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ITM Trading has operated as a precious metals trader with its main office in Phoenix, Arizona, since 1995. The availability of numismatic coins and bullion products that have received IRA approval is their primary goal.

The business collaborates with the Texas Precious Metals Depository, International Depository Services (IDS) of Delaware, A-M Global Logistics, and Delaware Depository, four of the largest storage companies.

They collaborate with GoldStar Trust Company as a supplier of custodial services. ITM Trading provides a selection of precious metals, excluding palladium, but it also sells gold, silver, gold coins minted before 1933, and IRA-approved gold items.

Family-owned and -operated ITM Trading has been in business for approximately 30 years. They have been conducting business out of Phoenix, Arizona, since 1995 with an emphasis on assisting clients in increasing their wealth. They are a dealer in precious metals and a provider of Gold IRAs.

ITM Trading’s knowledgeable staff is committed to instructing customers on precious metals investing. They offer an instructional blog, videos, and a comprehensive investing guide to assist their clients in learning more about their assets.

They provided many goods in their catalogs, including gold, silver, and coins minted before 1933. They make it easy for customers to invest in retirement accounts by offering a variety of IRA-approved bars and coins.

ITM Trading Management Team

Craig and Eric Griffin have worked as a father and son team for the past three decades to expand the business. Craig, who started the company in 1995, handed the reins over to his son Eric, who is now president and CEO.

Eric keeps up with the company’s fundamental premise, which focuses on giving their clients complete transparency and continual education. It is a business that puts a premium on enduring connections with customers as opposed to being transaction-driven.

ITM Trading Products

ITM Trading offers four main categories of physical products that be delivered to customers’ residences, places of business, or IRA Depository accounts.

Prior until 1933, gold coins

The 1700s until 1933 saw the use of these coins in commerce, and law mandated that American citizens surrender them in return for paper Federal Reserve Notes.

Roosevelt’s Executive Order 6102 limited the amount of these gold pieces that individuals could keep at $100. They now sell for tens or even hundreds of times what they were initially worth.

Silver Bullion

Gold continues to be a secure investment as a tangible good because neither the government, financial institutions, or businesses are required to return its value.

Silver Coins

Silver continues to play a significant role in trade as the world’s second-most important money metal.

Bars and Coins Accepted by the IRA

By diversifying your portfolio, you can safeguard your investments. A straightforward approach to owning precious metals is to include gold and silver in an IRA or Roth IRA account.

ITM Trading Reviews

ITM Trading has a stellar reputation and consistently receives positive client feedback. For instance, according to the Better Business Bureau, 68 customers gave the company an average rating of 4.94 out of 5 stars.

Most individuals praise the organization for its vast instructional resources, which are crucial for beginning investors. Numerous evaluations mention the level of service received, which is consistent with the business’s priority of fostering relationships.

The given instructive films are well-liked and beneficial.

Customers say they feel at ease and confident when dealing with ITM Trading. These reviews are helpful when it comes to the financial and investment sectors.

Precious Metals IRA

Investors are regularly reminded of the value of diversity by financial professionals. ITM Trading has selected the GoldStar Trust Company to provide custodial services.

Customers of ITM Trading who want to keep and manage their precious metals can form self-directed Traditional or Roth IRA accounts with GoldStar’s assistance.

ITM Trading streamlines the procedure into three simple steps:

  1. Use GoldStar to set up an IRA.
  2. Transfer money from an existing IRA or 401(k) account or send a bank wire to GoldStar to finance the IRA account.
  3. The customer can browse ITM Trading’s selection of precious metals after GoldStar confirms payment has been received. ITM is paid directly by GoldStar, which also stores and handles freshly acquired metals.

For more than 20 years as a custodian, GoldStar has overseen the management of over 31,000 IRA accounts totaling over $1.6 billion in US dollars.

GoldStar Trust Info

For affordable setup and management costs, GoldStar offers precious metals IRAs. Their Investor Services section is available to clients to estimate annual fees.

  • Fees are determined using the following formula:
  • $50 establishment fee (one-time fee due with application)
  • $75 minimum yearly maintenance fee ($1 per $1000 if over $100K)
  • Annual Storage Fee: $100 (or $1 per $1000 if more than $100,000).

Wealth Shield Strategy

By collaborating with experts and analysts to develop a wealth protection system, ITM Trading has taken rigorous measures to safeguard its clients’ assets.

Wealth ShieldTM Strategy, their asset protection plan, safeguards investors’ assets in the event of an economic collapse.

This mechanism functions in three steps:

  1. Customers are given simple-to-understand information about precious metals and many ways to protect their wealth and assets.
  2. Each client is assisted in creating a unique plan that considers the objectives and worries of a specialist precious metals expert.
  3. ITM Trading uses assured delivery of precious metals to implement their clients’ unique protection strategies.

Customers can start using the Wealth ShieldTM Strategy with ITM Trading very quickly. Clients can schedule a strategy consultation with one of their precious metal experts.

Clients outside of the US must provide a US mailing address.

Why Own Gold?

Gold continues to be among the most reliable investment possibilities when looking for ways to increase wealth. Unlike money printed on paper and other assets, gold has maintained its worth over thousands of years.

Gold is one of the most widely traded materials because it is non-corrosive, malleable, and can take many different forms when melted. From 1998 to 2008, the price of gold tripled as the value of fiat currencies continued to fall.

Throughout history, it has been a fantastic inflation hedge.

Gold’s purchasing power remains high as many assets continue to lose value due to the geopolitical environment. This metal is an excellent addition to a well-diversified investment portfolio because it is frequently referred to as a “crisis commodity.”

How to Buy Gold

Investors have a wide selection of items to choose from when trying to purchase gold.

A precious metals specialist, usually a trading firm or dealer, aids investors in navigating a variety of elements, including amounts, types of items, quality, and dates.

Investors need to become knowledgeable about their alternatives for manufacturers, storage, insurance, and piece purity.

Physical gold must be kept in a safe place or with a custodian. It is best to buy insurance to safeguard it from natural catastrophes or theft, whether an investor or a custodian stores it.

Buying gold from a reputable precious metals dealer will guarantee that it is at least 91% pure.

In addition, there are ways to include gold assets in an IRA that a custodian can oversee. No matter how gold is purchased, it’s critical to discover reputable businesses in the sector to help investors.

History of Gold

The advancement of civilization has been defined by using gold as a valued trading resource since Egyptian times, more than 5,000 years ago. Even after thousands of years, gold has maintained its purchasing power and even increased in long-term worth.

When Spanish conquistadors arrived in America in the 16th century, they discovered that native Americans placed a high value on gold. Despite their cultural distinctions, both civilizations held gold as a common element of value and resource commerce.

The demand for this precious metal is constant because it is the currency that is used the most everywhere in the world. Investors choose gold today as a secure asset that can endure shifting economic conditions.

No matter what happens in the world now or in the future, gold’s history implies that it will continue to be used as a valued and reliable medium of exchange.

The value of national currencies is currently declining, but gold continues to be one of the most reliable investments for creating enduring wealth.

Is ITM Trading a Scam?

Knowing who to trust with your money is crucial in a world where frauds have advanced in sophistication thanks to technology. The last thing a potential investor wants to learn is that the trading firm they have selected is engaged in a Ponzi scam.

ITM Trading has nearly 30 years of experience as a reliable trading firm. The business is registered with numerous state regulatory organizations to give their potential customers a reliable reference.

They place investor education and transparency at the heart of their business practices.

Final Thoughts – ITM Trading Review

ITM Trading has been a precious metals dealer in Arizona for 30 years, and it offers its customers complete transparency and continual instructional materials.

Their selection of gold, silver, pre-1933 gold coins and IRA-accepted gold goods dominates their catalog.

Custodial services and reputable storage depositories are part of ITM Trading’s network. Clients who have worked with them value the professional guidance that aids their development as savvy investors.

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