Golden Eagle Coins Review

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Mr. Bob Mangels Sr., a passionate coin collector, established the Golden Eagle Coins in 1974.

He ran a laundromat that accepted coins. He began to gather the uncommon coins after he became aware of their abundance in the machines.

Soon after, he launched a precious metals and rare coin business. He thus started Golden Eagle Coins.

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The United States has had six recessions, one oil embargo, three stock market crashes, twelve presidents, and a bull market that has lasted more than twelve years since the introduction of Golden Eagle Coins.

Silver prices soared by more than 1,000% during this time, and gold prices increased by almost 700%. One of the first precious metals traders in the world is Golden Eagle Coins. Gas was only 53 cents a gallon when they were first introduced.

When Bob Mangels Sr. was still in charge of the laundromat, he and his family used to sort the coins before putting them in the bank.

Silver coins were more valuable than other coinage in the late 1960s. Beginning in the early 1970s, Bob Sr. began traveling to national coin exhibits with his nephew Richard Stelfox.

In 1974, they first started their coin business. The business began as a mobile coin dealer before expanding to become the most extensive online dealer of coins and bullion in the greater Washington, D.C., region.

Their yearly sales are often in the hundreds of millions.

What Can You Purchase From Golden Eagle Coins?

Golden Eagle Coins offers numismatic coins in gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and other metals for investors and coin collectors.

Products made of gold include American Eagle gold coins, Canadian Maple Leafs, and European gold bullion. Additional gold bars range in size from 5 to 100 ounces.

Products made of silver include coins, silver rounds for cryptocurrencies, silver bullets, and one- to 1,000-ounce silver bars.

Products made of platinum include bars and coins weighing one to five grams.

Items made of palladium: Bars and Eagles
Bars of one to five ounces of rhodium

Coins and rounds made of copper, such as Morgan, Saint-Gaudens, and Walking Liberty rounds.

Pre-1933 coins, commemorative coins, half dollars, mint sets, and proof sets are all examples of U.S. coinage.

Currency types include fractional, Confederate, and colonial bills. There are bills from $1 to $1,000.

Currency from over a hundred nations, including foreign coins and notes

Gold and silver coins from the Arabic, Greek, Roman and medieval ages are considered ancient coinage.

Processing Time of a Purchase Order

Usually, orders are sent six to eight days after the payments have been confirmed. Shipping times can range from 9 to 15 business days during activity peaks, and some orders may take longer to process depending on the shipment’s contents.

Two examples of this are an order with a lengthy list of coins or one for a complete set that requires time to assemble correctly.

Please provide the cardholder’s name, billing address, and phone number to speed up processing, as they are in your card account.

You can contact Golden Eagle Coins to discuss your shipping requirements if you have any.

Shipping and Fees

All shipments are delivered by insured USPS mail, and the package contents are fully insured. First Class Mail is used for orders under $110 in value, and priority Mail is used to ship between $110 and $1,900. For orders over $1,900, registered mail is used.

You will receive a notification when your order ships, along with your USPS tracking number. On the order status page of the Golden Eagle Coins website, you may easily track your order.

USPS First Class, Priority, Express, and Registered Mail packages are fully insured for the value of their contents. FedEx Ground is used to send big or heavy packages.

Every shipment needs a signature. Before returning it to Golden Eagle Coins, USPS will make three tries to deliver it.

The value of the order determines shipping fees:

USPS Standard: FREE for orders above $100. $10 for orders below $100.
USPS Priority: $15
USPS Express: $25 (not available for orders paid by credit card or Paypal)

The processing fee for bullion purchases is not included in the delivery cost, and the shipping cost is not returnable.

Advantages of Paying with Cash

The bullion prices listed on the Golden Eagle Coins website are discounted for cash payments. You are still entitled to the discounted cash price if you pay by money order, cheque, cashier’s check, or bank wire.

You will not receive the cash-reduced pricing, which equates to a 3-4% discount if you pay using a credit card or PayPal. This amount will increase your shipping price. Because you opt not to pay with cash, this is not an additional cost but a non-discounted price.

Return Policy

Customers of Golden Eagle Coins want to be satisfied with their purchases. So, just let them know within seven days if you’re unsatisfied. You will receive instructions on returning the item in its original packing from them.

Get a refund or exchange it for another item of equivalent value.

They will also provide reimbursements for bullion and certified coins. However, in addition to a restocking fee, the business may charge you for any loss of market value encountered during the return.

The corporation keeps all sales revenue generated by the product. The business maintains the right to locate an acceptable alternative if you prefer an exchange or to give you a refund.

The business would charge a 6% standard restocking fee if you made your purchase using a credit card.

What Exactly is Gold Bullion?

Bullion is the name for large quantities of precious metals. These are typical goods, and coins and bars are both common forms of metal known as bullion. Strict laws govern the sale of gold bullion.

Gold bars must be at least 99.5 percent pure to be sold in the EU, and the purity of coins must be at least 90%. The amount and purity of the precious metal used to make bullion bars and coins affect its market worth.

It is possible to use raw gold or use it as a tangible investment.

Investing in Gold and Silver

Gold and silver are not like paper assets that depend on a company’s worth, which might change depending on the company’s success. The need for metals is constant worldwide.

They have genuine intrinsic value. It gives you peace of mind that you possess something valuable that the state of the economy, inflation, currency depreciation, or any other unforeseen circumstances will not impact.

When the economy is struggling, this becomes of critical importance. Prices for precious metals typically rise. The best thing you can do is invest in gold and silver if you’re looking for a means to make money in difficult economic times.

Gold and silver still hold their great worth, just as they did in ancient times, even though farmers had to barter their harvests and people exchanged services for products in the modern economy.

Precious metals have been used as a representation of prosperity throughout history. Gold and silver will continue to be wise investments if people continue to appreciate them highly.

Why Should You Purchase Gold Bullion?

Gold bullion upholds the highest standards of quality. The cost of gold has remained constant or increased over time, and people buy gold as a safety net against a currency prone to collapse.

For instance, gold bullion won’t lose any value if the dollar’s value falls. A portfolio can benefit from diversity by adding gold bullion.

Gold can be used as an addition to retirement funds. Opening a gold IRA, for instance, allows you to include gold in your retirement portfolio.

Gold Proof Coins

For the collectors market, proof coins are made. They arrive in a unique container, have remarkable detail, and are well-polished. Specially polished blanks are utilized during the striking process to produce a faultless finish.

They are only made in small amounts. Due to their rarity and beauty, proof coins command a higher price from collectors.

The best additions to any investment portfolio are bullion and proof coins.

Diversification is the secret to lowering risk exposure in your investment portfolio, according to every financial advisor you ask. Owning precious metals is an excellent strategy to diversify your other investments.

Having bullion and proof coins adds to your diversification. You may observe how both investments respond to various situations differently when you buy both.

You’ll be happy to know that the bullion and proof Gold Eagle coins from the U.S. Mint are allowed to be included in a self-directed IRA for precious metals if you want to buy gold as an investment for retirement.

Similar tax advantages to those provided by traditional IRAs are available to you. With your investment in these gold coins, you also benefit from the security and a decent chance of making money.

Final Thoughts – Golden Eagle Coins Review

When buying gold bullion and other precious metal items from Golden Eagle Coins, investors say they had a positive experience. If you buy gold bars and other products, bear this in mind.

Locals in Maryland can go to their showrooms and make in-person purchases of gold bullion. They provide reasonable prices for their goods and free shipping on purchases over $100.

Their website is simple to use. They are superior to their rivals because of their extensive, reliable history and strong reputation.

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