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In 2001, the financial firm Westminster Mint was founded. The business offers an online store and service for people who want their gold, silver, bullion bars, coins, and rounds delivered quickly and at affordable costs.

One of the top coin dealers in the US is Westminster Mint. They participate in the majority of markets for collectible coins, including those for ancient and modern issues, foreign issues, certified currencies, and more.

The company claims to have a group of highly skilled professionals who are committed to their work and who have a passion for the numismatic sector.

Working with Westminster Mint will give you access to individualized one-on-one service and assistance in locating practically any coin you are looking to add to your collection.

Before we begin this evaluation:

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Investors can choose from a wide variety of items at Westminster Mint to add to their collections. Silver and gold coins, as well as valuable goods, can be found on the website.


The Westminster Mint features a wide selection of silver goods that you can add to your portfolio if you’re an investor looking for silver. Silver Bullion Coins, Silver Bars, Silver Ingots, and Silver Rounds are just a few of the silver products you may find on their website.

Silver coins from the Westminster Mint also include Morgan dollars, Peace dollars, MS 70 coins, and important dates.


Investors can pick from a variety of gold coins kinds. You may buy a variety of gold products, including American gold coins, gold bars, gold coins minted before 1933, and more.


Investors looking to add to their collection can choose from a variety of collectibles at Westminster Mint.

On their website, investors may find a wide variety of collector coins, such as Ancient Coins, Canadian Silver Coins, Signature Series Coins, and more.


One of the most important considerations for investors when selecting a precious metals company to engage with is fees. When it comes to its product fees, Westminster Mint is out forward.

Investors can relax knowing they won’t have to look for price charts or contend with unadvertised costs. When browsing the business’ website, one of the first things you’ll notice is that it displays the current market price for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Thanks to this, investors may now easily compare the cost of Westminster Mint inventory to the price of the current market. You’ll also see that they have the exact prices of the things as you scan their offerings. Their website has a beautiful touch with this.

A starting price is a common characteristic in financial institutions. Westminster, on the other hand, makes things straightforward by letting investors view product costs without requiring more action.

Customer Service

Most precious metals companies offer the same kind of routine customer care support that Westminster does. If you have inquiries, start by reading their FAQs page, which provides answers to frequent inquiries regarding the business and precious metals in general.

You can speak with them immediately at 1-888-336-9825, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm EST, if you have a more specific query.

Shipping Policy

The company’s shipping policy may only be appealing to some investors. According to Westminster, most items are shipped in 1-3 business days; however, they want a delivery time of up to 15 business days.

Although this is a different delivery time, they also take great satisfaction in providing quick shipping.

For individuals who prefer to wait 15 days for their order, it would be wonderful to have the option to pay for speedier delivery. You’ll discover that their rapid shipping could be faster after more research.

This is because Westminster Mint releases an order for shipment at 10 business days have passed since the date of deposit for all cheques and money orders. They don’t specify how long it will take if you use one of the other accepted payment options.

Reviews and Ratings

The Westminster Mint has received few reviews. Westminster Mint has amassed 11 reviews across the two platforms, with an average rating of 2 out of 5.

Sadly, previous customers have complained that the business provides subpar customer service. Customers claim that it is difficult to speak with a representative over the phone.

Additionally, several clients have claimed that if the market has changed, Westminster Mint may cancel their transaction without warning.
Additionally, several customers have complained that after placing an order with Westminster Mint, they have yet to get their purchase and received no assistance from customer support.

If you’re thinking about purchasing from Westminster Mint, bear this in mind. Despite being in operation since 2001, they have only a small number of reviews, the majority of which are unfavorable.

Pros and Cons

Before continuing, let’s first take a closer look at some of these benefits and drawbacks if you’re thinking about purchasing precious metals from Westminster Mint.


  • Several Precious Metals to Choose From

On its website, Westminster Mint lists a number of precious metals. On their website, investors seeking a wider range will find what they’re looking for.

For investors wishing to diversify their holdings, Westminster offers a variety of collectibles in addition to gold and silver.

  • Transparent Fees

Westminster’s transparent fees are another feature that sets it apart from its main competitors. The website provides information on the price of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium at the moment.

This enables investors to constantly be aware of what they are paying in comparison to the market value of goods. Westminster also displays the final cost of a product in its inventory as opposed to a starting price, which is typical for precious metal businesses.

Investors who want to know precisely what they’ll pay as they browse products will find this pricing technique far more convenient.

  • Return Policy

There is a 30-day return policy for all items except bullion items and final sale items. Within 30 days of the ship date, investors can return their purchases and get a complete refund of their money.

Remember that products cannot be modified, and coins must be complete, in original packaging, and saleable condition.

  • Payment Methods

Investors have a variety of payment options. Credit cards, cheques, money orders, and bank wire transfers are all acceptable forms of payment.


  • No Gold IRA Account

Westminster Mint is not the ideal option for investors searching for a precious metals company that also provides a gold IRA account. The business focuses in offering buyers a selection of precious metals.

You will need to start an account with a different provider if you’re interested in a gold IRA.

  • Poor Reviews

The negative feedback Westminster Mint has gotten is one of its biggest shortcomings. Previous customers have complained that the company’s customer service is terrible and that it frequently cancels orders when the market price changes somewhat.

Westminster Mint seems unpredictable and might be more trouble than it’s worth based only on online reviews. When selecting a financial institution, investors require reliable cooperation.

Before continuing, it is essential to take into account these negative evaluations.

  • No Palladium or Platinum is Shown on the Website

On its website, Westminster Mint displays the palladium and platinum spot prices at the moment. On their “About” page, they also assert that they provide platinum and palladium, which are listed in the navigation bar.

For investors searching primarily for palladium or platinum, this needs to be more accurate. The company’s website navigation could be better even if they have these things.

  • Poor Customer Service

Many of Westminster Mint’s former customers have complained about the company’s subpar customer service, which is another problem.

Even though Westminster offers a direct phone line, the need for more responsiveness from its customer service personnel is alarming. Investors require a responsive financial institution.

Investors should refrain from counting on the company to provide dependable help because they seem to have customer service problems.

This implies that there is a potential you will need more assistance if you have a question about a product or a delivery problem.

Final Thoughts – Westminster Mint Review

Financial institution Westminster Mint has been in operation since 2001. The business sells various collectibles, coins, and silver and gold products.

Westminster Mint offers a wide selection of investments for investors looking for variety. The Westminster Mint’s fair pricing policy is among its best qualities.

Investors may quickly check the price of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium on the open market.

However, they may also view the overall cost of the goods in the company’s inventory, which helps investors make an immediate and well-informed choice.

Although Westminster has a few significant advantages, there are a few drawbacks that investors should take into consideration.

Palladium and platinum do not appear to be available on the Westminster Mint’s website, nor does the company have a gold IRA account. The company’s few but unfavorable customer evaluations raise more questions.

The Westminster Mint receives a 2 out of 5 rating on average, which is worse than most of its rivals. Customers claim that Westminster has a history of canceling purchases without warning if the market changes.

Some consumers claim to have never received their order, while others complain that it’s challenging to reach a customer service representative by phone.

There are better solutions available for investors looking for a reliable precious metals firm that can offer you the same product options.

If you want to test Westminster Mint, start with a cheap item and go through the purchase process to observe how their shipping works and get a better understanding of how good their customer service is.

Overall, investors looking for precious metals may find Westminster Mint to be a decent alternative. However, based on customer feedback, it can be wise to choose a business that better suits your requirements.

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