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  • Pacific Premier Trust is a division of Pacific Premier Bank with headquarters in Irvine, California that offers various retirement and savings account options including traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, self-directed IRAs for alternative investing, SEP, SIMPLE and custodial IRAs.
  • Despite some negative customer reviews and complaints, Pacific Premier Trust allows for account application and activation, financial transaction processing, record keeping, and reporting for the IRS. The company also has an online portal for account opening, account funding, document submission, and identity verification.
  • Pacific Premier Trust has higher than average minimum fees that include annual dues, administration charges, and costs for various actions taken on the account, with a minimum annual fee of $750. However, the company’s Alt-Nav technological solution streamlines alternative investing by eliminating paperwork through a drag-and-drop interface, allowing for investments to be processed without scanning, copying, faxing, or mailing.

Pacific Premier Trust Overview

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1/5 Ratings

With a legacy spanning over three decades in the financial industry, Pacific Premier Trust has been a prominent player in the alternative investing space. Pacific Premier Trust was established in 1984 and is a subsidiary of Pacific Premier Bancorp, Inc. Their role as a trusted custodian for investors seeking to diversify their portfolios beyond traditional assets has made them a leader in the industry.

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Pros and Cons


Pacific Premier Trust has a long-standing track record and considerable expertise in the financial business, making them a trusted and trustworthy partner for managing your investments.

They provide a complete range of services, including self-directed IRAs, custodial accounts, and alternative asset custody, responding to the different demands of their clientele.

Pacific Premier Trust is recognized for offering great customer service.

They offer a user-friendly and secure online platform that enables customers to access their accounts, monitor investments, and make transactions effortlessly from anywhere at any time.

Pacific Premier Trust allows customers to participate in a broad variety of alternative assets, such as real estate, private equity, and precious metals, giving options for diversification and possibly greater returns.


Pacific Premier Trust’s physical branches are predominantly focused in select locations, which may restrict face-to-face contacts for some customers who prefer in-person consultations or support.

Compared to regular banks, Pacific Premier Trust’s costs may be significantly higher, particularly for specialist services such as self-directed IRAs and alternative asset custody.

Self-directed IRAs demand a certain degree of expertise and comprehension of alternative investments.

Pacific Premier Trust provides several investing services, however they may not offer checking accounts or personal loans.

As with any financial institution, Pacific Premier Trust works under tight regulatory requirements.

History and Background of Pacific Premier Trust

Pacific Premier Trust, established in 2004, is a subsidiary of Pacific Premier Bancorp. It specializes in trust and custodial services for traditional and alternative investments. The company has a history of recognition for its contribution to alternative investing. It is seen as one of the top IRA custodians in the industry. Pacific Premier Trust has won the “Best Self-Directed IRA Custodian” award from Investing Daily eight times since 2011.

What sets it apart is its use of advanced technological solutions. They make the alternative investing process simpler. Over 40,000 alternative investments are easily accessible, both domestic and overseas.

Investors can trust that Pacific Premier Trust is committed to providing a hassle-free and stress-free experience.

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Pacific Premier Trust’s Role in Alternative Investing

Pacific Premier Trust stands out as a go-to IRA custodian for alternative investments. Clients can explore assets like private equity, real estate, and precious metals – beyond stocks and bonds.

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The company’s focus on non-traditional options makes them a top choice for portfolio diversification. Pacific Premier Trust is dedicated to technology, streamlining the process of alternative investing.

They make it easy: no need to worry about restricted assets, or complicated paperwork. Plus, superior customer service and tech tools let clients efficiently manage their holdings across multiple accounts.

Don’t miss out on the chance to seize control of your financial future. Invest with Pacific Premier Trust and their expertise in alternative investing.

Terrible Customer Reviews for Pacific Premier Trust Company

If you are considering Pacific Premier Trust as your IRA custodian, it is important to note some negative customer reviews and complaints. According to reference data, there have been criticisms of Pacific Premier Trust’s communication, transparency, and charges. Nevertheless, it is useful to compare Pacific Premier Trust with other IRA custodians in the market.

Customer Reviews and Complaints against Pacific Premier Trust

Customers of Pacific Premier Trust have been expressing a lot of dissatisfaction with the services. This includes communication, customer service, delays in transaction processing, and lack of transparency. In addition, they have complained about the high fees compared to other IRA custodians.

Furthermore, there is confusion about the account setup process, with some accounts being mysteriously closed after opening.

The reviews and complaints about Pacific Premier Trust are worrying when compared to their competitors. The competition has higher customer satisfaction rates, causing concerns about Pacific Premier Trust’s capability to provide quality services to their clients.

It is essential that Pacific Premier Trust take action to address these issues and strive to better their services to give their customers the best experience.

Comparison with Other IRA Custodians

Pacific Premier Trust has been compared to other IRA Custodians. Customer reviews and complaints show it lags behind others in terms of transparency and communication. A comparison table can be made – showing fees, account options, technology solutions, customer service, and reputation. Equity Trust, Millennium Trust Company, The Entrust Group, and Broad Financial LLC can all be included.

It’s worth noting Pacific Premier Trust offers self-directed IRAs – allowing investors control over their investments into alternative assets like real estate and private equity. This could appeal to investors who value control and access to alternative investments.

However, data on Pacific Premier Trust’s standing and offerings is limited. Investors should research and compare all available IRA custodians before making a decision.

Pacific Premier Trust’s Retirement and Savings Account Options

Are you looking for the right retirement and savings account options? Look no further than Pacific Premier Trust. In this section, they’ll explore the different types of accounts offered by Pacific Premier Trust and their many unique account features and benefits that aim to help you secure your financial future. Trust Pacific Premier to help you reach your financial goals.

Types of Accounts Offered by Pacific Premier Trust

Pacific Premier Trust provides alternative investment options for individuals. These go beyond the traditional stocks & bonds and offer more control over finances. Besides retirement accounts, Pacific Premier Trust also offers educational savings plans, charitable giving, & precious metals investment.

Below is a table of the key features of each account type offered by Pacific Premier Trust:

Account TypeKey Features
Traditional IRATax-deferred retirement savings
Roth IRATax-free growth on qualified distributions
SEP IRAFor small business owners
Solo 401(k)For self-employed individuals
Health Savings AccountCombining healthcare coverage & long-term savings goals

Each account has specific rules & regulations to abide by while benefiting from alternative investing.

Checkbook control, online account management tools, & accessibility across multiple mobile platforms are all available for clients to manage their investments. With Pacific Premier Trust’s great account features, saving up for retirement is now a breeze.

Pacific Premier Trust’s Account Features and Benefits

Pacific Premier Trust is an attractive option for those seeking to diversify their portfolios. They have many account options, such as a Self-Directed IRA, Roth IRA, Simplified Employee Pension (SEP), and Individual 401(k).

The Self-Directed IRA allows people to invest in alternative assets like real estate and private equity. The Roth IRA is popular among long-term investors since it offers tax-free distributions and no mandatory distribution requirements. With a SEP, business owners can establish retirement savings plans for themselves or their employees. An Individual 401(k) is designed for small business owners and self-employed individuals, allowing retirement savings and tax-deferred contributions.

Pacific Premier Trust has online access to transactions and statements, encrypted messaging for secure document transfer, automatic transfer and stop-loss protection, and a mobile app. Clients can customize beneficiaries by selecting primary and secondary ones.

They also have competitive interest rates and low minimum balance requirements. Customers may qualify for fee waivers if they maintain specific balances or give Pacific Premier Trust electronic statement consent. Consider Pacific Premier Trust for your investment needs.

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Pacific Premier Trust’s Fees and Services

Pacific Premier Trust’s fee structure and services can significantly impact investors’ ability to generate returns. In this section, let’s take a closer look at Pacific Premier Trust’s fees and services and compare them to industry standards. They’ll also examine the fees associated with Pacific Premier Trust accounts and discuss their technological solutions aimed at streamlining alternative investing.

Fees Associated with Pacific Premier Trust Accounts

Are you considering opening an alternative investment account with Pacific Premier Trust? You must be aware of all fees associated. It varies based on the type of account and services. See the table for their fee structure:

Fee TypeDescriptionAmount
Account Set-up FeeThe fee for opening an account.$50 – $100
Annual Account Maintenance FeeThe fee to maintain an account.$150 – $300
Custody Fees*Fee Charged by PPT as Custodian.Inquire within

Also, there could be extra fees. Transaction fees for each purchase or sale. Closing an account or transferring funds may incur charges. Thus, review all fees before deciding. For exact fees and how they impact ROI, inquire within. Trust Pacific Premier Trust and enjoy a virtual breeze today.

Pacific Premier Trust’s Technological Solution Aims to Streamline Alternative Investing

Pacific Premier Trust is utilizing tech to simplify alternative investing. They want to create tools that quickly help clients invest in real estate, small businesses, cryptocurrency, precious metals, and more.

To do this, Pacific Premier Trust is using cutting-edge tech and automation to take away manual processes. Their portal gives investors access to digital forms, investment management tools, secure messaging, and more.

Pacific Premier Trust’s tech is designed for self-directed IRA holders. It makes it easier for individuals to understand alt investing and make their own decisions without any intermediaries.

Using tech solutions saves investors time and reduces the risk of human error from traditional methods. Pacific Premier Trust’s commitment to tech keeps them a major self-directed IRA custodian in the US.

Pacific Premier Trust’s Experience and Pros and Cons

Pacific Premier Trust (PPT) is a financial institution based in Irvine, California. PPT specializes in providing self-directed individual retirement account (SDIRA) custodial services to clients wanting to invest their retirement funds outside of the traditional market. PPT doesn’t provide investment advice nor recommendations.

PPT has been in operation since 2004 and has grown to become a trusted name in SDIRA custodial services with over $13 billion assets under custody. PPT is regulated by the California Department of Business Oversight and subject to regular audits.

In summary, PPT is a reputable financial institution providing a unique opportunity for investors to control their retirement funds outside of the traditional markets. However, PPT doesn’t offer investment advice or recommendations and is only suitable for investors with a good understanding of their potential investment choices.

Pacific Premier Trust’s Experience and Reputation

Pacific Premier Trust is a respected firm with expertise in different alternative investment services. They are especially well-known as an IRA custodian, helping individuals invest in something other than stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

Customers and industry experts alike talk about Pacific Premier Trust’s reputation. Some are pleased while others have issues with fees, slow processing times, & customer service.

Still, they provide accounts with features and benefits that investors looking for alternatives find attractive. Their focus on technology to make the alternative investing process easier for account holders is something special. Plus, they are open about the fees associated with their accounts.

It’s true that there have been complaints about customer service in the past. But Pacific Premier Trust is dedicated to offering excellent retirement account options to those searching for more than traditional assets. Their experience and reputation are seen in their effort to provide an efficient operation and pleasant customer experience.

For example, an investor had success with Pacific Premier Trust’s personal approach to helping clients make money from alternative investments.

To sum up, Pacific Premier Trust’s experience & reputation as a reliable IRA custodian offer valuable alternative investment options, although some customers have experienced high fees and poor customer service.

Pacific Premier Bank’s Overview

Pacific Premier Bank is a financial institution that offers a range of services and products to its customers. In this section, they will provide an overview of Pacific Premier Bank, including its offerings and customer reviews. They will examine the services and products they provide and evaluate customer experiences to determine the level of customer satisfaction.

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Pacific Premier Bank’s Services and Products

Pacific Premier Bank is a financial institution which provides many services and products to individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations. Alongside that, it is parent company of Pacific Premier Trust, and focuses on alternative investing.

Individuals are given personal checking and savings accounts with different options, according to their needs and preferences. There are four types of checking accounts and three savings account options with competitive interest rates.

Businesses can benefit from Pacific Premier Bank’s services, such as commercial loans, treasury management services, cash management solutions, and merchant services. Furthermore, it offers lending services for personal and business purposes, like HELOC, automotive loans, and SBA 7a loans.

Pacific Premier Bank offers excellent customer service and state-of-the-art technology through its online banking platform. It has branches both within and outside California, making it more accessible.

In conclusion, Pacific Premier Bank offers services and products to meet individual and business needs. These include personal checking and savings accounts, business banking solutions, lending services, merchant services, and wealth management.

Customer Reviews and Complaints against Pacific Premier Bank

Pacific Premier Bank has had reviews and complaints from customers. These include dissatisfaction with customer service communication and the bank’s transparency. People have also said account fees are too high and processing takes too long. Additionally, there have been issues with the Pacific Premier Trust online banking platform – login problems and an outdated design. It is important to know that the comments are all over the internet, so the overall performance of the bank may not be accurately represented.


Final Thought – Pacific Premier Trust Review

Pacific Premier Trust is a competent and trustworthy financial organization that delivers great services to its consumers. With a great track record and a devoted team of specialists, Pacific Premier Trust guarantees that its clients get the highest level of service and competence. The company’s dedication to ethics and openness sets it apart from others in the business. Whether it’s aiding with self-directed IRAs or supplying custodial services, Pacific Premier Trust constantly proves its dedication to helping customers reach their financial objectives. In a world where trust is vital, Pacific Premier Trust stands out as a light of dependability and expertise.

Five Facts About Pacific Premier Trust:

✅ Pacific Premier Trust offers a variety of retirement and savings account options, including self-directed and traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, inherited IRAs, custodial services, and small business retirement accounts. (Source:

✅ Pacific Premier Trust utilizes Alt-Nav, a technological solution for alternative investing that eliminates paperwork through a drag-and-drop interface. (Source: Pacific Premier Trust Reviews)

✅ Pacific Premier Trust is a subsidiary of Pacific Premier Bank and has been helping customers manage their retirement assets and increase their wealth for over 30 years. (Source: BMO GAM Viewpoints)

✅ Pacific Premier Trust has higher than average minimum fees, but it can handle a wide variety of assets, making it one of the top solutions for customers needing advice and guidance on achieving their financial goals. (Source: Pacific Premier Trust Reviews)

❌ Customers have had terrible experiences with Pacific Premier Trust Company, citing issues with lost money, poor service, high fees, and difficulty communicating with staff handling specific transactions. (Source: BBB)

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FAQs About Pacific Premier Trust Review

What is Pacific Premier Trust and when was it founded?

Pacific Premier Trust is a division of Pacific Premier Bank that was established in 1989 as PENSCO Trust and joined Pacific Premier Bank in 2020. The company is headquartered in Irvine, California, and has physical locations in San Francisco, California, and Denver, Colorado.

What types of accounts and services does Pacific Premier Trust offer?

Pacific Premier Trust offers a variety of retirement and savings account options, including self-directed and traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, inherited IRAs, custodial services, and small business retirement accounts. The organization provides account application and activation, financial transaction processing, record keeping, and reporting for the IRS.

Does Pacific Premier Trust offer precious metals investing options?

Yes, Pacific Premier Trust offers self-directed IRAs that allow for investment in precious metals, among other alternative assets.

How does Pacific Premier Trust aim to streamline alternative investing?

Pacific Premier Trust offers a technological solution called Alt-Nav that eliminates paperwork through a drag-and-drop interface. This allows for investments to be processed without scanning, copying, faxing, or mailing. Alt-Nav also has an online portal for account opening, account funding, document submission, and identity verification.

What are the fees associated with Pacific Premier Trust accounts?

Fees for Pacific Premier Trust include annual dues, administration charges, and costs for various actions taken on the account. The minimum annual fee is $750, and there are minimum balance requirements for different types of assets. While the company has higher than average minimum fees, it can handle a wide variety of assets.

What has been the feedback from customers about Pacific Premier Trust?

The BBB Rating does not consider customer reviews, but according to BBB customer reviews, customers have had terrible experiences with Pacific Premier Trust Company. Customers have lost money and had trouble retrieving it. Physical statements were not delivered despite repeated requests. Service is non-existent and callbacks can take several days. Fees are high and have increased while service remains substandard. Customers are unable to talk to the group handling specific transactions. Employees blame computer errors for mistakes. Phone lines and computer access frequently go down. Therefore, customers are advised to avoid Pacific Premier Trust Company at all costs.

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