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Patriot Trading Group, established in 1996 by Joe Jaquint, provides precious metals trading with a focus on gold and silver.

Originally known as All American Gold, the business changed its name in 2009 after Jaquint acquired the stock belonging to his former partner, Eric Cedarstrom.

When Jaquint established the company, he chose Phoenix, Arizona, as the headquarters location. The Patriot Trading Group established a satellite office in Johnstown, Colorado, in January 2019, even though that site continues to be its headquarters.

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Patriot Trading Group offers for sale and trades gold and silver at each site. Those transactions involve some precious metal pairings, a cryptocurrency notion.

The business, for instance, enables consumers to exchange palladium for gold or gold for silver. Additionally, it provides a particular precious metals investment program that builds a fund for buying gold and silver, and the investor chooses the amount to be invested each month.

Options like $100, $1,000, or $10,000 are typical choices. Patriot Trading Group charges the investor’s credit card on file the predetermined monthly amount. The PTG account becomes a high-net-worth buyer after pooling the funds.

The corporation purchases tangible assets every quarter and distributes them to its investment clientele. There are no setup costs, cancellation fees, portfolio review fees, or administration fees associated with the program.

Through this strategy, investors of all income levels can access an investment market that has always been reserved for the vastly rich.

No matter their monthly income, an investor can gradually increase their portfolio because they set the monthly amount.

The Patriot Trading Group takes control of each investor’s fortune by selling the metals directly to each buyer. Whether their investment is delivered in coins or bars is entirely up to the investor.

Investment Consultations

While many larger businesses provide customer contact lines with sales representatives, Patriot Trading Group allows you to schedule a meeting with Joe Jaquint, the company’s founder, in person.

Though Patriot offers meetings with its president and founder, the company also provides telephone consultations with skilled sales representatives.

DuringThe CEO will offer insightful commentary on these one-on-one encounters, according to the business’ website. It also provides knowledge and education through a variety of other channels.

These consist of a live radio show, a blog, a YouTube channel, and a weekly podcast. Patriot is a pioneer in educating investors about precious metals.

Special Features of the Patriot Trading Group

While many programs provide gold IRAs and precious metals programs, very few do so with the same business practices as Patriot Trading Group offers. The business protects the privacy of its customers and forbids cold calling among its employees.

Highlights of its most advantageous features are as follows:

  • Company returning clients account for the majority of its sales.
  • The business doesn’t employ any commission-based salespeople.
  • It neither permits nor makes outgoing calls.
  • The company does not divulge the contact details of its clients.

Today, all businesses must follow some privacy regulations, but Patriot already had rigorous privacy regulations before the GDPR, or the Can-Spam Act, was passed.

The manner a company representative approaches clients, or potential clients has always been subject to stringent regulations. No client has complained about the firm’s privacy policies throughout its 26 years of operation.

Red Flags for Patriot Trading Group

After researching it on several consumer websites, the company itself was fine. The Patriot Trading Group has not encountered any issues with its investors or rival trading groups in its 26 years of operation.

It has a reputation as a gold and silver coin investing organization that respects privacy.

Patriot Trading Group cannot transfer gold purchased through a gold individual retirement account directly to the client, even though such a program does supply gold and silver to the investor now (IRA).

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has established specific regulations to create and administer gold IRAs. A gold IRA must use an agent to buy the gold, which must be kept in a location that complies with strict safety regulations.

Patriot Trading Company chose GoldStar Trust Company as the provider of its custodial services. GoldStar was founded as a subsidiary of Happy State Bank & Trust Company, a Centennial Bank division, in 1989.

The bank that owns GoldStar Trust Company was founded in 1908 and had a storied history that dates back more than a century, operating out of Amarillo, Texas.

The BBB gave the bank that looks after Patriot Trading Group’s gold IRAs an “A-.” In the last three years, they have received 15 complaints, but they have yet to be concerned about the services offered by GoldStar Trust Company.

Even though it’s not technically a warning sign, the company it utilizes to manage its gold IRAs cannot be expected to provide Patriot Trading Group-caliber customer care.

The Other Patriot Trading Group Raises a Red Flag

When Jaquint acquired Eric Cedarstrom’s ownership of the business, several members of the Cedarstrom family stayed in the organization.

Lori Cedarstrom, a descendant of the late Eric Cedarstrom, established a company that trades gold, silver, platinum, and palladium under Patriot Trading Group.

According to its website, the company was founded by the late Eric Cedarstrom, whose family owns and runs it. These claims disagree with BBB, Yelp, and GoldStar Trust Company data.

The second PTG website claims you can purchase and sell all four precious metals there and do whatever you want.
The second Patriot Trading Group website states, “We do not hold gold for individual clients, and it’s up to you where you keep your gold.

Three “Portfolio Consultant Specialist” employees are listed on the second Patriot Trading Group website: Lori Cedarstrom, Wendy Green, and Ericka Pinkerton. One AOL email address and two Gmail addresses are provided for each.

Purchaser beware. It is exceedingly unusual and suspicious. Shop only on the legitimate Patriot Trading Group website, accredited by the US Better Business Bureau and linked to from its website.

Other Coin Options

There is a small selection of coins available from Patriot Trading Group. Numismatic gold and silver coins and IRA-eligible Gold American Eagle coins make up the choices.
Any investor who wants to buy straight from the company can do so without having an established relationship with it because the company makes its whole catalog available online.

Patriot Trading Group must be contacted to set up a self-directed precious metals IRA to buy Gold American Eagles for gold IRA. The corporation contracts with GoldStar Trust Company to supply its custodial services.

Is Patriot Trading Group a Scam?

According to the Better Business Bureau, Patriot Trading Group, also known as Patriot Trading Metals Group, LLC, does not defraud its clients. Despite being in operation for 26 years, the business only received BBB accreditation in 2014.

However, customers have the right to complain about any company, whether certified or not, and Patriot Trading Group has never had any negative reviews or complaints. On January 19, 2004, it started its BBB file, and the business has an “A+” rating with the BBB.

Its BBB profile offers numerous ways to get in touch with them directly. The consumer group provides: Patriot Trading Group with two phone lines. A fax number, an email contact form,a website.

The company has a five-star rating on Yelp. The Yelp information indicates that Patriot Trading Group also provides appraisal services.

Pros and Cons



  • Long-established
  • Free resources for learning
  • Offers a gold IRA as well as coins.
  • Exemplary customer service
  • Respects the privacy of clients



  • Transacts with a bank that offers subpar customer care
  • A meager collection of coins

Final Thoughts – Patriot Trading Group

Patriot presents an extraordinary chance for beginning investors. It produces goods that are affordable for people of all income levels.

The seasoned gold trader chooses whether you can afford $100 per month or $10,000 or more per month.

Despite the limited coin variety, it offers safe investments and timely delivery of its coins and bars.

It’s an impressive fact that during the company’s 16-year existence, not a single client has complained or left a negative review online.

In today’s society, a business or person with imitators often denotes a high-quality company or person.

However, if you choose to invest in gold or silver, stick with the genuine Patriot Trading Group because this does not improve the imitator.

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