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  • Clint resolved communication problems with courtesy and respect, improving the overall experience for the customer who had an issue with Golden Eagle Coins on March 24, 2020.
  • While Golden Eagle Coins has over 45 years of experience in buying and selling coins, multiple customers have experienced issues with shipping wrong items and not getting proper responses over email or phone. Though they specialize in buying old coins and offer unique sets like every Isle of Man coin GEC issues.
  • Golden Eagle Coins is a trustworthy and honest precious metals dealer according to However, there is room for improvement in their payment method process which could be confusing for customers, and in answering phone and email issues.

Overview of Golden Eagle Coins

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3.8/5 Ratings

Communication is crucial in any business, and Golden Eagle Coins is no exception. In this section, we will examine the experience of a Golden Eagle Coins customer named Clint, and how Golden Eagle Coins resolved a communication issue with courtesy and respect. By analyzing this experience, we can gain valuable insights into how Golden Eagle Coins values its customers.

Clint Resolves Communication Issue with Courtesy and Respect

Golden Eagle Coins has had difficulties with communication, but Clint stepped in and now they have made a lot of progress. Clint solved the problem with politeness, resulting in a better experience for customers. Despite this, Golden Eagle Coins has been around for 45 years and is known for offering dependable services when buying or selling coins. Many customers have recommended their mint sets.

However, there have been gripes about wrong items being sent and payment methods needing improvement. Golden Eagle Coins still works hard to provide good customer service. Recently, they sent a sorry letter to an unhappy customer, showing that they want to fix problems.

Also, Golden Eagle Coins will buy old coins from sellers. This gives them a simple way to get rid of coins they don’t need. All things considered, even though they have had communication issues, Golden Eagle Coins remains a trustworthy business devoted to giving great services to their customers.

Company Communication Terrible Until Clint Assists

Communication at Golden Eagle Coins was a problem until Clint stepped in. A review showed customers were having terrible experiences with the company. Clint changed this. He improved the communication practices, which were poor before.

Good communication is important for any business. Bad communication can cause customer stress and lost business. Before Clint’s help, Golden Eagle Coins had terrible communication. This was causing trouble for customers needing info or help.

Despite some shipping issues, Golden Eagle Coins has 45+ years of experience buying/selling coins. With Clint’s help, the communication has improved and customer satisfaction has increased.

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Pros and Cons


✅ The organization is reliable.

✅ They’ve been in business for almost 46 years.

✅Provides a diverse assortment of products.

✅You have complete authority.

✅The customer service was outstanding.


❎ The webpage makes no mention of the IRA fees.

❎ The BBB rating is extremely low.

Customer Service

When it comes to purchasing coins such as mint sets, customer service is a crucial factor to consider. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at Golden Eagle Coins’ customer service and what customers have to say about it. We’ll explore both the positive and negative experiences that customers have had with Golden Eagle Coins, from highly recommending the company for mint sets to criticizing its shipping methods. Additionally, we’ll dive into the company’s extensive experience in buying and selling coins, which may play an important role in their customer service reputation.

Customer Highly Recommends Golden Eagle Coin for Mint Sets

Golden Eagle Coins is thrilled! A customer just gave them a great review. They praised the company for their exceptional mint sets. The customer was pleased with the handling of their order and the mint set was in perfect condition. Golden Eagle Coins offers a wide selection of coins – it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

The staff at Golden Eagle Coins was helpful and knowledgeable. They answered customer queries promptly. Plus, the prices of the items were very affordable. The customer said they’d do business with Golden Eagle Coins again. Highly recommend them to anyone looking for high-quality mint sets.

This review gives insight into the company’s strengths and quality services. Do research on the quality of the products and reputation of the seller before buying mint sets.

Golden Eagle Coins has 45 years of experience. Don’t wait – place your order now and turn your loose change into something valuable!

Golden Eagle Coins Has 45+ Years of Experience Buying/Selling Coins

Golden Eagle Coins has been in the coin-selling game for over 50 years! Their expertise and knowledge make it easy to find the right coins. They have a great reputation for their professional service and top-notch customer care.

One thing that sets Golden Eagle Coins apart is that they offer a unique experience with every transaction. They make sure each transaction goes off without a hitch, and they’ve developed a network of coin collectors over the years.

However, there’s one area where they could use some improvement: shipping. Customers have reported incorrect orders or slow shipping. So, Golden Eagle Coins should take extra measures to guarantee accurate and prompt shipping.

All in all, if you’re looking for old coins, you can trust Golden Eagle Coins. With 50+ years of experience, they’ll give you peace of mind.

Customer Complaints Regarding Golden Eagle Coins Shipping Wrong Items


Golden Eagle Coins knows that some of their customers have gotten the wrong items in their orders. It’s a serious problem and they’re trying to find out what’s causing it. They understand how upsetting and troublesome it can be for clients and are sorry.

If someone gets something they didn’t order, they should contact Golden Eagle Coins right away. There’s a team devoted to helping with any issues. Slow handling and shipping might be part of the problem too, so they’re working on improving those processes.

Golden Eagle Coins knows how important it is to have quality control and timely delivery. They take this problem very seriously and are making strides to ensure that everyone gets the right items quickly. Patience and understanding is appreciated while they work to improve.

Golden Eagle Coins Offers Trustworthy Service but Slow Shipping/Handling

Golden Eagle Coins sells precious metals, but they’ve got mixed reviews regarding their shipping and handling times. Some customers complained about long waits for their orders, causing disappointment. Despite this, customers still trust Golden Eagle Coins, seeing them as a reliable source for such items.

It seems the order fulfillment process is a bit slow, causing delays. But customers praise them for fair prices and reliable service.

Customer support can be slow to respond. However, reps like Clint have gotten great feedback for their respectful and courteous manner.

For those looking for rare coins, Golden Eagle Coins has trustworthy service, even if they’re slow with delivery. Check out their website today!

Improvement Needed

Golden Eagle Coins is a well-known and established dealer with a vast selection of coins. While the company’s reputation is strong, there may be areas for improvement to enhance the buying experience for customers. In this review, we will examine the “Improvement Needed” section and discuss some of the concerns raised by customers, including the payment process and customer service. By addressing these issues, Golden Eagle Coins can further solidify its position as a top dealer in the industry.

For 45+ years, Golden Eagle Coins has been a reliable buying/selling coins provider. But customers have raised concerns over slow processing and complicated payment procedures. To tackle these issues, Golden Eagle Coins should think of efficient and user-friendly digital payment solutions. This can be done by automating the payment from start to finish and removing any verification steps that cause delays.

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Always Looking to Buy Old Coins

Golden Eagle Coins is a great choice for coin buying and selling. They have 45 years of experience and get great reviews from customers. They love preserving numismatic history and will buy old coins from customers.

Golden Eagle Coin Site

Golden Eagle Coins isn’t just a coin dealer. They are also a seller of precious metals. They offer quick order fulfillment and have lots of industry knowledge. Plus, they value honesty.

If you have old coins and want to know their value, start with Golden Eagle Coins. Their professionals can assess your coins and may make you a good offer. Don’t miss out on this top business. Choose Golden Eagle Coins for your coin selling needs.

By taking these steps, Golden Eagle Coins can improve their clients’ experience and create long-term relationships with them. Improving the payment method is essential for their business’ growth and success.

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Honest Precious Metals Dealer

Customers recommend Golden Eagle Coins for their honesty and integrity when buying and selling precious metals. They’ve built a positive reputation over 45 years. They’re well-known for high-quality mint sets and expertise in old coins. However, some customers have had issues with slow shipping and incorrect items.

Golden Eagle Coin Ratings

Golden Eagle Coins should focus on streamlining payment and communication with customers. Also, they need to address shipping inaccuracies promptly. Collectors can still find valuable Isle of Man coin sets through the company.

It’s advisable to double-check all details before confirming orders with Golden Eagle Coins. Despite concerns, they remain one of the most honest and trustworthy precious metals dealers.

Golden Eagle Coin Testi

Continuously Sending Items Ordered

Golden Eagle Coins have had complaints of sending items without confirming orders. This has caused trouble for them and their customers. To tackle this, here’s a six-step guide:

  1. Make sure to have the right order request before processing.
  2. Confirm with clients the shipping date.
  3. Check customer addresses to avoid sending twice.
  4. If there are any errors, contact clients and fix it fast.
  5. Provide tracking numbers so clients can track shipments.
  6. Automate processes if needed for faster handling times.

Also, Golden Eagle Coins should address slow shipping and handling times.

On a more positive note, they offer every Isle of Man coin they issue. Plus, they have 45+ years of experience in buying and selling coins.

Sets Every Isle of Man Coin GEC Issues

Golden Eagle Coins are renowned dealers. They present complete sets of every Isle of Man coin. Collectors hunt these sets as they are cost-effective and easy to acquire. GEC has been in the coin industry since 1974.

Take a look at the table below for the details of the complete sets by Golden Eagle Coins:

Type of SetYearConditionMaterial
Isle of Man Silver Crown Set1974 – PresentUncirculated.925 Sterling Silver
Isle of Man Gold Crown Set1980 – PresentProof.917 Fine Gold

Customers think GEC are reliable. Despite some complaints of incorrect items, those looking for full collections can take advantage of GEC’s complete coin sets due to their affordability and completeness. GEC has every Isle of Man coin they issue.

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Final Thought – Golden Eagle Coins

So, Golden Eagle Coins needs to hire someone to answer the phone quickly and improve their response time for more personalized service. Despite this, other feedback suggests customer service is usually good. Representatives treat complaints respectfully, and Clint was praised for his excellent communication skills during a recent problem. Golden Eagle Coins must keep offering dependable services to keep their reputation.

To enhance services and stop delays from inadequate staff, they should hire extra personnel to answer phones quickly. As well as reliable services, Golden Eagle Coins must address customer issues like slow shipping/handling and shipping wrong items. Addressing these alongside better phone services would greatly boost their reputation.

In conclusion, Golden Eagle Coins values satisfying customers. To maintain their rep, they must address customer issues and ensure fast communication to provide satisfactory solutions.

Five Facts About Golden Eagle Coins:


✅ Golden Eagle Coins has over 45 years of experience in buying old coins, gold coins, silver coins, paper money, coin collections, proof sets, mint sets, foreign currencies, tokens, old currency, and related items. They actively seek to buy these items. (Source: Yelp)

✅ A customer filed a complaint with BBB stating that they received items different from what they ordered and did not receive any response from the business to resolve the issue. (Source: BBB)

✅ A customer issue was resolved through communication and kindness from an employee named Clint. (Source: Trustpilot, date of experience: March 24, 2020)

✅ A satisfied customer highly recommends Golden Eagle Coins for their truly uncirculated coins, and commented that every coin was clean and definitely “uncirculated”. (Source: Shopper Approved, date: 04/21/2023, location: MO)

✅ Golden Eagle Coins is a trustworthy precious metals dealer, as confirmed by positive reviews. However, as a small shop, shipping and handling may be slower and more expensive. Prices for different payment methods (cash, CC, PayPal, Bitcoin) are listed on their website, and the price in the cart assumes payment with cash. GEC’s UX could be improved by asking for payment method before adding items to the cart. (Source: GoldDealerReviews)

FAQs About Golden Eagle Coins Review

What is Golden Eagle Coins?

Golden Eagle Coins is a company with over 45 years of experience in buying old coins, gold coins, silver coins, paper money, coin collections, proof sets, mint sets, foreign currencies, tokens, old currency, and related items.

Is Golden Eagle Coins a trustworthy precious metals dealer?

Yes, according to, Golden Eagle Coins is a trustworthy precious metals dealer, unlike some other shops and dealers.

What was the issue resolved by Clint?

According to a review on, Clint resolved an issue with the company’s communication through his skills and kindness.

What is the experience of a customer from MO on their first purchase of uncirculated mint sets?

According to a review on, a customer from MO had a positive experience on their first purchase of uncirculated mint sets. Every coin was clean and definitely “uncirculated”, and the customer highly recommends the company. The company choice was not remembered, possibly seen on eBay. The customer got into coin collecting and was overwhelmed by purchasing rolls from the bank. The customer decided to purchase mint sets from eBay, but was schooled by Golden Eagle in the quality of truly uncirculated coins. The customer will be getting coins from Golden Eagle in the future.

What is the issue with Golden Eagle Coins according to a complaint on BBB?

According to a complaint on BBB, the business is sending different items without customer approval and is not answering emails. The customer ordered specific items but received different ones, and the business has a habitual problem of replacing items without notifying or asking the customer. The customer attempted to resolve the issues over email, but the business ignored them. The customer called and was told they would investigate, but no one called back, and the customer is still awaiting resolution to all issues. The business response claims the issue was resolved via phone, but the customer disputes this and says issues are still unresolved.

Additional Information:

– According to a source on, communication with the company was terrible until the reviewer got Clint’s attention. The coronavirus has caused havoc, but it is no excuse for not replying to emails or providing a way for people to contact the company.
– According to a source on, the customer ordered a “2018 Silver Incuse Maple Leaf Uncirculated” coin and received a “2018 silver reverse proof Maple Bison privy” coin, as well as receiving a “Gibraltar” coin instead of an “Isle Of Man Tenth Ounce Gold Angel” coin. Additionally, on 9/25/22, customer ordered 5 different ASE silver proof coin sets and 4 out of the 5 had issues.

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