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  • OneGold is an online platform for investing in precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum, with options for personalized investing experience for customers.
  • Investors can transact 24/7 and have the option of buying immediately or pre-funding their accounts. The precious metals are stored with trusted partners like Royal Canadian Mint or Loomis International, and all investments and stored metals are insured by Lloyd’s of London.
  • While OneGold has a great reputation based on client reviews and is insured by Lloyd’s of London, some customers have reported their experience was a waste of time because promotional amount of gold given by the company was clawed back due to the lack of account activity. Additionally, the company charged an additional fee of 2.5% for buying with bitcoin, although it promotes the ability to use crypto.
  • To access OneGold’s services, customers must create an account and have basic investing knowledge. Some locations such as Belarus, Burundi, Central African Republic, Cuba, Congo, Iran, Lebanon, Libya, Nigeria, North Korea, Somalia, South Sudan, Darfur, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela, Yemen, and Zimbabwe are prohibited from investing with them.
  • OneGold was founded by APMEX and Sprott, trusted leaders in the precious metals and alternative asset investment industries. APMEX was founded in 1999 with a global customer base of 1.5M and lifetime sales of $10 billion. Sprott was founded in 1981 and deals with real estate and precious metals.
  • Pros of using OneGold include real-time spot and bid prices, a mobile app providing access to live spot prices, 24/7 trading, portfolio tools, market alerts, and daily news. Additionally, OneGold is among the top 5 recommended companies for precious metals investing.
  • Cons of using OneGold include a learning curve for less tech-savvy users and limited live support availability.

Introduction to OneGold


3.7/5 Ratings

OneGold is a leader in digital gold and silver investments, offering a secure and accessible platform for purchasing and managing precious metals. The OneGold platform allows users to buy and sell gold and silver at real-time market prices, with no minimum purchase requirements or hidden fees

 Additionally, OneGold offers storage solutions through its partnerships with industry leaders APMEX and Sprott, ensuring that customers’ precious metals are held in a secure and insured vault.

OneGold Platform Features and Options


OneGold is a digital platform with numerous features to buy, sell, and own gold and silver. These include:

  • Real-time pricing – Spot and bid prices of precious metals for easy tracking.
  • Flexible investments – Fractional investments for any budget.
  • Vaulting and insurance – Secure storage in a vault insured against theft or damage.
  • Diversification – Digital ownership certificates for direct exposure to macroeconomic factors.

OneGold also has a partnership with APMEX and Sprott, providing a large assortment of coins. This gives investors more choice and flexibility.

Account management is strict; inactive accounts are closed to prevent renewal fees. OneGold is for active traders only. All in all, OneGold is a triple threat in the precious metals industry with its platform options, partnerships, and account management practices.

Partnership Details with APMEX and Sprott

OneGold’s connection with APMEX and Sprott boosts the legitimacy of its platform. Plus, it expands the gold investment possibilities.

This table shows the details of the partnership:

Partnership DetailsContributions
APMEXSupplies physical gold bars for OneGold customers
SprottGives real-time spot prices for all precious metals on the OneGold platform

What makes this collaboration special is customers can purchase physical or digital gold. People from anywhere, regardless of their wealth, can now buy precious metals with ease. This is due to the union of APMEX, Sprott, and OneGold.

APMEX started in 1999 as an e-commerce platform. It helps investors with buying and selling decisions for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Stop stashing gold under your mattress. Use OneGold to invest instead.

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Pros and Cons


✅ They offer an array of information to new account holders.
✅ Their smartphone app is simple and convenient to use.
✅ You can trade 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
✅ Their charge is quite inexpensive.
✅ Two trustworthy companies own OneGold.
✅ If you want to redeem your holdings, they have a large selection of physical things.


❎ When it comes to account troubles, their customer assistance isn’t the best.

OneGold Review from Customer Experience

Gold has been a popular investment choice for many years, and the emergence of digital gold investments has made it even more accessible for people to buy and sell. In this section, we will examine the customer experience of OneGold. We will explore how OneGold’s marketing strategy promotes gold and their policy regarding account activity. Moreover, we will also investigate the impact of the 2.5% additional fee when making payments with Bitcoin, and how it affects the overall customer experience.

Promotion of Gold as Part of Marketing

OneGold is an innovative platform that knows the worth of precious metal investments. As a part of its advertising, it advertises gold as a profitable investment. This is clear on OneGold’s homepage, which shows gold bars and coins, including American Eagle Coins and PAMP Suisse Gold Bars. People who use OneGold demand these gold-based products, due to the features and options they have.

To get users to invest more in gold through OneGold, the platform provides discounts and special prices through promotions. This increases customer satisfaction and adds excitement about precious metal investments. Instead of spending a lot on expensive activities, OneGold focuses on offering appealing prices to its users.

Their direct promotional methods are crucial in forming loyal lifetime customers for OneGold. They draw in curious shoppers to try out a new investing approach. OneGold works in a highly competitive market segment, but its customer-centric strategy makes it unique from other providers. By emphasizing customer satisfaction, OneGold offers users an exclusive investment experience that cannot be found elsewhere.

Clawing Back of Gold Due to Lack of Account Activity

OneGold accounts may experience clawback – the reclaim of deposited gold – if there is prolonged inactivity. Not interacting with the account, such as buying or selling gold, is a way to trigger it. To avoid this, users can maintain account activity.

OneGold also provides promotional offers for gold investing. It is marketed as a reliable platform with minimal hassle and has partnerships with leading providers like APMEX and Sprott.

Clawback allows OneGold to propose lower fees than traditional custodians. But users must stay active and aware of the platform’s policies. There have been incidents of unexpected gold retrievals due to unclear communication or lack of clarity, causing distress among users and complaints.

Bitcoin is a modern currency, but still incurs a 2.5% fee when used on OneGold. To prevent any unexpected retrievals, it’s best to stay active and informed of OneGold’s policies and fees.

Before investing with OneGold, make sure your location is not prohibited. Otherwise, it’s like showing up to a party without an invitation!

2.5% Additional Fee While Paying with Bitcoin

OneGold accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment for precious metals. However, this payment method incurs an extra fee of 2.5%. This cost is above other precious metal companies and is due to processing and conversion fees with cryptocurrencies. This fee is in addition to OneGold’s regular transaction fees and commission.

To avoid confusion, OneGold’s website explains the added cost for paying with Bitcoin. Customers who don’t wish to pay extra can choose other payment options such as bank transfer or credit card.

It’s important to be aware that the 2.5% extra fee applies only when paying with Bitcoin. There have been reports of customers getting refunds when they overpay due to the additional charge. However, understanding the costs involved before transacting is key.

At this time, OneGold only supports Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency. A customer lost a significant amount of money due to technical issues while transacting in Bitcoin with OneGold. This highlights the risks associated with using cryptocurrencies for large transactions without understanding them fully.

Gold is a scarce natural resource, making it extremely valuable. It’s also unrivaled in terms of chemical composition and aesthetics.

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OneGold Review from Investment Perspective

With OneGold, investors can invest in precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum. This section explores OneGold’s investment options regarding investment requirements, prohibited locations, as well as vaulting and insurance details. Join us as we analyze OneGold’s features and suitability for investors and hear from industry analysts about the latest developments in the precious metals world.

Monex Precious Metals homepage

Account Requirements and Prohibited Locations

When it comes to opening an account with OneGold, there are certain requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years old and have a valid government-issued ID, plus proof of address.
  • You’ll also need either a Social Security Number or Tax ID.
  • But, certain countries are restricted from using OneGold due to regulations. North Korea, Iran, Syria and Cuba are not allowed.
  • For North Korea, you must be 18+, have a valid ID, proof of address and either a Social Security Number or Tax ID.
  • People from Iran, Syria and Cuba are completely prohibited from using OneGold.
  • Remember, the rules may change depending on where you live.
  • At OneGold, the goal is to provide great service while also following the rules.

Vaulting and Insurance Details

On OneGold’s platform, investors can access vaults and insurance to add an extra layer of security to their precious metals investments. Global logistics provider Brinks helps safeguard and protect assets in secure vaults across six continents. These vaults give investors worldwide access to their stored assets.

Brinks is trusted with all kinds of precious metals, so customers know their investments are accessible. Lloyds of London’s insurance covers losses or catastrophes.

For peace of mind, OneGold provides audit reports often to confirm compliance with investors’ investments and custodial agreements. OneGold partners with reliable global logistics providers like Brinks to ensure an unparalleled customer experience when investing in gold and other precious metals.

What is Gold Bullion

Gold bullion is a physical form of gold, available in bars or coins. It’s popular with investors wanting to store their wealth, or use it for investment. makes it accessible; allowing minimum amounts of purchase.

Investing in gold bullion is a secure option, due to its intrinsic value and low correlation with other assets. Purity, weight, and the premium over the spot price must be taken into account.

Gold bullion requires security measures such as multi-factor authentication access controls and 24/7 monitoring, which provides.

Investing in gold bullion offers stable, long-term value potential. is a great choice for those looking to invest in gold bullion and preserve their wealth.

Before buying gold bullion, look at purity, weight, and security. Invest with and don’t miss out on one of the most enduring forms of wealth preservation.

Factors to Consider when Buying Gold Bullion

When buying gold bullion, there are essential factors to consider. Purity is important since it affects value. Look for certifications and tests to show purity levels. Different types, such as coins or bars, may impact value. Research to determine if one offers more value. Weight and size matter too, for price and transportability. Research market conditions before investing. Choose a reputable vendor to avoid fraudulent sales. Logistical factors, such as transportation, storage, and insurance needs, should also be considered.

Recently, preference for precious metals like gold over traditional assets has risen. A man once invested his savings in gold bullion. Safely stored it and sold it later at a higher price to pay for his son’s tuition fees.

Buying and storing gold bullion requires caution and attention. provides top-quality gold bullion that meets all the criteria at the best prices.

Storing and Selling Gold Bullion offers investors plenty of options for storing and selling gold bullion. Security, flexibility and ownership are all key benefits. You can pick from a variety of vault locations worldwide with advanced security, like 24/7 surveillance, multi-level access control and fire suppression systems.

You can also choose to store your gold bullion under your own name for full control over your investment. has created a table with key factors to consider like ownership, minimum investment, vault location, security and liquidation.

Once you decide to sell your gold bullion, you’ll get payment within two business days after the product’s quality is fully verified. So be sure before you move ahead with liquidating.

Overall, provides peace of mind and a transparent process for storing and selling gold bullion.

Pros and Cons of OneGold

If you are considering investing in precious metals and are browsing through online platforms, OneGold might catch your attention. In this section, we have outlined the pros and cons of OneGold to help you make an informed decision. OneGold offers real-time spot and bid prices, which can be beneficial to investors. However, their learning curve may be steep for some users and they offer limited live support.

Benefits of Real-time Spot and Bid Prices


Investing in precious metals can be profitable. It’s vital to have information on market values to make informed decisions. OneGold provides investors with real-time spot and bid prices, which offer numerous advantages.

Benefits include precise pricing that is updated every day. This allows users to buy or sell their metals at the current market value, so they get the best deal. Real-time spot and bid prices also eliminate hidden fees, making the process clear.

Investors can make decisions based on the current market conditions with real-time spot and bid prices, maximizing profits and minimizing losses. OneGold’s user-friendly interface displays prices clearly and concisely. Novice investors can understand and use them effectively.

Monitoring real-time price changes can provide valuable insights into market trends. Plus, users can access historical trades, review their portfolio performance using visual aids, analyze data, and make personalized watchlists.

OneGold’s partnership with APMEX and Sprott adds even more advantages. Users have access to industry expertise and support from partner companies.

Real-time spot and bid prices offer many benefits on OneGold, making it a great platform for investors in precious metals.

Drawbacks of Learning Curve and Limited Live Support


Using OneGold has some drawbacks to consider. Navigating the platform may be tricky for inexperienced users. Plus, limited live support means waiting for replies to complex issues. No 24/7 customer service could cause investors to miss out on trade opportunities. Prices may be higher than the spot price due to slow updates from its data provider. Transaction fees also apply with Bitcoin, while other payment methods don’t.

Yet, customers who learn OneGold’s features get good storage and security services. Some territories are off-limits due to government restrictions. A February 21st Altcoin Buzz review still recommends OneGold as one of the top five precious metal companies to invest in for 2021. Others are Sprott Money Ltd., Goldmoney Inc., Apmex Inc., and Money Metals Exchange LLC.

Price stability is another benefit. Gold prices are quite steady in comparison to other options, and they will not fall significantly even if there is a crisis. When you weigh your options, you’ll see that it’s one of the most cost-effective investments.

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Comparison of OneGold with Other Precious Metals Companies

When it comes to investing in precious metals, finding the right company can be a challenging task indeed. In this section, we will compare OneGold with other precious metals companies to help you make an informed decision based on established facts. We will consider factors such as the popularity and accessibility of precious metal investments. OneGold is indeed one of the top 5 highly recommended companies for those looking to invest in this market, as confirmed by reliable statistical data.

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Popularity and Accessibility of Precious Metals Investments

The precious metals investment industry has boomed recently. To make it easier to invest, OneGold provides a platform. This platform is partnered with APMEX and Sprott, so investors can access high-quality precious metals. Buying, selling, or transferring these metals digitally is possible without physical delivery.

OneGold also shows real-time spot and bid prices, which means investors know what they are getting. Low account requirements make it an ideal entry point for new investors. However, some locations have legal restrictions.

The vaulting and insurance system of OneGold ensures investments are safe and secure. This has made it a great choice for those who want to diversify their portfolios.

So, if you are interested in precious metals, check out OneGold. It has user-friendly features, competitive prices, and multiple investment options. Diversifying your portfolio could well lead to greater wealth in the long term.

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Final Thought – OneGold Review

OneGold is a renowned company, amongst the top 5 most recommended for investment in precious metals. They show real-time spot and bid prices, letting investors monitor their investments continuously. Through OneGold’s online platform, you can buy gold, silver, and platinum from home. To ensure reliability, security, and meet investor expectations, they partner with APMEX, Sprott, and other esteemed organizations.

OneGold has certain account requirements, like citizenship from selected regions. Prohibited locations are clearly listed on their website. For customers’ peace of mind, they provide vaulting and insurance details to ensure the safety of metal assets.

Customer support is limited, but they offer a user-friendly guide with how-to articles and FAQs. Investors should be aware of potential clawback risks due to lack of account activity, and Bitcoin payments may also incur additional fees. But their benefits seem to outweigh the limitations.

When investing in precious metals, it is vital to evaluate investment platforms carefully. Not all companies give in-depth info about buying physical metals online. OneGold educates their customers by offering various materials, such as videos, to make investing easier for beginners.

Five Facts About Onegold Review:


✅ OneGold is an online platform for investing in precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum. (Sources:,,,

✅ OneGold allows users to create a free account and pre-fund it to start trading. (Source:

✅ OneGold buys investment-grade precious metals directly from wholesalers, offering savings to investors. (Source:

✅ OneGold offers fully-insured vaulted gold, silver, and platinum through a free account. (Sources:,

✅ OneGold is a partnership between APMEX and Sprott, who aim to revolutionize precious metal ownership. (Sources:,

FAQs About Onegold Review

What is OneGold?

OneGold is an online platform for investing in precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum. It offers a personalized investing experience for customers, allowing them to transact 24/7 and buy immediately or pre-fund.

Does OneGold offer storage services?

Yes, OneGold offers storage services for precious metals that are vaulted with trusted partners like the Royal Canadian Mint or Loomis International. All investments and stored metals are insured by Lloyd’s of London, and users can convert their vaulted holdings to over 20,000 product options using APMEX.

What fees does OneGold charge for buying and storing precious metals?

OneGold charges a small premium over spot for buying precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum, and charges fewer fees than other gold dealers. The storage rate per annum varies with the type of metal stored, with the storage rate ranging from 0.49% for silver to 0.59% for gold.

What is the experience of using OneGold like?

The OneGold platform makes it possible to easily invest in precious metals, with real-time spot and bid prices, an easy-to-use mobile app, informative website, no account minimums, and low fees. However, some customers have had mixed experiences with the company, with some reporting that the promotional amount of gold given as part of marketing was clawed back due to lack of account activity, and the company charging a 2.5% additional fee for buying with bitcoin despite promoting the ability to use crypto. Live support availability may also be limited.

What are the offerings of OneGold as a precious metals dealer business?

As a precious metals dealer business, OneGold specializes in physical metals such as gold, platinum, and silver investments, available in four major countries. Purchases can be made immediately or pre-funded, and the company offers live spot prices, 24/7 trading, portfolio tools, market alerts, and daily news through its mobile app. OneGold is a partnership between APMEX and Sprott, who have a shared vision of revolutionizing precious metal ownership. APMEX was founded in 1999 by Scott Thomas and has a lifetime sales of $10 billion with a global customer base of 1.5M. Sprott was founded in 1981 by Eric Sprott and deals with real estate and precious metals.

What are the pros and cons of using OneGold?

Pros of using OneGold include real-time spot and bid prices, an easy-to-use mobile app, informative website, no account minimums, and low fees. The company charges fewer fees than other gold dealers and sells gold, silver, and platinum with a small premium over spot. The company receives a monthly inventory report from its vaulting partners, which is uploaded as public records for transparency. Cons include a learning curve for less tech-savvy users and limited live support availability.

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