutions, like banks. Alex Jones, a renowned radio show host, highly recommends BGASC products.

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Customers can hold physical precious metals assets in their retirement accounts. Plus, BGASC also provides custodial and storage services. Investors can even invest in collectible coins with the IRA and RRSP options.

BGASC offers a range of investment products and services via an uncomplicated website. With BGASC coins, you can turn even a little change into a valuable collection.

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Specialization in Collectible Coins

With a focus on collectible coins, BGASC offers a range of unique and rare coins to its customers. As a reputable dealer, they specialize in coins that hold value over time and are sought after by collectors. In addition to their services for rare coins and numismatics, they also offer investment-grade bullion and precious metals.

To assess the quality of BGASC’s collectible coins, we looked at reviews from industry experts and customer feedback. Overall, BGASC has a solid reputation for providing authentic coins in excellent condition. Customers rave about their knowledgeable staff, fast shipping, and fair pricing. With a wide selection of coins ranging from classic American gold coins to Viking silver, BGASC is a fantastic choice for collectors and investors alike.

Range of Collectible Coins Offered by BGASC

BGASC is an expert in collectible coins. They have a wide selection of coins, from rare and antique coins, to silver coins, gold coins, and platinum coins. Examples of silver coins are American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, and Chinese Panda. Gold coins include American Buffalo, South African Krugerrand, and Austrian Philharmonic. Platinum coins include American Eagle, Australian Koala, and Canadian Maple Leaf.

BGASC offers unique and special pieces. Every coin has detailed info about its rarity and history. They can even do custom orders! Contact them through their website or customer service team to place your order.

If you’re a coin collector, or want to invest in coins, visit BGASC’s website right away! Their collections have lots of demand, don’t miss out!

Ratings and Reviews of BGASC’s Collectible Coins From Various Sources

BGASC are famed for their commitment to quality collectible coins. Customers rate them highly for their rare and vintage pieces. Plus, their pricing and grading standards have earned their trust.

Their customer service team also get praised for their knowledge and advice. Reviews show the BGASC team’s dedication to excellent service.

Although, some customers have had issues with packaging or delays. However, the majority of reviews speak highly of their coins and recommend them. If there is a mistake, BGASC take responsibility and sort the situation quickly, always striving for customer satisfaction.

BGASC’s ratings and reviews show their dedication to quality products and service. They are a reliable source for collectors and investors.

Services Offered for Rare Coins and Numismatics

BGASC ensures the authentication of rare coins and numismatics. They feature a wide selection, like Morgan silver dollars, Gold American Eagles, Saint-Gaudens double eagles, and more. They also provide grading services through NGC and PCGS.

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As an authorized dealer, BGASC offers customers certified rare coin protection. Additionally, third-party providers like New Direction IRA can finance purchases of precious metals and rare coins.

BGASC’s expert customer service is experienced in unique items and supports customers with collectibles. With nine years of history, BGASC prioritizes customer satisfaction. If you want to safely store precious metals, BGASC is the provider for you!

Conclusion and Recommendation for BGASC

BGASC is a reputable online dealer of gold and silver that provides customers with a smooth buying process. Based on our review, we offer the following conclusion and recommendations for BGASC. Firstly, we summarize the key points of the review and then provide our overall recommendation for prospective customers. Additionally, we highlight the company’s extensive selection and user-friendly website, and rate BGASC based on our assessment.

In summary, BGASC is a reliable company providing investment services, great customer service and a wide range of options for those investing in precious metals and collectible coins.

Summary of the Review

BGASC is an online platform offering investment services in precious metals and collectible coins. It has a great reputation and rating from many sources. Its website is easy to navigate and they provide great customer service. They offer a broad range of products and services for customers investing in precious metals. This includes custodial and storage facilities to ensure the safety of investments. BGASC is also an authorized dealer offering IRA and RRSP options.

When a customer received fake gold, BGASC quickly rectified the situation and provided a full refund. The company specializes in collecting coins of all types including rare coins and numismatics. It offers customers a vast collection of collectible coins from various sources at fair market value prices.

Recommendation for Potential Customers

BGASC is a great choice for those looking to invest in precious metals. Potential customers should think about factors such as the firm’s reputation, the range of products available, and customer feedback. BGASC offers top-notch service and reliable products. They specialize in collectible coins and custodial services for storage. This makes them perfect for IRA and RRSP accounts.


Patinum Coins


Gold Bars


Copper Rounds


Silver Bars

BGASC has earned a great reputation. Although there have been rare cases of fake gold, BGASC resolves these issues quickly. This shows their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Overall, customers can confidently choose BGASC for their precious metal investments. However, the claim that even a caveman could use their site is not true and inappropriate.

Rating Scale for BGASC Based on the Review

BGASC, a leading bullion dealer, has been evaluated. A rating scale was created to assess their performance in various aspects. It covers customer experience, reputation, investment options, and collectible coins. A table was made to provide an overview. This rating system aids potential customers to assess BGASC’s credibility.


The table covers backgrounds and history, products and services, customer experience with fake gold, customer reviews, specialty in collectible coins, and more. It gives customers a broad understanding of BGASC’s services and helps them make informed investment decisions.

The rating scale also covers custodial and storage services. They offer products for precious metal investments and explore IRA and RRSP options. This enables customers to make informed decisions about their investments.

In conclusion, BGASC delivers excellent services in precious metal investments. The rating scale reflects their commitment and dedication to customers. With their excellent reputation and reliable investment options, customers can rely on BGASC for all their investment needs.

Final Thoughts on BGASC’s Great Selection and Easy-to-navigate Site

For customers looking to purchase precious metals, BGASC is the ideal option. Its easy-to-navigate website has an intuitive design, making product searches quick and efficient; essential info is prominently displayed for decision-making. Plus, it offers a vast selection of collectible coins for collectors and investors.

To make the investing process easier, BGASC provides secure storage services. Customers have praised the speed of delivery for their orders, showing BGASC prioritizes their needs.

In short, if you want a wide selection of high-quality precious metals, bars and coins, and safe storage, BGASC is the go-to choice. It provides customers with a stress-free and enjoyable purchasing experience.

Five Facts About BGASC:

✅ BGASC is a company that deals with precious metals such as gold and silver, but does not offer palladium. (Source:

 BGASC was established in 2012 and is based in Calabasas, California. (Source:

BGASC has a good reputation with a BBB-accredited A+ rating and offers free shipping on orders over $50k with no order minimums. (Source:

✅ Customers have praised BGASC for their security measures, professional packing, and efficient checkout process. Some customers have suggested adding more uncirculated coins to the selection. (Source:

✅ A customer reported receiving a fake St. Gaudens coin from BGASC after purchasing it in 2020, and advises others to check their gold or have the supplier verify in writing before shipping. (Source:

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FAQs About Bgasc Review


BGASC is a company that deals with precious metals, such as gold, silver, and platinum. They offer a variety of products, including bullion, coins, bars, and numismatic collections. BGASC was established in 2012 and is based in Calabasas, California.

What to Expect from BGASC’s Services

Customers have praised BGASC for their timely delivery, competitive pricing, and easy-to-use website. Additionally, the company has received positive feedback for their security measures, professional packing, and efficient checkout process. BGASC has received positive reviews from customers who appreciate the timely delivery, competitive pricing, and easy-to-use website. Some customers have suggested adding more uncirculated coins to the selection.

Does BGASC offer Custodial Services?

Yes. BGASC helps customers establish precious metals IRAs and offers custodial services through New Direction Trust Company, Strata Trust Company, or GoldStar Trust Company. BGASC supports home storage for collectible products and international storage with segregated storage options.

Depository and Custodian

The preferred depository for BGASC is Brinks Global, and the preferred custodian is GoldStar Trust Company.

Incidents or Experiences

One customer reported receiving a fake gold coin from BGASC in 2023. The customer purchased the coin from BGASC in 2020 and it was never taken out of its original packaging. The company stated that they were under new management and looking into the issue. It is important to note that this appears to be a single incident and not indicative of a pattern or regular occurrence.

BBB Accreditation

Yes, BGASC has a BBB-accredited A+ rating. However, a BBB Rating does not include customer reviews. Several positive reviews have been reported including outstanding customer service, personal checks accepted, long-time customer, quick delivery, and more. One negative review discusses poor packaging and waiting for a customer service response. However, no rating or complaints were reported from BCA or Trustlink.

Additional Information

Gold is currently priced at $1,967.86, silver at $24.30, platinum at $1,019.46, and palladium at $1,366.00. BGASC specializes in collectible coins and has been in the coin business as numismatists for a long time. They sell bullion, coins, bars, junk silver, numismatic collections, and a unique selection of Hobo nickels and carved coins. The company offers free shipping on orders over $50k with no order minimums. The minimum IRA purchase amount is $1, and they offer both physical and digital IRA applications. BGASC does not support 401(k) or Roth IRA and does not offer crypto or other assets. They deliver metals within 24 hours of payment and are a listed dealer with the US Mint and ICTA member. They are TRUSTe verified and Norton Secured and offer rare coins and specialist numismatic services.

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