Modern Coin Mart Review

Key Takeaway:

  • Modern Coin Mart is an established player in the online bullion market, operating as a subsidiary of John Maben Rare Coins. They have a strong reputation and high ratings.
  • They offer a wide range of gold and silver bullion coins sourced directly from esteemed mints. They also have a buyback program and competitive prices.
  • While some customers have experienced slow shipping times and a lack of customer reviews, others have provided positive feedback on the coins purchased. Availability and customer support can be areas of improvement.
  • Modern Coin Mart maintains a commitment to customer service by achieving a rating with the Better Business Bureau, receiving positive feedback on eBay, offering an email newsletter for deals and discounts, and constantly improving based on customer feedback.
  • In conclusion, Modern Coin Mart is recommended for those interested in purchasing gold and silver bullion coins, but customers should be aware of potential shipping delays and limited customer reviews.

Introduction: Modern Coin Mart Overview

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Established in 2004, ModernCoinMart (MCM) has helped pioneer the modern coin and bullion market online. MCM sources Silver and Gold from all over the world and has recently expanded its product offerings into Classic US and Ancient coins. MCM deals with every customer individually with a professional and courteous customer service team.

Modern Coin Mart is a prominent player in the online bullion market with a strong reputation and ratings. As we delve into this overview, we’ll explore their establishment, their role in the market, and their status as a subsidiary of John Maben Rare Coins. Get ready to uncover the key details that make Modern Coin Mart a trusted name in the industry.

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Pros and Cons


Intuitive Website : MCM offers an intuitive website that’s ideal for those interested in buying and selling.

Clear Prices: Another advantage is that MCM offers clear prices on its website. 

Large Variety of Products : MCM has a large variety of products for you to choose from. Whether you’re interested in gold, silver, bullion, U.S. coins, or World coins, you’ll find something you need.

No Minimum on Orders : For investors that are new to the precious metals industry or those that just want to buy an item or two, you’ll be glad to know that Modern Coin Mart has no minimum on orders.


❎ No Direct Precious Metal IRA Service

❎Only Buys Bullion and Collectibles Based on Inventory Needs

❎ Recent Poor Reviews

Establishment and Role in Online Bullion Market

Modern Coin Mart has made itself a recognizable player in the online bullion market. It is a subsidiary of John Maben Rare Coins, which solidifies its reputation and trustworthiness in the industry. It has a great track record and high ratings, making Modern Coin Mart a dependable source for gold and silver bullion coins.

One of the features that distinguishes Modern Coin Mart is its large selection. Customers can access a broad selection of gold and silver bullion coins, ensuring there is something to meet everyone’s requirements and investment objectives. These coins are sourced from respected mints, guaranteeing their genuineness and quality.

In addition to its wide range of products, Modern Coin Mart also provides a buyback program and competitive prices. This permits customers to sell back their bought coins at fair market prices whenever they want. This makes it convenient for investors to manage their portfolios effectively.

Although Modern Coin Mart has had good reviews on the quality of coins obtained, some customers have reported slow shipping times when ordering. Despite free shipping, this area can be improved to boost customer satisfaction. Additionally, there is a shortage of customer reviews online which can stop potential buyers from making informed decisions.

Even though some customers have experienced slight issues with service and customer service, Modern Coin Mart has attempted to address these problems. The company has an A rating with Better Business Bureau, showing its commitment to delivering exceptional service. Positive feedback from eBay users also reinforces Modern Coin Mart’s dedication to customer satisfaction.

To tell customers about deals and discounts, Modern Coin Mart offers an email newsletter subscription. This allows people to stay up-to-date on the newest offerings and promotions available on the website. Moreover, the company values customer feedback and always works to improve based on the helpful insights provided.

MCM is known for sourcing gold and silver from around the world and making it available for purchase through the company’s online shop. Keep reading and in this review we’ll tell you everything you need to know to see if this is a good company for you to do business with.

Establishment and Role in Online Bullion Market

Modern Coin Mart is a part of John Maben Rare Coins. They are a big name in the bullion market. This helps Modern Coin Mart provide customers with a wide range of gold and silver coins. It also means they get direct distribution from top mints. Plus, customers can trust the quality and authenticity of their products.

Being a subsidiary brings Modern Coin Mart more respect in the industry. Customers can rely on their parent company’s excellent reputation and ratings. This also helps them offer competitive prices through their buyback program. Modern Coin Mart uses its parent company’s resources and connections to give customers good prices.

Plus, the parent company’s commitment to excellence is seen in its A rating with Better Business Bureau and positive feedback on eBay. Also, Modern Coin Mart keeps customers informed about deals and discounts through an email newsletter.

Overall, being a subsidiary of John Maben Rare Coins makes Modern Coin Mart trustworthy and credible in the online bullion market. They offer high-quality coins, competitive prices, and great customer service.

Modern Coin Mart’s reputation is as strong as Superman’s biceps after a Kryptonite session!

Strong Reputation and Ratings

Modern Coin Mart has become a respected name in the online bullion world, receiving a great reputation and high ratings. Through its subsidiary, John Maben Rare Coins, the company has made its mark, offering customers a dependable and trusted source for their bullion needs.

From classic designs to exclusive releases, Modern Coin Mart has a huge selection of gold and silver bullion coins. Customers can find the perfect piece to complete their collection. This impressive range sets them apart and ensures customer satisfaction.

To guarantee the quality and authenticity of their products, Modern Coin Mart has formed direct distribution relationships with top-notch mints around the world. This means that buyers can trust that the coins they purchase come straight from these respected institutions.

Apart from their extensive range and reliable partnerships, Modern Coin Mart also has a buyback program. This program gives customers peace of mind knowing they can sell their coins back to the company if needed. Plus, their competitive prices make them a great option for buyers and sellers in the bullion market.

Modern Coin Mart values customer feedback and always works to improve its service. By listening to customers’ experiences and making changes, they make sure they always meet customer needs. This dedication to outstanding customer service maintains Modern Coin Mart’s strong reputation and their place as a dependable source for buying bullion coins online.

Ready to begin your treasure hunt? Modern Coin Mart has plenty of gold and silver bullion coins to get you started. Right from the comfort of your home, you can explore their massive selection and locate the ideal coins to add to your trove.

Try the reliability, reputation, and ratings of Modern Coin Mart today!

Modern Coin Mart is dedicated to providing investors with a variety of precious metals for physical delivery. Investors will find a range of silver, gold, bullion, and US coins.

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Product Offerings and Services

Modern Coin Mart offers a wide range of gold and silver bullion coins, direct distribution from esteemed mints, and a buyback program with competitive prices. Discover their extensive product offerings and services, making it a go-to platform for precious metal enthusiasts.

Wide Range of Gold and Silver Bullion Coins

Modern Coin Mart proudly presents its vast selection of gold & silver bullion coins. From American Eagles to Canadian Maple Leafs and more, customers can browse a comprehensive collection to find the ideal coins for their collection or investment.

What sets Modern Coin Mart apart is the direct sourcing of these coins from esteemed mints. This means coins are genuine and of superior quality, giving customers peace of mind in their purchases.

Moreover, Modern Coin Mart goes further than just buying & selling. With a buyback program in place, customers have the option to sell coins back to Modern Coin Mart at competitive prices. This provides a convenient & dependable way to manage investments.

Regarding prices, Modern Coin Mart recognizes the need to offer competitive pricing. Compared to other online bullion dealers, prices at Modern Coin Mart are competitive. This permits customers to maximize the value of their purchases & investments.

In addition to the wide range of choices available, Modern Coin Mart is committed to customer satisfaction. The team works hard to offer excellent service, from the start of browsing through the collection to the final transaction. At Modern Coin Mart, the customers’ needs & satisfaction are the priority.

Choose Modern Coin Mart for a wide variety of gold & silver bullion coins, unparalleled quality & authenticity, competitive pricing, and a dedication to customer satisfaction.

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Direct Distribution from Esteemed Mints

Modern Coin Mart has set up unique partnerships with renowned mints worldwide. This enables them to directly distribute gold and silver bullion coins to customers. There are no intermediaries involved, so customers get authentic coins straight from esteemed mints, ensuring the highest quality and value.

A table outlines the details:

Partnerships Renowned Mints
Distribution Direct
Coins Offered Gold and Silver Bullion Coins
Quality Assurance Highest Standards

This table shows Modern Coin Mart’s direct distribution from esteemed mints. It emphasizes their connections with well-known mints, their direct distribution, the coins they offer (gold and silver bullion) and their commitment to top-notch quality.

Plus, through this direct connection to mints, Modern Coin Mart offers customers a huge selection of coins, some of which may not be available elsewhere. By focusing on direct ties to mints, Modern Coin Mart is a go-to source for collectors and investors. Plus, they have a buyback program and competitive prices so selling coins isn’t too painful!

Buyback Program and Competitive Prices

Modern Coin Mart offers a buyback program. You can sell your gold and silver coins to them at fair rates. It’s a trusted online bullion market with competitive prices.

  • Modern Coin Mart has a buyback program.
  • They’ll buy back gold and silver coins from you.
  • You’ll get fair rates for your coins.
  • On top of the buyback, they offer competitive prices.
  • You can trust you’re getting great value with Modern Coin Mart.

Modern Coin Mart has unique details too. Their direct distribution from mints guarantees quality and authenticity. And there’s a wide range of coins, perfect for investment needs. Customers love their coins. So it’s clear Modern Coin Mart cares about customer satisfaction and offers high-quality coins at competitive prices.

Modern Coin Mart’s shipping is so fast, it’s almost like snail mail!

MCM offers light customer service support to its customers. You can get in touch with them Monday-Friday from 8 am to 5 pm by calling them at 1-800-362-9004. You can also email their support team at [email protected].

Customer Experience and Feedback

Customers’ experiences and feedback regarding Modern Coin Mart’s services and products are worth exploring. From slow shipping times and the lack of customer reviews to positive feedback on coins purchased, and issues with availability and customer support, there is much to discuss. Additionally, we’ll also touch upon the challenge of finding coins on a competitor’s website. Let’s delve into the various aspects of customer experiences and feedback in this section.

Slow Shipping Times and Free Shipping

We understand the importance of timely delivery at Modern Coin Mart. We offer a range of shipping options – even free shipping! We listen to our customers and use their feedback to improve our delivery service.

Recently, some customers have had slower than expected delivery times. We recognize this and commit to addressing it quickly! Feedback helps us identify areas for improvement. We use the feedback to make improvements to our shipping service.

We also value feedback about customer support and coin availability. We take it seriously and strive to provide great service in all aspects.

Don’t miss out! Get your hands on gold & silver bullion coins now! Take advantage of our competitive prices & free shipping offer. With Modern Coin Mart, you can get high-quality coins from esteemed mints without worrying about delays. Place your order now and enjoy exceptional service from Modern Coin Mart – your trusted source for coins.

Lack of Customer Reviews

Modern Coin Mart has a lack of customer reviews. This doesn’t mean the company or their products and services are bad.

The lack of customer reviews could be due to slow shipping times. Free shipping is offered, but some customers have reported delays.

Plus, there might be problems with customer support. Some customers have had issues with availability and responsiveness. This may stop customers from leaving reviews.

Despite these things, Modern Coin Mart has taken steps to address any concerns. They have a good Better Business Bureau rating. They also have positive feedback on platforms like eBay. Additionally, they have an email newsletter to update customers on deals and discounts.

Positive Feedback on Coins Purchased

Massive amounts of customers have expressed their pleasure with the coins they bought from Modern Coin Mart.

The accuracy of the coin descriptions provided by the company has been highly praised. Customers are delighted with the condition and authenticity of the coins they received.

The packaging and presentation of the purchased coins have also been appreciated. Modern Coin Mart is commended for ensuring the coins arrive in great condition.

The punctual shipping and delivery services have been acknowledged as well. Orders always arrive in the expected time frame, showing Modern Coin Mart’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

The helpfulness and responsiveness of the customer service team has left a lasting impression. The team’s dedication has been a key factor in the positive reviews for the company.

All in all, the overwhelming positive feedback on coins purchased is proof of Modern Coin Mart’s commitment to providing top-notch products and service to its patrons. Finding support from them is like finding a rare coin in a haystack!

Issue with Availability and Customer Support

Modern Coin Mart has had some trouble with availability & customer support. Customers have brought up slow shipping & free shipping as issues. There’s also been a lack of customer reviews which makes it hard to know the experience. But, feedback on the coins has been good, suggesting customers are happy with the quality.

To tackle availability, Modern Coin Mart can look into sourcing a wider variety of coins. This can mean partnering up with more esteemed mints to increase the products they offer. Plus, better communication with customers about product availability would be beneficial.

For customer support, Modern Coin Mart should invest in improving their team. This could involve hiring more staff or training existing ones. Plus, quicker response times & addressing customer queries promptly would make the experience better.

By doing these steps, Modern Coin Mart can reduce the issues with availability & customer support. This will not only help their reputation, but make sure customers are satisfied when buying from them.

Finding Coins on Competitor’s Website

Discover Coins on Competitor Websites!

Modern Coin Mart’s rivals offer a variety of coins on their sites. Collectors and investors have plenty of options. These websites give customers a place to quickly locate the coins they’re after.

Here’s a guide to finding coins on competitor websites:

  1. Start by visiting the competitor’s website and get to know the layout and navigation.
  2. Look for a search bar that stands out on the homepage or in a dedicated section for coin listings.
  3. Type in relevant keywords such as the coin’s name, mint mark, year of issue, etc.
  4. The website will show a search result page with available options that meet your criteria.
  5. Use the website’s filters or sorting options to narrow down your search results based on factors like price range, metal type, or condition.
  6. When you find the coin you want, click it to view more detailed info including specs, pricing, availability, and possibly customer reviews.

Take advantage of Modern Coin Mart’s competitors’ easy-to-use websites to explore their wide selection of coins and find the perfect additions to your collection or investment portfolio.

Note: This guide is just an overview of how to find coins on competitor websites. Each platform may have unique features or alternate methods for locating specific coins not mentioned here.

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Modern Coin Mart’s Commitment to Customer Service

Modern Coin Mart is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service, ensuring a seamless experience for coin enthusiasts. With a stellar rating from the Better Business Bureau, positive feedback on eBay, and an exclusive email newsletter offering deals and discounts, they strive to exceed customer expectations. Constantly evolving through customer feedback, Modern Coin Mart is committed to enhancing their services to ensure customer satisfaction.

A Rating with Better Business Bureau

Modern Coin Mart has earned an impressive rating from the Better Business Bureau. This demonstrates their dedication to providing quality service and trustworthy practices.

The company’s strong reputation in the online bullion market makes this rating possible. As a subsidiary of John Maben Rare Coins, they are known as a reliable source for gold and silver bullion coins.

Customers can also find positive feedback for Modern Coin Mart on eBay. This shows that their customers are pleased with their experience.

Modern Coin Mart stands out from competitors with their customer service. They offer an email newsletter with exclusive deals and discounts. This commitment to customer satisfaction sets them apart.

Positive Feedback on eBay

Modern Coin Mart has been praised by customers on eBay, showing their pleasure with the coins bought from them. Many people have expressed how pleased they are with Modern Coin Mart through positive reviews and ratings. The high level of customer satisfaction shows how good the products are that Modern Coin Mart provides.

  • Customers have praised Modern Coin Mart for their fantastic service and quick delivery.
  • The positive feedback on eBay also shows the trustworthiness and dependability of Modern Coin Mart as an online seller.
  • Clients are pleased with the authenticity and quality of the coins they get, supporting Modern Coin Mart’s commitment to sending genuine, top-notch products.
  • Overall, the positive feedback on eBay is proof of Modern Coin Mart’s dedication to customer satisfaction and their skill at providing great products.

It’s clear from customer feedback on eBay that many people have had a great experience when buying coins from Modern Coin Mart. The positive feedback shows features such as fast shipping, great customer service, and high-quality products. These things help create a reputation for Modern Coin Mart as a reliable and esteemed online bullion dealer.

Be the first to know all the shiny deals and discounts with Modern Coin Mart’s email newsletter!

Email Newsletter for Deals and Discounts

Modern Coin Mart offers customers a range of gold and silver bullion coins, direct from esteemed mints. Plus, they provide a buyback program with competitive prices, and a commitment to customer service.

The company’s email newsletter gives customers access to exclusive deals and discounts. This allows them to save money on purchases and benefit from special offers.

Plus, the newsletter keeps customers up-to-date on new arrivals and limited edition releases. This helps customers get the coins they want before they sell out.

Subscribing to the newsletter is a great way to get exclusive deals and discounts, as well as info on new arrivals. To make sure you don’t miss out, it’s recommended that you subscribe and check your inbox regularly.

Constant Improvement Based on Customer Feedback

Continuous Improvement from Customer Suggestions:

Modern Coin Mart is proud of its commitment to continuous improvement based on customer feedback. It values customers’ opinions and experiences. This feedback helps the company make changes and improvements, providing a better overall experience for everyone. Modern Coin Mart engages actively with customers and listens to their ideas.

Customer feedback is key to identify areas that need improvement. Modern Coin Mart uses it to assess its products, services, and processes. This ongoing review allows the company to decide what changes need to be made to address any issues or concerns raised by customers.

Customer feedback has been important for Modern Coin Mart’s policies and practices. From shipping times to customer support, it takes into account any complaints or negative comments and takes action to rectify these issues. It also values positive feedback, which provides insight into what works for customers.

Modern Coin Mart monitors customer feedback from various channels. These include online reviews, email inquiries, and social media interactions. This makes it possible for the company to stay connected with its audience. It can address any issues and implement new ideas or features suggested by customers.

Recommendation and Final Thoughts

Modern Coin Mart is great for those who want to buy coins and other numismatic products. They have a wide selection of rare and collectible coins, bullion, and commemorative pieces. Their commitment to authenticity and quality makes them a well-known name in the industry. All items are examined by experts before they are put up for sale.

What makes Modern Coin Mart stand out is their excellent customer service and user-friendly website. Shopping with them is easy and enjoyable. Their website is organised and contains detailed descriptions and great images of each item, making it easier for customers to make a decision about their purchase.

Furthermore, Modern Coin Mart offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your order, their hassle-free return policy allows you to return the item and get a full refund.

Some Facts About Modern Coin Mart Review:


    ✅ Modern Coin Mart was established in 2004 and played a significant role in creating the market for online bullion dealers. (Source: Team Research)

    ✅ Modern Coin Mart is a subsidiary of John Maben Rare Coins (JMRC) and has a workforce of 35 employees. (Source: Team Research)

    ✅ Modern Coin Mart offers a wide range of silver and gold bullion coins at competitive prices. (Source: Team Research)

    ✅ Customers have reported slow shipping times, but the company provides free shipping with no minimum order requirement. (Source: Team Research)

    ✅ Modern Coin Mart has a strong reputation for its service and overall performance, as evidenced by its high ratings on various websites. (Source: Team Research)

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    FAQs about Modern Coin Mart Review

    1. What is Modern Coin Mart?

    Modern Coin Mart (MCM) is an online marketplace for bullion bars, rounds, and coins and has been in operation since 2004. They offer a wide range of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products sourced from esteemed mints around the world.

    2. What are the payment methods accepted by Modern Coin Mart?

    Modern Coin Mart accepts various payment methods including Paypal, e-check, credit cards, wire transfer, and checks. Customers can choose the option that is most convenient for them during the checkout process.

    3. Does Modern Coin Mart offer free shipping?

    Yes, Modern Coin Mart provides free shipping for domestic orders. There is no minimum order requirement, allowing customers to enjoy the convenience of free shipping regardless of the order size.

    4. Can I use a credit card to make a purchase from Modern Coin Mart?

    Yes, Modern Coin Mart accepts credit cards as one of their payment methods. Customers can securely make their purchases using their credit cards, providing a convenient and widely accepted option for payment.

    5. Does Modern Coin Mart offer IRA services?

    No, Modern Coin Mart does not offer its own IRA services. However, they have partnered with two IRA custodians, GoldStar Trust Company and New Direction IRA, to provide IRA-eligible precious metals and bullion bars for customers who wish to include them in their retirement accounts.

    6. What is the overall customer rating for Modern Coin Mart?

    As of the latest available information, Modern Coin Mart has received positive feedback and reviews from customers. They have an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau and a 99.5% positive feedback score on eBay. However, it is always recommended to conduct further research and consider other options before making a purchase.

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