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  • Midland Trust offers a variety of trust services: Midland Trust provides various types of trust services, including self-directed IRA accounts, custodian services, and investment options such as conventional IRA accounts, precious metals IRAs, and alternative assets. (source)
  • Self-directed IRA accounts offer flexibility: Unlike traditional IRA accounts, self-directed IRA accounts offered by Midland Trust provide the account owner with more investment options, such as real estate, private equity, and other allowed instruments. Midland Trust also offers custodian services for self-directed IRA accounts. (source)
  • Midland Trust’s sliding scale fees offer cost savings: Midland Trust’s fees for trust services are based on the value of assets under management, with a sliding scale that can provide cost savings for clients with larger portfolios. Additionally, they offer a low minimum storage fee starting at $95. (source)

Midland Trust Overview

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3.2/5 Ratings

Want to learn about Midland Trust? This article will provide you with a brief overview of the company and its various trust options. Midland Trust is a financial services company that offers a variety of self-directed retirement accounts, such as IRAs and 401(k)s. Additionally, they provide custodial and administrative services for alternative investments, including real estate and private equity. By working with Midland Trust, account holders have the freedom to invest in assets outside of the traditional stock market.

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Pros and Cons


Midland Trust has a staff of highly knowledgeable individuals that possess vast competence in the subject of trust administration.

The organization offers personalized solutions to satisfy the individual requirements of each client.

Midland Trust operates as a trustee for a range of trusts, including revocable and irrevocable trusts.

The firm assists customers in preparing complete estate plans, helping them preserve and distribute their assets according to their objectives.

Midland Trust offers a number of investment opportunities for trust assets.


Engaging Midland Trust’s services may require some fees, which might vary based on the complexity of the trust administration or estate planning needs.

Midland Trust works inside a specific geographic area, which may limit its availability to clients in other regions.

While Midland Trust has a team of experts, certain areas of trust administration, such as legal and tax concerns, may require the engagement of external professionals.

Trust administration involves many administrative activities, such as record-keeping, reporting, and compliance with legal and regulatory obligations.

By designating Midland Trust as a trustee, clients forfeit a certain degree of control over the management of their trust assets.

What is Midland Trust?

Midland Trust is a reliable firm which specializes in custodial and admin services for different investments. So, what is Midland Trust? It’s a firm offering customers the option to open self-directed IRA, traditional IRA and precious metals IRA accounts. 

Midland Trust Review custodial and admin services

Furthermore, they offer custodial services for different investments, such as holding titles for real property and providing administrative support for hedge funds and private placements.

One great thing about Midland Trust is their wide range of investment alternatives, e.g. real estate and private equity. Fees are based on a sliding scale, linked to the value of the account or investment. This means clients can manage their portfolios without it costing a fortune.

In addition, Midland Trust has an easy-to-use online platform for clients to manage their accounts and investments. They’re committed to providing first-rate customer service, and being transparent throughout the entire process. They make clear their compensation policies and fees, so clients know what they’re signing up for. 

Trust is key to any successful investment – Midland Trust is a firm you can count on.

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Types of Trusts Offered

At Midland Trust, they know every client has different trust needs. That’s why they offer plenty of trust options. Their choices include:

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  • Revocable Living Trusts. With these, clients keep control of their assets during life, and simplify the transfer after death.
  • There are also Irrevocable Trusts, which can’t be changed without court approval.
  • Plus, Spendthrift Trusts to protect beneficiaries who may need help with financial matters.
  • For those with disabilities, they have Special Needs Trusts. These help maintain eligibility for government programs and supplement benefits.
  • Nevada Asset Protection Trusts guard against lawsuits and creditors.
  • And Charitable Remainder Trusts let donors transfer assets and create an income before funds are given to a charity upon the last beneficiary’s death.

At Midland Trust, they provide a range of trust options. This lets clients make a custom solution for wealth management, asset protection, and estate planning. They even provide a self-directed IRA account. Explore their trust options today and let them help secure your financial future.

Midland Trust’s Services

Did you know that Midland Trust offers a range of services to help you manage your financial future? In this section, they’ll take a closer look at Midland Trust’s offerings, including:

  • Self-directed IRA accounts
  • Custodian services
  • Investment options
  • Fees and charges

Midland Trust is a reputable name in the financial services industry and offers a variety of investment options with transparent fee structures in place.

Self-Directed IRA Accounts

Midland Trust Review Self-Directed IRA Accounts

Investors in search of self-directed IRA accounts have many options. These include real estate, private equity, notes, tax liens, and more. Midland Trust is the perfect custodian, allowing customers flexibility when managing their transactions.

Midland Trust not only provides custodian services for new clients, but also allows existing clients to move their accounts over without any tax penalties. 

Even better, they specialize in providing complete administration services for conventional and alternative asset IRAs.

The large range of investment options available does, however, come with more responsibility. Investors must understand IRS regulations before investing in their self-directed IRA accounts with Midland Trust. This will help them avoid penalties and reduce risks.

Investment Options for Self-Directed IRA Accounts

Midland Trust provides Self-Directed IRA Accounts with many different investment options. Clients can have more power over their retirement fund compared to traditional investment firms. Choices include real estate, private equity, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and alternative assets such as cryptocurrency or metals.

Midland Trust also offers Custodian Services for these accounts. This helps investors understand the plans and associated fees. Fees vary depending on the asset amount held in the account. These services are like having a finance assistant at no extra cost. Midland Trust’s range of investment options enables investors to find the best fit for their needs.

Custodian Services for Self-Directed IRA Accounts

Midland Trust provides custodian services for self-directed IRA accounts. These services allow investors to diversify their retirement portfolios with alternative investments. Midland Trust offers a wide range of options, including real estate, private placements, promissory notes, and tax lien certificates.

Its expert staff provides personalized support tailored to individual client needs. They also provide non-recourse lending as a financing solution for real estate purchases within IRA accounts. Midland Trust makes the setup process hassle-free by handling most administrative tasks.

With decades of experience in alternative asset custody, Midland Trust sets the industry standard. They audit each client account yearly to guarantee compliance and maintain their standards. Clients can trust that their assets stay safe and secure with Midland Trust’s custodian services.

Custodian Services

Midland Trust offers dependable custody services that make it simple for individuals to manage their assets. With Midland Trust as the custodian, clients can trust that their assets are held and managed in a way that always protects their interests. A well-known option provided by Midland Trust is the self-directed IRA. This allows clients to invest in conventional IRA options and alternative assets like real estate and private placements.

Using Midland Trust’s custodian services has many advantages. With the help of Midland Trust’s experienced professionals, clients can look into investment opportunities like mutual funds, stocks, precious metals, commodities, and bonds within their IRAs. Midland Trust also offers other custodian services that let clients partake in IRC Code Section 408 transactions. This gives them access to non-traditional investment options.

Fees for Midland Trust’s custodial services are based on a sliding scale that looks at how much is held in clients’ self-directed IRA accounts. Clients have the choice between traditional or Roth IRAs. Fees are affected by marketplace pricing trends identified by Midland Trust’s respected investment partners. Some clients may need to pay extra fees if they transfer assets from existing accounts to a self-directed option.

Midland Trust’s custodian services are perfect for clients who want to protect their financial future with the best asset protection practices.

Investment Options for Custodian Services

Midland Trust offers lots of investment options. Its self-directed IRA account is a top choice, with the option to invest in multiple assets, such as real estate, private equity/corporate stock and promissory notes. It also has a Precious Metals IRA, for physical gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Real estate syndications/agreements, private placements and unregistered securities are options too.

Customers can also invest in loans/mortgages via promissory and mortgage notes. Plus, cryptocurrencies have been added to the list of investment possibilities. Mutual funds/stocks/bonds can be transacted through Midland’s platform.

Midland Trust doesn’t just provide investment options. It also offers customized solutions based on customer needs. The company is focused on flexibility and affordability, so anyone can benefit. Traditional custodian services, such as cash and bond certificates, can be used. Plus, Midland Trust uses its experience with self-directed IRA accounts to facilitate transactions involving hard-to-value assets.

Investopedia.com reports that Midland Trust’s process is fast and straightforward, with great customer support. In conclusion, Midland Trust provides a wide range of investment options, with flexibility and affordability at its core.

Self-Directed IRA Accounts and Other Custodian Services

Midland Trust provides services for investors seeking self-directed IRA accounts and other custodian services. They offer a range of investments from real estate to cryptocurrency and private equity to precious metals. As a third-party administrator, they make sure all investments are IRS compliant.

They also offer other custodian services for traditional IRAs, precious metals IRAs, real estate, and private equity. Midland Trust guarantees all investments abide by IRS regulations.

Additionally, they have a sliding scale fee structure for self-directed IRA accounts and other custodian services. Fees adjust as the account balance increases, helping investors save money.

One customer shared their experience with Midland Trust. They found fees reasonable and customer service exceptional.

Under Investment Options, investors can explore alternative investments and diversify their portfolio. With Midland Trust’s selection of self-directed IRA accounts and custodian services, investors can choose investments that fit their needs.

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Investment Options

Midland Trust Review Trustpilot Rating

Midland Trust provides many investment choices for people wanting to diversify their retirement funds. You can choose from classic options such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and real estate – or go for alternative assets like private equity deals and real estate syndications. Self-directed IRA accounts give you full control over your assets.

Precious metals IRAs are a great way to guard your portfolio against inflation. Gold, silver, and other precious metals are a great addition. With Midland Trust, you have the freedom to decide what to invest in. You can pick actively managed portfolios or exchange-traded funds too.

Midland Trust has a fee structure which adapts to any level of investor. The more value you have under their management, the cheaper it gets. All costs are explained clearly and guidance is provided before using their services.

Midland Trust has you covered, no matter if you want to go with traditional options or try something new.

Midland Trust Review Investment Option

Conventional Variety IRAs

Saving for your post-retirement years? Midland Trust offers a great option: the Conventional Variety IRA, or Traditional IRA. It’s a tax-deferred account and perfect for preparing your future. Contributions are tax-deductible and withdrawals are taxed as income after age 59½.

Advantages include no restrictions to any particular industry. This means there are many investment options, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and CDs. Plus, anyone under 70½ with earned income can make annual contributions. Making contributions by April 15th lets you claim them in the previous year’s taxes.

Unlike Roth IRAs, Conventional Variety IRAs provide a tax deduction for contributions. This cuts down taxable earnings for the current year. With Midland Trust’s IRA services, you can invest in precious metals. Consider this account today for a sound retirement plan!

Precious Metals IRAs

Are you an investor looking for alternative assets? Midland Trust’s Precious Metals IRA service may be just what you need. This type of account allows you to invest in gold, silver, platinum, or palladium with tax-advantages.

The Precious Metals IRA service lets you diversify your portfolio, protect from inflation and market volatility. You can directly invest in precious metals when creating your IRA. Investing in tangible assets rather than intangible ones, like stocks or bonds, gives you the chance to balance out your portfolio during economic uncertainty and gain long-term protection.

Midland Trust isn’t just a trusted team of experts with years of experience in self-directed retirement plans, but you can also explore other investment opportunities with them such as collectible cars and antique furniture. Get in touch with them today to learn how to turn your retirement savings into a diversified and stable portfolio with physical ownership and investment in precious metals.

Alternative Assets

Are you looking to diversify your investments? Midland Trust offers the opportunity to invest in alternative assets. These are not regular investments – you can think of real estate, cryptocurrency, private equity, debt instruments, and even forex trading. Research and understand these options before deciding.

Alternative assets have the potential for high-reward, but also come with a higher risk. Decide if this is the right strategy for you.

These assets can be invested outside of retirement accounts too. But, speak to a professional before investing.

Midland Trust is transparent about the fees. Check these out before making a decision. If you’re ready for alternative asset investment options, Midland Trust could be the place to start!

Fees and Charges

Midland Trust Review Fees and Charges

Midland Trust offers self-directed IRA accounts and other custodian services. Fees and Charges vary by account type.

A Self-Directed IRA Account, Traditional, Roth or Simple IRA has a minimum annual fee of $295. An SEP Plan has a fee of $495. An HSA costs $225 and a Coverdell ESA is $95. These fees cover account administration for one year.

Additional costs may apply for specific services. Paper Statements cost $5 per month. Late Contributions will incur a late fee of up to 10%. Assets valuing over $500,000 will incur a greater percentage fee.

If you have any questions about Fees and Charges, contact Midland Trust. Their team can assist with investment inquiries related to self-directed IRAs, precious metals IRAs or alternative assets. They also offer money management that lets you go self-directed. The firm has gained approval from customers across various sectors, proving their success stories.

Sliding Scale Fees

Midland Trust knows your account is special. That’s why they offer low fees when your funds grow. This structure can help you make more money, especially if you invest in something that costs a lot at first.

Plus, when you use Midland Trust’s custodian services and self-directed IRA accounts, you can save on fees when investing in things like precious metals. That means it’s cheaper in the long run. However, some investments like real estate may have extra costs. But don’t worry, there’s usually no hidden fees with Midland Trust.

They want to help you grow your savings. Visit their website to learn more about their sliding scale fees and other options. Don’t believe them when they say they’re funny though.

Midland Trust Review

Many investors today are seeking a dependable and trustworthy custodian for their self-directed IRA accounts. In this review of Midland Trust, they will delve into their customer experience, service quality, availability, disclosure, and compensation practices. Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting out, comprehending these aspects of Midland Trust can help you make informed choices about your retirement savings. According to Reference Data, Midland Trust has a solid reputation, and this review will provide more insight into the company’s operations.

Customer Experience

At Midland Trust, customer experience is key to their long-term success. They strive to provide exceptional service and support to each individual client. With a range of services including self-directed IRA accounts and custodian services, they customize to meet the needs of each client. The team works hard to personalize their services and guide clients to get the best experience.

Midland Trust is transparent about fees and charges associated with their services. They also offer frequent updates and progress reports about accounts. This helps to build trust with clients, ultimately leading to increased satisfaction.

They provide great support. Representatives are available to answer any questions or concerns promptly. Clients can use phone, email, and other communication channels to connect with the company.

Midland Trust offers personalized solutions for financial needs. Their services make customers feel like VIPs. So if you’re looking for a top-notch customer experience, Midland Trust is the perfect choice.

Service Quality and Availability

Midland Trust is a top-notch provider of custodian services and self-directed IRA accounts. Their commitment to service quality and availability is remarkable, setting them apart from the competition.

Investors benefit from their professionalism and high standards. They provide traditional and alternative investments to align with investors’ financial goals. Plus, they are transparent; no hidden fees or charges. This creates a secure environment for investors.

Clients can access their portfolio quickly and easily. Online platforms such as Investor Connect and email allow for timely responses to inquiries. Open communication is guaranteed.

In summary, Midland Trust delivers quality and availability in service. Flexible investment options, cutting-edge technology, and full disclosure of all fees and charges create maximum client satisfaction.

Disclosure and Compensation

At Midland Trust, transparency is of utmost importance – particularly when it comes to compensation and disclosures. They recognize this and dedicate themselves to providing precise information in these areas. To this end, they provide a clear breakdown of all fees and charges related to their services, based on account value. Plus, they ensure their clients are aware of all potential costs before making investments.

They also provide full disclosure about affiliations and financial interests. They want their clients to be informed, so they can make the best decisions. However, there may still be risks associated with certain investments. Therefore, they urge their clients to research thoroughly before investing.

Lastly, they are committed to staying up-to-date with industry standards and providing assistance with compliance and regulatory updates. Their goal is to create a culture of trust and confidence with their clients.

Final Thought – Midland Trust Review

Midland Trust is the way to go if you’re searching for a dependable self-directed IRA business. Their team provides top-notch customer service and support, so investing is a breeze. Plus, they have a wide variety of investment options and a simple process to get started.

Their clients love them for their professionalism, trustworthiness, and service. Their online platform is user-friendly and stands out from other IRA custodians. They even offer a free property evaluation service for real estate investments and educational resources too!

Investing with Midland Trust will give you peace of mind – knowing your investments are secure and you’re dealing with one of the most credible self-directed IRA companies. Don’t miss out! Go with Midland Trust for a trouble-free investment process and exceptional service. In summary, they are the best pick for self-directed IRA investments.

Five Facts About Midland Trust:

    ✅ Midland Trust offers self-directed retirement accounts for alternative investments like precious metals, futures, and real estate. (Source: BMO Global Asset Management Viewpoints)

    ✅ Midland Trust specializes in self-directed investing, but does not provide investment advice. (Source: Top Rated Firms)

    ✅ Midland IRA requires at least two accounts and steep fees for trading within a self-directed IRA. (Source: Top Rated Firms)

    ✅ Midland IRA has a high transaction fee of $50 per purchase or sale in bullion. (Source: Gold IRA Guide)

    ✅ Midland Trust has received negative reviews from customers regarding account transfer issues and poor customer service. (Source: Trustpilot)

    Note: Website owners may receive compensation from recommended companies if users click on their links. This compensation allows the website to provide information for free. Relationships with recommended companies may affect their order of appearance on the website.

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    FAQs About Midland Trust Review

    What is Midland Trust?

    Midland Trust is a financial institution that offers investment services for individual investors and financial professionals. They specialize in self-directed alternative assets for both new and professional investors. They provide self-directed retirement accounts that allow investors to trade any allowed instrument, asset, and contract, including futures, real estate, and private equity. Collectibles and life insurance policies are forbidden in self-directed IRAs. A custodian is required to administer the self-directed IRA and oversee certain rules, but they do not advise on investments. Midland IRA is an example of a custodian.

    What is a self-directed IRA?

    A self-directed IRA is different from a conventional IRA and requires at least two accounts and steep fees. In a self-directed IRA, the account owner can trade any allowed instrument, asset, and contract, and self-directed IRA accounts can include private equity, real estate, and other alternative assets. Midland Trust is a leading custodial service provider that focuses on self-directed IRA accounts and private fund custody services.

    What services does Midland Trust provide?

    Midland Trust provides educational materials for IRA accounts, benefiting both novice and professional investors. They offer both sliding-scale and flat fee yearly charge options, with a low minimum storage fee starting at $95. Their focus is on offering a lot of options in this area and support from advisors.

    What are some downsides of using Midland Trust?

    Midland Trust does not offer as many investment classes and choices as some larger rivals. They have a high transaction fee of $50 per purchase or sale in bullion. Additionally, some customers have experienced difficulties in transferring accounts, as customer service may not always be available.

    What are some tips for using Midland Trust?

    Midland Trust customer service is available to help with any issues or questions. They are good at emailing forms and reminders for IRS filings and other necessary documentation. They allow up to 30 days for payment on invoices for the annual charge. The account holder can save on transaction charges by keeping accurate records and handling transactions individually. Midland Trust does not provide financial or legal advice, but they are available by phone and email for questions about their services.

    Is Midland Trust a reliable trading company?

    As a custodian for thousands of different precious metals IRAs, Midland Trust is a reliable trading company for self-directed retirement accounts. They prioritize self-directed investments, offering a lot of options in this area and support from advisors.


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