Silver Gold Bull Review

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Your investment could be valuable if you invest consistently in this digital age. Considering precious metals such as gold, silver, or platinum may be a sensible investment strategy in terms of long-term value.

Having stated that, where do you go for such reliable investments? Precious metal merchants flood today’s market, so it’s crucial to pick the proper one. A successful trader, Silver Gold Bull has been active in the market.

Depending on what you search for, the company can provide you with a prosperous financial future.

Before you begin this evaluation:

They know how difficult it may be to find a company you can depend on with your hard-earned money. Producing information is how you accomplish this.

Bobby Belandis founded Silver Gold Bull in 2009 to give investors more options. It was accomplished by concentrating primarily on the market for investing in precious metals.

The investment company acts as a secure online marketplace where novice and seasoned investors can access various precious metal products, such as bars, coins, and collectibles.

Operating in a high-risk sector, Silver Gold Bull wants to do more than offer a variety of precious metal investment alternatives.

It actively worked to maintain an unchallengeable industry reputation by offering exceptional customer care while buying bullion.

The business has worked hard to uphold this commitment by offering customers high-quality goods and a straightforward, risk-free way to access and buy precious metals.

For consistent trust-building and top-notch service delivery, Silver Gold Bull has continued to reinvent its methods and collaborate with other respected organizations to protect its reputation.

It has considerably aided the company in establishing its credibility in the marketplace.

Investors are always informed and have access to the most incredible deals thanks to companies that provide a live market rate to their customers. The company has worked with premium data suppliers like Xignite to receive reliable market data regularly.

Silver Gold Bull purchases its goods directly from reputable, well-known mints, refineries, and suppliers (such as the Royal Canadian Mint).

Even though Silver Gold Bull is primarily an online marketplace for precious metals, you can still order your precious metals offline by getting in touch with one of the company’s sales agents.

Products and Services

Silver, platinum, copper, collectibles, and jewelry are just a few of the many investment products in which Silver Gold Bull specializes. The huge seller of precious metals specializes in estate sales, bullion purchases, insured shipments, free live quotes, and IRA investments, among other services.

The organization gives you various options when you invest in silver, including silver bars, silver rounds, and silver coins. There are more entry points for investors of all levels because of the various pricing points of all these options.

Nevertheless, because silver bars come in a variety of sizes, they are more accessible to a broader range of investors and are the choice of the majority of investors.

Similar to other investments, gold can be purchased as bars, coins of various denominations, or rounds. Rounds typically cost more than bars and coins because they are more valuable and have a more upscale appeal.

Silver Gold Bull offers some intriguing possibilities for platinum and palladium regarding rare metals. These two are the best choices for investors purchasing metal for jewelry and other industrial uses.

These more expensive options are readily available as bars and coins. Ordering and following up are made simpler once you create an account with Silver Gold Bull, thanks to a live chat function on their website.

Silver Gold Bull IRAs

Silver Gold Bull offers investing choices for your retirement planning as well. The company assists retired investors in reliably hedging against their investments by adding precious metals to their IRAs.

You are hedging your IRA portfolio by diversifying it into precious metals to lower your investment risk.

You can start placing orders with Silver Gold Bull for your selected precious metals after your IRA has been opened and funded. The corporation will then take control and focus all its attention on maximal portfolio diversification.

Silver Gold Bull lets you manage multiple IRA accounts if you want even more diversification.
Precious metals are advantageous to include in your IRA account since they are safe to store, increase tax-free while held, and are reliable investments with no fluctuation risks.

Silver Gold Bull Storage

You receive three months of free storage when you sign up with Silver Gold Bull for secure storage of your precious metals. The warehouse is dispersed among six sites in 4 nations.

Your precious metals are protected once you deposit them. Completely insured by respected third-party insurers at their total value, periodically audited, and subject to monthly reports.

Your storage unit is private to you and cannot be shared. Silver Gold Bull’s Instant Liquidity Program will ensure you are paid the same business day if you choose to sell your stored precious metals.

Precious Metals Pricing

You should monitor pricing when you shop for your precious metals and other Silver Gold Bull products to secure the most excellent offer. The product prices listed on the company website are the most recent or current.

The website also has an online shopping cart that allows you to combine your order and get a total price.

Silver Gold Bull’s product pricing includes an all-in best-price guarantee. It indicates that all the prices you receive align with the current best market values.

It eliminates any possibility of additional fees and guarantees you only pay the price listed. The company stacks the market or spot price beside its price to inspire buying confidence. It makes comparing precious metal prices simpler.

Purchase Process

The following actions should be anticipated when making your first purchase with Silver Gold Bull:

1. Product selection: An online shopping cart is available on the website to make placing an order simple. It then calculates the final price and provides a shipping estimate.

2. Securing your order: This assists you in ascertaining the order price. Once more, you can do it over the phone or online, and you may continue with the charge once you have submitted and locked it online.

3. Money remittance: After locking in the order, send your payment within two business days. Direct deposits, money orders, PayPal, BillPay, wire transfers, and bitcoin are all options.

4. Processing of payments: This is based on the payment method and how long it takes for the funds to clear.

5. Payment processing: You receive a shipping notification along with your tracking information. After payment clearance, anticipate delivery in 5 days.

6. Delivery of the shipment: The load is fully insured until signing. Verify that it is unaltered.

Why Invest in Precious Metals?

Gold is unquestionably one of the precious metals that most investors examine, and for a good reason.

Throughout history, gold has withstood the test of time as a form of payment better than paper money.

In addition, unlike gold, paper money can quickly inflate to become useless. The purchasing power of gold sometimes varies with such consistency.

And because gold is inflation-averse, neither a government nor a central bank can easily print it whenever they choose. Because gold is a natural commodity with a limited supply, it has no associated liabilities.

It indicates that the value of gold cannot be diminished or depleted, and gold remains unaffected when a paper currency loses value overnight.

Therefore, it can be the ideal time to think about precious metals like gold if you want to make an investment that ensures maximum value over the long term. It is a tried-and-true method of keeping and protecting your cash.

Is Now a Good Time to Invest in Gold?

Do we need gold now? Absolutely. At the current point, investing in gold delivers several unparalleled advantages, such as:

  • Constant value

Your wealth is at greater risk of losing value if you keep it in standard savings or investment accounts. The leading cause of this is inflation.

Account-type investments will continue to lose value faster because there is only an end to inflation if gold steps in to help you hold your money more safely.

  • Minimal turbulence

Economic instability increases as more currencies are encouraged by governments and central banks. The total amount of gold in circulation is more stable than the digital currencies.

  • Value neutrality

In the current global currency tangle, a safe way to predict the future is to base value on an exchange method that isn’t prone to fluctuation. What fits the bill is gold.

  • Benefits of price manipulation

When the price of precious metals is manipulated, gold’s worth rises in the direction of the metal’s purchasers. Gold’s value is unaffected by the manipulation, even if it is adverse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is precious home metal storage secure?

Silver Gold Bull advises doing so in moderation if you must store something. Fire, theft, and burglary concerns come with home storage. Additionally, home insurance companies do not cover precious metals in the event of such threats.

Does Silver Gold Bull apply taxes on sales?

Depending on your shipping address, your order’s taxes are indeed included, and they will appear in your order subtotal as appropriate.

When should I receive my Silver Gold Bull order?

Once your payment clears, all orders go into the shipping queue. Your shipping may be delayed depending on the clearing times for your chosen payment option.

What gold and silver are best for my IRA?

Your precious metals IRA accepts any bullions produced by a mint that has been approved. That comprises palladium, platinum, platinum alloys, and gold.


  • Investors will receive the most excellent bargain according to the best price guarantee.
  • Protected precious metal storage locations
  • All shipments are entirely insured and safeguarded while being transported.
  • Easy access to customer service via a live chat function
  • Provides more choices for investing in precious metals than most rivals


  • Given that it’s not their expertise, Silver Gold Bull might not be the most
  • Excellent company for IRA investing.
  • Payment discounts are not applied to PayPal or credit card transactions.
  • Few metal storage facilities
  • Protracted payment processing
  • Long delays before the shipment

Final Thought – Silver Gold Bull Review

When it comes to the investment potential of precious metals, Silver Gold Bull does not let investors down. The range of possibilities easily accommodates investors of all sizes, including small, large, inexperienced, and experienced ones.

Additionally, their delivery services are very safety-focused once you have purchased your coins, bars, or rounds.

Having stated that, while Silver Gold Bull performs well with investments in precious metals, it might need to do better with retirement investments. It will help if you search elsewhere.

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