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A Canadian business called Kitco trades in precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Customers globally can choose from a variety of storage solutions and other services as well.

The business was started in 1977 in Montreal with just three employees. Since then, three offices have been added: Hong Kong, Montreal, and New York. Currently, the company employs around 600 people.

Since 1967, Kitco has offered news, evaluations, and pricing for various precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Precious metals purchasing and selling are Kitco’s main business activities.

The business purchases rounds, coins, and bars made of precious metals. Additionally, it buys raw bullion made from pure scrap metals. Although Kitco conducts its business online, customers can also visit the physical location.

The company sells physical metal, and bullion certificates kept in Kitco’s vaults.

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Bernard Kitner, Saul Nusbaum, and Marvin Steinberg established Kitco in 1977. Its headquarters are in Canada Montreal, and the business sells goods from public and private mints worldwide.

Additionally, it offers details on the metals markets and other pertinent financial news. The most reliable source for information on current gold prices and historical price trends for precious metals is Kitco.

The metals are sold in various weights and purities as bars, coins, rounds, and ingots. Millions of people have trusted Kitco for its extensive selection of goods and services for over 50 years.

Historically, during economic turbulence, precious metals tend to perform better than many other investments. Kitco can assist you in diversifying your investment portfolio by purchasing gold, silver, and other precious metals. It is also a fantastic technique to safeguard your cash from inflation and economic downturns.

Products and Services

Inflation, recession, and market uncertainty are all things that gold protects against. It always has worth since it is a store of value. Gold can be used as an investment or for jewelry. The resources you need to purchase, sell, and trade gold and other precious metals are available at Kitco. To assist you in safeguarding your investments, Kitco provides a variety of goods and services, including:

Live Gold Price

Every two seconds, the website updates the gold live market price, which may influence the timing of your gold purchase or sale.

Gold Coins

Purchase gold coins from Kitco online or over the phone with knowledgeable agents. What kind of coin is best for you can be determined with the aid of Kitco. Popular Gold Sovereigns and Gold Krugerrands are also available from the company.

Gold Bars

For investors wishing to avoid paying premiums, the company offers a choice of gold bars ranging in weight from 1 gram to 1 kilogram.

Kitco News

The most reputable analysts in the gold sector provide analysis along with the most recent news on subjects that affect the gold market on Kitco News.

Bullion Bars and Coins

In the metals gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, you can buy bullion in many sizes, including one ounce, ten ounces, and kilobars. Coins made of gold are also offered.

Kitco Refining

The refining division of Kitco is a market leader with a reputation for working closely with clients to deliver the best refining experience. Kitco provides high levels of confidentiality together with quick and accurate payments.

Following international standards, the refinery uses cutting-edge induction furnaces to melt gold to a moral purity before casting it into anodes that are 99.99 percent pure gold. The refinery has received full licensing and approval from numerous government bodies.

Kitco Media

The news and editorial division of Kitco Metals Inc. and its subsidiaries are called Kitco Media. Kitco News,, and exclusive webcasts are all included in this.

The goal of Kitco is to deliver reliable, timely coverage of breaking news directly affecting the markets for precious metals, free of conjecture or filler.

The Kitco news team covers the most recent changes in the gold and silver markets, prominent international figures and events, precious metals-related technologies, and all the crucial economic information affecting these markets.

Over 30 years of video coverage of business, geopolitical, and mining news are available in the media library. With more than 5 million views annually, Kitco Media has made a name for itself as a reliable source of business news.

Millions of investors read Kitco news each year since it is syndicated internationally. Additionally, Kitco Media offers press releases about businesses in the precious metals sector and collaborates with other companies to create relevant news stories for their websites.

Kitco Gold Index

One ounce of gold is valued relative to the other major currencies of the world using the Kitco Gold Index (KGX), a unique feature.

The KGX is a valuable real-time tool for tracking market changes because it calculates how many dollars are needed to purchase one ounce of gold.

The price of gold is gauged by the Kitco Gold Index using a portfolio of five major currencies rather than just one.

Because it reflects the actual cost of purchasing or selling gold and the conversion of gold sales profits into local currencies, the KGX offers a more realistic measurement for foreign investors.

The Kitco Gold Index provides the most recent gold spot price in all significant currencies, including U.S. dollars, Canadian dollars, euros, pound sterling, yen, and Swiss francs.

The data does not constitute investment advice; it is meant to be used as general market commentary.

Gold Investing Fundamentals

The possibilities to invest in gold are countless. For instance, you can acquire gold mining stocks or actual gold in the form of bars or coins. Investors can also purchase options and futures contracts to profit from market price fluctuations.

The first thing to remember is that purchasing stock entails acquiring an ownership stake in the company. When you buy gold, you purchase a physical asset that acts as wealth insurance.

In other words, gold will maintain its worth regardless of what happens to the stock market, your economy, or any other reason.

The primary perception of gold is as a long-term investment. Investors should plan on maintaining a gold IRA account for a sufficient amount of time to allow it to appreciate and outperform inflation. Gold is typically advised to be kept for at least three to five years.

How to Open an Account

You don’t need to register to view Kitco’s prices. However, if you want to purchase precious metals from the business, you will enjoy an account, and it only takes a few minutes and is free to open a Kitco account.

Step 1: To register, go to or click “Open An Account” in the top right corner of the homepage. Then, follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 2: The business will send you a confirmation email to validate and activate your new Kitco account. Then, to access your account in the future, you will be required to give some basic information about yourself and respond to security questions.

Step 3: You can order any items from after confirming your new Kitco account by adding them to your shopping cart and checking out using the safe payment method.

Shipping Information

Kitco provides a range of shipping choices. As a precaution, insurance is automatically included with all programs. However, if you decide you do not want to get the insurance, you can also opt not to.

Domestic Standard Shipping

Kitco ships via UPS Standard or Express Saver inside Canada (depending on package size). The length of delivery depends on where you are in Canada.

Worldwide Shipping

Orders are sent globally by Kitco. Kitco offers Federal Express International Priority and Priority Mail from the USPS for deliveries outside the U.S.

Federal Express International Economy for bigger packages and International for smaller shipments. Depending on where you are outside of Canada, delivery time may vary.

Advantages of a Precious Metals IRA

There are numerous advantages to purchasing a precious metals IRA. It’s one of the finest methods to spread out your assets and lower risk, particularly given how unstable the current economy is.

Precious metals provide a significant buffer against inflation and stock market fluctuations. You can keep the actual metal in your retirement account, another benefit.

Your metal is available for pickup or storage with a dependable custodian.

IRA Eligible Precious Metals

A precious metals IRA may contain any combination of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. These metals and specific alloys of these metals may be held in an IRA account, according to the IRS.

The IRS has set standards for the purity of the metals, which must be at least 99.5% pure. The specific products that are eligible depend on several variables, including the kind of IRA you have and the location where you are purchasing the metals.

Kitco Precious Metals IRA

Many Americans are turning to the stability of precious metals to maintain the value of their retirement assets.

Kitco can assist you in establishing a precious metals IRA with an administrator who will walk you through the process, including choosing a depository and setting up a self-directed account.

The Kitco precious metals IRA is offered in cooperation with New Direction IRA, a custodian specializing in IRAs and other tax-advantaged accounts.

Kitco offers a comprehensive choice of bullion goods qualifying for an IRA, including gold bars and coins, silver bars and coins, platinum bars and coins, and palladium bars and coins.

Kitco Reviews

Customers are complimentary of Kitco’s customer service, security, and convenience of ordering, and they generally have positive things to say about the company. Customers who experienced issues with their orders appreciated Kitco’s efforts to address them as soon as feasible.

Customer evaluations of Kitco Gold are generally excellent. Additionally, Kitco has an excellent Trustpilot and BBB rating.

One of the top internet markets for buying and selling gold is Kitco. They have an excellent reputation and provide the ease of an immediate sale and free shipping when you mail in your purchases.

Customers in the past have provided the Support team with numerous good testimonials praising their promptness and helpfulness.

Is Kitco a Scam?

No, Kitco is not a fraud. It has a long history and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. The business has been around for many years and has received positive internet customer ratings.

For more than 50 years, Kitco has offered physical bullion, cutting-edge services, and market data to investors in precious metals. A trustworthy refiner and dealer in precious metals are Kitco.

The business purchases and sells gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in various shapes and sizes, including coins, bullion bars, and scrap metal. You can be sure that Kitco will deliver the products you ordered.

Pros and Cons


  • The shipping process is speedy and fully insured.
  • The website is well-designed and simple to use.
  • They are recognized as industry leaders and precious metals experts.
  • They provide several different investing possibilities, such as coins and bars.


  • Shipping costs are high for small orders.
  • They don’t provide a discount for paying with cash.
  • There is no option for Kitco to store your metals.
  • More expensive than purchasing from a dealer or a mint directly.

Final Thoughts – kitco Review

Kitco’s primary service is access to the most recent gold and silver prices, updated at least four times daily. Kitco provides a top-notch selection of gold mint coins at highly affordable costs.

There’s no reason to be shy about something this significant, so this Kitco review has given you additional knowledge about these products. Always conduct your homework and follow your instincts while making decisions.

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