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Hapa Issues Forum is the national non-profit organization for the distinct and expanding population of Asian Pacific Islanders with mixed ancestry in the United States.

To adequately meet the needs of this community, Hapa Issues Forum was established. It offers youth and young adults leadership development and diversity training to community groups.

You should all be aware of the specific difficulties encountered by hapas as the organization is only a tiny portion of the highly diverse population of Asian Pacific Islanders.

About the Hapa Issues Forum

The Hapa Issues Forum aspires to create a society in which Hapas are unquestionably accepted for who they are, as opposed to one in which their existence is constantly questioned.

The Hapa Issues Forum promotes the idea that Hapas should live their lives as themselves without having to defend or justify their identity.

The Hapa Issues Forum was established to give Hapas a forum to discuss the particular problems they experience. The group offers leadership training to teenagers and young adults and diversity training to community organizations. Workshops on forming mixed-race identities, intercultural communication, and conflict resolution are available through Hapa Issues Forum.

The Hapa Issues Forum seeks to build a society where Hapas are respected for who they are, independent of their racial identity. The right to self-identification for Hapa people should be unhindered by criticism or social pressure.

Diversity Education

HIF cultivates relationships with people, groups, and companies to give Hapa youth and young adults possibilities.

Leadership Development

Through seminars, conferences, and other events, HIF gives children and young adults a chance to hone their leadership abilities. HIF also provides scholarships to aid with the cost of attending these events.

Applicants must be of mixed Asian Pacific Islander origin, between the ages of 16 and 25, and show financial need to be considered for a HIF scholarship. HIF is dedicated to assisting mixed-race adolescents to become leaders who can improve their communities.

Community Development

The following are some ways that HIF improves the experiences of people, groups, and communities:

  • Diversity education that is inclusive and sensitive to cultural differences
  • Programs to build leadership in children and young adults
  • A Hapa Issues Directory, a list of organizations in the US that provide services to Hapa people.

Over 500 community organizations across the country have worked with HIF since its foundation in 1997. The programs of HIF have reached more than 50,000 people of all ages.

HIF was established primarily to meet the requirements of “hapa,” or Asian Pacific Islanders (APIs) of mixed racial backgrounds. One of the American ethnic groups with the quickest growth rate is the Hapa.

Building bridges across diverse groups within the Asian Pacific Islander community is one of the objectives of the Hapa Issues Forum. No matter their history or ethnicity, they aim to create a space where everyone feels welcome. Future generations of API leaders will be reinforced by offering training and leadership development opportunities.

Hapa Conference Planning

This year, our San Francisco Hapa community members have put a lot of effort into organizing the Hapa Issues Forum Conference. It is a significant task that calls for both time and money.

Please contact us if you’re interested in finding out more about the Hapa Issues Forum or helping us arrange our conference.

Next year in San Francisco, we hope to see you at the Hapa Issues Forum Conference.

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