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individually in gold and silver in 1993 and have mastered making informed purchases of precious metals to increase their portfolios.

They and their team can offer the best one-on-one counsel in the industry because of their combined expertise of over two decades.

2018’s USA Bullion Dealer of the Year was awarded to Fisher Precious Metals by the global yearly voting of the Bullion Directory.

According to Fisher Precious Metals, customers would never have to deal with the fear, greed, or pressure to buy that is so common in the sector.

As a full-service financial institution that provides a variety of precious metals, IRA services, storage, and other services, this business can be fantastic for investors.

Before we get started with this review:

We know how challenging it is to choose a business you can entrust with your hard-earned savings. To give you as much information as possible, we can make so that you can make the best decision, we produce informative and practical material.

To make comparing and selecting the company most suited to your needs as simple as possible, we’ve compiled a list of our highest-rated investment firms.

Fisher Precious Metals Products


The business provides investors with some precious metal goods. Gold, silver, platinum, palladium, diamonds, and other items are some of their products.

On their website, Gold Investors can locate a variety of gold items. US gold coins, Canadian gold, Australian gold, and gold bars are all available. Kangaroos, Gold Maples, and American Gold Eagle Coins are a few of their best-selling items.


U.S. Silver Eagles, Silver Rounds, Canadian Silver, Silver Bars, Australian Silver, 90%s Silver, Silver Dollars, and World Silver Coins are just a few of the silver items available from Silver Fisher Precious Metals.

American Silver Eagles, Silver Maples, Kangaroos, and Morgan Dollars are a few of their well-known silver items.


Additionally, the business sells world platinum, platinum maples, and platinum eagles.

Investors in palladium have access to bars and coins like the Palladium Maples.


Investors in diamonds can benefit from Fisher Precious Metals’ diamond-related goods and services. They provide diamond education to help investors make more informed judgments about their diamond investments.


Investors can also buy loose diamonds, 24k gold, and other fine jewelry for their investment requirements.

Fisher Precious Metals IRA

In addition to offering precious metals to customers, they also provide specialized IRA services.

Although they do not offer services that allow investors to open accounts with them, they offer a wealth of information on IRAs and a list of some of their reliable partners to assist clients in transferring their precious metal investments into a gold IRA account.

Dedicated Precious Metal Website

Fisher Precious Metals is committed to openness and giving investors the greatest possible investment opportunity. As a result, they have developed a special precious metals website to alert customers without asking for their contact information.

The purpose of their website is to provide investors with all the information they require regarding precious metals IRAs.

Selling to Fisher Precious Metals

Additionally, investors might sell their precious metals, and they contend that buyers can get the greatest deal when purchasing them.

Even better, their crew is dedicated to assisting you in making an effective sale, and you will be charged capable so that you can estimate your genuine profit.

You only need to mail items to Fisher Precious Metals using secure packing to an address their trade staff will offer if you want to sell to them. They will deliver a private review and assessment.

All precious metal shipments are opened in front of a camera to guarantee that all customers receive the best security for their possessions. Under the watchful eye of the security camera, they will also check your products for authenticity.

The process ends with receiving payment. You should receive compensation within 48 hours after your product has been dispatched and tested. You’ll receive payment immediately if you’re close to one of their locations.

Investors have three payment options: checks, bank wires, and direct deposit.

Fisher Precious Metals Storage

Investors can choose from a range of storage solutions from Fisher Precious Metals. The needs of the investors will determine the storage options.

Fisher Precious Metals invites investors to call them if they have inquiries or would want more information about their storage.

Here are a few of their storage choices:

Storage in an insured depository vault

Investors can store their metals privately in various locations thanks to vault storage. There are many possibilities available regarding the depository, but it’s crucial to pick a partner that fits your requirements.

Fisher Precious Metals has several depository partners to simplify the procedure for investors. IDS Delaware, IDS Canada-Toronto, and SWP-Grand Cayman are some of their partners.

  • IDS Delaware

IDS maintains a highly secure environment with independent security professionals constantly monitoring redundant security measures.

  • IDS Toronto, Canada

One of North America’s most advanced and technologically advanced precious metals depositories is IDS of Canada.

  • SWP-Grand Cayman

Investors in the Cayman Islands can store their assets in safe, secure, and segregated storage thanks to SWP-Grand Cayman SWP.


Fisher Precious Metals claims to be an open firm that aims to give investors the greatest information so they may make wiser financial decisions.

When looking to purchase and sell precious metals with them, the organization offers investors a product pricing sheet that enables them to comprehend their pricing structure. Two of the fees listed on the price sheet are as follows:

The order minimum for new clients: is $5,000

Orders after that: no minimum

The pricing sheet from Fisher Precious Metals offers different prices for various types of gold and silver bullion. You can visit their website, scroll to the bottom, and click the blue text that says “pricing” to view the price sheet.

Customer Support

The customer service at Fisher Precious Metals is good. If you have a query, you can call them on the phone. Additionally, you can go to their location in Deerfield Beach, Florida. They’re open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

You can fill out the form on their website under “contact us” if you want to email them.


Numerous satisfied customers have left good testimonials for Fisher Precious Metals. Previous customers have praised their great business in all respects. Additionally, they were awarded Bullion of the Year in 2018.

They have no complaints, are a BBB-accredited company, and have strived to establish a solid reputation with a 5-star client rating.

Fisher Precious Metals is an excellent financial organization based on its ratings.

Fisher Precious Metals Pros and Cons

Fisher Precious Metals is a fantastic choice for investors looking for a financial institution to buy and sell precious metals.

Be sure to weigh the advantages and disadvantages before making a financial choice.
Available inventory is one of the most crucial factors when picking a banking institution to work this. Investors can choose from a range of inventory options at Fisher Precious Metals, and gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and other options are available.

  • IRA-acceptable Bullion

Investors need IRA-approved bullion, which Fisher Precious Metals offers in addition to its current inventory. Investors can quickly transfer their investments into a gold IRA account using IRA bullion.

  • High-Quality Custodial Services

Fisher Precious Metals is dedicated to providing the greatest relationships to investors. They collaborate with New Direction IRA, a reputable custodian that caters to novice and experienced investors.

  • Storage Options for Vaults

Protecting your investment and fortune begins with properly storing your precious metals.

International Depository Services of Delaware, International Depository Service of Canada, and Strategic Wealth Preservation of the Cayman Islands are just a few of the vault storage alternatives that Fisher Precious Metals offers.

  • Pricing for Inventory

For investors, Fisher Precious Metals has several advantages. However, there are a few drawbacks to take into account. Their lack of publicly available inventory pricing is one drawback.

Investors need to download a pricing sheet to view all prices instead of having prices conveniently accessible next to their products. That is particularly annoying because it’s hard to locate the price sheet.

Investors may need to locate the sheet because Fisher Precious Metals’ website is filled with a lot of material. Their price sheet could be more user-friendly.

They are cramming a lot of costs into a little sheet, which some people may find difficult to understand. To make its website easier to use and enable investors to make decisions more quickly, it would be preferable if the company made the costs explicitly evident.

  • Online Ordering Has Been Stopped

Online ordering was previously available through Fisher Precious Metals. This choice, though, is no longer accessible, and customers must instead contact them directly to place orders. The time required to place the order via this technique also needs to be stated.

Unfortunately, some investors who prefer a more seamless purchasing process may find this inconvenient.

  • Website Layout

Fisher Precious Metals’ website is well-organized and offers a wealth of information for its visitors. However, their website appears overly busy, which detracts from the services they provide. It was simple to get lost in all the wording on their website because it needed a better layout.

Their website could be clearer for investors looking for a straightforward way to purchase and sell precious metals or information about a custodian or depository.

It would be better to promote their goods and services on their website and designate specific pages or guides for investors to learn more.

Final Thoughts – Fisher Precious Metals Review

Investors can buy precious metals from a variety of financial institutions. Fisher Precious Metals is a viable alternative to rivals.

The business has established dependable ties with its customers and consistently received positive feedback.

To ensure that investors may choose products that will transfer to a gold IRA account, they provide a variety of products for investors and have a vast selection of IRA-approved products.

The thorough information they offer on IRAs is one of the factors that differentiate them from competing businesses.

Essentially, they simplify the process of learning more for investors about IRAs, precious metals, and investment options that will expand their portfolios.

However, it can be challenging to determine their fees. Although they disclose their fees, investors must download a price sheet to view them.

That is a hassle because many businesses readily show prices adjacent to their products for a more seamless customer experience.

Additionally, their price sheet, which is crammed with several prices, is difficult to find on their website.

Additionally, investors will have to phone the business rather than order online. Once more, this interferes with a seamless user experience and might not be preferred by investors.

Overall, Fisher Precious Metals is a reliable business that sells a variety of coins, precious metals, and other items.

They are also dedicated to giving investors the information they need to help them choose the investments that are most suited to their needs.

Fisher Precious Metals is a fantastic choice for novice investors that require assistance getting started.

They provide everything you need, including a wide selection of merchandise, IRA-approved metals, dependable partners, and other gold IRA advice to get your investment moving on the correct path.

It is also evident that they are a respectable business with a proven track record of achievement. An excellent choice for seasoned investors is Fisher Precious Metals.

Investors may be sure that they are picking a company with the best custodian and depository partnerships in the world, thanks to their partnerships.

Investors can choose your product, store it, and sell it quickly and easily using the comprehensive tools that Fisher Precious Metals offers.

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