LCR Coin Review: Can You Believe Them Or Scam Risk?

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The market for precious metals is still improving, providing investors with numerous investment prospects. Multiple gold, silver, platinum, and bullion bars are available for purchase and investment.

You can get the finest returns on your gold and silver coins, which are only guaranteed by some. Furthermore, choosing the best one takes time and effort. For this reason, a thorough study is required before making a bullion investment.

One of the reputable precious investment firms worth your money is LCR Coin. LCR Coin will be discussed in this review so that you may make informed choices.

Before you begin this evaluation:

They know how difficult it can be to find a company you can trust with your carefully saved money. We create educational and helpful content, so you have as much information as you need to make the best choice.

To make comparing and selecting the company most suited to your needs as simple as possible, they compiled a list of our highest-rated investment firms.

LCR Coin is a recognized, trustworthy, and authorized NGC and PCGS dealer, and the company is a PNG and ANA member. NGC and PCGS have more than 30 years of experience in the collecting and investing fields.

In addition, they engage in American Silver Eagles, Certified Modern Coins, Mercanti Signed Silver Eagles, Ed Moy Signed American Silver Eagles, Graded Rare Coins, and Gold and Silver Bullion.

Also, LCR Coin maintains an ample supply of certified and collector coins. The business is well known for its reasonable costs, first-rate customer support, and top-notch quality.

They want to offer their customers premium coins at the most competitive cost. With over 30 years of experience, LCR Coin is a reputable brand in the coin market.

Fast, accessible, and insured shipping for clients’ purchases of coins is a top priority for the business. The fact that there are no minimum purchase requirements is more intriguing.

LCR Coin is the place to go if you’re seeking a coin dealer who can offer you premium coins at competitive costs.

LCR Coin Gold IRA

As a bullion investor, 15 to 25% of your assets should be gold, and the simplest method is to increase the gold in your self-directed IRA.

You have complete control over your self-directed IRA with the LCR Coin Gold option, and you may diversify your investment portfolio by adding precious metals.

The company offers a range of real gold coins and bars that you can add to your portfolio and safely and securely store in an IRS-approved depository.

Benefits of LCR Coin Gold IRA

Effortless Transfer

With the company’s guidance and assistance, customers can easily and rapidly move their gold assets into a Gold IRA. By guiding clients through their various conditions, that is made feasible. Additionally, it files all the papers required to speed up the transfer procedure.

Tax-free Conversion

You’ll be glad to learn that changing your old 401K or existing IRA into an LCR Coin Gold IRA is tax-free, and it is a procedure carried out by custodians with no tax liabilities.

100% Gold Ownership

You can purchase actual gold after your LCR Coin Gold IRA is operational, and the business will deliver it to a preferred IRS-approved vault where you may pick up your real gold.

Why Should You Hold Your Gold in an LCR Coin Gold IRA?

Diversification of your Investment Portfolio

The fact that it diversifies your investment portfolio is the main benefit of holding your gold in an LCR Coin Gold IRA. A gold-backed IRA and the precious metal are what you purchase when you invest in gold.

It is considerable because it enables you to diversify your holdings, lowering the possibility that one investment or industry would adversely affect the remainder of your assets.

Protection from Market Volatility

The best protection against market volatility is gold. Since gold has always been considered a haven asset, times of economic unpredictability and market turbulence usually see a rise in its price.

Gold often increases in value during stock market downturns and decreases in value during bull periods.

LCR Coin Products and Services

Depending on your needs and financial situation, LCR Coin offers a variety of precious metals that you can purchase. You should be aware that coins frequently have higher prices than bars. The choices you may want to consider purchasing from LCR Coin are listed below.

Gold Bars

Investors prefer this product more than any other. It can hedge against inflation and is simple to buy and sell. Depending on your budget, a variety of sizes and purity are available.

Silver Bars

Silver is one of the most reliable precious metals and has served as a store of value for many years. A range of silver bars is available from the company, and each bar has a certificate of authenticity and is .999 pure silver.

Platinum Coins and Bars

The company provides several different platinum coins and bars. Size options include 1 oz, 5 oz, 10 oz, 100 oz, and 1000 oz. All platinum bars and coins are.9995 pure.

Gold and Silver Coins

There are numerous gold and silver coins available from LCR Coin. All coins come with an authenticity certificate and are.9999 pure gold and silver.

Services offered by LCR Coin include:

  • Certified Modern Coin Sets
  • Estate Privacy and Liquidity
  • Gold and Silver Bullion Bars and Coins
  • IRA Gold and Silver Rollover Kits
  • LegacyWealth
  • New Coin Collecting Portfolios
  • Portfolio Coin Collections
  • Proof of Gold and Silver
  • Rare Coin Acquisitions
  • Rare Coin Auction Consulting
  • Rare Coin and Collection Liquidations
  • Submitting Coins for Grading

What’s My Coin Worth?

LCR Coin cannot assess the value or authenticity of your coins over the phone or email, and you must take it to your neighborhood coin shop where, for a small price, they may help you determine the coin’s value and authenticity.

They will send the coin to PCGS or NGC for grading and certification if it is rare.

LCR Coin Storage Options

LCR Coin has storage vaults located in a variety of nations, including:

  • London
  • Hong Kong
  • Switzerland
  • Zurich
  • Sweden
  • Singapore

Another option is to keep your gold or silver in an online vault. The most excellent method to safeguard your precious metal is to do that. However, LCR Coin storage vaults are among the world’s most well-protected treasures.

They are unbreakable, and each of their bars and coins has a protective coating. Because they don’t need to hold your precious metals for you, the company allows you to store them wherever you wish.

Does LCR Coin Buy Back Coins?

Yes, LCR Coin will buy back your raw or certified modern coins, rare coins, and bullion. The business purchases its PCGS and NGC-approved inventory from the most reputable and reliable vendors in the entire nation.

There are several choices available to you when selling your LCR Coins. You can make a direct payment, utilize your funds to fund a new purchase on the merchant’s website, or store your funds as credit for upcoming purchases.

In 3 simple actions, LCR Coin can buy back your coins:

1. Send a list of all coins you want to sell

Remember to list the type, grade, amount, and services of each coin you wish to sell and its condition. You may contact them by phone at 800-830-5578, email at [email protected], or through their website.

Depending on the information you supply, the organization will offer Modern and Rare Coins an introductory offer. LCR Coin will determine the price after confirming your coins’ kind, condition, grade, and authenticity.

Following your acceptance of the terms and the opening offer, move on to the following action.

2. Send the inventory using either UPS, USPS, or Fed Ex

Make sure you receive compensation for your coins if anything goes wrong during shipping. With the initial deal, LCR Coin will provide you with insurance, a label, and a packing slip.

3. Once LCR Coin receives your package

They will evaluate the inventory to confirm the data on the packaging slip. They will contact you to confirm the transaction once the procedure is done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a wise choice to invest in Gold IRAs?

It is, indeed. For years, buying gold has been one of the most well-liked financial options. The fact that Gold IRA is regarded as a secure refuge and offers high returns makes it a sensible choice.

They can also be an excellent inflation hedge and contribute to portfolio diversification. Gold is a fantastic investment because its price has been increasing consistently over time, and another popular protection against inflation is gold.

How Do Precious Metal IRAs Function?

Traditional IRAs and precious metals IRAs are comparable. The IRS forbids the establishment of Precious Metals IRAs as IRAs.

The Precious Metals IRA must only be set up with a trustee or custodian qualified to deal in precious metals. The trustee or custodian must hold the Precious Metals IRAs separately, mixed with other assets.

You must choose the kind of precious metals you want to invest in when you open a precious metals IRA. The choices include bullion, coins, and bars.

Could I own gold in my IRA?

Yes, you are allowed to own gold in your IRA. Due to its classification as a collectible, gold is exempt from specific regulations that apply to other assets. You must engage with a custodian conversant with gold IRA rules if you want to invest in gold through an IRA.

Can I Set Up Multiple IRAs?

You can create several IRAs. However, you are only permitted to fund one IRA each year. The IRS regulations for various tax-filing statuses determine the ceiling amount, and that works to $6000 for people under 50 and $7000 for people over 50.

Pros and Cons



  • More than 30 years of expertise in the precious metals industry, a highly
  • Reliable and respectable company
  • They offer a wide variety of gold, silver, and platinum coins.
  • It is tax-free to transfer money or convert it to IRAs.
  • Various options for payment.
  • There are multiple storage facilities to pick from throughout the world.
  • Delivery is fully insured and secured.



  • High premiums for purchasing coins made of gold, silver, and platinum.
  • Compared to other precious metals merchants, the shipping cost is expensive.
  • On their website, finding spot pricing is challenging.
  • Although their shipping is free, it takes some time.

Final Thought – LCR Coin Reviews

One of the trustworthy companies to invest in precious metals is LCR Coin. The business has a solid reputation and a staff of professionals who can meet the needs of its customers.

They also provide a variety of precious metal investment and purchase choices. Additionally, their IRA is among the best in the sector.

The LCR Coin platform is simple to use and user-friendly. Precious metals can be purchased via a computer or a mobile device. They also offer a committed customer support team around the clock to assist with your problems.

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