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Mar Hershenson is an accomplished venture capitalist, business owner, and investor from the United States. Hershenson did, however, have a long prior career as an engineer and Stanford University professor. She also possesses 14 registered patents.

Hershenson invested in several successful businesses, notably DoorDash while serving as managing partner and co-founder of the venture capital firm Pear Ventures. In the tech sector, she is recognized as one of the top venture capitalists. Hershenson appeared on Forbes’ Midas List back-to-back years in 2021 and 2022.

Mar Hershenson is unquestionably successful as a venture capitalist. Thus we at Sophisticated Investor sought to find out how much money he is worth. There has been much conjecture for a very long time about how much she has to her name. We’ve created a profile of Hershenson below using all the data that is publicly available and estimations.

Yet, it is essential to remember that these figures are estimates and may not accurately depict Hershenson’s net worth. However, every estimate that was made publicly available had a source, and thus this indicates a range of her wealth.

Studies estimate Mar Hershenson’s net worth to be over $100 million, and a recent Forbes story referred to this amount as her “real-time net worth.” Thus, Hershenson acquired this wealth through her real estate and business interests.

She has also made millions of dollars from various investments, including trading in cryptocurrencies, mutual funds, and equities. In addition to these endeavors, she is a well-known philanthropist who supports several charities throughout the globe.

Also, she participates actively in several political causes, such as the Black Lives Matter movement. She ranks among the wealthiest persons in the world thanks to her dedication to social issues.

Mar Hershenson Biography

In 1972, Mar Hershenson was born in Spain. She graduated from Madrid’s Universidad Pontificia Comillas with a degree in electrical engineering. Hershenson later obtained her Ph.D. and a Masters of Science from Stanford. She worked at her alma mater from 2002 until 2011 as a consultant assistant professor in electrical engineering.

Hershenson has co-founded several businesses, including Barcelona Design and Sabio Laboratories (2004–2007), which was bought out by Magma Design, a former software firm.

Hershenson and Pejman Nozad, a venture capitalist, co-founded Pear Ventures Investor in 2013. Hershenson was #29 on Forbes’ Midas List of the world’s top venture capitalists in 2021. Hershenson made a list for the second time in a row in 2022, ranking #30.

How Did Mar Hershenson Build Her Wealth?

Mar Hershenson amassed her wealth by making wise bets on tech firms that would later yield huge profits. As a prodigious venture capitalist in the tech sector, her most significant investment to date was DoorDash.

One of the top women in venture capital in the Bay Area, Hershenson, was referred to in a recent University of California, Berkeley profile.

How is Mar Hershenson’s Net Worth Calculated?

The difference between Mar Hershenson’s assets and liabilities is her net worth. Over her successful career as one of the top venture capital investors in the technology industry, she has organized financing for some of the most well-known businesses in the industry. She has made lucrative real estate investments in addition to her wagers on tech companies.

One of the wealthiest venture investors in the world, her estimated net worth exceeds $400 million. She has committed much of her money to charitable endeavors, such as medical and educational research.

Hershenson participates in several boards and committees, including the National Venture Capital Association and the American Cancer Society. In addition to her charitable endeavors, Hershenson is highly interested in encouraging diversity in venture capital, particularly among women and marginalized groups. She has become one of the most critical voices in venture capital today, thanks to her dedication to various communities and volunteerism.

Who Else Invests Like Mar Hershenson?

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Want to Invest Like Mar Hershenson?

The average investor’s dream of amassing a fortune like Mar Hershenson’s will probably differ. But you can still have a comfortable retirement with an active investing approach.

An effective investment plan is a diverse portfolio with alternative investments like precious metals. Self-directed IRAs are a terrific method to get access to these funds. To learn more about these kinds of retirement accounts, look at our reviews of Precious Metals IRA providers.

Pros & Cons


  • Mar Hershenson, whose net worth is reported to be $20 million, has had significant success in the entertainment sector.
  • She has made sensible financial decisions and astute investments to amass an enormous fortune throughout her career.
  • Hershenson is renowned for her charity work; she has generously donated to numerous worthwhile organizations.
  • She is a well-known inspirational speaker who has spoken at institutions worldwide and appeared on many television programs.
  • Hershenson’s tale of tenacity and diligence serves as a motivating example for businesspeople and professionals alike who want to succeed financially and fulfill their ambitions.


  • Mar Hershenson is considered worth $20 million. Yet, her money may also be viewed as a cause of jealousy or anger by those not as fortunate or as accomplished professionally as she is.
  • Celebrities like Hershenson sometimes struggle to maintain financial stability due to their high-profile occupations. Their careers can frequently lead to rash actions involving vast sums of money that may limit returns over the long term.
  • Her enormous wealth is well recognized across the entertainment business and beyond, which raises the possibility of intense public scrutiny of how she spends her money.

Final Thought-Mar Hershenson Net Worth

Mar Hershenson has a tremendous net worth of almost $3.2 billion, which is not surprising given her over three decades of investing in and representing various renowned technology companies. She is a successful investor and an inspiration to many due to her work ethic, industry experience, and knack for spotting profitable trends. Mar Hershenson is a living example of maintaining focus and pursuing your goals despite all obstacles.

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