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BullionMax is a business that offers direct, insured shipping on various products made from precious metals.

That gives BillionMax customers a method to avoid high markups and allows them to work with a respected company whose workforce has nearly 100 years of combined experience.

Customers can place direct orders on BullionMax’s website and have their items delivered from the warehouse. Because they operate considerably, companies typically have stock on hand.

Their goal is to provide customers with the most convenient precious metals purchasing experience at the most affordable costs.

Before we get started with this review:

We know the difficulty in choosing a business you can entrust with your hard-earned savings. To give you as much information as possible so that you can make the best decision, we produce informative and practical material.

To make comparing and selecting the company most suited to your needs as simple as possible, we’ve compiled a list of our highest-rated investment firms.

The business BullionMax was founded in 2020. Despite being a relatively new participant in the market, the company provides highly competitive prices for silver, gold, platinum, and palladium.

According to BuillionMax, they aspire to establish and grow a business that offers the most excellent customer service imaginable.

They achieve this by being dedicated to innovation, making leadership investments, and offering best-in-class customer service, ensuring that all of their clients are sure they are receiving everything they request.

BuillionMax has always prioritized its customers and still does. By adding more and more value, they want to develop and deepen long-term client connections. They add value in many ways.

For starters, they have attractive prices on precious metals and provide a seamless and easy purchase experience. Additionally, they provide exceptional customer service and always have products for sale.

They believe owning precious metals is necessary for a well-rounded and stable portfolio. They make every effort to make investing in precious metals secure, practical, and dependable.

All of the precious metals that BullionMax sells are available at a high level, and that is particularly valid when it comes to the most popular bars, coins, and other goods.

Since the company’s founding, they’ve made the most of its industry knowledge and put together a leadership team that prioritizes efficiency and safety throughout the operation.

Due to this, they have been able to lower operating expenses and reward their clients with savings.

You have the option of making a tax-advantaged gold purchase when you do so through an IRA. You can successfully diversify your portfolio beyond conventional asset groups like equities and bonds by using a gold IRA.

What is a Precious Metals IRA?

A retirement account that can hold IRS-approved precious metals, such as gold, for you under a custodian is called a precious metals or gold IRA. Precious metals IRA regulations are the same as ordinary IRA regulations.

The only real distinction is the availability of precious metals and physical assets instead of just paper assets.

Using this kind of IRA in your retirement investing strategy will allow you to invest in physical items and enjoy all the advantages of doing so.

Additionally, you can withdraw your precious metals once you reach your distribution age.

Limitations on Precious Metals Held in an IRA

When you have a gold IRA, you must abide by specific requirements. They contain regulations you must comply with, including what you can store in them. The coins or bars you purchase must adhere to IRS requirements.

The trustee must also hold the precious metals and be kept safe in an IRS-approved depository. Any gold bars, rounds, or coins must be 99.5% pure.

The American Gold Eagle, which is just 92% pure but still acceptable, would be the lone exception to this rule. Additionally, foreign-minted coins are available and are accepted.

What Precious Metals IRA Rollover?

A current retirement account may be rolled over into your new gold IRA. You can move a portion (or all) of the money in your traditional IRA to your new one via an IRA rollover.

Coins or other actual metals will be kept in a precious metals IRA. That isn’t like a standard IRA, where you generally own stocks or other investments.

Transferring funds directly from one retirement account to another is one of the simplest and most used ways to open and fund an account. You can do this process over the phone or online, which is quite simple.

To prevent the value of your retirement money from dropping, you can also invest via an IRA rollover, actual gold, or other precious metals.

This strategy deals with the tangible good with a fixed value independent of market circumstances. Your retirement account can maintain its stability even during times of high volatility.

You must review the IRS’s requirements and other information to ensure you follow the rules.

To confidently buy precious metals for investment, you must know the IRS’s exact criteria to determine the metal’s fineness.

What’s a Self-Directed IRA?

You control how your self-directed IRA is run. It enables account holders or investors to hold various alternative investments that are not permitted in traditional retirement accounts.

Traditional holders can access various investment assets, such as trusts, properties, mutual funds, equities, and bonds. Other alternative assets are also available for investment.

The Various Types of Bullion

Bullion Coins

Different precious metals are used to make bullion coins. However, they are viewed as a means of storing wealth or worth rather than being used for regular commerce.

There are official mints worldwide that make bullion coins, including the South African Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, The United States Mint, and many others.

However, only authorized national mints are permitted to produce bullion coins. The designs on gold coins are highly sought-after, and they frequently have a lot of distinctive qualities.

Bullion Rounds

Bullion rounds aren’t recognized as legitimate money and don’t have a face value or denomination printed on them. As a result, third parties may legally create them.

Because of this, they can be made in any way. Simply put, they are unable to do so without violating copyright rules.

The prices of rounds are often lower than those of coins, and as a result, investors can purchase them for less money. Most rounds on the market will sell for prices relatively close to market rates or the metal’s spot price.

There is a lot larger supply because private enterprises can produce them. As a result, getting them is more straightforward.

Bullion Bars

Ingots and gold bars should be correct. A single piece of metal is used to create one of these bars, which is then shaped and cut into a rectangular shape.

Although some state-owned mints produce their bars, most do so under contract. As a result, they will have various corporate logos, and the weight will be printed on them.

The fact that any government does not support these bars is a drawback, and they are not associated with legal tender.

You will discover that the premium connected to bullion bars is often far smaller than the precious metal’s spot price.

Selling Precious Metals to BullionMax

The simplicity with which customers can sell their precious metals to BullionMax is a plus, and calling not only allows you to lock in your price but also makes it simple to get paid.

Remember that there is a $1,000 minimum for selling them any precious metal. To make your transaction as seamless and straightforward as possible, they have agents available and standing by.

They not only give fair pricing but will also pay you promptly.

You can phone them or send them an email to start the process. They will ask you many questions to provide an accurate quote. If you need clarification on what you’re selling, they’ll want to know what it is and how to recognize it.

After taking note of every aspect, they will return with the most affordable pricing they can provide you.

You then have the option of rejecting it or locking in your price. The experts will ask you to ship the item once they have given you a quote that you find reasonable and accept.

Fortunately, you won’t have to be concerned about any unexpected costs. They will pay the price they have given you.

It’s finally time to get compensated. I will check your package after receiving it to ensure everything is in order. That will then send you the whole amount of money.

They will submit a revised offer based on what they received if you send a package that only includes some of what was agreed on top.

Is BullionMax a Scam?

Despite the company’s recent establishment, the management has a wealth of industry knowledge, and they don’t appear to be a shady operation.

If they were one, they wouldn’t have an A from the Business Consumer Alliance or an A- rating on the Better Business Bureau’s website.

Since the company has just been operating for a year or so, there are some concerns. Therefore, by doing business with them, you are assuming some risk.

After all, there are a few comments and reviews on which to base your purchase.

Shipping Cost

Any order placed that totals more than $199 will include free shipping. Orders under $199, however, will only be charged a flat-rate delivery fee of $9.99.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does shipping happen?

They begin processing, packing, and shipping the whole order when the payment has cleared. Based on the size of the overall ranking and the products being transported, this process can take various times.

How are the deliveries made?

BullionMax will use the United States Postal Service (USPS) or UPS to ship orders. We will adequately register and insure every shipment; they’ll also want someone to sign for the delivery.

When the order has been fulfilled, is the pricing locked in?

Happily, yeah. An order confirmation that secures your price is sent to you as you place your order. That implies that if changes occur after you’ve committed to buying the precious metals, you still pay the locked-in rate, even if it has increased.

Do you file sales tax returns with the IRS?

The IRS is not required to receive any sales transaction reports from BullionMax unless you (the buyer) meet the requirements of Form 8300.

Pros and Cons



  • For custodial services, clients may opt for Strata Trust Company, Equity Trust, or GoldStar Trust.
  • The Delaware Depository and Brinks International both offer vault storage.
  • They do offer IRA-approved bullion for sale.



  • They don’t sell products made of platinum or palladium.
  • They don’t collaborate directly with storage companies or custodians of precious metals.

Final Thoughts – Bullion Max Review

Are they reliable enough to transact along? BullionMax offers a large variety of precious metals at highly affordable pricing.

They need to add the typical markup that a business in their sector would. They only sometimes run out of stock because they ship directly from their warehouse (if at all).

The purchasing process has been streamlined, which is the finest thing about BullionMax. Additionally, considering the rates, the customer service is excellent.

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