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West Hills Capital assists investors in avoiding frequent blunders and educating new customers about converting their funds into gold and silver.

The company claims it approaches its precious metals transparently and refrains from seducing investors.

This business stands out since it offers precious metals based on your aims and budget.

To accomplish this, West Hills Capital will examine your portfolio and provide concrete data demonstrating how you can achieve your financial objectives.

Before you begin this evaluation:

They know how challenging it is to choose a business you can entrust with your hard-earned savings. They produce insightful and practical material to give you as much information as possible so you can make the best decision.

According to West Hills Capital, they encourage investors to make the best choice possible. It is accomplished by giving investors the knowledge they require and, ultimately, by giving them the finest experience.

With the ability to buy precious metals and start a gold IRA account, West Hills Capital is a full-service financial organization that can meet your investment needs.

Products and Services

Investors are drawn to the variety of services offered by West Hills Capital. Investors can build a gold IRA account, buy precious metals through the company, or do both. Let’s examine the company’s goods and services in more detail:


For investors, West Hills Capital provides several gold products. The company’s website sells various gold items, including U.S. Mint Gold Coins, Swiss 20 Franc Vrneli, Gold Bar Kilo, and more.


On its website, West Hills Capital also offers several silver items. The American Silver Eagle Coin, 90% Silver Bags, and Engelhard Mint are a few examples of silver goods.

IRA For Precious Metals

Investors can also get IRA services from West Hills Capital in addition to gold and silver. The business wants to buy IRA-approved coins that you can put in a gold IRA account, not just make purchasing precious metals simpler.

Working with a precious metals company that can meet their needs will be simple and convenient for investors.

How to Open an Account

It would help if you spoke with a corporate specialist to open an account. The staff at West Hills Capital will set up your new precious metals IRA account. Investors can easily roll over money from one retirement plan into another or move money from their bank.

The experts at West Hills Capital will transform your investment into actual gold, silver, or other precious metals of your choice as soon as you’re prepared to transfer payments.

According to West Hills Capital, all products made from gold, silver, and other precious metals are shipped for free. They can deliver to your residence, business, or safe deposit box and arrange a safe pickup nearby if you’d like.

You must call them at 866-643-0940 if you require more information regarding their IRA services. Be aware that West Hills Capital doesn’t have an online application process. You must get in touch with them directly if you wish to begin.


West Hills Capital offers a starting price for the acquisition of precious metals. Investors may choose the ideal metals for their needs thanks to the location of these prices.

One thing to remember is that shipping and handling cannot be refunded. It promises to try its utmost to ensure customers are happy with their purchases. However, if you’re unhappy with your purchase, you should anticipate a replacement.

Furthermore, they don’t disclose the fees associated with opening an IRA account with them. The procedure for opening an account is described on the company’s website; however, it omits critical costs like any starting fees or a required minimum contribution.

For investors trying to get started, the need for knowledge on gold IRA expenses is detrimental. Make sure you request written information from a team member about any costs related to opening an account with them.

Customer Service

Customers of West Hills Capital can expect regular customer service assistance. If investors have any inquiries, they can reach them at 866-860-3706. Before contacting West Hills Capital, you could find some of your questions answered on their FAQs page.

Reviews and Ratings

West Hills Capital is a reliable business and has received several good ratings. It has also received endorsements from respectable companies, making it a good starting point for investors.

Many businesses featured West Hills, including Inc. 500, Google Reviews, WSJ, Business Insider, and others. Google users have given the company a rating of 4.9 out of 5 based on 53 reviews.

Although there aren’t many reviews of the company, the ones they do have seem optimistic for investors.

Many West Hills Capital’s clients have complimented the firm on its friendliness and professionalism.

West Hills Capital Pros and Cons

Investors can build a gold IRA account with West Hills Capital or add precious metals to their portfolios.

Before purchasing with them, think about the following benefits and drawbacks:


  • Premium Silver and Gold

Investors wishing to add gold and silver to their portfolios will find that West Hills Capital has an excellent range of precious metals. Furthermore, you’ll discover that the business offers some of the most popular precious metals available.

It is practical for investors looking for the best metals for their portfolios.

  • IRA Gold

Investors can open a gold IRA account with West Hills Capital and purchase precious metals.

Many investors require a financial organization that can offer them a gold IRA account and a choice of precious metal products. Investors can quickly solve their problems with West Hills Capital.

The organization makes it simple for customers to open a safe gold IRA account and convert funds into gold and silver. It is relatively easy to open an account with them.

  • Reputable Business

One can start investing in precious metals with West Hills Capital, a recognized financial firm. The business has received several favorable reviews and has been highlighted by numerous reliable business publications.

With so many businesses selling precious metals, choosing one with many reviews is a great way to learn more about the company and make a more knowledgeable choice.

  • Open-Book Fees

Investors can easily pick a product for their portfolio using West Hills Capital because of its upfront fees. The starting price is displayed above the cart button when you shop for items.

The company argues that its transparent fees are an excellent first step toward making it simple for investors to convert money into precious metals.

  • Simple to Work With

Working with West Hills Capital will show you that they are easy to work with, among other things. Many of their clientele have remarked how easy it was to work with the business.

The business’ website is very straightforward and offers its customers an easy way to sign up and make purchases.


  • Precious Metals are Scarce.

Sadly, West Hills Capital only provides a small selection of precious metals. In contrast to other financial organizations, West Hills only stocks gold, and silver as precious metals.

Platinum, palladium, and other rare coins are not available from them.

Depending on your demands, this limited variety can be constricting. Many investors want to diversify their holdings beyond only gold and silver.
If you’re after this, West Hills Capital might be less beneficial for your investing requirements.

  • No IRA Online Application

Another factor to consider is the need for an online application process for opening a gold IRA account with West Hills Capital. The whole procedure will be finished offline.

The procedure will be finished in only three simple stages, as guaranteed by West Hills Capital.

However, many investors prefer the simplicity and convenience of online opening a gold IRA account.

Furthermore, West Hills Capital needs to provide information regarding minimum deposits or the cost of starting an account. Get in touch with one of their professionals to learn about the entire application procedure.

Final Thought – West Hills Capital Review

A notable financial organization that sells gold and silver is West Hills Capital. For clients wishing to advance their investing careers, they also provide a gold IRA account.

The business is dedicated to assisting investors in converting their cash into gold and silver while guiding them away from typical rookie errors.

They provide a straightforward sign-up process and excellent customer support and have developed a strong reputation and positive client experience.

Consider a few things to consider if you want to start working with West Hills Capital. For example, the corporation can only deal in gold and silver.

It would help if you used something other than West Hills Capital to locate rare coins made of palladium, platinum, or other metals. The company only deals in gold and silver, and there is a gold IRA account opening option.

Remember that West Hills Capital does not offer an online application process.

West Hills Capital is only one of the excellent options if you are searching for an easy and speedy application process.

Overall, West Hills Capital is a beautiful business to start with if you want to invest in precious metals. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned investor, you’ll discover that picking this company has some advantages.

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