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Investors can purchase and sell silver and gold bullion kept in the company’s vaults in New York, Zurich, Singapore, and Toronto through the online trading platform GoldBroker.

Bullion is typically held in the investor’s name, giving them complete metal ownership. Clients can purchase bullion in lump quantities, with a $5,000 minimum commitment.

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A French investor and businessman named Fabrice Drouin Ristori launched GoldBroker in 2011.

After seven years of investing in the digital sector, Fabrice sold two companies he co-founded in 2010 and suffered a significant headache. Which financial and market environment was the best for him to invest in with the money he had earned?

His main goal then was to keep up his business endeavors without devoting time to overseeing his numerous holdings.

Like many other serial savers, he was seeking an investment with a track record of stability amid ongoing market turbulence.

After extensive research, he concluded that investing in gold was among the safest ways to protect his assets because the metal’s value has a history of withstanding fluctuations in the financial markets.

Further investigation led him to a brilliant conclusion regarding the best way to safeguard his assets. First, he would choose genuine gold bullion rather than tying his assets to paper gold.

Additionally, he wouldn’t keep his gold in a bank; instead, he would select an outside vault in a nation with a stable government.

He would rely on a security company that knew his identity, gave him direct access to his vault, and would agree to sign a contract guaranteeing that he was the only owner of the physical gold they handled and that no other intermediary had access to his assets to facilitate the safe storage of his support.

He predicted that many people would eventually start looking to gold bullion as the greatest option to secure their hard-earned funds in the long run due to serious money and financial troubles based on his experience and studies.

To secure his assets and provide other savers wanting to invest their money in physical gold with a top-notch option, Fabrice chose to launch his own business,, in the face of unstable financial markets and the lack of a suitable platform through which he could do so.

GoldBroker’s Precious Metals Storage Options

The business employs an innovative storage strategy when it comes to offshore storage of bullion and coins.

Investors who use GoldBroker can act as the custodian for the precious metals they directly possess. The business has never agreed to hold any investor’s precious metals in trust.

The risk associated with an investor’s precious metals being accessible to an excessive number of people is removed by GoldBroker. That is because investors directly possess precious metals and typically open storage accounts in their names.

Investors can directly visit their vault to either verify their reserves’ status or withdraw because they are the sole owner of the precious metals they have purchased.

GoldBroker collaborates with Maca-Amit, a reputable storage partner for high-net-worth individuals and financial organizations worldwide, to offer reliable precious metals storage solutions.

Malca-Amit functions on its own. Typically, Malca-Amit provides investors with ownership certificates that prominently display the owner’s name and the serial numbers of the gold bullion they purchase.

When ownership certificates are given, it is typically very evident who owns the precious metals that are kept in storage, such as silver, gold, palladium, and platinum.

GoldBroker provides some options for offshore storage sites, including:

  • Zurich, Switzerland
  • New York, United States
  • Singapore
  • Toronto, Canada

The vast bulk of New York’s precious metals storage vaults serves America Gold IRA account holders, whose bullion reserves are required by the IRS’s tight retirement plan restrictions to be maintained in U.S. territory.

Unique Benefits of Precious Metals Storage Solutions from GoldBroker

Secure Storage is Available Outside of Traditional Banking Systems.

This typically avoids the possibility of an investment experiencing counterparty default (bankruptcy), bank asset seizure, or government asset seizure.

Additionally, in the event that banks are briefly closed, an investor can easily access their precious metals assets thanks to this storage arrangement.

You are the Owner and Keeper of Precious Metals.

Malca-Amit typically gives an investor who purchases gold through GoldBroker an ownership certificate, and this independent Swiss company certifies that the gold is present in their vaults.

A precious metals storage business is only permitted by Swiss law to provide this certificate if the precious metals listed on it are in their vaults.

Your precious metals are available to you immediately.
After giving 48 hours’ notice of their intention to visit the vault site, all GoldBroker clients who invest in precious metals have access to their vaults to conduct inspections or remove reserves.

Malca-Amit employees are renowned for providing secure, discrete access in a welcoming setting.

Your Stolen Precious Metals Are Covered by Insurance

The precious metals customers purchase from GoldBroker will be kept in a safe vault run by the company’s insured storage partner, Malca-Amit.

Your reserves will be guaranteed if you invest with GoldBroker, thanks to the insurance coverage held by Malca-Amit. Your funds will cover all risks except for losses brought on by a nuclear catastrophe, terrorism, or civil war.

What Precious Metals Does GoldBroker Offer?

The corporation mostly deals in bullion, including coins and gold and silver bars. Additionally, they provide a few choices for palladium and platinum bullion. The company mostly sells items in large quantities.

For instance, you can purchase boxes of 400- to 500-ounce silver coins or 10-ounce rolls of gold.

Along with its regular silver and gold bullion bars, the business has just started selling these silver coins and tiny 1-ounce bars of palladium, platinum, and gold.

The larger bullion bars that GoldBroker offers typically range in size from 15-ounce gold to 1,000-ounce silver bars.

One of GoldBroker’s most significant features is that, as long as you get in touch with them and let them know how much you want to sell, they will buy back any precious metals they sell to you.

Remember that not all GoldBroker’s precious metals items can be held in IRA accounts, and the IRS does not permit using their offshore storage options for IRA accounts.

How to Invest in Precious Metals with GoldBroker

Create a GoldBroker account – Complete the registration form and present the required documentation to prove your identity.

Request the precious metals you want to purchase – Choose the precious metals you wish to purchase, choose the service you want (buying or selling), and finally, input your credit card information to complete your purchase.

Transfer funds – Transfer funds to pay for the desired transaction.

How to Sell Bullion and Coins with GoldBroker

If you wish to sell your stockpiles of precious metals quickly, use GoldBroker’s unique metal sales service rather than handle the sale yourself.

Traders will contact potential buyers and oversee the sale process on your behalf if you trust the company to handle the sale of your precious metal reserves.

Remember that GoldBroker is not designed to be a platform for actual trading bullion.

The organization typically advises investors to hold their precious metals reserves in the long-term outside conventional banking systems to ensure their wealth is secured.

GoldBroker’s Fees

Depending on the precious metal you invest in (gold, silver, platinum, or palladium), how you invest it (coins or bullion), and how much you invest, different fees are assessed by GoldBroker.

The company’s shop will display all rates when purchasing or selling precious metals.

To be clear, storage costs are not included in the rates for transactions involving precious metals.

GoldBroker’s Quality Control Measures

The company trades only investment-grade bullion.

The company sources the coins and bars it sells from refiners that have received certification from the London Bullion Market Association. This often ensures that your purchase has met strict quality and assaying criteria.

Once the bars and coins are obtained from refiners, they are expertly maintained and sold along with an authenticity certificate. You can easily track the origin of the precious metals you purchase with the help of this certificate.

You may find testimonials from well-known industry names like the U.S. Mint, Valcambi, Royal Canadian Mint, RMC, Perth Mint, and Asahi on GoldBroker’s website.

It’s also crucial to note that GoldBroker would purchase precious metals back from their customers as long as they are kept in safe storage.

GoldBroker does not purchase back precious metals from their safe storage facilities to ensure the traceability of the precious metals they buy back.

Is Gold a Liquid Investment?

According to data gathered from the World Gold Council, the world gold market is the third largest, behind the American and Japanese bond markets.

The gold market is sufficiently deep and liquid to protect institutional holdings like those of central banks and retirement benefit plans.

To put it simply, gold is a highly liquid investment choice that can be swiftly and readily exchanged over the counter globally.

GoldBroker can guarantee that your purchase and sale orders will be carried out as long as the precious metals are kept in their partner (Malca- Alma’s) independent vaults because of their broad contacts with several industry partners.

GoldBroker will normally deduct their 1% commission from the sale proceeds once they have completed a sale order on your behalf.

Is GoldBroker Legit or a Scam?

A genuine precious metals trader is GoldBroker. The business conducts purchases and sells discreetly and openly.

Additionally, they transfer the metals you purchase in your name and don’t keep precious metals for customers.

Top Reasons to Consider Investing in Physical Gold

For those wishing to diversify their asset base and safeguard their wealth against inflation, economic threats, growing government debt, and the reversal of financial markets, investing in actual gold is a wise financial move.

Gold has maintained its position as a top choice for value storage and a widely used medium of exchange throughout the ages. Gold has been significant to the human race financially and symbolically since the beginning of humanity.

It has attracted adventurers throughout history and is frequently mentioned in the Old Testament.

The top Olympic medal and wedding bands are both made of gold, demonstrating how this yellow metal has persisted as a symbol of what is superior and exceptional.

40% of the gold extracted from the earth is often used in investment markets, while 48% is made into jewelry. People of all castes and age groups are drawn to gold as well.

Last but not least, even though the gold standard was abolished in 1971, central banks worldwide kept most of their reserves to maintain their credibility and that of their fiat currencies.

The fact that most central banks continue to buy gold in large quantities sustains its value.

How Does GoldBroker Ship Precious Metals to Clients?

FedEx, UPS, and USPS are the three leading carriers in the U.S. used by GoldBroker to distribute precious physical metals. These carriers are all global corporations with international operations.

GoldBroker can ensure that your precious metals will reach your desired location safely and on time with the help of these carriers.

The corporation typically transports gold or silver orders over $250,000 via an armored car service. Contact GoldBroker directly to find out more about the precious metals shipment process.

Most of the time, GoldBroker provides clients with free shipping services for domestic shipment requests within the United States.

What Happens if a Shipment Gets Damaged or Lost While in Transit?

All shipments from GoldBroker are often insured, so you are protected in any unforeseen circumstances. The company will send out identical cargo as soon as possible if a package disappears while in transit.

Be aware that GoldBroker’s insurance covers only packages in transit.

Pros and Cons


  • Your precious metals will be delivered quickly and efficiently to you
  • You do not need any company representatives to check on metals stored in the vaults managed by their storage partner
  • You can keep your precious metals in any one of four countries


  • The company needs to offer more information on how they levy commissions and premiums.
  • Rather than relying on a flat rate fee, the fees for storage solutions offered by the company rely on a sliding scale. This means that storage costs usually increase the more that you invest.

Final Thoughts – GoldBroker.Com Review

For more than ten years, GoldBroker has dealt with precious metals. The company’s primary goal is to assist investors in purchasing and storing precious metals.

The company works with businesses and people globally. However, they sometimes provide better deals than their rivals. For instance, the firm makes no mention of product pricing.

Additionally, there are no customer reviews of the company’s services online or on consumer websites like the BBB. Currently, the business is not accredited by the BBB and has no ratings.

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