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A precious metals corporation, First Fidelity Reserve, enables customers to purchase and sell unusual coins in addition to gold and silver coins.

The business has been around for more than 25 years. It offers first-rate service and a wealth of articles and educational resources to build your confidence and knowledge before investing.

Before we get started with this review:

You know how challenging it is to choose a business you can entrust with your hard-earned savings. They create educational and helpful content, so you have all the knowledge you need to make the best choice.

The First Fidelity Reserve Company was established in Beaumont, Texas, in 1988. It carved out a distinct niche for itself by concentrating on specific precious metals and coins as a way of differentiating itself.

Clients were able to concentrate on a long-term investment plan that has proven successful as a result. For instance, the business specializes in authenticated, rare U.S. coins like the storied $3 Indian Princess and other well-known designs.

American Eagles, the Canadian Maple Leaf, and other highly sought-after alternatives are included to complete the offerings.

The business has helped tens of thousands of Americans interested in purchasing rare and priceless coins since its inception. Thanks to the numismatic experts on staff, the narrowly targeted approach offers the support clients require.

First, Fidelity has developed into one of the biggest and most reputable dealers of rare and precious coins in the American market because maintaining a narrower focus has aided in providing high-quality service.

Even though First Fidelity has been around for more than 20 years, it has maintained up with technological development by connecting to online trading networks and utilizing the most recent techniques for product bidding and acquisition.

As a result, clients are offered highly reasonable prices, and acquisition happens quickly. Over the past seven years, the team has doubled to serve a growing clientele better.

Free books, periodicals, and articles are offered to educate new entrants into this fascinating business and continuously refresh our existing clients’ knowledge.

It enables astute investors to keep up with evolving trends in the rare coin market.

Last, First Fidelity’s reputation guarantees that all transactions are private and discreet, and the Better Business Bureau continues to give the company an A+ rating.

It has served more than 109,000 customers since 1988 and has conducted over $480 million in business.

Why Choose First Fidelity Reserve?

Customers like to know that when it comes to their investments, they are working with the most excellent available specialist.

Thankfully, First Fidelity has such a professional in Dr. Mike Fuljenz. With more than 40 years of knowledge, he has presented seminars on coin grading and frequently writes manuals that other dealers consult.

Dr. Fuljenz knows to make intelligent decisions and advise clients on how to maximize the value of their assets, even though the market for gold, silver, and rare coins is frequently turbulent.

He and the rest of the First Fidelity staff frequently receive the first opportunity to choose new products due to their reputation. Their clients benefit significantly from this.

First, Fidelity Reserve maintains a large inventory to guarantee prompt order fulfillment for customers.

Finally, the organization offers some of the highest prices in the industry for coins.

First Fidelity Reserve’s Products

The company offers the following gold goods among its other goods:

  • A complete selection of American Gold Eagles, including the $5, $10, $25, and $50 denominations for 2022
  • The 2022 American Buffalo 1 oz. gold
  • The $3 Canadian Maple Leaf Britannia Indian Princess
  • British Kangaroo

Dr. Fuljenz considers gold bullion coins one of the most adaptable, legal currency types. The U.S. Government guarantees the weight, content, and purity of the American Eagle, which is only made from gold extracted from American miners.

The silver goods that are offered include:

  • American Silver Eagle for $1
  • Kennedy Morgan Silver Dollar Silver Half Dollar
  • Buffalo Gold Rounds
  • The Maple Leaf of Canada
  • Britannia
  • British Kangaroo
  • Czech Philharmonic
  • African-American Krugerrand

Due to its lower price than gold, silver is favored by many investors. However, it also offers choices for rare coin collectors.

1908 $2.50 gold Indian, other rare gold Indian coins, $3 Princess coins, shipwreck coins, specialty coins, and a few palladium and platinum alternatives are available from First Fidelity Reserve.


First, Fidelity Reserve helps clients develop a plan for increasing gains while reducing losses. The four coin kinds of this method’s subject are historically significant and frequently see sharp price increases.

Due to their distinctiveness, the Indian Head Quarter and the Half Eagle coins are two coins that are favored for inclusion. Due to their higher likelihood of becoming rare, two contemporary currencies are currently included on this list.

The expectation is that gold prices will grow going forward, so it would be wise to invest in time-tested favorites. However, there is no assurance that past performance will be repeated.

First Fidelity Reserve’s Gold Expert

Due to his knowledge of rare coins, precious metals, consumer protection, and education, Dr. Michael Fuljenz has received more than 60 accolades.

His dedication to providing clients with extensive and outstanding instructional materials, strategic counsel, and securing the best possible bargains for clients demonstrates his passion for this market.

Along with numerous other organizations, the Federal Trade Commission, the U.S., and Royal Canadian Mints have hired him as a consultant.

He is well known for his knowledge of rare coins and precious metals and is also a much-liked member of the Beaumont, Texas, community.

Why Gold Now?

The price of gold has been stagnant for a while. However, several recent “black swan” occurrences have altered the situation. There was the pandemic first.

A recent acceleration also erodes the value of savings accounts in inflation mixed with historically low-interest rates.

The stock market has recently fallen, and there is a crisis in the supply chain.

Finally, a battle is currently underway with the potential to get worse. All these elements increase the appeal of buying gold, which is highly sought during times of crisis because it serves as a hedge against inflation and uncertainty.

Some experts connect the current circumstances to those that existed in 2008 and 2009, which resulted in higher prices in 2011.

How to Buy Gold

First, Fidelity provides various tips to assist new clients in navigating potentially tricky situations. Several strategies can be used to invest in gold.

One is to purchase Gold Eagles or coins the government is issuing. It has the advantage of having smaller markups than rare coins and a more comprehensive range of commonly available sizes, making it a more affordable choice.

Purchasing unusual gold coins is a different approach to investing in gold. While these will cost more per ounce of gold, the demand from collectors and new investors is specific due to their rarity.

Certain valuables will always find purchasers, even when the gold market declines.

There are also gold IRAs. These provide the same benefits as other IRA kinds and are famous for investors who want to save for retirement but don’t want to bother about keeping precious metals.

Precious Metals IRA

Even though the precious metals market can be unpredictable, over the long run, it can offer significant returns and act as a hedge when other investments, like equities, are losing value.

To assist whether any potential financial storms both before and after retirement, it’s a brilliant idea to have a percentage of your portfolio invested in a retirement account.

Fortunately, First Fidelity makes it relatively simple to have a precious metals IRA. Transfer money from an existing IRA, and speak with our specialists to help create a plan specific to your requirements.


Although First Fidelity Reserve has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and most reviews are reasonable, there are also some negative comments.

The main points of the positive reviews were the special pricing, prompt delivery of products, and the availability of reliable information and assistance.

The company’s high-powered sales strategy and the difficulty in getting in touch with a specific employee were to blame for the negative comments.

Overall, though, customers were happy with the support they received, and it was clear that the product pricing was excellent.

Is First Fidelity Reserve a Scam?

The best course of action is to conduct research before investing with any company, including First Fidelity.

Before you make any judgments:

  • Read the web reviews.
  • Look into the Better Business Bureau rating and complaints.
  • Consult any specialists you know who are knowledgeable in the area.
  • Evaluate and compare the pricing from several competitors.

Although it’s improbable that the business—which has been in business for more than 20 years and has a history of steadily expanding its clientele—is a scam, everyone should nonetheless perform their due diligence.

Final Thoughts – First Fidelity Reserve Review

Consider investing in this sector now, given the rising price of precious metals. First, Fidelity Reserve has developed a distinct market niche that draws in many investors.

It focuses on a select few product categories so that customers can be sure of receiving exceptional service and knowledge.

There are three investment options: an IRA, rare coins, and coinage issued by the government.

On their website, you can find various articles and other educational tools to help you make the best selection possible.

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