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The turmoil and instability in the world’s politics, economy, and society will make individual investors more aware of the need for financial protection. For investors, precious metals have historically provided a haven from this unrest.

This is why any investor’s portfolio should include some precious metals.

Every investor makes an effort to boost profits and safeguard their investments, and McAlvany International Collectors Associates (ICA) is aware of this.

However, setting objectives and selecting the best plan to achieve them must be guided by an investing strategy and worldview. Thankfully, ICA has trustworthy experts and advisors with a successful track record.

They try to comprehend each investor’s goals to build a solid financial foundation and position themselves for the most significant rewards.

Below are details to assist investors in making McAlvany ICA their top choice for precious metal investments.

Before we get started with this review:

We know how challenging it is to choose a business you can entrust with your hard-earned savings. To give you as much information as possible so that you can make the best decision, we produce informative and practical material.

To make comparing and selecting the company most suited to your needs as simple as possible, we’ve compiled a list of our highest rated investment firms.

One of the most recognizable companies in the rare coin and precious metals industry is McAlvany ICA. For almost 50 years, our organization has provided investors with a wealth of information and experience about these markets.

McAlvany ICA has earned a solid reputation for being a cautious investor, having achieved great success in the precious metals and rare coin sectors.

In 1972, Don McAlvany founded McAlvany ICA, based in Durango, Colorado. The CEO of the business is David McAlvany, his son. IRS-approved gold, silver, and platinum coins and bars are available from McAlvany ICA.

They also aid investors in opening IRAs for precious metals. McAlvany ICA tries to educate its clients about every aspect of the precious metals market.

Customers can download free manuals from the firm website’s “Resources” area, listen to podcasts, view charts, read investment news, and get investing tips for precious metals.

McAlvany ICA Management

When investing in rare coins and precious metals, David McAlvany, and his son have the same intelligence and critical thinking. Clients of McAlvany ICA have therefore depended on their expertise and support to get financial advantages.

Founder: Don McAlvany

Don McAlvany has a wealth of experience in politics, economics, personal finance, and the military.

He is the publisher of a bimonthly geopolitical and financial intelligence publication that examines global monetary, social, and economic changes and how they impact America’s free market and personal finances.

Because of his honest approach to these issues, Don McAlvany is well-liked by radio and podcast listeners.

Mr. McAlvany has spoken at conferences on politics, finances, and investments worldwide and in North and Latin America.

For instance, he has accompanied more than 1000 people on more than 33 trips to South Africa during the last 15 years. Throughout these tours, he spoke and interacted with many of South Africa’s most important political, business, and military figures.

Don McAlvany has expertise in clandestine intelligence work and strong contacts with the international intelligence community.

From military strategy to understanding how geopolitical trends affect global freedom and the global economy, high-level political officials, business executives, and military figures from around the world consult him on various topics.

CEO: David McAlvany 

David McAlvany, CEO of the McAlvany ICA, is a graduate of Biola University, where he studied political theory and philosophy, and is a member of Oxford University’s Keble College.

Later, he worked with The Institute for Liberty and Development as a volunteer analyst in Chile. This organization advocates for free market ideals in the Third World and Latin America.

He also won awards for being a top seller at Southwestern Company and gained a ton of business expertise at Morgan Stanley.

Due to his analysis of significant events and their effects on the international economy and financial markets, David, the CEO of McAlvany ICA, has been a featured speaker on numerous national television shows, radio programs, and financial seminars all over the world.

Additionally, he interviews prominent investors, bankers, economists, and world leaders on his market commentary program, which is broadcast weekly on

Staff Expertise

Each employee of the ICA is chosen and trained with care by Don and David McAlvany. Investors can rely on the personnel to give them access to the full breadth of McAlvany ICA’s expertise.

Every employee draws on the same depth and breadth of expertise to assist clients in developing a safe and lucrative investment strategy.

At McAlvany ICA, trained advisors can help investors select rare coins and precious metals appropriate for their financial objectives.

Including these assets in a portfolio acts as “insurance” against inflation and systemic risk.

To help investors achieve their portfolio growth goals during the past few years, precious metals have also demonstrated consistent, high growth rates.

McAlvany ICA Products

For investors and collectors, McAlvany ICA specializes in assisting them in removing the difficulties, risks, and uncertainties related to purchasing, holding and building a well-balanced precious metal portfolio.

This business offers storage for customers’ gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and other precious metals. The services provided by McAlvany ICA are detailed below:


Around the world, gold is a respected and highly appreciated commodity. In an emergency, gold is simple to exchange for goods and services, giving investors financial independence and privacy.

In addition, gold’s value is unaffected by inflation, bankruptcies, recessions, or other economic turbulence over the long term.

McAlvany Since gold coins are the most extensively used form of currency worldwide, ICA suggests investing in them. The ICA recommends the following gold coins for investors:

  • Eagle of America
  • The Maple Leaf of Canada
  • The South African Krugerrand

Investment Council (ICA) also advises purchasing gold bars. Due to the high demand and limited supply, according to the business, now is the most significant moment to buy gold. To reduce the price of gold, central banks must either lend or sell substantial portions of their gold reserves.

Investors can now gain from cheap gold prices before the prices rise by taking advantage of this situation. Investors can get in touch with a precious metal advisor through the ICA website to add gold to their portfolio.


Similar to gold, silver is beginning what ICA expects to be a robust bull market and has the potential to reach price levels unseen in recent memory. Because of silver’s high liquidity, accessibility, and enormous profit potential, investing in it is a fantastic method to diversify a portfolio.

These qualities make silver an excellent investment for those who value safety. To protect their portfolios, ICA advised clients to keep a portion of their assets in silver. Today, they advise customers to purchase silver due to its profit potential.

The kinds of silver that ICA urges its customers to buy are:

  • 1 oz. Canadian Silver Maple Leaf
  • Engelhard 1 oz. Silver rounds
  • Johnson-Matthey or Engelhard Silver bars
  • 1 oz. American Silver Eagles
  • 90% junk silver U.S. dimes, quarters, and half dollars minted before 1965

It is made apparent by ICA that the condition or design of junk silver is unrelated. Instead, junk silver refers to the amount of silver in the coins, and silver concentrations can range from 35 to 90%.

Other beneficial details regarding silver provided by ICA include:

Because it is difficult to increase output, silver retains its value.

• Silver holds its value because it is difficult to increase production.

 • Central banks do not hold silver, so they cannot affect silver prices.

 • Silver and gold prices rise and fall at different times and rates.

Palladium and platinum

Platinum is rarer than gold and is found at much deeper layers in the earth’s crust, and platinum has many more industrial uses than gold and silver.

The majority of the yearly global output of platinum is produced in South Africa, with the remainder coming from Russia. We are extracting platinum leaves behind other rare metals, such as palladium.

Through McAlvany ICA, pure platinum and palladium are accessible. However, platinum typically costs twice as much as palladium.

The relationship between platinum and palladium gives a unique opportunity for investment growth because of the significant industrial role platinum and palladium play in the U.S. economy today.

Through McAlvany ICA, investors can buy platinum and palladium to diversify their portfolios.

Additionally, both metals can be delivered to investors’ homes, kept in private storage facilities managed by experts in the United States or abroad, or put into an IRA for precious metals.

In their portfolios, many investors hold both silver and gold. It is uncommon for a portfolio to include either one or the other, even though a balanced metals portfolio’s percentages may change.

While some investors might own a lot of gold and little silver, others would hold the opposite. According to ICA, palladium, and platinum investing involve quite distinct strategies, and investors are unlikely to buy both at once.

Due to fluctuating market conditions and comparable pricing, platinum and palladium investors typically keep one or the other and exchange one for the other at pivotal junctures.

Precious Metal Storage

McAlvany ICA’s website offers several suggestions for safekeeping precious metals. Among these hints are the following:

Personal home safes

Investors can maintain ownership of their precious metals and avoid paying storage fees using this strategy. It nevertheless exposes investors to the danger of theft during a home invasion.

Bank deposit boxes and vaults

This approach is practical, simple, and less expensive than personal home safes and offers greater security. However, during bank holidays, investors cannot access their precious metals.

Additionally, investors might be unable to withdraw their precious metals for weeks or months if a bank fails or is nationalized.

Precious metal depositories

Precious metal storage facilities operated by third parties are safe, secure, and covered by the insurance up to the whole deposit amount.

Non-segregated depositories store precious metals in a public area, unlike segregated repositories with individual storage chambers.

International and domestic storage are available from McAlvany ICA. They provide affordable domestic segregated and non-segregated depositories. Clients have easy access to their precious metals, and they have a straightforward storage arrangement.

Customers can also transfer their precious metals to the international storage facilities run by McAlvany ICA. They operate from five overseas sites, with Canada and Switzerland being their top picks.

Investors can get advice from ICA’s precious metals advisors on the optimal storage option for their needs.


McAlvany ICA has assisted clients in opening an IRA for precious metals since the IRS first made IRA accounts available in 1986. ICA advisors have the knowledge to assist investors in creating their portfolios, so they can comfortably retire.

In addition, precious metals offer substantial profit potential, given the current financial and economic climate. Additionally, IRAs let investors defer paying taxes on significant returns.

Final Thoughts – McAlvany ICA Review

McAlvany ICA offers its customers the highest-quality precious metals and lifetime warranties that the business would buy back at today’s market prices.

Professional ICA experts also discuss the advantages of real bullion coins and bars, semi-numismatic coins, collector coins, and precious metal storage.

After reading this review, prospective investors will better understand McAlvany ICA’s capabilities.

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