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  • Swiss America is a registered investment advisor and gold dealer founded in 1982. They provide a wide variety of U.S. and foreign gold, platinum, and silver bullion coins, including American silver eagles. Swiss America may be a good fit for those who consider gold and silver markets a safe place to invest.
  • Swiss America’s investment consultants have over 20 years of experience in precious metals and are recognized as experts in the field. They emphasize the safety and reliability of tangible assets as an investment.
  • Michael W. and Wes P. have been handling the writer’s business and have provided a good experience. The writer and their husband have peace of mind knowing they have the best help in Michael and Wes. Furthermore, Swiss America offers phenomenal customer service during the selling process.
  • Swiss America also operates as a source of information for those interested in investing in precious metals, as well as a retailer of numismatic coins for those who are already familiar with the investment.
  • Customers can discuss their portfolio with an account executive, select the coins they want to invest in, and then confirm availability and reserve the coins through a conference call with the trading department. Payment can be made through wire or check.
  • Overall, Swiss America’s emphasis on customer satisfaction and experience in the precious metals industry make them a valuable partner for investing in tangible assets.

Note: The above testimonials are sourced from various websites and individuals, including Elisabeth M Osborne (October 27, 2020) and Susan P. on Yelp.

Introduction to Swiss America

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4.9/5 Ratings

Swiss America is a reputable leader in the precious metals industry. In this section, they will explore the extensive range of services provided by Swiss America, as well as their unique expertise in the field. Get ready to learn everything you need to know about Swiss America and why they are the trusted source for all of your precious metals requirements.

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Pros and Cons


Swiss America has earned a solid reputation as a reliable and trustworthy organization in the precious metals sector.

Swiss America specializes in precious metals, particularly gold and silver.

Swiss America offers a diverse range of products, including gold and silver coins, bars, and bullion.

The company focuses a major emphasis on investor education.

Swiss America takes pride in giving individualized service to their clients.


Some consumers have noted that Swiss America’s prices for precious metals can be higher compared to other dealers in the market.

While Swiss America specializes on gold and silver, its range of investment possibilities may be limited compared to other financial institutions.

Precious metals, like gold and silver, might undergo price fluctuation in the market.

Swiss America’s buyback procedures worry several customers.

Swiss America’s website and social media may be weaker than competitors’.

The preceding positives and cons are general observations and may not apply to all Swiss America customers.

Overview of Swiss America’s Services and Expertise

Swiss America is a Registered Investment Advisor and Gold Dealer. They pride themselves on giving great customer service and knowledge in the world of precious metals. For years, Swiss America has been offering a wide range of services for gold, platinum, and silver bullion coins. They have account executives who are specialists in the field to help customers pick the best investments for their portfolios.

Swiss America has shown their ability to keep tangible assets safe and reliable against market changes. Customers have praised their exceptional customer service, with many testimonials. Michael W. and Wes P. have been especially recognized for their help during hard times.

Swiss America offers worldwide gold, platinum, and silver bullion coins. They cater to individual customers and bulk orders. Account executives provide guidance and facts to help customers pick the right coins. 

With many payment options, customers know their transactions are secure and straightforward when they work with Swiss America.

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Customer Testimonials

If you’re looking for proof of Swiss America’s commitment to customer service, look no further than the glowing customer testimonials. In this section, they’ll explore firsthand accounts of positive experiences with Swiss America’s knowledgeable agents, Michael W. and Wes P., as well as the excellent guidance provided during challenging times. They’ll also touch on the high praise given to specific branches of the company, and the positive feedback received from customers during the selling process.

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Positive Experiences with Michael W. and Wes P.

Swiss America recently honored Michael W. and Wes P. They are experts in investment consultation and precious metal dealings. Clients highly value their prompt responses and exceptional guidance during the selling process.

Many customers thank Michael W. and Wes P. They help people create safe portfolios with tangible assets such as gold, platinum, and silver bullion coins. They make clients feel secure about investing their money due to their valuable advice.

Swiss America’s account executives, including Michael W. and Wes P., earned praise from customers for their quality services. They discuss portfolios, select coins, confirm availability, and offer payment options like Cheque and bank transfers.

Swiss America Review customer testimonial positive experience

Michael W. has an interesting history. He bought his first bond in high school with his summer earnings. Since then, he developed a passion for investments and now helps others invest wisely at Swiss America. He has built a reputation of trust through years of dedication.

Swiss America is a beacon in turbulent times. Michael W. and Wes P. provide expert advice and support. You can be sure that your investments are in capable, experienced hands.

Grateful for Help and Guidance During Turbulent Times

At Swiss America, customer service is held in high regard. Appreciation for the company’s help and guidance during times of market turbulence abounds. Swiss America takes pride in their exceptional customer service, which emphasizes safety and reliability when it comes to investing in gold, platinum, and silver bullion coins.

Swiss America Review Customer Testimonial during turbulent times

Michael W. and Wes P. are Registered Investment Advisors and Gold Dealers who have been praised for their expertise in helping customers during turbulent times. Plus, customers appreciate the whole branch they work with.

When purchasing coins from Swiss America, customers get to speak with an account executive. They get to pick the most suitable coins and payment options are provided for a quick transaction.

Thanks to its services and expertise, Swiss America has earned a lot of positive testimonials. Customers are grateful for the help they get during hectic times, knowing they can count on Swiss America for dependable advice. Investing in precious metals is a great way to be safe and reliable, and Swiss America is the perfect partner.

Phenomenal Customer Service During Selling Process

Swiss America are renowned for their exemplary customer service when it comes to selling precious metals. People have reported positive experiences, from discussing portfolios with account executives to selecting coins and confirming availability. Payment options are clear and transparent.

Clients have expressed their gratitude towards Swiss America. Michael W. and Wes P. have been praised for their knowledge, professionalism and willingness to exceed expectations.

Swiss America are a Registered Investment Advisor and Gold Dealer, with extensive experience in precious metals. They offer a wide range of gold, platinum and silver bullion coins, allowing clients to make safe investments with potential market upswings.

When it comes to safety and reliability of tangible assets, Swiss America are top-notch. Those who have sold their precious metals with Swiss America reported phenomenal customer service throughout. One particular branch was particularly supportive.

It is clear that investing in precious metals requires consulting an experienced and professional company like Swiss America. Their track record of providing phenomenal customer service during the selling process is undeniable.

Positive Experiences With a Particular Branch

Swiss America has been receiving positive reviews from customers who have used their services. The data proves that the branch offers excellent service. Clients appreciate the prompt attention and effective communication. The reps have extensive market knowledge, which helps customers navigate uncertain times. Clients are satisfied with the branch’s quick turnaround time.

Swiss America Review Customer Testimonial to the company

Swiss America is proud of its customer service and this particular branch upholds that value. They go beyond to meet customers’ needs with care, professionalism, and dependability. The data shows that many clients would like to work with the branch again. Trust Swiss America’s experience in precious metals investments. Feel safe with tangible assets.

Swiss America as a Registered Investment Advisor and Gold Dealer

Swiss America is a registered investment advisor and gold dealer with extensive experience in dealing with precious metals and providing investment consultancy. The company offers a wide variety of gold, platinum, and silver coins, emphasizing the safety and reliability of tangible assets for making sound investments.

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Experience Dealing With Precious Metals

Swiss America is a leader in providing investment advice and dealing with precious metals. Years of experience in the industry are put to use as investment consultants offer valuable knowledge on gold, platinum, and silver bullion coins. The company values reliability and safety for investments in tangible assets.

Gold Coins

The weight and purity of gold coins are backed by a central bank and sovereign, making them a popular choice amongst investors. Because of their high demand, gold coins are produced on an annual basis so there’s never a shortage.

Swiss America Review Gold coin
Swiss America Review Silver coin

Silver Coins

Silver coins are the oldest mass produced form of coinage. They are assigned a face value in national currencies with government-backed purity and weight, holding legal tender status. Silver coins are the most popular and notable form in the market with a variety of iconic designs.

Platinum Coins

Platinum coins are popular and easy to start an investment. They range in a variety of different sizes, weights, designs, and are easily stored. Platinum coins are valued internationally and therefore easy to buy, sell, and trade. 

Swiss America Review Platinum coin

Clients receive personalized precious metal services that match their portfolio and payment options. Swiss America is known for its excellent customer service. Testimonials praise the professionalism of Michael W. and Wes P., and customer satisfaction during the selling process.

The company also provides educational resources to clients on investing in precious metals. Articles detail how to invest in physical gold and silver.

Swiss America offers expertise and knowledge in precious metals. Clients receive personalized advice from financial experts, access a wide range of coins and payment methods, and take advantage of educational resources. Every customer is valued and exceptional customer support is provided for every transaction or decision related to investing in tangible assets such as rare coins and precious metal bullion.

Investment Consultants as Recognized Experts in the Field

Swiss America is a Registered Investment Advisor and gold dealer. Their consultants are known as experts in the field. They have gained lots of experience dealing with precious metals, giving investors confidence for potential growth opportunities and portfolio diversification. Swiss America offers a range of gold, platinum, and silver bullion coins. They understand global markets and world politics, so they can help investors navigate complex investment options.

The consultants at Swiss America have expertise in financial markets. They don’t just buy and sell, they also analyze variables like geopolitical situations, interest rates, and inflationary trends. They understand the importance of long-term investments and help clients make informed decisions.

Swiss America’s services go beyond advice on where to put your money. They understand the need to preserve wealth and protect from economic threats. They monitor market changes and provide valuable insights to make sound financial decisions.

One client reported working with Swiss America over years and market cycles with great results. Their competency in advising on tangible assets was especially valuable during times of digital investment uncertainty.

Swiss America has an impressive selection of gold, platinum, and silver bullion coins. Their investment consultants are experts in the field, providing reliable guidance for investors looking to diversify with precious metals.

Wide Variety of Gold, Platinum, and Silver Bullion Coins Offered

Swiss America: a trusted name in investments. They offer a secure platform for clients to invest in tangible assets. Popular options include the American Gold Eagle, Australian Gold Kangaroo/Nugget Coin, and Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin.

Plus, a helpful table with more offerings like the American Platinum Eagle Coin, Australian Platinum Koala Series Coins, and South African Krugerrand Gold Coin.

Swiss America Review Gold


Swiss America Review Silver


Swiss America Review Platinum


But it’s not only about options! Swiss America also offers exceptional rarities that are hard to find elsewhere. Their team of investment consultants are ready to share knowledge with clients to help explore these unique opportunities.

Investing in tangible assets is an attractive choice for those seeking safety and reliability. Swiss America is a Registered Investment Advisor and Gold Dealer, so clients can be sure their products are verified for safety and reliability.

In summary, Swiss America has a wide selection of gold, platinum, and silver bullion coins. Plus, investment consultants to help explore unique opportunities. And, verified products for safety and reliability.

Emphasis on the Safety and Reliability of Tangible Assets

Investors often become cautious when the market is turbulent. Swiss America, a registered investment advisor and gold dealer, values safety and reliability of tangible assets. Precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum are amongst them.

Swiss America Review BBB Rating

The investment consultants at Swiss America are knowledgeable. They provide clients with a variety of bullion coins to choose from. Investing in tangible assets like precious metals is important because it provides a level of security not found with stocks and bonds.

Gold is especially beneficial. Its price increases during times of decline, giving diversification benefits. Tangible assets also offer protection during inflation. Their value typically rises as prices do.

Swiss America is careful to ensure their bullion coins come from reputable mints. This provides clients with high-quality products that meet or exceed expectations.

Swiss America’s commitment to safety and reliability gives clients peace of mind during market volatility and economic uncertainty. Whether new to the portfolio or looking to diversify, Swiss America can help with confidence and expertise.

Purchasing Coins from Swiss America

When it comes to investing in precious metals, purchasing coins from Swiss America can be a wise choice. In this section, they will explore the process of purchasing coins from Swiss America. They’ll start by discussing how you can assess your portfolio with an account executive and choose coins that align with your investment goals. Then, they will go over the process of selecting coins based on their availability and current market prices. Finally, they’ll discuss the various payment options available when you decide to make your investment.

It’s important to note that Swiss America is a reputable firm with over 30 years of experience in the industry, so you can trust that your investment is in good hands.

Discussing Portfolio With an Account Executive

Investing in precious metals? Speak with a Swiss America account executive. They are knowledgeable experts in the field. When you talk, discuss finances, risk tolerance, and investment goals. Take a comprehensive approach. Choose from gold, platinum, and silver coins. Swiss America stands out by emphasizing safety and reliability of tangible assets. Invest in physical metals, not paper products. An account exec can help determine inflation protection or diversification benefits.

Experienced investor or just starting out? Reach out to Swiss America for valuable insights and guidance. With their help, selecting the right coins is a breeze!

Selecting Coins and Confirming Availability

  1. Talk About Your Portfolio: Before picking coins, it’s important to talk to an experienced account executive. They can give you insight into the different precious metals Swiss America offers, including gold, platinum, and silver bullion coins. They’ll also look at your finances, risk tolerance, taxes, and timeline to create a personalized plan for your portfolio.
  2. Choose Coins: Once you’ve discussed your portfolio with the account executive, it’s time to pick the right precious metals that fit your goals. Swiss America has plenty of options for investors, like bullion coins and rare coins that have different levels of liquidity and collectibility. Their investment consultants will make sure they tailor each aspect of your coin selection to what you need based on factual data.
  3. Check Availability: Once you’ve chosen the money management strategy and the ideal coins, it’s time to check if they’re available. Their consultants work hard to make sure they have enough stock so that clients can go ahead with their plans confidently based on factual data.

Swiss America’s experts make sure you can build a stable investment portfolio in precious metals and make decisions based on accurate information and factual data. By talking about things like market volatility or inventory control measures, they make sure their customers feel comfortable when they pick from their products.

Payment options

Swiss America knows payment options matter to customers buying precious metals. To make the process easier, they offer check, bank wire, MasterCard, and Visa.

Note: credit cards have a 5% processing fee, but no extra fees for bank wire and checks. Once payment clears, Swiss America locks in the order for customer assurance. Cash payments are not accepted, as Swiss America prioritizes customer safety.

They provide convenient payment options, so people can buy gold, platinum, or silver coins from home. Trust Swiss America’s dedication to providing secure services for investing in tangible assets like precious metals.

Final Thought – Swiss America Review

Swiss America is a reputable company that offers a range of valuable services and maintains a high level of customer satisfaction. Investing in precious metals with them can be a wise financial decision. In this concluding section, they’ll provide a summary of their services to help you make an informed investment decision.

Summary of Swiss America’s Services and Customer Satisfaction

Swiss America is a trusted Registered Investment Advisor and Gold Dealer, expert in precious metal investments and portfolio diversification. They offer various gold, platinum, and silver bullion coins. Swiss America is devoted to delivering top-notch service. Clients are pleased with the company’s services and guidance even in turbulent times. Payment options are available to make buying coins easier.

What makes Swiss America stand out? Their dedication to excellent customer service and belief in the significance of investing in precious metals. Account executives are ready to discuss portfolio demands and recommend the appropriate coins to meet individual goals. Buying coins from Swiss America is a breeze!

Importance of Investing in Precious Metals With Swiss America.

Investing in precious metals is a great way to diversify your portfolio and protect your future. Swiss America is the perfect company to trust. They are a Registered Investment Advisor and Gold Dealer, with experts in precious metals. Swiss America focuses on the security of tangible assets such as gold, platinum, and silver bullion.

When you invest with Swiss America, you get access to experienced investment consultants. They advise on suitable coins and offer payment options for easy transactions. Plus, customers are always satisfied with their customer service.

The company offers a wide range of gold, platinum, and silver coins. Michael W., Wes P., and Swiss America’s branches are all known for excellent customer satisfaction.

Overall, investing with Swiss America is a smart move. You can trust their expertise in tangible assets to help secure your financial future.

Five Facts About Swiss America:

    Swiss America is a registered investment advisor and gold dealer with over 20 years of experience dealing with precious metals. (Source:

    ✅ They provide a wide variety of U.S. and foreign gold, platinum, and silver bullion coins as well as generic numismatic coins. (Source:

    Swiss America emphasizes the safety and reliability of tangible assets as an investment. (Source:

    ✅ Customers must discuss their portfolio with an account executive and reserve coins through a conference call with the trading department before purchasing. (Source:

    ✅ The customer service provided by Michael W. and Wes P. has been praised for being friendly, patient, and efficient. (Source: and

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    FAQs About Swiss America Review

    What is Swiss America and what services do they offer?

    Swiss America is a registered investment advisor and gold dealer that provides gold coins, bars, and certificates to investors and precious metal accounts across the country. They also offer generic numismatic coins that offer the gold value of bullion and the added benefit of collectability.

    Is Swiss America a reputable company?

    Yes. Swiss America is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. They have been helping thousands of people diversify their income through investing in precious metals since 1982.

    What are customers saying about Swiss America?

    Customers are saying positive things about Swiss America’s services as per various sources. For instance, Elisabeth M Osborne wrote on October 27, 2020, expressing gratitude towards Michael W. and Wes P. for their help and guidance during turbulent times. Susan P. obtained a second loan from a particular branch and had positive experiences with this branch recommending it to others. The customer who bought gold coins from Swiss America in 2017 and 2019 needed money for a medical reason and appreciated the good service provided by Swiss America in buying back the coins without charging any service fee.

    How does Swiss America help customers who need money?

    If customers need money, they can sell their gold coins back to Swiss America without any service fees. Swiss America will walk customers through the selling process patiently and promptly mail a check through Fed Ex to the customer’s home as they did with the customer who needed money for a medical reason.

    Who can customers speak to at Swiss America if they have questions or concerns?

    Customers can speak to Michael W. and Wes P. who have been handling the writer’s business and have provided a good experience. Any questions or concerns can be discussed with Michael and Wes. Customers have peace of mind knowing they have the best help in Michael and Wes.

    How can customers get started with Swiss America?

    Customers can get started with Swiss America by discussing their portfolio with an account executive, selecting the coins they want to invest in, and then confirming availability and reserving the coins through a conference call with the trading department. Payment can be made through wire or check. Customers can also get free gold information from Swiss America by filling out a form on their website.


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