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Since 2012, this reputable online retailer of precious metals has provided international shipping and ethical storage options.

When purchasing or selling bullion, SD Bullion offers a large assortment and provides shipment for 28 different nations. The modification of an order after confirmation will likely result in order cancellation fees.

Consider working with this source if you’re looking for a dependable online bullion service that offers a natural storage alternative. If you’re looking for numismatic coins, you should go somewhere else.

Since its establishment in 2012, SD Bullion has expanded quickly to rank among the most popular alternatives to buying silver and gold bullion over the Internet.

Despite the limited gold bullion range, a few 1-kilogram and ounce gold bars are available online for relatively affordable prices.

You should be aware that the group was founded by those responsible for the Silver Doctors network, a website that updates investors on developments in the precious metal market.

These service providers have extensive expertise working with precious metals, so they are familiar with the market’s ups and downs and the products most likely to be in demand.

Silver Doctors Bullion is SD Bullion, and they do online precious metal trading at They offer a low-cost guarantee with the lowest premiums on gold bullion bars, coins, and a variety of other precious metals.

Leading manufacturers like the Royal Canadian Mint and Ohio Precious Metals supply their assortment of gold bars. They have a smaller inventory of bars than other providers, but they offer the lowest spot prices for what they have.

SD Bullion’s idea is centered on doing business the old-fashioned way. They offer a discounted bullion processing service, high-end products, and first-rate customer support.

More than 250,000 pleased clients have used our services. They, too.

Products from SD Bullion

This supplier deals in a variety of bullion and accessories:


Look at European Gold, Mexican Libertads, Chinese Pandas, Canadian Maples, American Eagles, and gold bars ranging in size from 1kg to 1g.

Bullets, money, coins, bars, and rounds weighing 1g and 1oz are all silver.

Platinum is available in coins ranging from 10 oz to 1 g, Platinum Eagles, Platinum Maples, and international platinum bars.

Morgan Dollars, Peace Dollars, Lincoln Busts, Silver Shields, and other coins are made of copper.

Palladium includes Eagles, Maples, and Palladium bars in weights ranging from 1 oz to 1 gram.

Additionally available as accessories are coin magnifiers, storage bins, cleansers, and airtight cases.

How to Buy from SD Bullion

  • The upper portion of the webpage features a tabbed layout for the bullion collection.
  • Here is a description of the purchasing procedure:
  • Find the item you want, specify how much of it you want, and add it to your shopping basket.
  • Select the shipping method you prefer.
  • Enter your payment information.
  • Check the order.

Are Returns Acceptable?

Returns are possible, although they are only sometimes welcomed and are typically assured. You have 72 hours to hire a broker to submit a return. SD Bullion will contact you if they accept your return request.

Upon approval of your request to return an item, please send it to SD Bullion in its original packaging and condition and pay the delivery costs. You may also imagine being held responsible for the market loss.

Depending on the kind of payment you use, SD Bullion will charge you a fee for stocking: 5% if you use PayPal or a credit card and 3% if you use another way.

Shipping Info

This supplier uses FedEx, USPS, or UPS to ship items to customers in the US. Free delivery is available for domestic orders of $199 or more, while it charges less than that. A set rate of $7.77 applies to the whole amount.

Customs and other delivery-related taxes may be included in the international shipping charges calculated at checkout.

For insured items, a delivery signature is necessary; if you respect the signatures, the package will be guaranteed. To track and keep track of your orders, use a tracking number.

What is the Process for Selling to SD Bullion?

SD Bullion will purchase palladium, platinum, silver, or gold. This is how the selling procedure goes:

  • Contact us at 800-294-8732 to confirm the buyback price.
  • As soon as you receive a buy order, print it out and include it with your shipment.
  • 24 to 72 hours after SD Bullion has taken custody of the item, you can anticipate payment.

How Safe is SD Bullion?

The Better Business Bureau has accredited SD Bullion since its founding in 2012. (BBB). It has an A+ rating from the BBB, and no complaints are listed in the Financial Bureau’s database, which is supposed to protect consumers.

The company offers trustworthy solutions for storing platinum, silver, and gold and buying and selling bullion worldwide.

Is SD Bullion a secure place for my money?

This provider has a DigiCert license and employs SSL encryption. Its PCI-compliant payment gateway, Authorize.Net, manages private credit card data.
Every outbound order has tracking data and is guaranteed its actual value.

Storage with SD Bullion

For platinum, silver, and gold, direct storage possibilities are anticipated. Your order from SD Bullion can be delivered to your repository storage account, which will be added to your balance.

You can create a repository storage account by getting in touch with them. SD Bullion’s customer support line while businesses are open. New subscribers receive free storage for the first three months; after that, it costs $9.99 more.

All deposits are covered by insurance for the business up to the melt value of the products.

How are SD Bullion’s Prices in Comparison to its Competitors?

Their product costs are comparable to the market on average, and they don’t charge additional service charges or commissions.

Buy Costs

As of May 27, 2020, SD Bullion listed the price of 1 ounce uncirculated randomized $1,908.74 for American Gold Eagle Coins. This cost more than what was indicated on Money Metals and JM Bullion but less expensive than the price of Golden Eagle for the same product.

Buy Rates

These data are not posted on SD Bullion’s website. Comparing its buyback costs with those of the competition is challenging.

The individual we spoke with when we called to ask the question said that the costs vary based on the quantity and product you desire.

How Can I Reach Out to SD Bullion’s Customer Support?

Any of the following techniques can be used to contact support:

Call a friend. Callers can reach 800-294-8732 by phone from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm ET, Monday through Thursday, and 8:00 am to 7:00 pm ET, on Friday. Fill out a private online form on the company’s website to obtain an answer to your question.

Live conversation. On weekdays from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm ET, SD Bullion’s website has a live chat facility where you can communicate with a representative in real-time.

Is there an actual storefront for SD Bullion?

SD Bullion does not have a physical location and only operates as an internet retailer.

How can I alter the order?

Changes are not permitted once the order has been confirmed. Contact the SD Bullion support staff during regular business hours if you want to cancel. You should be aware that there are cancellation fees associated with the order.

Complaints & Client Reviews of SD Bullion

Most of the feedback received from SD Bullion is favorable. Due to the 216 BBB client reviews, the company has maintained a general rating of 4.9- out of a possible five as of October 2020, earning it an A+ grade from the BBB.

Thanks to the 1,562 favorable customer ratings, SD Bullion has a TrustScore of 4.3 out of 5 on the Trustpilot platform.

Customers laud the company’s professionalism, quick ordering process, and courteous customer service representatives. Purchase cancellation costs and uneven shipment delays are two examples. Issues.

Pros & Cons


  • International shipping SD Bullion offers shipment to some foreign nations.
  • SD Bullion assesses no additional commissions or fees for any transactions.
  • Well-regarded – The company maintains a positive reputation among its internet clients on the Trustpilot and BBB platforms.


  • Limited support is available; you can contact the customer support staff only during the designated working days on weekdays.
  • Cancellation fees – You will be charged fees ranging from three percent to five percent to cancel an order if you don’t pay for it within the allotted time.
  • Restocking fees – You should spend between 3% and 5% when requesting a return.

Final Thoughts – SD Bullion Reviews

SD Bullion isn’t the right supplier for you if you’re looking for a pricey gold bar or a wide selection of things. But these service providers should be your first choice if you want to buy gold bullion for the lowest possible price online.

The BBB has granted Doc Investments LLC full accreditation, and as of this writing, there are no open complaints for SD Bullion. Furthermore, safeguards all client information.

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