BGASC (Buy Gold And Silver Coins) Review

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The Buy Gold And Silver Coins Company is a privately held business with headquarters in the U.S. The business deals in coins made of precious metals like gold, platinum, and silver.

Coins made of gold and silver are the primary offering of this business to investors wishing to invest.

These coins tempt many people because they think using their money as collateral will enable them to profit from the economy.

These coins are more valuable than other products because they are produced for the U.S. government, have been used in previous financial transactions, and have been physically transferred.

Before you begin this evaluation:

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The review will now begin.

The enterprise Buy Gold And Silver Coins were founded in 2012, and it has now become a well-known online retailer of precious metals. The corporate office is located in Calabasas, California.

The business has a stellar Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating and is a member of Certified Coin Exchange, one of the most renowned operators of an online trading exchange for rare coins (CCE). It also holds a PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service) dealer license.

The organization offers a range of products for customers purchasing precious metals. Depending on your needs, you can buy any of the company’s numerous gold and silver coins.

The famous gold coins from the Buy Gold And Silver Coins Company catalogs and various commemorative coins from previous presidential administrations are available for buyers.

Popular gold coins in the business that are recognized by the IRA include:

  • The Gold Sovereign of Great Britain
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Britannia Gold U.S.
  • Eagle Gold U.S. Buffalo Gold Australian
  • Kangaroo in Gold Austrian Philharmonic

Popular silver coin options offered by the company include, for example:

  • American Eagle in silver
  • Silver The Maple Leaf of Canada
  • Mexican Libertad Silver Austrian Philharmonic Silver

Platinum coin options include:

  • U.S. American Eagle Platinum
  • Canadian Maple Leaf in platinum

Why Invest Gold in Your IRA?

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) safeguard your retirement and your family’s financial stability.

You can save money in these particular tax-sheltered accounts for future usage.

Investing a sizeable amount of these long-term accounts in stable and robust assets is crucial to secure and worry-free retirement.

Cash in an IRA is possible, but it depreciates quickly, and inflation is out of control.

There is no better asset for this than gold because it is dependable, holds its value over time, and even grows in value.

Investors guard themselves by placing actual gold in IRAs as the global economy struggles due to lockdowns, shortages, conflicts, and inflation. Uncertainty is at an all-time high.

Risk is ignoring economic dangers to your family and yourself even though you are aware of them.

Safety is being aware of the threats to your financial future and taking action to protect it. It is simple to accomplish with a Gold IRA.

IRA Precious Metals and Rollover Process

The rollover method used by Buy Gold And Silver Coins is open and transparent. With Buy Gold And Silver Coins, creating a precious metals IRA is simple and entails the following steps:

Step 1: Open a self-directed IRA account

The people who ensure that your Self-Directed IRA account complies with IRS requirements are known as IRA custodians. We suggest selecting an IRA custodian from BGASC’S list of suggested IRA custodians if you still need to get a favorite.

Let your custodian know if you want to start a self-directed IRA and purchase precious metals from Buy Gold And Silver Coins. You can choose the most trustworthy repository for your gold with the aid of your custodian.

Step 2: Add money to your newly created IRA account.

Once your Self-Directed IRA account has been created, you should fund it. You will be guided through the funding procedure by the IRA Custodian.

You can place orders for precious metals from Buy Gold And Silver Coins after funding your account and having your custodian notify BGASC of the contribution amount.

Step 3: Purchase items permitted for your IRA.

Following the successful transfer of cash into your IRA account, you are qualified to get in touch with BGASC to arrange the purchase of IRA Eligible Precious Metals from their catalog.

The minimum purchase amount for IRAs is $30,000, which is handled differently over the phone.

Reviews From Customers of BGASC

During transfer to clients from BGASC to a depository of the client’s choice and storage in a high-security facility, IRA Precious Metals are adequately safeguarded and insured.

Your IRA custodian will get in touch with you once your precious metals have arrived at the depository of your choice.

It’s wise to be familiar with the company’s past if you’re considering purchasing precious metals. Ensure you are informed about the management of the business and its financial performance. Online evaluations provide insight into internal company events.

Below are some excerpts from customer reviews of Buy Gold And Silver Coins that have been posted online.

BGASC is a business that sells premium goods for affordable costs. Many of their clients concur with this evaluation. Similar items have been sold for exorbitant prices by companies in the sector.

BGASC can be a good option if you’re looking for moderately priced goods.

Several customers praised the ease of use of the BGASC website. The website includes a secure payment method as well. For the sake of its clients, this business streamlines its online procedure.

The customer service provided by BGASC is excellent, offering a prompt response time to inquiries and a level of respect. Many of BGASC’s clients affirm that their complaints have yet to be processed with an unreasonable delay.

When a client reports a problem, the business resolves it swiftly and informs the client as soon as progress is made.

Customers are happy with the products because they have confirmed that they are authentic and of a high caliber. Customers are satisfied with the shipping procedure as well. The shipping process is quick as shipments arrive at clients’ destinations on time.

Additionally, the business offers insurance coverage for shipments of goods.

Contrary to other businesses, BGASC ensures that your goods are well safeguarded. These other businesses have experienced problems with their customers’ merchandise arriving damaged or in bad condition without compensating or refunding the customers.

BGASC will fully reimburse your money if the precious metals you ordered arrive at your destination damaged.

Pros and Cons


  • A reputable business, Buy Gold and Silver Coins, provides products made of precious metals at affordable costs.
  • Additionally, BGASC offers excellent products that many consumers believe to be authentic and high caliber. They also have a secure payment mechanism.
  • Customers are happy with how things are shipped from BGASC since their parcels always arrive on time.
  • BGASC offers consumers an insurance policy for goods delivered to them.
  • BGASC offers free shipping to their customers on purchases of $5,000 or more. It encourages customers to place larger orders and prevents them from overpaying for shipping.
  • BGASC is a business that conducts online product sales. Customers who purchase something from BGASC receive a tracking number for their ordered products.
  • Customers can trace the delivery of their products more efficiently as a result. Since customers use these numbers to retrieve their purchases, the tracking number also guarantees the security of the product collection.


  • The business can only mail the products you’ve bought to you if you’re in the United States. Additionally, it doesn’t deliver the goods to Minnesota since that state’s laws against buying and selling bullion coins forbid it.
  • Customers have a three-day window in which to return items. However, because this time frame is too brief, many customers find it unsettling. To arrange for returns and exchanges, customers must have enough time.

Final Thoughts – BGASC Review

Buy Golds and Silver Coins is a respectable business overall. There are a lot of favorable evaluations left by customers of the company, which proves it is reliable.

The Better Business Bureau’s designation of it as a reputable business further enhances its validity. There may also be some negative customer feedback, but that is not a reason to discount it.

Every business has strong points and weaknesses, and BGASC is no exception.

Buy Gold and Silver Coins is generally reliable because it has consistently been sincere with its clients and admirably maintained its field expertise.

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