US Precious Metals Review

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US Precious Metals is a unique business that provides investors with a range of precious metal goods.

This business is really distinctive from the others because numismatic aficionados and other precious metal investors run it.

They pledge to offer investors the best precious metal items and purchase experience.

Before we get started with this review:

We are mindful of how challenging it is to choose a business you can entrust with your hard-earned savings. To offer you as much data as we can so that you can make the best decision, we produce informative and practical material.

To make comparing and selecting the company most suited to your needs as simple as possible, we’ve compiled a list of our highest-rated investment firms.

Integrity, knowledge, and convenience are US Precious Metals’ three core principles. Investors, in the opinion of US Precious Metals, ought to get exactly what was promised.

Thanks to the company’s internal quality control team, investors are guaranteed to receive the correct coin at the claimed grade and the right price.

US Precious Metals concentrates on offering its skills as well. They hire only those with in-depth market knowledge.

You will be speaking with someone extremely knowledgeable about precious metals when you talk with one of their gold professionals. Additionally, investors shouldn’t need to go to an actual store in order to buy the precious metals they require.

They are entirely online, provide worry-free products, and dispatch discreetly for convenience. This can be an excellent choice if you’re an investor who wants to avoid going into an actual store.

US Precious Metals Products

USPM offers a wide range of precious metal items. You will discover that this organization has a beautiful range of inventory for you to choose from, so you may enhance the worth of your portfolio whether you are investing for the first time or have prior investing knowledge.

Let’s examine their product selections:

  • Gold

    USPM sells a variety of gold products. You can select from a number of categories on their website, including US Mint Gold (Modern), US Mint Gold (Pre-1933), Gold From Around the World, Gold Bars & Rounds, and IRA Eligible Gold.

  • Silver

    Several silver products are also available from USPM to expand your portfolio. The US Mint Silver (Modern), US Mint Silver (Pre-1964), Silver From Around the World, Silver Bars & Rounds, and IRA Eligible Silver are a few categories of silver.

  • Platinum

    They provide a number of platinum goods. Platinum from various sources, platinum bars and rounds, and platinum that is IRA-eligible are among the categories.

  • Palladium

    On their website, investors may locate a variety of palladium items. IRA Eligible Palladium, Palladium Around the World, Palladium Bar & Rounds, and US Mint Palladium are all categories for palladium.

    Products made from precious metals are abundant at USPM, and investors can more easily find the kind of precious metal they’re interested in using their category function.

    A good touch is displaying things that are IRA-eligible. Investors can distinguish clearly between high-value collectibles and precious metals that have been approved for use in an IRA when transferring metals to a gold IRA.

Opening an Account

When you place your first order from the USPM store, you will instantly have an account created for you. According to US Precious Metals, creating an online account with them has a number of advantages.

Your shipping and contact details, for instance, will be readily kept for any upcoming orders. This enables investors to place immediate orders for goods whenever they are prepared.

Even though you will have an account with them, they won’t keep a record of your credit card details. This is done to keep you and your money safe.

Investors concerned about a data breach should relax, knowing that USPM is taking significant precautions to prevent one. You’ll sign up for their newsletters at the same time as creating an account.

You are updated on new products and exclusive offers as they become available through USPM newsletters. Investors might benefit from opening an account with USPM because it adds value to your investment journey.

Additionally, investors will be able to update their account information as necessary. Your username, password, address, phone number, and delivery preferences can all be changed quickly and easily at any time.


Many precious metals businesses charge exorbitant or covert fees. Investors should be aware of fees because they may have a long-term impact on your profits.

To ensure you’re always paying for what the metals are worth, US Precious Metals does a fantastic job of showing the market value of their precious metals in real time.

On their website, they also provide a chart you can easily view to have a better idea of the current prices. There may be other costs, but USPM makes no mention of them. To learn more information, you must speak with one of their representatives.

Returns and Exchanges

US Precious Metals operates entirely online. Therefore, you might be interested in their return and exchange policy. Fortunately, USPM is lenient, giving investors the confidence they need to start.

You may exchange or return any item for a refund within ten days after the purchase date. A duplicate of your receipt and the unopened item in its original packing is required.

It should be noted that there will be no return privileges if the coin has been taken from its original holders. USPM provides a normal return and exchanges policy. However, given that this business only operates online, it’s good to know they have a fair approach.

Customer Support

The customer service offered by US Precious Metals is good. Their staff comprises specialists with extensive knowledge of precious metals and are also active investors.

They are committed to giving investors whatever they require for success. They are available around the clock if you need assistance, so you will always have answers.

Reviews and Ratings

A+ BBB Rating is held by United States Precious Metals. Even though they are a legitimate company, there seem to be few online reviews for them.

If you are an investor working with this company for the first time, you might be hesitant to proceed.

Pros & Cons


USPM is a reliable firm that offers a full range of precious metal products. Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of choosing this business.

  • 24/7 Support

    USPM assists around the clock. This is a fantastic tool for novice and seasoned investors who could have inquiries and need prompt answers.

    It’s essential to have the assistance of a timely staff because the price of precious metals swings significantly throughout the day.

  • Wide Selection of Precious Metals

    There are numerous alternatives for precious metals at USPM. Investors have various options for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. These products are further divided into distinct categories, making it simple for investors to locate the ideal coin for their requirements.

  • IRA-Approved Metals

    The company not only provides a wide variety of metals but also sells metals that have been specifically approved for IRAs. Working with USPM is a wise choice for investors looking for metals to add to their gold IRA account.

    Thanks to this practical product category, investors can locate IRA-approved products as soon as possible.

  • Team of Investors

    The majority of investors find USPM attractive because of its distinctive positioning. Other investors with a passion for precious metals make up their talented team, which is merely a perk of doing business with them.

  • Transparent Product Prices

    USPM is upfront regarding the costs of its goods. On their website, investors can view prices in real-time. It is simple to believe that you are receiving a fair price for your precious metals thanks to their transparency.

  • Return Policy

    USPM offers a considerate return policy. Investors may return an item within ten days of the purchase date as long as it is unopened and accompanied by the original sales receipt.


    • Not Many Reviews

      US Precious Metals is a reliable organization; however, they don’t appear to have many customer reviews. While this doesn’t necessarily imply that they are an unreliable business, it can make it more challenging for investors to identify the company’s shortcomings.

      It’s far more difficult to judge whether USPM is the greatest option for investors without reviews.

    • 100% Online

      Being entirely online is sometimes positive, particularly if you have a solid strategy. However, many investors appreciate the convenience of having a real address they can visit if necessary.

      Every transaction must be made online. US Precious Metals might not be the greatest option for you if you’re uncomfortable with this concept.

Final Thoughts – US Precious Metals Review

United States Precious Metals is a reliable company for buying precious metals.

They are a seasoned group of professionals who share the same enthusiasm for precious metal goods as other seasoned investors and lovers.

They focus on metals that the IRA has approved, offer multiple products, and provide 24/7 service. You’ll instantly create an account with them when you make your first purchase on their website.

In order to assist investors, they provide a number of advantages upon account setup, such as a newsletter subscription to hear about new items and expedited checkout. USPM only sells online; however, they have a decent exchange and refund policy.

Their ten-day return policy should assuage the concerns of investors wary of doing business with a company that operates entirely online.

On the other hand, there aren’t many online reviews of USPM. As a result, it’s challenging to determine whether this company is the best option because all the information you have access to is on their website.

Additionally, it’s only sometimes optimal to be entirely online. Working with them requires more effort than worth it if they don’t have a flawless delivery method.

Overall, US Precious Metals wants to offer investors the most excellent products. This company might be worth investigating if you’re trying to diversify your investment portfolio.

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