Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange Review

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Since 1978, the Dallas Gold and Silver Exchange has operated the North Texas region.

DSGE has locations in Dallas, Euless, Frisco, Grand Prairie, Grapevine, and Lewisville.

This company offers top dollar for items like jewelry, rare coins, gold, silver, and other metals. They assert that they have consistently been acknowledged as one of the highest-paying customers in the neighborhood.

Before we begin this evaluation:

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To make comparing and selecting the company most suited to your needs as simple as possible, we’ve compiled a list of our highest-rated investment firms.

Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange claims that customers don’t need an appointment to get started and that you’ll have an offer in 10 minutes or less when selling.

Starting up with the Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange is a relatively simple process. They provide various options, whether you want to improve your diamond or trade it for cash.

In addition to offering accessible repair services, they also assist you in safeguarding your investment if you own exquisite jewelry or timepieces.

Additionally, they have several conveniently located physical sites around North Texas, making it a fantastic choice for investors seeking what they’re searching for right away.

Products and Services

Several goods and services are provided by Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange that are beneficial to investors. Here are some examples of the services you can discover on their website:

Repair Services

Dallas Gold and Silver Exchange offers jewelry and watch repair services for individuals who want to maintain the quality of their investment. They will fix a range of watches and jewelry, including bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, and more.

Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange has jewelry repair specialists who will provide the highest caliber repair work. These artisans have years of experience, superb attention to detail, and high-caliber workmanship.

They also offer services for bespoke design. They can modify any jewelry item if you want something specially made for you.

Buying Services

A large portion of Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange business is the purchase of luxury materials and precious metals. Here are some specifics about the investments made by this company:

Luxury Watches

For pricey watches, Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange accepts cash. In exchange for designer items, investors can get top money. Their website lists a number of watch brands as design watches, including Rolex, Cartier, Omega, Breitling, Tag Heuer, and others.


Diamonds are also paid cash for at Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange. You can find something at DGSE whether you wish to sell your diamonds for cash or enhance your diamonds. They purchase diamonds of different hues, shapes, carat weights, and clarity.

Bullion and Rare Coins

The bullion and rare coin service provided by Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange are among the most helpful. They will pay you in cash if you have high-quality bullion and rare coins.

They are one of the nation’s biggest dealers in precious metals, rare coins, and jewelry. Notably, most of the Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange’s catalog consists of precious metals.

Investors can fund their gold IRAs with a range of gold bars and coins. American Gold Eagles, American Gold Buffaloes, Canadian Gold Maple Leafs, Australian Gold Kangaroos, and South African Gold Krugerrands are among the products that qualify for IRAs.

Dallas Gold and Silver Exchange is still a fantastic choice for buying precious metals even though it does not now provide storage alternatives for investors.

What Bullion Does DSGE Pay the Most For?

It is advisable to sell gold and silver coins produced in the U.S. if investors want to increase their profits. According to DSGE, they spend the most money on this.

What Payments are Accepted?

For bullion transactions, they accept cash, debit cards, and checks. A 10-day business hold is applied if you want to pay using checks. They take cash, credit, debit, and Paypal for jewelry purchases.

What is the Return Policy?

Fine watches, bullion, clearance, custom, scaled, and engraved products are all final sales. Within 30 days after purchase, all other items can be returned for a complete refund, less a 10% restocking fee.

If you need to return something, include everything you have relating to it, including the box, invoice, laboratory report, warranty certificate, and the original receipt. Deposits are not transferable or refundable.

Customer Support

For investors, Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange offers partial customer service. Their website provides phone numbers for each location and a message-sending icon.

However, customer support comes across as overly impersonal for investors wanting to make the most significant financial decisions for their needs.

For instance, investors who work with a gold-IRA firm to diversify their portfolios with precious metals often have a custodian who gives them more direction regarding what kind of precious metals to invest in and how much to invest in their portfolio.

Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange offers the essential customer service you would anticipate from any retail setting. This might work if you want to sell something or know exactly what you want to acquire.

However, DSGE is not the most excellent choice for investors looking for a closer relationship and support from the company they are working with.

Doesn’t Have as Many Ratings

Reviews are essential when deciding which exchange store is best for investors. Unfortunately, Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange has yet to receive many reviews, which may cause concern.

Consider the company’s need for more reviews, mainly since it has been operating since 1978. The company’s reviews might not necessarily indicate that it is not worthwhile to collaborate with them.

Other exchange firms, though, have received reliable ratings and can give investors more information about whether the business is a solid choice.

Pros and Cons

In the region of North Texas, Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange is a well-known exchange shop. Before deciding, investors should weigh the benefits and drawbacks of doing business with DSGE, just like any other organization.

Consider these pros and cons:


  • High-Quality Products

The fact that this exchange shop sells high-quality goods is among the first things you’ll notice about it. For the novice and experienced investors, this is one of the most important factors. You will get more value from a product that its higher quality.

DSGE offers a wide range of premium goods, including exquisite jewelry, timepieces, bullion, gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and more. Investors now have a fantastic selection of financial items to add to their portfolios.

  • BBB-Accredited Company

The fact that DSGE is a BBB-accredited business is an added benefit. All investors should consider accreditation when deciding whether to conclude a deal with a company.

Their accreditation is a strong indicator that they are a trustworthy firm that is worthwhile doing business with.

  • Easy-to-Use Website

Investors may easily access Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange’s website, which is convenient. Their website contains a manageable amount of content, and the navigation needs to be more transparent and straightforward.

Furthermore, their navigation system is simple enough for investors to quickly access the information they need.

There are easy links to their frequently asked questions page, information on what they buy, and jewelry repair services.

Additionally, their website has a polished appearance, strengthening the notion that working with DSGE is wise.

  • Many locations for North Texans

Since 1978, DSGE has been in operation. They have successfully opened multiple facilities in the North Texas region throughout this time. The Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange has six locations in the neighborhood.

Investors now have a variety of possibilities to visit one of their actual stores to enhance their diamonds, get maintenance, or sell their expensive jewelry or precious metals for cash.


  • No IRA Services

    Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange provides high-quality items, but their general IRA services could be better. The exchange and repair of jewels are DSGE’s primary focus.

    Although they sell precious metals, investors should refrain from using DSGE as a storage facility. Please only count on them to guide you to a custodian or open a gold IRA account.

    Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange allows investors to locate exceptional jewelry, timepieces, and precious metals to add to a personal gold-IRA account. You might also sell for a profit.

Final Thoughts – Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange Review

The Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange buys and sells precious metals, luxury watches, jewelry, and other items. They offer convenient service to a wide range of clients throughout North Texas.

Working with DGSE is a really easy process. If you’re selling, you don’t need to schedule an appointment and can get an offer in only 10 minutes.

If you’re looking for expensive jewelry, watches, or precious metals to add to your portfolio, Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange is a reputable company to take into account.

You’ll be comforted to learn that, for the convenience of investors, DSGE only includes precious metals that an IRA has approved.

They are a trustworthy business to think about because they are also BBB-accredited.

However, there are a few considerations to bear in mind. At Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange, you won’t be able to discover more extensive IRA services.

Their objective is to acquire, sell, and provide product repair services. The search for a gold-IRA account should be directed elsewhere by investors.

In comparison to its rivals, the business has fewer reviews. As a result, even though there are better exchange options available, you might be taking a chance with this organization.

Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange is a legitimate business overall. Their procedures are simple, open, and honest about the services they provide, the products they purchase, and their rules.

DSGE can be a fantastic place to start for investors who are new to the precious metals market. This is probably different from the company for you if you’re a more seasoned investor searching for comprehensive gold IRA services.

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