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Before you begin this evaluation:

Regal Assets used to be a mediocre corporation, but that is no longer the case.

Numerous claims of fraud and money theft against Regal Assets have been made. The owner cannot be located as of this writing. If ever discovered, he will have to go through the legal system.

We combed through more than 3,000 actual customer reviews to get the best and worst of what people had to say about all facets of this company to write this in-depth evaluation of Regal Assets.

We’ll demonstrate the distinctions between them and other typical precious metal businesses and the modifications. The following are the results of our general examination of the company:

  • The first year’s worth of starting expenses are free.
  • It has the lowest administrative charge for succeeding years of just $90.
  • Online, there aren’t many bad reviews to be found.
  • With four global offices, they are present everywhere.
  • They have some of the most rapid processing and delivery periods available from any organization.
  • The lowest industry standard fixed storage charge, which could be more scalable, is just $125 a year.
  • Shipping takes just seven days, which is relatively rapid.
  • Provide separate storage rather than mixed.
  • They have been around for well over ten years.
  • There is never a hard-sell attempt. Additionally, demanding or aggressive salespeople should be present.
  • Any precious metal company they have some of the most glowing web evaluations.

With a specific Regal Assets’ excellent reputation, zero-fee policy for the first year, and flat fee after that make it appear like it is easier to make a mistake with them.

Regal Assets has the most affordable administrative and storage expenditures of all the businesses we evaluated.

This organization has received nearly no negative online reviews, which is exceptional. Moreover, the absence of pushy salespeople makes doing business with the organization pleasurable.

With Regal Assets, the minimum investment is $5,000 for direct purchases of natural metals and $10,000 for retirement accounts. They will also support the conversion of any current IRA, SEP, TSP, 401(k), or 403(b) into cryptocurrency or metal.

The fact that Regal Assets was among the first alternative asset investment firms to be permitted to trade bitcoin globally on a legal basis started a novel trend.

It became abundantly evident that Regal Assets not only know what they are doing but also does an excellent job after walking the reader through what looked to amount to countless favorable reviews and verifiable testimonials of them!

They’ll take you by the hand and walk you through every stage of buying gold and carrying out any otherwise investment-related action.

They believe in guiding you through the complete investment process, teaching you how to do it step-by-step, and ensuring you comprehend every type of coin or metal. The fact that Regal Assets won’t put any strain on you is among its most significant features.

They take satisfaction because they don’t have to bother people to get additional business. They care about you and your wants in money, but they won’t pressure you into joining anything you don’t require.

Their Customers Are Always First on the List

Always put the consumer first, no matter what the circumstance. They will present you with all of your alternatives and assist you in choosing the best one rather than trying to pressure you into making an investment that is not good for you.

You can find various investors with Regal Assets if you do your homework. It can include millionaires, famous people, and sophisticated investors. Many of these people frequently recommend Regal Assets due to their company’s business strategy.

Decades of Experience Working For You

Regal Asset is delighted to employ the brightest minds as advisers and customer service agents for its clients.

You can reach them via their website or by dialing 1-855-712-2993 during business hours in the United States and Canada for assistance with any queries you may have about your financial needs.

They will provide you with the in-depth attention you want because they know that investing money is a huge decision, especially when your retirement funds are on the line.

Their representative will be able to guide you through the complete procedure and is very informed about a wide range of precious metals.

One of the best things about Regal Assets is that the first agent you speak to when you contact will serve as your representative moving forward.

The representatives of Regal Asset are also on the ball; they will always get in touch with you the same day or the next day via phone or email.

Diversity of Products

Because they cater to their investors regardless of their skills or understanding of investing, Regal Assets is ranked so well. Regal Assets will assist users who want to invest in bullion bars and coins, as certain people only want to do that.

Make sure the precious metals are IRS-approved if you intend to roll over the money into a gold IRA. One crucial piece of advice is to stay away from numismatic coins.

To protect your retirement savings from any crisis, you should take advantage of their diverse portfolio offerings, including unique precious metal offerings and cryptocurrencies. If you are an experienced investor, you should do this.

The professional and informed investors that call Regal Assets home are experts in Gold IRAs. But you can always go with palladium, platinum, or silver.

Thanks to their extensive resources and expertise, they can start the transfer and rollover procedure into priceless IRAs for consumers within 48 hours.

They provide some of the most affordable prices accessible, and the system they employ enables customers to buy precious metal IRAs quickly and discreetly.

Offering the Best Storage in the Industry

Regal Assets is committed to excellence in all areas and will only associate with the best. They cooperate with Brinks regarding storage and make sure that all warehouse is segregated rather than mixed, unlike many other custodians.

They charge a single, flat rate of $125 a year for storage.

Since many other businesses charge upwards of $225 annually and do not provide the segregated option, this is a reasonably acceptable fee.

These other businesses only provide a comingled option for your metals, and the total cost of doing business with them is far greater than Regal Assets charges for segregated storage.

You’ll discover that most rivals will price more than $1,000 for segregated service. It is a huge benefit to get this service for such a cheap cost.

No Fees For The First Year

You won’t pay any account or administration fees when you sign up for Regal Assets to open a retirement account, which applies to the entire first accounting year.

After then, it drops to a low of $90 annually, the lowest of any company in the sector.

Regal Assets will cover all fees connected to your account for the first year. This one offer alone is worth $700!

Compared to their rivals, they have saved $700 in fees. Additionally, the competition requires upfront payment from customers and forces them to pay fees as soon as the account is created.

Watch for Competitors Offering the Scaling Fee

The separate storage of silver and gold was one of the best services Regal Assets made to its clients.

As we have already discussed, most other businesses charge substantially more for hybrid storage.

If segregated storage is provided, it is often only available for gold and has a scaled fee structure. Simply put, this means that your storage costs will increase in direct proportion to the value of your account.

Regal Assets only charges a one-time, flat price of $125 per year when you use their services.

It is feasible to avoid paying hundreds of dollars in storage expenses yearly by paying a fixed charge instead of the scaling fee.

One of the Fastest Shipping Processes in the Industry

Everything that Regal Assets performs, including the processing and delivery times, is carried out with a high degree of precision.

According to their guarantee, your precious metals will arrive at your home within seven business days.

Most other gold IRA firms typically require up to 30 or 40 days, if not more, to obtain your precious metals. That is regarded as the industry norm.

Therefore, a seven-day delivery schedule is much beyond anything anyone is even close to providing.

Regal Assets is so committed to achieving that 7-day deadline that, in the unlikely event that they don’t, they’ll send you a free 1-ounce Silver American Eagle.

Offers the Fastest Processing Time

Regal Assets frequently responds to queries or even processes transfers from a custodian in as little as 48 business hours. One of the few precious metal companies that provide this service, they will conduct everything electronically.

Additionally, you can inspect your precious metals and sign your documents online.

Call Regals Assets directly if you have any questions regarding anything. One of their experts will be happy to help you understand everything and address any concerns.

The difference in their staff and how they treat their consumers can be heard after just one phone call.

They will sometimes discuss topics with customers for up to an hour to help them grasp the procedure. Please feel free to finish a consultation conversation with them quickly.

International Presence

Regal Assets is a well-known business located in Canada, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Singapore. They have thousands of customers all over the world and are entirely admired.

The Business Consumer Alliance has rated Regal Assets as one of the most reputable and trustworthy companies with a AAA grade.

As a pioneer in the precious metal sector, they are also a member of TrustLink. Of course, we would be remiss if we did not highlight the tens of thousands of satisfied BirdEye users.

Online reviews for Regal Assets are overwhelmingly positive. To locate any complaints about the company, we had to search.

Regal Assets Complaints

Eight complaints have been filed against the business with the Better Business Bureau in total during the last three years. Six of those eight issues were finally settled and closed.

Simple misunderstandings and shipping delays were the cause of many of these complaints.

On Trustlink, there are over 1000 good evaluations, with only two bad ones.

One thing to remember is that Regal Assets has chosen not to join the Better Business Bureau, so the organization needs to be rated or accredited by the BBB.

It is a fantastic achievement from a long-standing business that we could not locate any additional online customer complaints while researching the organization.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that only some customers will write a review. As a result, thousands upon thousands of delighted customers still need to provide feedback for Regal Assets.

Final Thoughts – Regal Assets Review

Once more, Regal Assets allows you to buy investment-grade precious metals at your convenience without being pressured into making a purchase. Additionally, they provide a 7-day guarantee on all metals.

We sincerely hope this evaluation is instructive and points you in the proper direction.

Regal Assets is among the top in the precious metal sector, so if you’ve been on the fence about using their services, get over it.

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