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A precious metal investment firm is FideliTrade. They provide complete services and run their business out of Wilmington, Delaware.

You may worry about whether they are a reputable and trusted firm if you are thinking about doing business with them.

BBB reports that the business was established in 1997. Jonathon Potts is the company’s president, and Grace Stockley is the vice president.

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Jonathon Potts first began thinking about leaving Wilmington Trust in 1997. At the time, he served as the company’s vice president and was in charge of the business’ precious metals section.

All of the employees in the division found their employment suddenly in jeopardy after the bank said they would be leaving the precious metals industry.

Instead of waiting for redeployment from the bank, Jonathan made the wise option to purchase the precious metals portion of the company. At the time, it was an extraordinary suggestion, but Jonathon could understand it.

The idea called for Jon to accept the bank’s longtime clients. The bank ultimately decided to get the offer since it sought the best option for its clients and workers.

At that time, FideliTrade was created. It first began to run around about 1998. The bank transferred five employees from the division to the new business. About 720 square feet of office space was the company’s first location.

The company has expanded significantly in recent years. It currently has more than 50 full-time staff working in four separate facilities. Their current office space is more than 72,000 square feet.

There are numerous distinct subsidiaries for FideliTrade, and the Delaware Depository is one of them.

One of the largest depositories in the entire nation is this business. In addition to IRA custodians, commodities exchanges, financial organizations, and even private individuals, they retain bullion for everyone.

Only 11 other companies worldwide can claim to be approved purchasers of the US Mint like FideliTrade has done. As a result, the corporation and the bullion stored in its vaults have a promising future.

Global geopolitical and economic uncertainty is a direct cause of the extraordinary demand for the services. As a result, many investors frequently look for safe havens while considering their investing prospects.

Precious metals are a safer place for them to invest their money.

Because FideliTrade offers a transparent and cost-effective way to invest in precious metals, many seasoned money managers have begun to seek them out.

Different Products and Services from FideliTrade

You can either buy or sell precious metals with them. These include gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Coins or bars can be purchased or sold, and they store things in their subsidiary.

Like its headquarters, the storage depository is situated in Wilmington, Delaware. They also offer custody services in several locations across the globe, such as Toronto and Zurich, for those looking for solutions for foreign storage.

You can choose between segregated and non-segregated options to store your precious metals. If you decide on segregated storage, you can keep the metals in a facility isolated from other clients’ bars and coins.

You receive your bars in a container that is individually wrapped and sealed. To provide confidence and peace of mind, they are each individually labeled.

When you choose non-segregated storage, your precious metals are kept in the exact location of those of other clients. Your precious metals are always available for purchase, sale, or delivery.

If you want to start a precious metals IRA, they will also work directly for you as a dealer. They collaborate with many IRA custodians, and they will assist you in selecting the various precious metals you wish to include in your IRA.

You will not be responsible for paying shipping fees when you choose FideliTrade as your dealer of choice.

Who They Work With

Working with former clients of many precious metals businesses, notably Wilmington Trust Company, is FideliTrade. They provide metal directly from the source and offer bullion services.

They directly purchase bullion from the government and other private mints. They have an exchange-approved depository, so you may feel secure as a client whether you are trading or using their distribution services.

They don’t owe anyone anything and have a lot of money. That might reassure customers that they won’t go and will always carry out their commitments on their behalf.

Customers wouldn’t have to be concerned about the company going out of business and putting their precious metals in danger. Assets owned by each client are covered up to $1 billion.


You can get the help you require with many of your precious metals transactions from someone with a lot of experience when you open an account with FideliTrade. FideliTrade doesn’t use commission-based sales clerks.

Consequently, you can always rely on getting the best guidance that is not motivated by profit. Additionally, you will receive the most affordable costs from a reliable business with decades of happy clients like you.

You can always conduct both IRA and non-IRA transactions using your account. Additionally, you have a choice of where to have your bullion stored. At facilities in Delaware and California and internationally in Toronto and Zurich, FideliTrade will hold bullion.


Their clearing business in Delaware provides precious metals trading and support services to various investment managers and advisors.

Thanks to Delaware Clearing Service, your customers can purchase numerous precious metals from coins and bars.

The precious metals can be delivered to the customer or kept in a safe, secure, and insured place of custody. The investor and the advisor have been considered when designing the overall service.

Any advisor can work closely with their client to develop an investment strategy and plan that will best meet their financial objectives while providing individualized advice and the most competitive rates for their investments in precious metals.

By giving your clients direct access to the precious metals markets while leaving the operational framework to FideliTrade, you can expand your range of services.

Brokers and Banks

Banks, investment funds, and brokerage houses are among FideliTrade’s institutional clients. They collaborate with dealers, exchangers, and wholesalers.

With a commercial account, you can quickly and successfully trade various products.

You will be able to swap them over the phone or the internet. The commercial trading hours are Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

An international group of business entities can use the company’s extensive range of specialist administrative and clearing services for precious metals.

They offer a wide range of custody, trading, delivery, and support services that assist brokerage companies and other commercial organizations in successfully enhancing their investment product mix and expanding their range of services.

Additionally, it increases their revenue while optimizing cross-selling opportunities and reducing the risk of losing client assets to other businesses. The best aspect is that this entails little danger or expense.

Segregated Storage for Precious Metals

Segregated offerings will be available for you to use at your discretion. If you choose segregated storage, your precious metals will be kept entirely from those of other customers.

Your precious metals are sent to you separately, packaged, and kept in your container. Additionally, each item will have a label stating that it belongs to you.

If you choose not to use segregated storage, all of your precious metals will be kept in an assigned account that is mingled with the metals of various other investors.

Whichever option you select, you are always free to claim ownership of your possessions. You may also keep buying and selling as you, please.

Precious Metals Trading


They are an authorized Mint distributor, and you can purchase precious metals at the most affordable prices. Your total ACH transaction limit is $29,999. In contrast, there are fees associated with using credit cards, and their maximum limit is $2,999.


With FideliTrade, you can liquidate your assets when you want to. They’ll pay you for your precious metals. Even if you didn’t initially purchase the bullion from them, they would still buy it from you.

Accumulating Strategy

This plan is offered when you purchase the generic bullion they sell in bulk and pertains specifically to their significant holdings. The accumulation strategy offered by FideliTrade involves a monthly or bimonthly automated purchase of their bulk-generic bullion.

You can pick the bullion type and investment amount that you want. With the help of this tool, you may efficiently use the dollar cost averaging method and need to remember to keep track of the market daily.

Additionally, you can purchase precious metals on the first or sixteenth of every month. You need to pay $99 worth of any metal to join, with no additional costs.

Counterfeit Detection

To ensure that every piece of metal that enters the facility is thoroughly vetted and examined for authenticity, the company works closely with its repository. Many resources are used to make sure that everything is validated correctly.

They invest significantly in staff, technology, and tools for counterfeit detection. To guarantee that everything is wholly natural, there are agents, precise scales, agents, ultrasound equipment, and X-ray devices.

FideliTrade has created and maintained a reputation within the business based on its attention to detail, and with all of these precautions in place, it can stand by all of its metals. They take great pride in the reputation they have built for themselves in the field.

Frequent Asked Questions

Why is purity essential?

Ratings of purity are used to determine the value of precious metals. “Parts per thousand” are used to measure their purity. The term “fineness of the metal” is frequently used.

It will show what percentage of metals are present in the refined product. Therefore, 999.9 fine bullion bars are made of 99.99 percent pure gold. Because of this, it is frequently referred to as “four nines” gold.

What distinguishes bullion coins from rare or numismatic coins?

A government mint produces large quantities of bullion coins, which are accepted as money in that area. Usually, these coins are sold for more than the metal’s inherent value.

The underlying commodity’s price changes are reflected in bullion coins’ prices. A gold bullion coin, for instance, would fluctuate with the price of gold.

A numismatic or rare coin is gathered, in contrast. It is prized because it is rare and has unique characteristics tied to it.

These coins and metals may become more valuable than their underlying commodity if they have any unique collectible attributes.

Can I add different metals to my IRA?

Since 1986, precious metals have been permitted to be deposited in self-directed IRAs. A greater variety of metals are now allowed in them, and the range of accepted items has expanded.

One can be augmented with platinum, palladium, gold, or silver coin. If you are investing in your IRA, FideliTrade ensures you only receive products that can be placed into them.

How does the procedure work?

The many IRA custodians that FideliTrade partners with permit adding these metals to their IRAs. Your dealer for various non-IRA and IRA transactions can be FideliTrade.

You can utilize your new FideliTrade account to begin investing in precious metals as soon as you open it and fund it with an authorized IRA custodian.

To choose from a list of available products, you must let a client services representative know that you’re buying precious metals for your IRA.

To fund the transaction, they will deal directly with the custodian of your choice. You will need to sign documentation from the IRA custodians confirming the acquisition. Once you complete the purchase, the transactions usually take a few weeks to settle.

Is FideliTrade a Scam?

The corporation is reputable and has a long operation history, as was already mentioned. They are not fraudulent and have an actual physical address, which many online businesses need more.

Everything is legitimate, and they have an excellent reputation. It is advisable to conduct independent research before selecting a precious metals investment firm.



  • They have a decent rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • They are very transparent
  • They have a range of precious metal options



  • They don’t have many online reviews
  • They don’t have an entirely streamlined process

Final Thoughts – FideliTrade Review

You can trust FideliTrade as a reliable and honest precious metals trading company. They have been in operation for more than two decades.

In addition to having a physical presence, they also provide easy internet trade, which is uncommon. They have a team of highly knowledgeable and helpful representatives.

They have an excellent BBB rating and are highly transparent in their business.

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