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  • prioritizes safety and outright ownership: The company places a high priority on safety and makes it a core value of their business operations. They regularly review and update their safety protocols and provide training to employees to ensure a safe environment for both employees and customers. Investors hold gold and silver in their own name with outright ownership, and the company offers various security measures including storage certificates, ownership titles, warehouse receipts, and serial numbers of the bars. The company provides an online platform for buying and selling physical gold and silver bullion, stored in vaults located in Zurich, Singapore, Toronto, or New York. Investors can start with a minimum investment of $5,000, and delivery of gold is possible.
  • has a positive reputation and experienced management team: Positive reviews and testimonials showcase satisfied customers, with the company being included in a list of recommended investment companies that offer free gold investing packets. The company was founded in 2011 by Fabrice Drouin Ristori, a French-based investor and entrepreneur. The management team includes Fabrice Drouin Ristori, Audrey Sauvan, Alain Alziar, Maxime Batel, and Egon von Greyerez, who have years of experience in international finance.
  • Investors should consider various factors when investing in gold bullion: provides users with information on what gold bullion is, how to buy it, and how to store and sell it. Investors should consider factors such as the purity of the gold, the reputation of the dealer, and the market conditions before making an investment. While gold bullion can be a valuable investment, it is important to diversify one’s portfolio and not rely solely on gold as a means of financial security.

Introduction to

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4.8/5 Ratings is an investment platform that specializes in precious metals. The platform implements strict safety measures and operates with a client-centered core value approach to ensure the satisfaction and success of its investors. is changing the way individuals invest in precious metals. This section will examine the philosophy of, as well as its emphasis on safety protocols and core values.

Core Values and Safety Measures is a reliable platform focused on core values and safety. The company believes in transparency, integrity, and security. To do this, they provide top-notch security protocols for investors from all backgrounds.

Safety is a priority. uses modern security systems to protect investments. When an investor purchases gold bullion, they have exclusive ownership of it. The company has also secured vault facilities worldwide, leaving little worry about theft or manipulation.

The management team consists of experts from financial backgrounds. They have decades of experience in precious metal investments. Market analysis updates help clients make informed decisions.

Clients who have used are pleased with the customer service when buying or selling gold bullion. Investing in gold bullion involves factors like weight measurement and purity levels. But investors can trust the platform’s advisory team to guide them through every step. uses cookies and technological software to secure user information. Join today and invest with core values and safety measures without worrying about profit loss!

In short, is the perfect choice for serious investors. It guarantees safety, security, transparency, and integrity. Invest in gold bullion without having to dig up your backyard!

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Pros and Cons


✅ Your precious metals will be delivered quickly and easily to you

✅ You do not need any company representatives to check on metals stored in the vaults managed by their storage partner

✅ You can store your precious metals in any one of four countries


❎ The company does not offer a lot of information on how they levy commissions and premiums

❎ Rather than relying on a flat rate fee, the fees for storage solutions offered by the company rely on a sliding scale. This means that storage costs usually increase the more that you invest

The Investment Platform

If you are searching for a gold investment platform, Goldbroker has likely captured your attention. In this section, we will examine what Goldbroker offers in terms of outright ownership and minimum investment. Furthermore, we will explore the platform’s vault locations and security measures that safeguard your investment.

Outright Ownership and Minimum Investment

Investors looking for complete ownership of gold bullion can turn to They offer a variety of investment options, including outright possession of physical gold products. has competitive prices compared to traditional dealers, allowing investors to maximize their profits. Plus, they provide vaults for secure storage with maximum discretion and top-notch security measures.

Before buying, investors should research factors like weight, purity, and authenticity. They should also consider personal priorities and budget size.

Potential investors can read reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers on the website. Thanks to outright ownership and minimum investment, is a great choice for those wanting to add gold bullion to their portfolio.

Vault Locations and Security Measures has set up a comprehensive vault system for ultimate safety of investments. It includes multiple secure vaults in Swiss cities, a top-notch Singapore facility with 24/7 surveillance and sophisticated anti-intrusion systems, and vaults secured through physical security, CCTV, and other high-tech measures in Hong Kong and Dubai. takes no risks with multiple facilities in different jurisdictions – this provides an extra layer of protection against any disruptions at one location. Each facility meets local laws while upholding’s high standards. Asian investors are increasingly drawn to these vault locations for safe haven assets like gold bars.’s experienced management team ensures investments are well-guarded. Trustpilot users also praise’s storage service.

GoldBroker is legit precious metals dealer. The company handles transactions (buys and sales) transparently and confidentially. Further, they transfer the metals that you buy in your name and do not store precious metals on behalf of clients.

The Management Team

The Goldbroker Review offers insights into the company and its key personnel. The management team has a range of skills and experience that have helped the company to grow. This team is made up of experts in finance, investments, and precious metals. The CEO has over 20 years of wealth management experience and has been a major factor in the success. The CFO is a certified public accountant, with a background in accounting and financial analysis, not tax. Plus, the team has sales and marketing, customer service, and operations experience.

The management team is known for their leadership skills and transparency. They focus on building long-term relationships with clients, by offering quality products and service. The team is a great asset and sets a high industry standard. Their expertise, leadership, and commitment to client satisfaction make them exceptional.

GoldBroker has extensive connections with a lot of industry partners, and as such, they can assure that your buy and sale orders are executed as long as the precious metals remain stored in their partner’s (Malca-Alma’s) independent vaults.

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Gold Bullion Investments

Investing in gold bullion can be an excellent way to diversify your portfolio and protect your assets. Gold bullion is defined as gold bars, coins, or ingots that are sold on the basis of their weight and purity. The value of gold bullion is determined by its weight in troy ounces and its purity, which is measured in karats.

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When buying gold bullion, it is important to consider factors such as storage and selling options. One popular way to store gold bullion is in a secure vault, but there are also options for home storage and private safety deposit boxes. When selling gold bullion, it is essential to research reputable dealers to ensure you receive a fair price for your investment.

While gold bullion can provide potential benefits for diversifying a portfolio and protecting assets, it is important to understand the risks. Like all investments, the value of gold bullion can fluctuate and it may not always provide a positive return. It is important to carefully consider your individual financial goals and consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

What is Gold Bullion

Gold bullion is a physical form of gold, available in bars or coins. It’s popular with investors wanting to store their wealth, or use it for investment. makes it accessible; allowing minimum amounts of purchase.

Investing in gold bullion is a secure option, due to its intrinsic value and low correlation with other assets. Purity, weight, and the premium over the spot price must be taken into account.

Gold bullion requires security measures such as multi-factor authentication access controls and 24/7 monitoring, which provides.

Investing in gold bullion offers stable, long-term value potential. is a great choice for those looking to invest in gold bullion and preserve their wealth.

Before buying gold bullion, look at purity, weight, and security. Invest with and don’t miss out on one of the most enduring forms of wealth preservation.

Factors to Consider when Buying Gold Bullion

When buying gold bullion, there are essential factors to consider. Purity is important since it affects value. Look for certifications and tests to show purity levels. Different types, such as coins or bars, may impact value. Research to determine if one offers more value. Weight and size matter too, for price and transportability. Research market conditions before investing. Choose a reputable vendor to avoid fraudulent sales. Logistical factors, such as transportation, storage, and insurance needs, should also be considered.

Recently, preference for precious metals like gold over traditional assets has risen. A man once invested his savings in gold bullion. Safely stored it and sold it later at a higher price to pay for his son’s tuition fees.

Buying and storing gold bullion requires caution and attention. provides top-quality gold bullion that meets all the criteria at the best prices.

Storing and Selling Gold Bullion offers investors plenty of options for storing and selling gold bullion. Security, flexibility and ownership are all key benefits. You can pick from a variety of vault locations worldwide with advanced security, like 24/7 surveillance, multi-level access control and fire suppression systems.

You can also choose to store your gold bullion under your own name for full control over your investment. has created a table with key factors to consider like ownership, minimum investment, vault location, security and liquidation.

Once you decide to sell your gold bullion, you’ll get payment within two business days after the product’s quality is fully verified. So be sure before you move ahead with liquidating.

Overall, provides peace of mind and a transparent process for storing and selling gold bullion.

Cookies and User Information

Cookies and user information are crucial aspects of any website that deals with sensitive data. In this section, we will provide a brief overview of what cookies are and how they operate on the Goldbroker website. We will also cover how user information is collected and secured to ensure high levels of privacy and security for their clients.

One of the best things about GoldBroker is that they will buy back any precious metals they sell to you as long as you contact them and inform them of the amount you wish to sell.

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Reviews and Testimonials

Goldbroker’s satisfied customers have shared positive testimonials about their experience with the company’s investment services. In this section, we will focus on a particularly glowing review from a happy couple. Through their experiences, we will gain insight into what distinguishes Goldbroker from other investment firms and how it can help investors reach their financial objectives more effectively.

Monex Precious Metals Trustpilot Review

Positive Experience of a Couple

The couple had an amazing experience with – an online investment platform for gold bullion. The platform was easy to use and had great security. takes security very seriously. They have vault locations, camera surveillance and daily audits of inventory.

The management team is experienced and their reviews from customers are glowing. The couple did their research and were confident to invest with

Their experience shows the trustworthiness and dependability of Investing in gold bullion with this platform feels like having a superpower!

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Final Thought – Goldbroker Review is a reliable investment platform. It allows individuals to invest in gold bullion safely. The experienced management team guarantees safety and security. A minimum investment is needed to outright own gold. Clients can store their gold in multiple locations worldwide. The platform has 24/7 video surveillance, biometric access control, and auditing protocols. has reviews and testimonials from satisfied clients. Safety is its priority when helping investors buy and sell precious metals online. It stores metals in high-security vaults owned by renowned organizations like Brinks and Loomis. One couple purchased $300,000 of gold bullion and received their delivery shipment in a week. is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to invest in gold bullion securely.

Five Facts About GoldBroker Review:


✅ offers an online platform for buying and selling physical gold and silver bullion, stored in vaults in Zurich, Singapore, Toronto, or New York. (Source:

✅Investors hold gold and silver in their own name, with outright ownership, and can make lump-sum investments starting from a minimum of US$ 5,000.(Source:

✅Safety is a core value of the company, and various safety measures are implemented and regularly reviewed to ensure effectiveness.(Source:

✅GoldBroker was founded in 2011 by Fabrice Drouin Ristori, a French-based investor and entrepreneur. (Source:

✅A satisfied customer commented that GoldBroker made it easy for them to buy and sell gold, and they felt secure with the service they received from an employee named Nicolas Gueydon.(Source:

FAQs About Goldbroker Review

What is GoldBroker and how does it operate?

GoldBroker is an online platform that offers an opportunity for investors to buy and sell physical gold and silver bullion. The company stores the bullion in secure vaults in New York, Zurich, Singapore, or Toronto. Investors can hold gold and silver in their own name with outright ownership and create lump-sum investments with a minimum of US$ 5,000. The founder of GoldBroker is Fabrice Drouin Ristori, a French-based investor, and entrepreneur. GoldBroker is operated by FDR CAPITAL LTD, and it is represented in the US by FDR CAPITAL LLC. The company moved its operational activities to London, UK, in 2020. The management team of GoldBroker includes Fabrice Drouin Ristori, Audrey Sauvan, Alain Alziar, Maxime Batel, and Egon von Greyerez.

What safety measures does GoldBroker have in place?

GoldBroker considers safety as a central aspect of its business operations. The company places a high priority on safety, and safety measures are implemented throughout the organization. The safety protocols are periodically reviewed and updated to ensure their effectiveness. The company provides safety training to its employees to equip them with the skills necessary to handle potential hazards. GoldBroker is committed to continuous improvement in safety practices and procedures, ensuring the provision of a safe environment for employees and customers.

What are GoldBroker’s storage solutions for precious metals?

GoldBroker stores precious metals in the investor’s name with outright ownership in whole bars, not fractional ownerships of large bars, in secure vaults located in New York, Zurich, Singapore, or Toronto. In addition, the company implements various security measures, including storage certificates or ownership titles, warehouse receipts, and serial numbers of the bars. GoldBroker also offers the option of gold delivery, and the gold is insured for independent storage by Malca Amit.

What do I need to know about buying and selling gold bullion?

Gold bullion is a safe-haven asset that protects against inflation and economic uncertainty. It can be purchased from online dealers, banks, and precious metal brokers. When buying gold bullion, it is essential to consider factors such as purity, weight, and authenticity. Gold can be stored at home or in a secure storage facility. However, it is important to take precautions to ensure its safety. Selling gold bullion can be done through various channels, including online marketplaces, auctions, and local dealers. It is crucial to diversify investment portfolios and not rely solely on gold as a means of financial security.

What recent experiences have GoldBroker customers had?

One couple sold their gold due to the purchase of a new home. Two years ago, they bought gold and felt secure with Mr. Nicolas Gueydon’s service. Mr. Gueydon helped with the transaction and promptly and correctly answered their questions, making it easy for them to buy and sell gold. This was their first time investing in gold, but they thanked Mr. Gueydon for his service and said they would consider him in future market dealings. The experience date was November 17, 2015.

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