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Beaumont, Texas, serves as the headquarters of precious metals trader Universal Coin & Bullion. It also provides services to clients who want to set up precious metals IRAs.

On their website, there is a plethora of knowledge about precious metals. However, it must be made clear with whom the company works in conjunction as the IRA custodian.

Furthermore, there needs to be more information on how Universal Coin & Bullion enables precious metal vault storage. Platinum and palladium-based goods are not available from the company.

Before we get started with this review:

You know how challenging it is to choose a business you can entrust with your hard-earned savings. They create educational and helpful content, so you have all the knowledge you need to make the best choice.

To purchase gold and rare coins, Universal Coin & Bullion assists both investors and collectors. They are a well-known expert in numismatic materials and are known for providing consistently excellent services.

U.S. rare coins, gold and silver bullion coins, and self-directed IRA plans are some of their areas of expertise. The BBB has given Universal Coin & Bullion its seal of approval

Universal Coin & Bullion Management

President, Dr. Michael Fuljenz

America’s Gold Expert, Dr. Fuljenz, has acquired this title. For his excellent work in consumer education and protection in the area of precious metals and rare coins, he has received more than 60 prestigious regional and national honors.

He has become recognized as the leading authority in the industry thanks to his writings and speaking engagements on gold and rare coins. The Press Club of Southeast Texas and the Numismatic Literary Guild have given him Best of the Year awards.

He frequently appears as a guest on local and national business and personal finance shows, including Fox Business Network and CNBC.

The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, and all other news media outlets, including print, broadcast, and online, have quoted him several times.

His prior experience includes working as a consultant for the Royal Canadian Mint, Federal Trade Commission, U.S. Mint, and U.S. Postal Service.

He is on the Industry Council for Tangible Assets boards and the Numismatic Literary Guild.

The Select Four Portfolio

The term “Select Four” refers to the four main coin categories that, in the opinion of UCB, have the most significant promise for future growth in demand and value.

For their Select Four customers, they have assembled a collection of highly sought-after coins over the past few years. Some of these coins have had considerable price gains, confirming UCB’s assessments of the coins with the most significant promise.

According to UCB, prices for the rarest types of coins would soon soar beyond the means of the majority of collectors. The Half Eagles and the Indian Head Quarter fall under these categories because of their distinctive incuse designs with historical value.

The Select Four buying team also selects modern coins with the most significant potential to become rare commodities in the future.

They have already recommended several $25 Gold Eagle coins from specific periods, which have already been classified as “rare” in other dealers’ inventories.

Past results do not guarantee future results. However, many clients who had previously followed the Select Four’s recommendations had benefited from making reasonable purchases of rare coins in good time before the price climbed in response to rising demand.

Certification of Gold Products

When grading organizations like the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) and Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC) were founded, they developed strict standards for product grading and certification.

A coin is examined, certified, and authenticated by NGS or PCGS before being sonically sealed in a tamper-proof plastic holder. A guarantee of grade, a serial number, and a description are all marked on it.
It is essential information for investors and coin collectors because certification by a third party increases the parties’ trust in the coin’s grade and validity.

For a precise estimation of the coin’s market value when you purchase a rare coin, you must be aware of the grade.

Even while coin collectors and investors adhere to strict criteria, coin grading is still an art, not a precise science.

UCB urges you to learn more about coin investment and to collect by getting in touch with their team and using the helpful resources available on their website.

Coins in Mint State

A coin in mint condition has never been used and is still in the same state as when it was first issued. The design should have clear and distinct details and be glossy, but some dulling is anticipated.

On the other hand, It will strike only some details on every coin in every series, and these characteristics might increase interest in and value of the coins.

Determining the wear on a coin can be difficult because coins in Mint State can range in grade.
The lowest end of Mint State coins features a lot of distracting markings on their surfaces.

Even if some coins have been cleaned and polished, they are not in mint condition even though they have been slightly circulated.

Common Date Gold Coins

These gold coins were regularly made in huge numbers on specific dates. So they are familiar.

High-quality standard date coins can be slabbed and sold alongside certificates of authenticity and excellence from grading agencies like the NGC or PCGS.

These coins are traded according to coin type rather than manufacture date because they are familiar. Even though common date coins may appear unremarkable, they have advantages as investments.

Although they don’t have any unique or commemorative qualities, they do have qualities that make them valuable on the market for coins and precious metals. As investment possibilities, these are frequently more dependable and predictable.

Numismatic Guaranty Company

The coin certification and grading company Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC) is based in Sarasota, Florida. They are a division of Certified Collectibles Group, a company that controls five other certification agencies.

Blackstone, a multibillion-dollar hedge fund headquartered in New York City, is the parent business. Over 40 million coins have been certified by NGC worldwide.

Coins are authenticated, graded, described, and encapsulated by NGC in transparent, tamper-evident plastic holders.

Universal Coin and Bullion Products

Advertising focuses primarily on the gold and silver American Eagle coins, even though consumers have alternative options.

These consist of the American Silver Eagle, the Gold American Buffalo, the Australian Gold Kangaroo, and various weights of bars.


When are prices fixed at the time I make a purchase?

At the time of purchase, the price is fixed. Large, unique, and phone-placed orders for bullion are exempt from this rule. As soon as the business received your funds, these were locked in.

How long is the price locked in for online purchases?

You must make payment within five business days after the order date. You can cancel your order unless the merchant receives compensation within five business days.

Use next-day mail if you send a check (personal, cashier’s, or money order) or money order to pay for your order. It will guarantee that the business gets delivered on schedule.

Exists a refund procedure exist?

Yes. UCB offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, you can return it in its original packing within 30 days of receiving it and receive a full refund. Special orders and bullion are exempt from this.

Market Loss Policy

You enter into a contract to buy the item at the agreed-upon price when you buy bullion from UCB’s online store.

You consent to be liable to UCB for any market losses and a $30 cancellation charge if you choose to cancel the transaction, make a payment error, or otherwise default on any of your buyer responsibilities.

Any costs incurred by the business in retrieving the item from you will also be your responsibility. The corporation owns all market gains, and all pending and prospective orders are held until market loss amounts, and cancellation costs are paid.

Shipping FAQ

What is the shipping cost?

For online purchases above $100, UCB offers free shipping. Online purchases under $100 will have a $10 shipping fee.

My order will be dispatched when?

Orders placed over the phone and paid for with a credit card are shipped 3 to 4 business days after the order date. Pre-sale items may delay the shipping of orders that include them.

Online purchases with a credit card are delivered 6 to 16 business days after the order date. Pre-sale items may delay the shipping of orders that include them.

Orders paid for using a personal check are delivered 11 to 16 business days after the review is deposited. Pre-sale items may delay the shipping of orders that include them.

Orders are paid for with cashier’s checks, and money orders are delivered 6 to 11 business days after the bill has been deposited. Pre-sale items may delay the shipping of orders that include them.

Following the date, UCB’s bank receives the wired monies, and phone orders paid via bank wire are shipped 3 to 4 business days later. Pre-sale items may delay the shipping of orders that include them.

Following the date, UCB’s bank receives the sent monies, and online orders paid by bank wire are delivered within 5 to 15 working days. Pre-sale items may delay the shipping of orders that include them.

Shipments may occasionally face delays when a product is affected by high demand or other circumstances.

How are deliveries made?

Federal Express, UPS, and the US Postal Service all delivery orders. The majority of orders require a signature to verify delivery.

Can orders be delivered to a P.O. Box?

Orders placed online cannot be delivered to a P.O. Box. Contact UCB if you want alternative delivery alternatives.

Do shipments have insurance?

Yes, UCB covers all of the company’s shipments for loss or damage sustained during transit.

Is Universal Coin & Bullion a Scam?

No, Universal Coin and Bullion is a legitimate company; it is not a fraud. It has an actual owner and a physical location. Since 1994, they have been in operation, and they would have vanished long ago if they weren’t a real business.

However, whether they are your best option for precious metal investing is a subject for a different conversation.

Final Thoughts – Universal Coin And Bullion Review

The inventory of rare coins and precious metals at Universal Coin & Bullion is substantial. You can find it at their web store if you’re looking for something special for your portfolio.

Depending on the metal, rare coins come with a variety of advantages. Buy products that are consistent with and will help you achieve your investing goals while making investment decisions.

The experts at UCB are highly qualified in their fields and have an in-depth understanding of the business. They aim to educate you about all your possibilities to help you choose the best solution for your portfolio.

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