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The mint offers a variety of products that can be purchased for private collection or investment. As a private mint, they offer more products and services than many other mints, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

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As a private mint, Hero Bullion allows users to purchase and customize their bullion in various ways, giving customers options. They also offer various other services, including shipping and storage of merchandise.

Hero Bullion is familiar with this area, and the website notes that they have been in operation for over sixty years. It gives the mint – and their staff – more experience than many others who have been in this industry for a relatively short time.

Hero Bullion Products & Services

It is worth noting that Hero Bullion offers far more products and services than most other private mints offer. It includes selling gold, silver, platinum, copper, and other rarer metals.

The sheer breadth of products that can be purchased is impressive, and it can make life much easier for individuals interested in buying an array of metals. Of course, it also works for people who want to do one-off shopping.

Hero Bullion’s Website

The website of Hero Bullion is simple to use, and anyone interested in learning more about the goods and services it offers may do so without difficulty.

As Hero Bullion notes, users can find their website to purchase whatever metal they want, in whatever form they want. Different metals have different purchasing opportunities, but virtually all have some design that can be used.

Furthermore, individuals looking to buy off the website can purchase coins, bars, rounds, stackers, grain, and more. Clicking on each product will reveal additional information and buying opportunities.

The website has an easy-to-use filter, so individuals can find what they want with almost no effort or tech skills. Dozens of different products can also be purchased from the website.

Many of these are already ready-made, meaning that a buyer will immediately start manufacturing and can skip right to the shipping phase.

Specific Information on Products

Individuals interested in purchasing are not just limited to gold or silver; they may also buy various accessories to help store and maintain products.

As such, Hero is trying to bill itself as more than just a precious metal vendor: They are a one-stop shop for all items related to these precious metals. The top of the website also contains information on “deals.”

These deals are usually where the company has overstocked a specific item and is looking to sell more to free up inventory space. Collectors or investors should check out this section periodically to find potential buying opportunities.

Price charts are at the top of the website, giving purchasers a chance to research how much their purchase will cost them before they click on “buy.”

These charts can also be used for research and comparison purposes and contain historical data, allowing interested buyers to track information over time.

Hero Bullion notes that they are an online business that outsources the actual work of buying, selling, and minting gold.

It contradicts their assertion that they have existed for 60 years, though it seems clear that the business has evolved significantly over time. You are expected to pay for shipping for orders under $149.

Anything with an order of more than that is free, and there are multiple shipping methods. The website quickly notes that all products are fully ensured, even while in transit, and that the insurance will cover losses if a product is lost.

Information on Ordering

Hero Bullion has its ordering products directly on its website. It makes it easy to understand, find what you are looking for, and ultimately pay. Furthermore, it is a relatively simple process.

Users first find the product they’re looking for by navigating the Hero Bullion website. The website is straightforward and makes finding your ideal product a breeze.

Next, users pay for their product using what Hero Bullion says is the latest in website security.

Then, you receive your order.

Also, the website has a very convenient “Where is my order?” section. All you need to do is complete your order number and email address, and the website will be able to tell you exactly where in the system your order is.

Hero Bullion Pricing

Since the pricing is updated to the minute, it can be challenging to get an advanced look at how much an order will cost. Fortunately, this highly updated pricing system ensures you get the fairest price possible and allows you to buy with confidence.

Furthermore, there are discounts for buying in bulk, and the website will also give you discounts if you pay by check or wire transfer.

Hero Bullion Resources

In addition to the easy-to-use explainers on the Hero Bullion website, the company has various charts, including price data on different precious metals.

It makes it extremely easy for users to see how the price of the metal you may be interested in buying or selling has gone over time.

Furthermore, the top of the website has a live price on gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. It makes it easy to see how much buying a unit of these metals may cost you.

Positives of Hero Bullion

As noted by the website and many other reviews, Hero Bullion offers many positives and excellent services. It includes:

  • With sixty years of experience, Hero Bullion has more experience than most in this area, which helps explain its breadth of services and many positive reviews.
  • The array of services that Hero Bullion offers – including buying, discounts, deals, and the sheer amount of products – is highly impressive and more wide-ranging than most websites.
  • Reviews across multiple independent websites show that Hero Bullion has five-star ratings and seems to be very well-liked by customers.
    Its positives include fair prices, quick response time, and a very active customer center that seems genuinely dedicated to fulfilling its customers’ requests.
  • In addition to selling the metal itself, Hero Bullion sells various related products, including self-storage accessories. It means you can make Hero Bullion your one-stop shop for buying precious metals and related accessories.

Customer Service

From a customer service perspective, Hero Bullion offers its customers many options. They can call during business hours or send an Email, and Hero’s website notes that they respond within 24 hours.

As anyone who has ever used a customer service email address before knows, this disclaimer is very appreciated, as far too many companies offer an email address but don’t respond to emails that are sent.

Furthermore, the website has an easy-to-use FAQ section. It answers commonly asked questions and can help potential buyers or investors get more comfortable with the products offered on the website.

Potential Areas of Concern

For all of the positives noted about Hero Bullion and its ability to serve customers interested in buying precious metals, some areas of concern were flagged by users.

These include the following:

    • Hero Bullion has a standard array of options for individuals interested in paying for their precious metal.

      However, in this instance, the standard needs to be better: Hero Bullion does not have an option that allows users to place purchases via cryptocurrency.

      There’s a bit of irony here: On the one hand, blog entries on the website bash crypto, noting the challenges associated with investing in it. On the other hand, they sell a Copper coin with the Bitcoin logo!

    • As any buyer of precious metals knows, storing the metal you buy can be challenging. Some mints have storage options that allow users to make purchases and then ship the gold directly to an affiliated vault.

      Hero Bullion has no such option, so if you want to buy a precious metal, you will be responsible for its storage.

    • Hero Bullion has no options for buying precious metals directly from you. If you want to sell your metal somewhere, you must find another location.

    Interestingly, there is a “sell to us” section on the website, but every question is labeled “Coming soon.” It is impossible to know how long this section has been marked as such, so more selling features may be unveiled in the future.

Final Thoughts – Hero Bullion Review

The sheer breadth of products and resources available makes Hero Bullion a very well-suited website for individuals interested in buying precious metals.
Furthermore, independent sites have all given Hero Bullion very high ratings, and the features available on the website make it clear that there are real benefits to using Hero Bullion over other sites.

There are areas of concern, to be sure, but these are relatively minor compared to Hero’s various strengths.

It is a high-functioning, robust website and one that is likely capable of fulfilling the needs of a vast array of users.

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