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  • ITM Trading is a precious metals dealer based in Phoenix, Arizona since 1995. They offer IRA-approved bullion products and numismatic coins, and provide access to multiple storage providers. Their catalog includes gold, silver, pre-1933 gold coins, and IRA-approved gold products, but does not include palladium. The company is family-run and offers educational resources such as a blog, videos, and investment guide to assist people in building wealth through precious metals investing.
  • ITM Trading values authenticity and transparency, as evidenced by the positive customer reviews from verified customers on Shopper Approved. However, unverified reviews collected by Open Review platforms may provide a misleading portrayal of the company’s true reputation. Investors are advised to seek out reliable sources of information and exercise caution before making any investment decisions.
  • Investors interested in economic trends and news can subscribe to ITM Trading’s newsletter to receive the latest updates on the economy.
  • For a positive customer experience, investors can visit one of ITM Trading’s locations to speak with knowledgeable representatives and get advice on building a diverse and secure precious metals investment portfolio.

ITM Trading: A Leading Precious Metals Dealer Since 1995

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4.9/5 Ratings

ITM Trading is a precious metals dealer that has been in business since 1995. They are committed to assisting customers in navigating the complex world of investing. In this section, they provide an overview of the company as well as a look into ITM Trading’s mission and values that have made it one of the leading dealers in the industry.

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Pros and Cons


ITM Trading employs trading experts.

ITM Trading sells gold, silver, rare coins, and other collectibles.

ITM Trading is transparent about goods, pricing, and market movements.

ITM Trading emphasizes teaching customers on the precious metals market and investing ideas.

ITM Trading provides secure storage for actual precious metal deposits.


ITM Trading may only invest in precious metals and rare coins.

The worldwide market might fluctuate precious metal and rare coin values.

Precious metals and unusual coins need premiums and storage fees.

ITM Trading provides safe storage, however some investors prefer to hold their assets.

The precious metals market drives ITM Trading’s success.

Overview of ITM Trading

ITM Trading is a reliable, trustworthy precious metals dealer with over 25 years of experience. They offer gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products to help clients diversify portfolios. ITM Trading also provides IRA-approved bullion products, numismatic coins, and secure storage options through four major providers and GoldStar Trust Company.

They dedicate themselves to customer service and education, as well as ethical standards. Verified reviews on Shopper Approved praise the quality of their offerings.

ITM Trading stands out from competitors with their strong values and diverse range of services. Investing in precious metals with them is a reputable and reliable choice.

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ITM Trading’s Mission and Values

For more than 25 years, ITM Trading has been a trustworthy name in the precious metals investing industry. Its success is based on sticking to its mission and values, such as integrity, honesty, and transparency.

As a top precious metals dealer, ITM Trading helps customers realize their financial dreams through investments. It provides products that fit each individual’s special investment needs.

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To empower customers, ITM Trading offers educational resources that help inform their investment decisions and keep them informed about industry trends.

ITM Trading’s commitment to ethical business practices and open communication has won it a loyal following. This commitment, along with its mission and values, make ITM Trading stand out among other precious metals dealers.

ITM Trading’s Catalog of Precious Metals Products

ITM Trading offers a diverse range of precious metals products, such as bullion and numismatic coins approved by IRA. They also collaborate with major storage providers and GoldStar Trust Company to offer secure and convenient storage options. Moreover, ITM Trading provides educational resources to assist investors in making well-informed decisions concerning investments in precious metals.

IRA-Approved Bullion Products and Numismatic Coins

The need for valuable metals has been growing.

ITM Trading is the top seller of IRS-approved bullion products and coins. These products meet the IRS’s guidelines and can be held in an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). ITM Trading provides a wide selection of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins and bars, including widely-sought after pieces like American Eagle, British Sovereign, and US Silver Eagles.

ITM Trading’s catalog can also be tailored to meet customers’ desires. To keep their investments safe, ITM Trading partners with four major storage providers and Trustee Services through GoldStar Trust Company.

ITM Trading also provides resources for investors to center their decisions around. Educational materials on the website include webinars, articles, and videos. However, it is wise to do one’s own research before making any investment decisions.

Investing across different metals can help diversify one’s retirement account portfolio and create potential for higher long-term returns.

Four Major Storage Providers and GoldStar Trust Company

ITM Trading provides an array of precious metals services and products, including secure storage. They work with four major storage providers and GoldStar Trust Company. ITM Trading promises reliable and insured storage for customers’ investments. Their table shows info about storage partners like location, insurance, and more. These providers have had thorough vetting to ensure secure, insured, and reliable storage for precious metals. 

ITM Trading Review working with GoldStar Trust Company

GoldStar Trust Company offers a storage option for customers’ IRA-approved precious metals with an IRA custodian that follows IRS regulations. ITM Trading recommends these storage providers, but customers can choose the secure storage they prefer.

A happy customer praised their experience with ITM Trading’s storage solutions. They stated it gave them peace of mind knowing their precious metals were safe, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their portfolio.

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Educational Resources for Precious Metals Investing

ITM Trading is a reliable provider of educational resources for people interested in investing in precious metals. They think education is the key to successful investing and aim to teach the public about the benefits of investing in precious metals and how to do it correctly.

Their learning materials are extensive and suit all skill levels. Whether you are a newbie or an expert investor, they provide free webinars on different topics such as market news, inflation, precious metals, and cryptocurrencies. On their website, you can also read the latest blogs on recent events, market trends, and other essential information about investing in precious metals.

If you’d rather watch videos, ITM Trading has a huge selection of educational ones related to precious metals and investing on their YouTube channel. They also carry out seminars across the nation where they bring together leading professionals to give a comprehensive view of the world economy and help investors make good decisions.

Apart from these resources, ITM Trading has published several books and guides with valuable information about investing in precious metals. They are committed to giving investors knowledge and providing effective tools to help them make educated decisions.

In summary, ITM Trading is devoted to offering the best educational resources for investing in precious metals to help investors reach their financial goals.

ITM Trading Review: Authentic Reviews from Paying Customers

Looking for unbiased reviews before investing with ITM Trading? Look no further! In this section, they will examine reviews left by verified customers on Shopper Approved as well as unverified reviews. They will also explore how a company’s reputation can be misleadingly portrayed.

Verified Reviews from Shopper Approved

ITM Trading is committed to authenticity and transparency in their customer interactions. They use Shopper Approved – a third-party rating and review platform – to collect genuine customer feedback. All reviews come from real paying customers who have made transactions with ITM Trading.

ITM Trading Review customer feedback

Shopper Approved verifies reviews, to guarantee their genuineness and credibility. This helps potential buyers understand the true experiences of existing customers before they buy from ITM Trading. The company consistently receives high ratings on Shopper Approved, which reflects the quality of service they provide.

The platform shows what sets ITM Trading apart from other precious metal dealers. These include excellent customer support, low fees, and reliable delivery. All these factors make ITM Trading the best choice to invest in precious metals.

Verified Reviews from Shopper Approved are a great resource for those looking to invest in precious metals. Reading past client experiences can help them gain insight into investing tactics that have worked for others. Verified feedback plays an important role in online shopping decisions.

In conclusion, shoppers can have confidence when investing or trading precious metals with ITM Trading. Verified Reviews from Shopper Approved showcase ITM Trading’s dedication to authenticity and transparency. However, online reviews may not always reflect the true reputation of a company, so caution is advised.

Unverified Reviews and Misleading Portrayal of a Company’s Reputation

Evaluating a company’s reputation is key. Don’t rely on online review platforms only. Unverified reviews can be misleading. ITM Trading is an exception. They value authenticity and have verified reviews from customers on trusted platforms. Their high ratings prove their reputation is true.

Be wary of relying too much on online reviews. They may be false. Research the info carefully before making decisions. Relying on a company with a false image can be disastrous.

Positive Customer Experience at an ITM Trading Location

ITM Trading Review BBB Rating

Positive customer experience at ITM Trading is key for success. Reference data shows mixed reviews, yet customers are still happy due to the knowledgeable and expert staff. They offer helpful advice on investing due to their deep understanding of precious metals.

Customers also enjoy easy business conduct. Transactions are convenient and simple, due to transparent pricing and straightforward ordering.

ITM Trading’s large selection of precious metals, such as gold, silver and platinum, gives customers many investment choices. This also contributes to a positive customer experience.

Final Thought – ITM Trading Review

In conclusion, ITM Trading stands as a renowned and trustworthy business in the sphere of investing and precious metals. With their significant expertise and experience, they have constantly given trustworthy services and assistance to their customers. Their dedication to openness and ethical standards has won them a great reputation within the business. By remaining up-to-date with market trends and providing a varied selection of investment opportunities, ITM Trading has allowed consumers to make educated decisions and safeguard their financial futures. As a consequence, investors can fully depend on ITM Trading to manage the complexity of the market and maximize their potential gains. Overall, ITM Trading’s drive to quality and customer satisfaction make them a useful partner for anybody trying to secure and increase their capital.

Five Facts About ITM Trading:

✅ ITM Trading is a precious metals dealer based in Phoenix, Arizona since 1995. (Source: BMO GAM Viewpoints)

✅ They offer IRA-approved bullion products and numismatic coins. (Source: BMO GAM Viewpoints)

✅ ITM Trading works with four major storage providers and GoldStar Trust Company as a custodial services provider. (Source: BMO GAM Viewpoints)

✅ They offer a catalog of precious metals excluding palladium, which includes gold, silver, pre-1933 gold coins, and IRA-approved gold products. (Source: BMO GAM Viewpoints)

✅ ITM Trading is a family-run company focused on helping people build wealth through precious metals investing; they provide educational resources such as a blog, videos, and investment guide. (Source: BMO GAM Viewpoints)

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FAQs About ITM Trading Review

What is ITM Trading?

ITM Trading is a precious metals dealer based in Phoenix, Arizona since 1995. They offer IRA-approved bullion products and numismatic coins and work with four major storage providers and GoldStar Trust Company as a custodial services provider. They provide educational resources such as a blog, videos, and an investment guide.

What kind of precious metals does ITM Trading offer?

ITM Trading offers a catalog of precious metals except for palladium, including gold, silver, pre-1933 gold coins, and IRA-approved gold products.

What are ITM Trading's main principles?

ITM Trading’s main principle is total transparency and ongoing education for their clients. They provide educational resources such as a blog, videos, and investment guide to help people build wealth through precious metals investing.

What are Verified Reviews and why are they important?

Verified Reviews are authentic reviews collected from actual paying customers using Shopper Approved’s Verified Review Platform. They have higher review counts and overall star ratings because they attempt to collect reviews from every single paying customer. Unverified Reviews tend to have lower review counts and more negative star ratings because people with bad experiences are primarily those who leave reviews, creating a misleading and inaccurate portrayal of a company’s true reputation. Shopper Approved is a trusted name for Verified Reviews and businesses can benefit from using their services.

What updates can I receive from ITM Trading?

You can receive the latest updates on the economy by subscribing to ITM Trading’s newsletter.

What did Ema S. say about her experience with ITM Trading?

Ema S. had a positive experience at a certain ITM Trading location. She was always greeted with a smile every time she called or went in, and the staff answered all her questions and helped her understand things she was struggling with. Ema S. wanted to express her gratitude and praise for the location.

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