Orion Metal Exchange Review

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Making smart retirement investments is what Orion Metal Exchange helps account holders and prospective clients do. Their goods and services enable customers to create a range of well-informed choices.

Before we get started with this review:

They know how challenging it is to choose a business you can entrust with your hard-earned savings. To give you as much information as possible so that you can make the best decision, we produce informative and practical material.

Orion Metal Exchange operates as a silver, gold, platinum, and palladium dealer, as the name would imply. The business also provides Gold IRA services and a wealth of other helpful information.

It functions fully, prioritizes interpersonal communication techniques, and puts substance before flair. The experts in this network provide top-notch account management services.

The people they serve benefit from their more than 50 years of experience in the financial industry. According to the company website, they believe that information is power.

About Orion Metal Exchange

One of the top priorities for Orion Metal Exchange is to offer the range of information required to make informed investing decisions. These indicators include data charts that are easily accessible online at all hours.

The website additionally features fresh content on recent developments, including investments, IRAs, and precious metals. Their free investors kit and guide pair well with this interactive and current information (available upon request).

Investors can better grasp their investment alternatives and responsibilities thanks to the wealth of information offered.

How Orion Serves Clients

With Orion Metal Exchange, it’s not just about handling retirement savings and dealing in precious metals.

Hands-on services are an essential component of what this organization offers.

These services involve storing and transporting metal purchases to a third party for increased protection. Getting in touch is simple thanks to toll-free and online communication channels.
The in-house IRA management ties it all together, but the hands-on and convenient accessibility of service is an excellent feature.

Custodians with certification and experience offer smooth help from changing accounts to remaining up to date on pricing trends.

What Makes Them Special

It would help if you placed trust in Orion Metal Exchange products and services. The Custodians use data for their account management.

Business processes and procedures adhere to standards established by groups like the PGCS, NGC, and ICTA.

Orion Metal Exchange Gold IRA

Are you trying to find out more about Orion’s Gold IRA? Briefly said, a Precious Metals IRA, commonly referred to as a Self-directed IRA, is what the Gold IRA is. It is a method of investing for a retirement that provides diversification-based portfolio hedging.

This type of account creates a way to maintain the value of your possessions, while some investments are about generating enormous returns.

This specific precious metal IRA can be started or rolled over as necessary.

Its function is to store precious metals and coins till retirement. Early withdrawals are subject to penalties, and eventually, disbursements are necessary. There are some tax benefits associated with opening an Orion Gold IRA.

The IRS has given its approval for any metals deposited through the business. Clients can select the location and custodian of account holdings, thanks to the self-directed nature of this account.

With no setup or transfer costs, the organization makes the entire procedure and experience painless.

With the activation of new accounts, there are even storage bonuses. The Gold IRA is subject to all IRS rules and protections, including interest-free withdrawals of ROTH money deposited.

How to Open a Self-Directed IRA Account

Setting up a precious metals IRA is relatively easy. The technique is straightforward, and there are around six steps in total.

Although the outcome and result of the accounts are subjective, the steps should only pose a small number of difficulties.

Since each choice has different restrictions, the first step is to choose whether to roll over or start-up. Depending on their circumstances, clients may have options to make one decision better.

Before making a choice, it’s best to consult a reputable CPA.

Choosing a custodian is the second step. All Self-directed IRAs need a custodian to be stored securely and by the IRS. It will be the custodian in issue who opens, handles setup, and handles bank statements.

For account holders, Orion Metal Exchange is permitted to act in this capacity.

Choosing a metal dealer for the Gold IRA in the third phase presents an intriguing possibility.

Clients can select a dealer to handle the work because this account is self-directed. The hassle of looking around to find the most excellent offer can be worthwhile.

Once everything is ready, you may select the kind of currencies and metal objects you want to hold. Silver, gold, platinum, and palladium are all permitted in the Gold IRA, and metal must be deposited with a purity grade of at least.995.

Account customers are free to deposit anything they want besides that restriction.

Clients only need to choose where to maintain the account balances once the custodian, dealer, and product of choice are in place. It is advised to seek custody counsel when looking for a respected site.

The customer has complete discretion, but it’s advisable to heed professional guidance for compliance.

Products and Services

Price Chart for Precious Metals

Orion Metal Exchange maintains an up-to-date chart of precious metal market prices on its website, albeit it may not be considered an official service.

This graph shows more than just the market fluctuations for silver, gold, platinum, and palladium.

With a single click of the Indices field, it compares precious metals to the Dow Jones, S&P 500, FTSE 100, Gold BUGS, Crude Oil, and US Dollar. Each comparison can be viewed individually or all at once, as desired.

It has been happening in real time for the past ten years. It’s a valuable tool for determining the best moment to start new accounts or buy metal.

Coin-based goods

Different coin sets and measured units of precious metals are available at Orion Metal Exchange, all at reasonable costs. These are priceless both as collectibles and as a means of enhancing security against unstable financial markets.

An astounding variety of coins are offered, including Canadian and British currencies.

Ira Investments in Precious Metals

The management of precious metal IRAs is Orion Metal Exchange’s area of expertise, and the business goes above and beyond to reassure clients.

The complexities and rules of opening and managing accounts are explored from various perspectives. Clients receive customized services from custodians.

Frequently Ask Questions

Is there a maximum amount of money that can deposit?

Six thousand dollars is the maximum amount that can be put into an account by a person under 50 in a calendar year. The cap on funds held by those over 50 is $7000.

Why is gold so expensive?

Across the world, different people have different ideas about what makes gold precious, and only some payment systems can make that assertion. The precious metals’ market malleability influences the value of holdings in a Gold IRA.

Every market has downturns, but the overall performance is the only thing that counts. Precious metals, such as silver and gold, keep increasing over time, making them fantastic investments.

Is it need to be.995 pure?

A minimum requirement must be met by the contributions made into Gold IRAs to give any security. Apply the same rules and practices to counterfeit money or CDs’ safety deposit boxes. Who would want inferior purchases or deposits?

When must withdrawals be made?

Account holders are required to make a withdrawal once they turn 70 years old. Their options include creating a distribution of some form or transfers between accounts.

Can I Deposit Metals of High Quality That I Already Possess?

Metals .995 purity cannot be placed into your Gold IRA account, even if you have them. It must follow a proper chain of custody for all deposits that reach accounts, and the process of transferring sources must be done through financial institutions.

Why Should I Think About Making a Precious Metal IRA Contribution?

Self-directed IRAs do more tasks than traditional IRAs. Account holders have access to a market with a stronger foundation than common equities and bonds. Assets obtained through these accounts maintain a stable value even during economic downturns or unsettling market fluctuations.

Gold Investing Tips

None of Our Holdings

Self-directed IRA regulations mandate that account holdings be deposited in recognized institutions. Gold IRAs can’t be kept in a home safe. The main goals here are the security of account holders and the long-term success of government finance.

What should I invest?

There is no minimum investment requirement for gold IRAs. Around 15% of account users’ entire balance is considered acceptable for wise investing.

Clients may require more than one IRA to suit their needs due to the deposit caps imposed by legislation.

The Form 1099-B’s Fine Print

This account uses a form (1099-B) to track the reporting of deposits from unincorporated vendors. It is intended to maintain financial records about the selling of metals as a source of revenue organized.

It must pay taxes related to those transactions to the IRS. Gold and precious metal investors should be acquainted with this form and what it includes.

Is Now a Good Time to Invest in Gold?

There are several overlapping justifications for buying a Gold IRA: consistency, planning, and endurance. All three characteristics are present in gold, which also safeguards retirement funds.

Account holders who contribute precious metals to Gold IRAs have a tangible asset to cling to during uncertain economic times.

Interest rates spike and stock values frequently plummet due to declining consumer confidence or other unanticipated events. Over time, the importance and value of gold and other precious metals have experienced a consistent international resurgence.

It’s reasonable to conclude that gold prices and supply and demand make it the ideal asset for portfolio hedging and diversification. The market for precious metals doesn’t explode like a star, only to crash and burn like paper money.

Politics and poor corporate management are the only two causes that might devalue the dollar. Gold is still seen as a wise investment. Everywhere in the world, someone wants it, and tomorrow, someone else will enjoy it even more.

The number of buyers—from governments to private individuals—keeps increasing. The more of it you store through reliable sources, the higher the return on your investment will be.

Pros and Cons



  • The business website lacks any unnecessary bells and whistles.
  • a good reputation among trustworthy organizations
  • Within the business, there is a focus on interpersonal communication.


  • The webpage is sluggish.
  • When it comes to creating accounts, there is no method to do so on the website.
  • The Orion Metal Exchange is unable to provide tax advice.

Final Thoughts – Orion Metal Exchange Review

The Orion Metal Exchange helps investors maintain their hard-earned financial profits while selling precious metals. They offer services to guide clients in the proper direction and are knowledgeable.

They work to provide advice so that everyone can enjoy their best retirement life.

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