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In 2003, GoldCore was established in Dublin. Over 130 countries worldwide have benefited from the company’s services as investors. With several high-security vaults worldwide, GoldCore enables investors to purchase gold and silver for direct delivery or safe storage.

Due to the company’s procurement and administration of precious metals, many investors pick GoldCore. A well-known financial organization, they routinely present at conferences to inform and enlighten investors.

Before you begin this evaluation:

They know how difficult it may be to find a company you can depend on with your hard-earned money. They provide educational and helpful content to provide you with as much information as possible so that you may make the best decision possible.

Numerous worldwide media outlets, including CNBC, Bloomberg, CNN, Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones, and others, have featured articles about GoldCore.

The organization has established a strong clientele with over 14,400 clients and over $130 million assets under administration and storage.

From ordinary individuals to businesses and institutional investors, their team of professionals provides services to all categories of clients in Europe and the United States.

Customers will find that GoldCore offers a variety of investment solutions to match their objectives, whether they are little investors trying to diversify their portfolios or significant investors looking to develop wealth.

Goldcore Products and Services

Investors can add a variety of goods and services from Goldcore to their portfolios. Goldcore gives options for everyone, whether they wish to purchase gold or silver, start a gold IRA, or use high-security storage.

Infinite Gold

Gold, gold bars, and gold coins can all be bought by investors. Investors can purchase gold through GoldCore for direct delivery or safe storage.

Their team of professionals can provide a wide selection of hold products to diversify your portfolio and has experience working with different investors.

Gold goods are available, including American Eagles, Gold Buffaloes, and Gold Bullion Bars.

SilverCore Gold

With GoldCore, investors can also buy silver. Silver is available in the form of coins, bars, and silver.

They provide a selection of silver investing choices. Silver Britannia, Silver American Eagle Tube, and Silver Canadian Maple Leaf are a few examples of well-known silver investments that you can purchase.

Opening an Account to Buy Gold or Silver

Investors must first register an account with GoldCore to purchase products made of gold or silver through them. The steps to opening an account are as follows:

1. Click the green “Open Account” box on the homepage.

2. You must decide what kind of account you want to open. You can open a personal, joint, corporate/trust, or pension account.

Private persons : Personal accounts use to handle their investments in precious metals.

Joint account:  A joint statement is ideal for two or more private individuals.

Accounts can be opened by corporations, trusts, charities, and more with a corporate or trust fund.

Pension:  Your precious metal-approved pension investments are handled through a pension account.

3. Scan Your ID

The next step is to scan your ID and mail it to GoldCore through email or regular mail. The law requires all precious metals brokers and dealers to disclose who their clientele is. Luckily,

Clients will only need to complete it once, according to GoldCore.

A copy of each account owner’s passport or driver’s license is required. You’ll also need residency documentation; utility bills, bank statements, and legitimate government communications are good papers.

4. Fund Your Account

You must fund your account after it has been opened. By bank wire or credit card, any currency is acceptable. Investing in your account is necessary for investors who want to purchase gold or silver.

It is the least expensive to use a bank transfer. Investors can transfer money from their bank to GoldCore’s bank, where all client monies are held independently from the company’s cash. Investors can also finance their accounts with a credit or debit card.

You could like this choice if you’re pressed for time. Investors can purchase up to 50,000 precious metals in USD, GBP, and EUR.

5. Selecting a Product

After adding money to your account, you must choose whether to purchase gold, silver, or both. Platinum, silver, and gold are the options that GoldCore provides. Browse their selection to find a product that fits your investing requirements.

6. Shipping and Keeping

The final step is to decide whether to store your precious metals in GoldCore’s safe vaults, have them delivered, or do both. GoldCore advises choosing a one-10 or kilo format if you decide on delivery.

These are lightweight, simple to sell again, nearly unforgeable, and reasonably priced. Investors should consider massive bars if they prefer to store their assets securely.

In Zurich, Dubai, London, Singapore, and Hong Kong, GoldCore provides secure storage facilities.

Additionally available to investors is the Perth Mint Certificate Program. Through this initiative, investors can possess unallocated gold or silver in a government certificate with a government guarantee without paying a storage fee.

GoldCore’s Gold IRA

Investors have more options than just purchasing gold and silver; GoldCore provides European investors access to a gold IRA account. GoldCore has one of the largest storage networks in the sector, over $1 billion in sales of precious metals, and entirely allocated and segregated storage.

There isn’t an online application process available at GoldCore, and you must speak with a financial counselor to start a gold IRA account.

By selecting the “contact the adviser” button, where you will be required to submit some fundamental data, you can get in touch with a member of their staff.

GoldCore Secure Storage

In comparison to rivals, GoldCore’s safe storage is superior. They contend that investing in gold and silver through their secure storage is the safest, most cost-effective, and liquid option.

The following are some advantages of GoldCore’s secure storage:

  • safest vaults on the planet
  • legal ownership of allocated, wholly segregated coins and bars for
  • investors
  • Affordable storage rates
  • Process transparency, availability, and liquidity
  • Investors have access to inspect vaults and bullion stored there

GoldCore Partnerships

GoldCore collaborates with many financial institutions to meet clients where they are in need to deliver the best possible service. Here are some of the alliances from which clients might anticipate benefits:

International Loomis

Since 2009, Loomis has been a secure storage partner of GoldCore. Customers of GoldCore have a selection of safe precious metal storage options at Loomis’s vaults, which are situated in Zurich, Hong Kong, Dublin, and London.

One of the top organizations in the world for assets storage and logistics is Loomis International. They offer inland storage and custom-bonded services to clients at high-security locations across numerous international locations.


GoldCore and Brinks have also teamed up to provide customers with secure precious metals storage in a cutting-edge vault in Singapore.

One of the biggest and most well-known providers of security services, including logistics, precious metals storage, and armored transport, is Brinks.

International Inspectorate

GoldCore’s storage audit partner is Inspectorate International. To offer investors the best auditing services, GoldCore has teamed with them.

Every year, Inspectorate International trips to the vaults to physically examine the holdings of precious metals. The audits are compared to the vault records and GoldCore’s records.

GoldCore Fees

For investors looking to purchase gold, silver, and platinum, GoldCore provides a handy price chart. Investors can follow the price of investment goods thanks to their real-time gold, silver, and platinum prices.

The fantastic thing about GoldCore is that they are upfront about their pricing. Investors may be sure that the prices they pay for products made of gold, silver, and platinum are market rates. At the top, investors may see the most current pricing on their websites.

Additionally, they feature a simple price chart that enables investors to alter prices to suit their requirements. I can filter the price of gold, silver, and platinum on time, money, metal, and weight.

Reviews and Awards

GoldCore has a strong reputation as a reliable and reputable financial institution for purchasing precious metals and opening gold IRA accounts.

Numerous of their clients have praised GoldCore for providing the highest level of professionalism, knowledge, and assistance in complicated transactions.

On CNBC, BBC, Reuters, Bloomberg, and CNN, GoldCore was discussed. They also sell products from the Perth Mint, the Royal Mint, the US Mint, and other mints

GoldCore Pros and Cons

A comprehensive financial organization, GoldCore offers a range of services to investors. For investors in Europe, they provide a selection of precious metals as well as the ability to open a gold IRA account.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages to think about:

GoldCore Pros

GoldCore has a well-deserved reputation for delivering on its promises to clients. They have collaborated with numerous notable businesses and received many positive client reviews.
GoldCore is a reliable organization to work with if you’re an investor seeking a place to acquire precious metals.

The transparent fees and easily accessible price chart of GoldCore are further benefits. Investors can alter product prices based on needs in addition to viewing the current precious metals price in real-time.

Many businesses need to post prices online. GoldCore thinks giving investors access to prices will help them make the best choice.

For its storage and auditing requirements, GoldCore also collaborates with reliable partners. Customers may rest easy knowing their investments in precious metals are always safe, thanks to this.
For investors eager to get started, GoldCore also offers an accessible website. Finding the data you require is easy whether you want to buy precious metals, check current prices, or create a gold IRA account.

Cons of GoldCore

Although GoldCore has several advantages, there are a few factors that investors should consider before investing.

To begin with, American clients cannot invest in an IRA with GoldCore. US investors can purchase precious metals, but since GoldCore is a European-based dealership, IRA accounts are only available to European citizens.

Previous reports claim that GoldCore may charge unusually high storage costs compared to its rivals, making it unsuitable for investors financially.

Palladium investment opportunities are also nonexistent. Customers can invest in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium through several financial investors. However, palladium is not an option offered by GoldCore.

Final Thoughts – Goldcore Review

In terms of investment, GoldCore is an excellent choice. Since its 2003 founding in Dublin, the business has established a firm name across the globe.

Gold, silver, and platinum are just a few of the precious metals that investors can purchase. Investors located in Europe have the option of setting up a gold IRA account.

Regarding its precious metal products, GoldCore is very open and honest. Investors can adjust prices based on the kinds of metals they’re interested in purchasing and monitor costs in real-time.

Their website is easy to use and intuitive. For investors, starting a gold IRA account or purchasing precious metal products is made simple by GoldCore.

GoldCore is an excellent option to consider, regardless of your level of experience as an investor

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