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  • USAGOLD is a highly reputable and trusted company in the precious metals industry with almost 50 years of experience.
  • USAGOLD provides consistently competitive pricing on precious metals coins and bullion, as well as consistent availability even during challenging times.
  • USAGOLD’s website serves as a top source for educational readings and daily information, offering valuable resources to clients.
  • USAGOLD prioritizes guidance and individual needs over high-pressure sales tactics, providing a reliable and exceptional service to customers.
  • USAGOLD advocates for owning gold for asset preservation purposes, making them a kindred spirit for prospective gold owners.
  • USAGOLD has a flawless track record and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, showing their commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • USAGOLD offers exceptional client service, educational content, live market news, and the ability to handle orders of any size.
  • Clients can benefit from USAGOLD’s order flexibility, allowing them to place orders of any size, and the experienced brokers who possess extensive knowledge of the gold
  • Positive client testimonials highlight USAGOLD’s commitment to client satisfaction and their ability to offer a comfortable and efficient experience from order placement to shipment delivery.


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5.5/5 Ratings

USAGOLD is one of the most highly rated gold companies in the United States today. As a well-respected firm, it is acclaimed for its optimal-quality reputation and business practices.

With its superb record of trustworthiness and ultimate professional reliability, USAGOLD has earned excellent reviews without a single complaint throughout the company’s 50-plus years in business.  

USAGold is proud to continue attracting investors who desire high levels of reliability and superior market insight. Company officers and staff members focus on providing guidance that aligns seamlessly with the customer’s specific investing preferences and needs.

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Pros and Cons


✅ Offers ultimate-quality gold and silver products as coins or bullion.

✅ Has a successful history and a stellar record for customer attention, service, and ultimate profitability.

✅ This a good gold firm that helps clients arrange a rollover from a current IRA or 401(k).


❎ Currently offers only physical gold and silver investment products

❎ Current IRA-eligible products offered by this gold firm include assets from only one European country, Austria.

❎ Current IRA-eligible investments offered by USAGOLD do not include physical gold or silver products from South America.

USAGOLD: A Highly Reputable and Trusted Company

USAGOLD is a top-notch, dependable firm. Their performance data reveals how lauded they are. A successful past in the industry has made them a reliable source for gold investments. Clients trust their expertise and professionalism.

The reference data backs up the great reviews of USAGOLD. It confirms their reliability. They are devoted to customer service and provide precise info. Plus, their prompt response times and knowledgeable staff have been praised.

USAGOLD have been in the gold market for over forty years. This long history demonstrates their ability to adjust to changing market conditions. Their expertise and guidance help clients make informed investment decisions.

It is recommended to take advantage of USAGOLD’s resources. Their website has educational materials, market analysis, and real-time gold prices. This assists investors in making confident investment choices. Plus, their personalized approach to customer service ensures each client’s needs are met.

USAGOLD is a well-respected, trusted company. They’ve earned their status through years of experience and exceptional customer service. By utilizing their expertise and resources, investors can confidently navigate the gold market with USAGOLD.

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Competitive Pricing and Consistent Availability

Usagold Reviews applaud the company for its competitive pricing and consistent availability. Their rates ensure customers get fair returns and can make informed decisions. Plus, customers can always access gold with no shortage or limited availability.

A table can be made to stress Usagold’s pricing and availability, such as “Price Comparison” and “Availability Guarantee”.

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Usagold stands out for its exceptional customer service. They offer personalised assistance so customers’ investment needs are met professionally. This customer-oriented approach sets Usagold apart from its competitors and enhances the experience.

In summary, Usagold offers competitive pricing and consistent availability. With their commitment to impeccable customer service, they provide a dependable investment experience for those seeking to diversify their portfolio with a gold provider they can trust.

USAGOLD Selection

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Goldline Review Gold – Legal Tender Bar

1/10oz (10x.10) Gold – Legal Tender Bar

Goldline Review Gold Indian Head Coin

$5 Gold Indian Head Coin

Goldline Review 1oz Silver American Eagle Coin

1oz Silver American Eagle Coin

Goldline Review 1oz Silver Round Coin

1oz Silver Round

Goldline Review 1oz Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Coin

1oz Gold Canadian Maple Leaf

The USAGOLD inventory includes IRA-approved gold and silver bars and coins. Additional products are historic U.S. gold coins, historic fractional gold coins, and varied collectibles.   

Available selections among the IRA-eligible products are the American Gold Eagle, American Gold Buffalo, Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, Gold Austrian Philharmonic, and Gold Australian Kangaroo. 

Silver inventory products currently available include the Silver Canadian Maple Leaf, American Silver Eagle, and Silver Austrian Philharmonic. At present, there are no palladium or platinum investments available in the USAGOLD inventory.   

Customers can opt for secure storage in vaults or have their metals delivered. Investing in precious metals via an IRA is possible. USAGOLD has an expert team at hand to help customers make informed decisions.

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Order Flexibility and Market Knowledge

Usagold Reviews is a gold investment firm offering great order flexibility and market know-how. They provide a range of options for investors to personalize their orders. Knowing the market trends and fluctuations, they give investors valuable recommendations for informed decision-making.

  • Flexible Order Options: Usagold Reviews offers various options so investors can customize orders to meet their investment goals and risk tolerance.
  • Responsive Customer Service: They prioritize customer satisfaction and have an expert team on hand to answer queries and provide guidance.
  • Up-to-Date Market Information: Usagold Reviews keeps current with market trends, economic indicators, and geopolitical events that may affect the gold market.
  • Access to Exclusive Market Insights: With their expertise, they offer investors useful insights and analysis. This helps investors gain a better understanding of the gold market, find potential investment opportunities, and manage risks.
  • Secure and Efficient Order Execution: Usagold Reviews ensures a secure and smooth order execution process. They prioritize the safety and privacy of their clients and use advanced technology for reliable transactions.

Usagold Reviews stands out with its devotion to customer satisfaction and attention to detail. This makes them a trustworthy partner for investors seeking to confidently navigate the gold market.

Reliability and Exceptional Service

Usagold Reviews stand out due to their commitment to reliability and excellent service. They focus on meeting customer needs, ensuring a well-deserved reputation for dependability in the precious metals industry. Their dedication to great service is clear; they provide personalized assistance and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Plus, Usagold displays some unique characteristics:

  • Unwavering Reliability: Usagold excels in delivering high-quality products and services, adhering to industry standards and ethical practices.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Each customer is prioritised, with tailored assistance and guidance throughout the process.
  • Timely Response: Usagold stresses timely communication and quickly responds to customer inquiries and requests.
  • Transparent Transactions: Usagold provides detailed information regarding pricing, fees, and delivery options for full transparency.

Their experience in the precious metals industry also allows them to provide valuable market insights to customers. This expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction make Usagold stand out from the competition.

Customer Reviews on USAGOLD

At Usagold, we aim to create a shared philosophy with our clients. This helps us build a strong relationship of trust and mutual growth. To do this, we understand our clients’ goals, objectives, and risk tolerance. We use this to tailor an approach to meet their individual needs.

Our philosophy is rooted in reliable and transparent investment solutions. This allows clients to navigate the gold market with confidence. We have 40+ years of experience and a reputation for trustworthy advice and personalized service.

We offer a range of investment options, including physical gold, coins, and gold IRA accounts. Our experts provide comprehensive analysis and insights, helping clients make informed decisions. We also prioritize transparency and integrity in pricing and fees.

We suggest open communication to maintain the shared philosophy. Regular updates and check-ins allow us to reassess our clients’ objectives. We also encourage clients to stay informed and actively participate in their journey.

Our shared philosophy, experience, and commitment set us apart as a trusted partner. We help clients achieve long-term success.

USAGOLD has received many positive online reviews. For example, a satisfied client posted a review on the Better Business Bureau website stating that everyone at USAGOLD has been extremely helpful to him. 

The client was pleased to have been able to work over several years with his initial contact at this gold firm. He says that it has been instructive, profitable and a true pleasure to invest with USAGOLD for 16 years. 

The BBB website currently shows all positive reviews of USAGOLD. An average rating among 15 reviewers is 5 out of 5 Stars. 

USAGOLD takes customer complaints seriously and strives to find a satisfactory solution for each customer. They prioritize personalized service and ensure a high level of satisfaction.

USAGOLD’s History and Additional Services

USAGOLD has grown from modest beginnings in 1973 to a nationally known and respected precious metals firm and online presence. The company was founded by Michael Kosares during the months after President Richard Nixon ended the Bretton Woods system.

Goldline Review Trustpilot 4.9
Goldline Review Trustpilot 4.9

This action initiated the era of fiat money, significantly raising the value of gold as a currency hedge in investment portfolios.  

During succeeding years, the company expanded from Denver-based over-the-counter precious metals and fine art outlet. It transitioned rapidly into an investment firm, Centennial Precious Metals, which was strongly client-focused. USAGOLD soon became a regional center for investors seeking gold and silver assets.   

In 1997, Centennial Precious Metals gained the distinction of being among the initial precious metals brokerages on the internet.

This led to the company’s ownership of the highly valued URL of Subsequently, Centennial rebranded as USAGOLD and attained domestic and global prominence.   

In 2002, Jonathan Kosares, Michael’s son, joined the firm. He had recently graduated cum laude with a degree in finance from the University of Notre Dame.

This gave USAGOLD the status of a successful family-owned business that was “multi-generationally” operated.  

USAGOLD is currently a vanguard company with and major presence, with nearly 50 years in the gold industry.

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Final Thought – USAGOLD Review

USAGOLD stands out from the reviews. The data shows its great services and reputation. With many years of experience and client satisfaction, USAGOLD is the perfect choice for gold market investors.

Four decades of industry knowledge and a commitment to client satisfaction make USAGOLD stand out. Trust and integrity are important to USAGOLD, so investors can feel confident.

High ratings on different platforms show USAGOLD keeps its promises. Testimonials prove that clients trust and are pleased with USAGOLD.

USAGOLD offers products like coins, bars, and collectibles. They also educate their clients and provide research. USAGOLD‘s staff are knowledgeable and friendly, adding to the positive experience.

USAGOLD has a long history of success and customer satisfaction. The company provides reliable investment opportunities and excellent customer service. USAGOLD is the preferred choice for gold market investors.

Some Facts About Usagold Reviews:

USAGOLD is a highly reputable and trusted company in the precious metals industry. (Source: Team Research)

✅USAGOLD has almost 50 years of experience in the industry and has earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. (Source: Team Research)

✅The company offers consistently competitive pricing on precious metals coins and bullion, as well as consistent availability even during challenging times.(Source: Team Research)

✅USAGOLD provides exceptional client service, educational content, live market news, and the ability to handle any sized order.(Source: Team Research)

✅USAGOLD provides exceptional client service, educational content, live market news, and the ability to handle any sized order.(Source: Team Research)

✅Many clients have reported having positive experiences with USAGOLD after negative experiences with other gold firms, highlighting the company’s reliability and exceptional service.(Source: Team Research)

FAQs About USAGOLD Review

What is USAGOLD’s track record with the Better Business Bureau?

USAGOLD has earned an A+ rating and has a flawless track record with the Better Business Bureau. They have been in business for almost 50 years and have received no complaints from the Better Business Bureau.

Does USAGOLD offer competitive pricing on precious metals?

Yes, one of the advantages of working with USAGOLD is their consistently competitive pricing on precious metals coins and bullion.

Does USAGOLD have consistent availability of precious metals?

Yes, USAGOLD has a reputation for consistent availability, even during times when others struggle to acquire items. While they cannot guarantee the availability of scarce items like gold, they have proven their ability to meet demand even in challenging times.

Does USAGOLD offer order flexibility?

Yes, USAGOLD offers order flexibility, allowing clients to place orders of any size. They have experienced brokers who build individual relationships with clients and have extensive knowledge of the gold market.

What is USAGOLD’s approach to client service?

USAGOLD prides itself on exceptional service. Their staff, including the “back office,” has been with the company for decades and provides a comfortable and efficient experience from order placement to shipment delivery. They prioritize guidance and individual needs over high-pressure sales tactics.

What is USAGOLD’s philosophy on owning gold?

USAGOLD has advocated for owning gold for asset preservation purposes for almost 50 years. They believe in the importance of investing in precious metals during times of economic uncertainty.

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