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Traditional retirement accounts are losing credibility every day. Many people are seeking to invest in Gold IRAs as a replacement because of this.

Finding a trustworthy organization to assist you with the gold IRA investment process is typically the biggest problem.

In this situation, Lexi Capital is helpful.

Before we get started with this review:

We are mindful of how challenging it is to choose a business you can entrust with your hard-earned savings. To offer you as much data as we can so that you can make the best decision, we produce informative and practical material.

To make comparing and selecting the company most suited to your needs as simple as possible, we’ve compiled a list of our highest-rated investment firms.

In 2010, businesspeople who had witnessed seniors suffering at the hands of market fluctuations, dishonest bankers who appeared to be above the law, and politicians who were just interested in making money created Lexi Capital.

They saw the necessity of providing everyone with access to recession-proof market information and resources. The Gold Assurance Plan and Lexi Capital were the results of everything that had gone before.

Lexi Capital Services

Lexi Capital specializes in silver and gold investments and provides self-directed IRAs.

Additionally, the business offers a free 6-month guarantee plan and a customized portfolio analysis, which should shield its clients from short-term market swings.

Ideally, the proposal will pay up to $500 per ounce of gold.

Lexi Capital Fees

The Lexi Capital IRAs have many expenses. For instance, you will be charged $285 for the first year and $180 for each additional year if your account is $50,000 or less. Annual fees are waived for accounts with balances of $50,000 or more.

The minimal investment amount is $3,500; any order under $15,000 is subject to a handling and delivery charge of $14.95. By selecting wire transfer, cash, cashier’s check, or trade as your payment method, you can save 3% on your order.

Investing in Gold and Silver with Lexi Capital

Silver and gold are the only precious metals that can be purchased through Lexi Capital. Compared to other precious metals, the demand for these precious metals is generally higher for both domestic and foreign markets.

The company’s primary goal is to give its customers the most dependable returns. In addition to creating Gold and Silver IRAs, they specialize in gold IRA rollovers.

Other investments, such as the following, may be made in your Lexi Capital account:

  • Trusts, deeds, and real estate
  • Closely held stocks, real estate investment trusts, and promissory notes
  • Private limited partnerships and limited liability companies
  • IRS-approved precious metals, mortgages, and tax liens

IRA Custodians

The IRA custodian for Lexi Capital is STRATA Trust, and this is a reputable and trustworthy custodian for gold IRAs. You can talk about the custodians you prefer while consulting with the business.

The company also offers a variety of coins, including semi-numismatics, numismatics, and special editions. The business only concentrates on the variations between collecting and investing, which is crucial for beginners.

The main website of Lexi Capital also offers news feeds for commodities like gold, silver, palladium, and platinum. Despite being straightforward, the website is well-designed and has no extraneous distractions. Additionally, they provide rewards for starting an IRA or converting one to a precious metal IRA.

What is a Precious Metals IRA?

It must be something other than your regular account if you wish to hold actual gold in an IRA and open a unique gold IRA account.

This is also referred to as a precious metal IRA with the same contribution and distribution restrictions as a typical individual retirement account.

The gold IRA account is intended to keep physical bullion, such as gold bars or coins and other permitted precious metals like platinum, silver, and palladium, rather than paper assets like bonds and equities.

Gold-related mutual funds that invest exclusively in gold stocks or bullion, gold ETFs that monitor indices connected to gold, and gold-related equities (think gold mining businesses) can all be found in gold IRAs (or both).

What is an SDIRA (Self-Directed IRA)?

This account gives you more control over your retirement funds than traditional retirement accounts do. Bonds, equities, and mutual funds are standard options financial institutions and companies offer for IRA investments.

You have much more control with a self-directed IRA since you can invest in assets like companies, homes, and precious metals like silver and gold.

By doing this, you invest in assets that are less susceptible to being impacted by economic uncertainty.

Precious Metals Storage Options

Customers who buy precious metals from Lexi Capital can have their order delivered right to their house if they do it as a personal investment. Because of IRS rules, you might not be able to store your precious metals at home if you wish to form a gold IRA.

Brinks and the Delaware Depository are the two primary storage providers that Lexi Capital offers. Many businesses advise storing precious metals in Delaware since the state’s industry and tax rules are more investor-friendly.

Depending on the type of investment, you may decide to store your precious metals at home or at a secure storage facility. For orders of $15,000 or less, the shipping cost is $14.95 if you want your precious metals delivered to your home.

You will be violating IRS regulations, and your IRA can be deemed invalid if you decide to store your precious metals at home.

The actual custodian for Lexi Capital is IRA Services Inc. You are free to select the storage facility you feel most at ease with. We advise you to choose from the solutions provided by Lexi Capital because they are some of the most well-known in the sector.

Opening a Self-Directed IRA on Lexi Capital

You can send money from an existing retirement account or start a new self-directed IRA. The procedure is easy to follow whether you wish to start a new retirement account or keep your existing one.

But they make the transfer process simple if you want more control over your current possessions.

Collect the required documents:

To open a new silver or gold IRA account, you must gather personal information, such as your social security number. You must also gather your most recent account statements from your retirement account to complete a transfer.

Portfolio analysis:

Contact Lexi Capital, and one of their representatives will explain how gold and silver can be used as a hedge against the volatility of the financial markets. They’ll also detail how many Americans have been getting yearly returns of around 18% for the past few years.

Why Work with Lexi Capital?

While many investment companies may allow you to add silver and gold to your retirement portfolio, most will finish their services there. But Lexi Capital is an exception to this rule.
The business understands how risky it is to invest naively in precious metals or other assets with uncertain prospects.

Because of this, they have trimmed down their selection to mainly gold and silver assets, continuously providing impressive results and maintaining high demand on both the domestic and global markets.

Lexi Capital’s Gold Assurance Plan

Silver and gold are both excellent choices for diversifying your assets. Nevertheless, there are ongoing price alterations for precious metals. For this reason, the business provides its clients with the Gold Assurance Plan.

This is a unique plant that acts as a buffer for IRA funds against unforeseen events around the world and market swings. Investors will receive price protection from the scheme for a period of six months.

The maximum protection for each ounce of gold and silver coins is $500, and bullion goods will be subject to an additional charge. You can quickly speak with a knowledgeable counselor if you have any worries or inquiries.

To assist you in selecting the best investments for your retirement, the nuances of gold and silver investments are thoroughly described.

Lexi Capital’s Website

The website is generally intelligent and easy to read. While it only offers basic information, it does provide a helpful FAQ section that includes essential information like cancellation and sign-up processes.

There’s also a live chat feature that lets you contact a support agent, giving it a leg up on its competition, like American Hartford Gold, which doesn’t have online live chat support.
However, you may need to phone them to get the details of their pricing and products, as they can vary with time.

Common Questions

Can I cancel my order?

Whether you’re buying from or selling to Lexi Capital, the price is fixed once they provide you with a confirmation number. They don’t intend to engage in purchasing or marketing activities, accepting the risks if those transactions are canceled.

However, they do acknowledge that orders occasionally need to be canceled. There is a $45 cancellation fee in addition to their market loss policy for all cancellations.

A cancellation must be approved over the phone, or you will be given a cancellation number. If the company has suffered market losses during this time, these will be computed and added to the cancellation charge.

How accurate are Lexi Capital’s weights? Will a 10-ounce bar weigh precisely 10 ounces?

All of Lexi Capital’s bars are measured in troy ounces, and a 10-ounce bar typically weighs roughly 0.3 kilograms. or precisely 311.3 grams.

The company asserts that it triple-checks each bar’s weight before pouring it and that any underweight bars are promptly remelted. They permit bars that are overweight to pass.

Will Lexi Capital report precious metal purchases to the IRS?

Lexi Capital is not required to submit or record its sales to the IRS or any other state, federal, or municipal agencies. Unless a client qualifies for Form 8300, that is. A Form 8300 must be filed by anyone who receives more than $10,000 in cash in a single transaction or series of related transactions.

How will my order be shipped?

All orders from Lexi Capital are shipped insured/registered by Federal Express and the U.S. Postal Service. Every package is guaranteed, and upon delivery, a signature is required.

If a package has yet to be received within 30 days after the date of shipment, its registration number won’t be used for package tracking. Due to insurance restrictions, tracking numbers are typically not provided to clients.

Pros and Cons



  • More than ten years of operation
  • Cooperation for custody with the respected STRATA Trust Company
  • Has several rare and collectible non-IRA coins for sale.
  • Offers clients segregated or mixed storage through a Delaware-based business.
  • Requires a minimum investment of $1,500.
  • Live chat help is available on their website.



  • Limited openness; website doesn’t list prices or products
  • a small number of non-IRA bullion options
  • inactive use of social media
  • There are no set hours for the customer service phone line.

Final Thougths – Lexi Capital Review

Lexi Capital aims to inform its clients on how to have more control over their retirement assets. You can get all the information you require to set up your gold IRA on their website and practical responses to any queries or worries you may have.

While the competition often offers a broader range of precious metal products, Lexi Capital focuses on silver and gold to assure stronger long-term returns.

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