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With a self-directed IRA, NuView Trust allows investors to take charge of their assets. According to the company, they have provided individual and business clients with various alternative investments.

Many IRA owners invest in individual stocks and public shares to hold their retirement savings. However, an increasing number of investors are interested in accessing alternative assets.

To assist ordinary investors and financial professionals in achieving their financial objectives, NuView Trust specializes in alternative assets.

Before you begin this evaluation:

They know how challenging it is to choose a business you can entrust with your hard-earned savings. They produce insightful and practical material to give you as much information as possible so you can make the best decision.

Glenn Mather founded NuView Trust 18 years ago. He founded NuView Trust in 2018 and has worked to offer its clients a variety of IRA alternatives ever since.

Clients act as the fiduciaries of the accounts in a self-directed IRA. NuView Trust does not provide investing, tax, legal, accounting, or other professional advice.

NuView Trust Services

For investors looking to expand their portfolios, NuView Trust offers several services. Many of the business’s offerings are designed to provide alternative assets to individual investors.

Access to various asset classes is a great way to secure your portfolio and expand your accounts as the market becomes more turbulent.

Investors can find alternative asset possibilities at NuView Trust, including precious metals, real estate, private equity, private stock, and more.

Additional details on some of the assets available to investors are provided below:

  • Property Assets

Single-family homes, commercial real estate, apartment complexes, unimproved land, condominiums, farms, and wood are a few alternatives for real estate assets.

  • Cryptocurrency

A virtual currency known as cryptocurrency serves as a digital asset. Many investors include it as a fast-growing asset in their portfolios.
Numerous options to invest in cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others, are provided by NuView.

  • Personal Equity

Private placements and private equities are synonyms. It indicates that an investor offers personal company liquidity, such as cash, in exchange for a share of ownership.

Working with NuView Trust, investors have access to another fantastic alternative asset option: private equity investing.

How to Open an Account

It’s easy to open an account with NuView Trust. Click “open an account” in the top right corner.

When you click the link, a Docusign form will open where you can start filling out all your information.

Customer Service

There are various ways to get in touch with NuView Trust’s customer service. Customers can reach them at 1-877-259-3256 toll-free, the company’s main line for customer service. Depending on their demands, clients can also email specific departments.

You can reach an IRA professional by calling 407-708-1853 or emailing [email protected] Alternate email addresses to use are [email protected] and [email protected]

In contrast to rivals, NuView Trust offers a variety of ways for investors to get in touch with the customer service department. Investors that require prompt communication may find this to be a good bonus.

Customer Reviews

Reviews are critical when deciding which business to use for your self-directed IRA account.

Online evaluations for NuView Trust are conflicting. NuView Trust has a 4.4 out of 5 rating from 74 customers on GoogleMyBusiness.

Out of these testimonials, many clients mentioned how happy they were with their relationship with NuView Trust and how they had a good experience dealing with the business.

Additionally, customers have praised the NuView customer service staff for being kind and responsive. Further, several clients have remarked on how competent, and knowledgeable the staff members are about self-directed IRA accounts.

Although not many unfavorable reviews of the organization, a few are noteworthy. Reviews on Yelp claim that NuView frequently miscalculates its annual costs and mainly depends on automation.

Their software system needs to be updated. Investors who have several NuView accounts must make sure that all updates to their accounts are updated across all of their accounts.

Additionally, some customers have complained that they could be more forthcoming with withdrawals. Investors can withdraw money and get it the same day, according to NuView.

But according to some clients, getting the desired payments can take up to 6 days. Additionally, clients have complained that they must provide excellent customer service.

You should call numerous times to get help if you need help with your account.

Pros of NuView Trust

The decision to engage with NuView Trust has both benefits and drawbacks. We’ll go into great detail regarding some advantages and disadvantages of starting a self-directed IRA account with NuView so you can make the best choice for your circumstances.

  • Exclusive Online Portal

The fact that investors will have a specific web portal benefits NuView Trust, making it simpler to keep track of and manage investments.

It also guarantees that investors have control over their investing decisions.

  • Options for Investment

You will have various options for alternative assets if you open a self-directed IRA account with NuView trust.

When it comes to giving its customers a variety of solutions to suit their needs, NuView Trust stands out among its rivals.
With NuView, you can find a little bit of anything, whether you are interested in real estate assets, cryptocurrencies, precious metals, or something else. NuView Trust can be worth considering for those trying to diversify their holdings.

  • Numerous Options for Customer Service

There are various ways to get in touch with NuView Trust’s customer care staff. The business provides many more possibilities for customer service than rivals.

It benefits investors who want the assurance that they can get in touch with a company representative as soon as feasible.

  • Expert website navigation

Another benefit is that NuView has a functional website that conveys the business’s professionalism. The website is simple to use, provides in-depth information about the company, and provides insight into what the company has to offer.

Future customers will find it simple to navigate the website and discover the information they need thanks to the company’s expert website design, which also helps the company establish itself as an authority leader in the investing market.

  • Numerous Favorable Reviews

Reviews are frequently the first thing to pay attention to when a potential investor is trying to choose a financial organization. Fortunately, GoogleMyBusiness contains a large number of reviews for NuView Trust.

Additionally, most evaluations are favorable, with clients praising NuView Trust’s competent staff, familiarity with self-funded IRA accounts, and wide range of alternative asset possibilities.

Thanks to the abundance of reviews, investors may quickly discover more about the business and decide whether NuView is a good fit for their needs.

  • Launch the online application.

Many investors want a quick and straightforward procedure when opening their self-directed IRA accounts. Fortunately, NuView Trust enables prospective customers to sign up for a performance by clicking the link.

It is a good perk, especially because some financial institutions only permit phone inquiries from new customers. By making it simple, to begin with online, NuView Trust streamlines these procedures.


  • No Account Types Explanation

The fact that NuView Trust doesn’t describe any of its account kinds is a drawback to mind.

Investors will see that the organization offers a variety of alternative asset classes. However, the website needs to include essential information about their many account kinds.

Investors wanting to make an informed choice regarding their retirement portfolio may need more information to make it easier. Additionally, because there is a need for more information, it is challenging for investors to understand the company’s offerings.

Additionally, it can be a warning sign for consumers seeking a self-directed IRA account, as it can be challenging to identify what fees are linked with NuView Trust.

You must speak with NuView Trust directly if you want additional information on the types of accounts the business provides and related costs.

  • Consider Some Negative Reviews

Consider taking a look at the numerous favorable reviews for NuView Trust. For instance, several clients have voiced concerns over out-of-date software.

If you have numerous accounts with NuView Trust, it may be difficult to update your personal information because one change may only affect some of your reports.

The fact that NuView Trust promises that withdrawals will be processed the same day, however, raises even more questions.

However, many consumers have complained that withdrawals can take up to six days to be received. It is undoubtedly inconvenient if you have an urgent need for money.

Furthermore, not having access to your money and not knowing when you will get it might be unnerving.

However, investors should move if they intend to deposit substantial money in their self-directed IRA account. The shortcomings in their customer service assistance are yet another notable drawback.

There are various methods to get in touch with NuView Trust. But clients claim that speaking with multiple agents is necessary to remedy a problem.

As you start doing business with them, it could not be easy because their customer service staff isn’t as effective.

  • No Details on the Online Account Procedure 

Investors can begin the application process online with NuView Trust. They offer little information on the online account method, and you must enter your report as soon as you click the link.

The kinds of accounts NuView Trust offers, the minimum deposit required to start an account, and any other details necessary to complete the procedure are not disclosed.

Final Thoughts on NuView Trust

NuView Trust may be a suitable option if you’re looking for a financial institution to open a self-directed IRA account. For investors looking to diversify their portfolios, the organization offers a variety of alternative asset possibilities.

Customers have given the business several favorable reviews, praising its professionalism, expertise, and wide range of items.

However, the company needs to detail the kinds of accounts it offers.

Some former clients have complained that NuView Trust’s online portal software could be better and that withdrawals take much longer than NuView Trust promises.

NuView Trust is a reliable company for opening a self-directed IRA. It’s a good idea to speak with a representative before continuing to find out more about their account process and costs

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