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It is a good idea to conduct your homework on the Midas Gold Group if you’re looking for a site to buy precious metal IRAs, bullion bars, or coins.

They provide the best quality and rates on the market and a range of products to meet your demands.

Midas Gold Group has what you need if you’re looking for bullion bars to keep in your safe, precious metal IRAs to invest in, or coins to add to your collection.

Before we get started with this review:

You know the difficulty of choosing a business to entrust with your hard-earned savings.

We produce helpful and practical material because we want you to have as much information as possible to make the best decision.

The Midas Group first started operating in 2007. The business is honored to be a part of many illustrious institutions, and MGG has established itself as a pioneer in the precious metals sector for nearly two decades.

The company’s ideals are motivated by a desire to maintain and increase customer wealth appropriately. It contrasts with other businesses, which put their customers’ interests behind financial success.

The 1970s saw the beginning of Midas Group’s involvement with precious metals. The company’s founders wanted to give the general population more options for storing their money.

They were motivated by this and founded a group in 2010 that specialized in gold IRAs. The business assists clients in creating solid precious metals portfolios that include coins and bullions.

There is a ton of informative content on the website, including price charts for several precious metals.
Investors may now make well-informed selections with ease, thanks to this.

As a result, they have gained a solid reputation as a reputable IRA provider in the US. Midas Gold Group is an international company that conducts business in all 50 states from its physical headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Midas Gold group is the ideal business to work with if you want to diversify your investment. You will receive accurate guidance on how to invest in Gold IRAs from highly qualified professionals.

Products and Services


One of the most popular precious metals is gold. No matter what type of gold coins, gold bullion, or unique coins you desire to purchase, Midas Gold Group can help.

The business offers a vast selection of gold products at reasonable pricing. Select one of the many available options to begin the purchasing process.


Silver has long been seen as a secure and tangible means of wealth storage, much like gold.

There is no better method to safeguard your wealth in a world where economic unpredictability is a constant than by investing in silver and other precious metals.

Silver has been used as a legal currency since 600 BC. Silver coins were produced and exchanged for various commodities and services by ancient world civilizations like the Romans, Chinese, and Greek.


The phrase “rich man’s gold” is sometimes used to describe platinum. Compared to gold and silver, it is an uncommon precious metal.

In the past, platinum was more expensive than gold. It is a heavy, soft metal, and its popularity is attributed to its ability to catalyze chemical reactions without affecting their form.


Even though most investors are still unfamiliar with palladium, its performance as a tool for investing has been steadily improving lately.


The way that silver, gold, and palladium are perceived as precious investment metals, rhodium has never been considered one. But in contrast to gold and other precious metals, it is the rarest.

How to Buy from Midas Gold Group?

It’s easy to purchase several goods from the Midas Gold Group:

Draft Your Portfolio

Account managers committed to their jobs can guide you through this procedure. The business employs a group of experts with extensive knowledge of dealing in financial assets and precious metals.

Fund Your Account

You have three options for funding your account: check, IRA transfer, and bank transfer. The Midas Group offers a variety of payment methods.

Verify Your Order

After completing your payment, you should check with the company’s trading and compliance desk. They will review the order and inform the customer of any pertinent information.

Receive Your Order

The last step is to securely and privately receive your order. The delivery of your order will take a few days, and the Midas Gold Group covers each shipment against loss or damage.

Midas Gold IRA

A retirement plan involving holding actual gold or other precious metals is sometimes called an “IRA.” On the other hand, Midas Gold Group assists clients who have a variety of retirement plans that can be used to purchase gold directly.

The following are some examples of popular IRA plans:

  • Traditional IRA 
  • Simple IRA 
  • SEP IRA 
  • 401(k) 
  • Rollover IRA 
  • Thrift Savings Account (TSP) 
  • 403(b) 
  • Health Savings Account (HAS)

A gold IRA is very similar to any other IRA in terms of features. You can still make a yearly contribution and use the money to purchase gold. On the other hand, you could sell your gold and transfer your funds to another custodian.

You are free to receive distributions similarly. You can choose to sell your gold and transfer the money instead of receiving distributions in kind.

Why Gold in Your IRA?

You should include gold in your IRA for a variety of reasons, including the ones listed below:

– Diversification

You have a one-of-a-kind chance to diversify your financial portfolio by opening a gold IRA. It entails being shielded from outside influences like political unrest, a credit crunch, and geopolitical conflicts.

– Gold is stable

Gold is a steady asset compared to other investments like the stock market and real estate. Economic crises have a difficult time affecting the price of gold.

– Gold is more profitable

Due to external causes like inflation, the price of gold rarely decreases. When times are rough economically, you will undoubtedly make money.

Gold IRA Rollover with Midas Gold

A self-directed IRA rollover involves transferring a retirement account to one that contains tangible precious metals. Here is how Midas Gold Group can be of service to you:

  • Pick the ideal IRA custodian.
  • They will give you a pre-filled form to make it easier for you to start your new IRA account.
  • They will also provide you with advice on how to find an insured depository business for your gold.
  • Assist you throughout the entire process of buying and delivering actual gold to your chosen custodian

When dealing with an IRA rollover, you should consider the following questions:

  • Who will be the IRA custodian for you?
  • What kind of fee will the custodian be charging you?
  • Where is your gold the safest to keep?
  • Who will provide insurance for the gold in your precious metals vault?
  • Which kinds of precious metals can you keep in an IRA?

IRA Custodians

It’s crucial to have an IRA custodian in addition to a reliable and trustworthy precious metals dealer. The duty of disclosing the assets in your retirement account falls to this trusted firm, registered and insured.

The custodians hold IRA investments in paper form, such as bonds, equities, annuities, and mutual funds. Investments in physical assets like gold are generally not offered by conventional custodians. An IRA custodian has the following responsibilities:

provide insured and supervised storage

Send clients’ specific IRA statements and evaluations quarterly.

Ascertain that your IRA complies with all applicable laws.

Respond to demands for distribution

possess a custodial license issued by the US government

IRA specialists with some experience working with well-known gold IRA custodians are available at Midas Gold Group. They will assist you in opening an IRA account and ensuring everything goes well.

Future transactions, including rollovers, the sale of assets, and distributions, will also be helped by the company.

Midas Gold Group Reviews & Complaints

The Midas Gold Group has been in operation for a long time. One of the most reputable precious metals traders, according to the company. Gold, silver, and palladium are just a few of the precious metals with which the Midas Group deals.

Although the business receives a lot of acclaims, some customers have complained that they were tricked into accepting bargains they didn’t want.

Their assertions may be challenging to verify, but they raise concerns about how the business approaches particular problems.

Is Midas Gold Group a Scam?

In 2007, Midas Gold Group began operating in the precious metals sector. The business has developed over time to become a reasonably reputable precious metals dealer.

It would be unjust to label the company a fraud even though there are a few things that it is not doing well.

Pros and Cons


  •  They provide priceless metals. IRA: In partnership with custodians, including Equity Trust Company, New Direction Trust Company, and Kingdom Trust, the company offers IRAs.
  • The business has a buyback program that enables investors to return their precious metals.
  • Rhodium is among the several coins and bars they provide.


  • Poor customer feedback and ratings
  • The business is not a custodian for gold IRAs.

Final Thoughts – Midas Gold Group Review

The Midas Gold Group is indeed not, in general, a scam. Even though there are some areas where the business may do better, the services provided by Midas Gold Group have helped a lot of people since the company’s inception.

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