Monument Metals Review

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Rare coins and precious metals are available online from Monumental Metals. The business offers a huge variety of premium memorabilia and bullion products.

They assert they provide greater value, service, and fair and transparent pricing for investors.

In Frederick, Maryland, a family-run firm called Monumental Metals operates.

The owners have nearly three decades of collective expertise in the numismatic bullion market and are seasoned professionals.

Before we begin this evaluation:

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Monumental Metals asserts that they provide a wide selection of coins and precious metals, competitive and transparent pricing, unmatched service, and a dedication to their client’s success.

The business further asserts that it only sells items that satisfy its high criteria for quality, that there are no minimum order restrictions or sales pressures, and that it has extensive knowledge and experience.

Monument Metals Products

On their website, Monumental Metals offers a wide selection of rare coins and precious metals that may be bought directly.

Here are some examples of the company’s products:


Monumental Metals offers a variety of gold products for investors. Investors have a variety of popular gold alternatives to pick from, including Canadian Gold Maples, American Gold Eagles, and American Gold Buffalos.


Investors in silver may also buy silver items. Investors have a variety of options to pick from, including American Silver Eagles, Canadian Silver Maples, Chinese Silver Pandas, and others.


In addition to conventional gold and silver, Monument Metals also offers platinum goods for customers to buy. American Platinum Eagles, American Platinum Coins, and Platinum Bars are a few possibilities for platinum.


The option to buy palladium is also provided to investors through Palladium Monument Metals. Government-minted palladium coins, 1 oz palladium bars, and 10 oz palladium bars are available to investors.


Coins from before 1933 are also available to investors. On their website, you may find coins like the $5 Liberty Half Eagle, the Morgan Silver Dollar, and the Peace Silver Dollar.


Wheat Cents, 1 oz. Copper Rounds and 5 oz. Copper Rounds are among the copper items sold by Copper Monument Metals.

Monument Metals offer numerous investment opportunities. They have a wide selection of rare coins and precious metals for investors seeking a business that offers variety. Investigating Monument Metals is a wise decision.

Opening an Account

Investors can open a Monument Metals account without any difficulty. Visit their website to begin the procedure if you’re interested in opening an account. Click the “Register” icon at the very top.

A form asking for your first and last name and email address will appear when you click the icon. You’re ready to go once you create a password.

To open an account, Monument Metals provides a streamlined procedure. Investors can quickly start buying their rare coins and precious metals in seconds.

Customer Service

Monument Metals has multiple levels of customer service support for customers interested in purchasing precious metals from them.

When you have a query, the first point of contact should be their FAQs page, which answers some of the most common questions when purchasing from their website.


When it comes to its fees, Monument Metals is quite open and honest. On the home page of their website, you may get the current price of precious metals. Investors can feel secure knowing they’ll always pay the appropriate fee for precious metals while purchasing via them.

In order to give you an indication of the price entrance point, investors will also notice that they will see a starting price for each precious metal.

Although Monument Metals doesn’t specify their shipping costs in detail, they mention that shipping is free on orders of $199 or more. Investors are more likely to take advantage of the free delivery offer when considering the typical price of precious metals.


Monument Metals has a 4.7/5 rating on Trustpilot, based on 1,058 reviews. The majority of clients are happy with the company.

Most consumers say Monument Metals gives outstanding service and even better products. Customers also say it’s simple to complete a transaction, that shipping is quick, and that they have the greatest prices.

Monument Metals is a trustworthy firm with a good reputation, reliable service, and high-quality products.

Monument Metals may be a good company to buy from based on customer feedback, whether you’re a rookie investor or a seasoned professional.

Pros and Cons of Working with Midland Trust

Monument Metals has a positive reputation among its long-term consumers. But before you decide whether this company is perfect for you, consider the following benefits and cons:


  • A Wide Selection of Products

Monument Metals’ vast choice of products from which investors can pick is one of the company’s strongest qualities.

Monument Metals has a distinct offering compared to competitors, with various precious metal goods, rare coins, and collectibles to add to your collection.

  • Transparent Prices

Monument Metals also has the advantage of providing upfront pricing on its website.

Some companies wait to display product pricing, or they may blend prices on a price chart, making it difficult for investors to determine the cost of a product of interest.

On the other hand, Monument Metals offers real-time precious metal prices on its website, and investors can also see the starting price of each item in their inventory.

  • Positive Feedback

Finding a precious metals company with adequate positive evaluations is one of the most challenging tasks for investors. Monument Metals has received multiple excellent internet evaluations from clients.

  • Simple Sign-Up

Monument Metals eliminates all red tape when opening an account with them. Investors who want to start signing up for an account immediately use simple information.


  • There is no gold IRA

If you were hoping to open an IRA account with Monument Metals, you’ll have to seek elsewhere. The firm only sells rare coins and precious metals.

  • No Mention of IRA-Approved Gold

No Mention of IRA-Approved Gold Monument Metals provides a variety of rare coins and precious metals and stands out among competitors. The website, however, makes no mention of IRA-approved bars or coins.

That is not to imply that the company does not provide them; nonetheless, it is difficult to determine how many products are appropriate for your IRA.

It can be especially difficult for new investors unfamiliar with the coins and precious metals that can be transferred to an IRA account.

Furthermore, with an IRA-approved product area, sorting the coins is easier. Monument’s website may be more challenging for investors trying to identify items that fit with their IRA rapidly.

  • Their Return Policy Is Uncertain

The return policy of Monument Metals is something to consider before making a purchase. According to their FAQs website, they guarantee the satisfaction of every item they offer.

If your product fails, they advise you to contact them within five business days, and they will try their utmost to resolve the issue.

However, they need to state that if you contact them within five days, they will provide you with a refund. That being said, it’s recommended to contact them and ask if they can supply you with any written information about their return policy.

Final Thoughts – Monument Metals Review

Monument Metals sells a variety of rare coins and precious metals. When compared to its competitors, Monument offers a diverse range of possibilities. Investors seeking variety will be pleasantly surprised by the breadth of their possibilities. Monument claims only to sell high-quality items. The company’s pricing is also quite transparent. The website readily displays the market price of precious metals for investors.

They can also see the starting price for each product, making it easier to select things in their price range. Monument Metals has a diverse consumer base, and most clients are pleased with the company’s products and services. They have an excellent Trustpilot rating and have been acknowledged by several other reputable brands. The organization also provides good customer service.

If investors need extra assistance or have questions, they should be able to contact a member of the company’s team easily. When buying precious metals from Monument, there are a few things to bear in mind. To begin with, they are unable to start a gold IRA account.

If you’re a new investor looking to open an account, you’ll need to look elsewherMonumentment Metals also does not specify if they sell IRA-approved gold. Due to their wide selection, they are likely to have items that will work for your gold IRA account, but you should first check their product inventory to see if they have the metals you’re interested in that are IRA-approved.

Another consideration is the company’s return policy. They don’t say whether investors can return a product if they are dissatisfied with it. They indicate that you should contact them within five days and that they will try their utmost to find a solution. However, more than this answer may be required for investors. Check for a clear return policy before purchasing. Check to verify if Monument has a more detailed return policy in writing for your records before buying from them.

Overall, Monument Metals is a fantastic precious metals company, and Monument has a variety of goods to help you get started. The Monument is a terrific organization to find what you need, whether a novice or a seasoned investor. They have good reviews, which makes them a reliable source for your monuments.

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