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  • SD Bullion offers a wide range of products including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins and bars, making it a one-stop-shop for precious metal investors.
  • With over 300,000 customers and $2 billion in orders, SD Bullion has established itself as a leading precious metal dealer, providing excellent customer service at the lowest prices in the industry.
  • Although there have been some complaints about lost packages, SD Bullion has a nearly perfect customer review rating and strives to provide the best experience in the industry. For instance, SD Bullion made it easy for Christian Q., a new silver purchaser, to purchase their products. Additionally, SD Bullion offers protective cases for coins for a small additional fee and has a wide selection of coins at great prices. They also have coins that are not commonly seen on other silver websites, and delivery time was quick, even during snowy weather. Most customers have had positive experiences and would recommend SD Bullion to others looking to invest in precious metals.

Introduction to SD Bullion

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4.7/5 Ratings

Welcome to the world of SD Bullion, a reputable precious metals dealer! In this section, they will introduce you to SD Bullion and provide an overview of their offerings. SD Bullion offers a range of metals in the precious metals market, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

They also offer services such as storage, IRA accounts, and market updates. With competitive pricing and a focus on customer service, SD Bullion is a trusted and reliable choice for anyone looking to invest in precious metals. So, let’s explore the world of SD Bullion and learn more about what makes them one of the best in the industry!

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Pros and Cons


SD Bullion sells gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

SD Bullion’s low prices are a benefit.

SD Bullion protects consumers’ investments.

SD Bullion’s website displays real-time prices.

SD Bullion sells precious metals and provides secure storage for investors.


SD Bullion provides few payment alternatives.

SD Bullion serves US consumers.

SD Bullion’s customer support staff may take longer to respond.

SD Bullion does not provide IRAs.

SD gold’s website has instructional information, but some consumers say it’s lacking compared to other gold dealers.

Overview of SD Bullion’s Offerings

SD Bullion is a top-notch precious metal trader. They offer coins, bars, and rounds in gold, silver, platinum and palladium forms. Besides, they offer valuable metal collectibles like graded coins, vintage coins and rare numismatics. Their website makes buying easy and fast. They have 300,000 happy customers and over $2 billion worth of orders.

Their lowest price guarantee is amazing. Prices are very competitive compared to other traders. SD Bullion has achieved success since 2016, as Inc Magazine’s fastest-growing companies list shows. This proves their commitment to being exceptional.

In conclusion, SD Bullion provides quality products at fair prices. Their business model emphasizes quality customer service. They charge lower than other traders who usually charge too much for goods and services of the same quality.

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Customer Reviews of SD Bullion

Curious to know what customers are saying about SD Bullion? We’ve compiled a selection of customer reviews that provide insight into their buying experiences. In this section, we’ll be exploring three specific reviews: Christian Q. Review, Matt’s Review, and SD Bullion’s Response. Are you ready to hear what people really think about SD Bullion? Let’s dive in.

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Christian Q. Review

Christian Q. gave SD Bullion a 5-star review! He was pleased with the quality and timely shipping. Customer service reps were friendly and helpful too. Christian praised SD Bullion’s reliable products and services. He also highlighted the convenience of tracking orders online.

On their website, SD Bullion state that over 300,000 customers have made orders totalling $2 billion in precious metals. This is proof of the company’s success in providing high-quality items at good prices.

Matt reported a problem with SD Bullion, but said the staff dealt with it professionally and quickly.

Christian’s review shows that SD Bullion is dedicated to providing excellent products and services, as well as customer satisfaction.

Matt’s Review and SD Bullion’s Response

Matt’s review of SD Bullion gained the company’s attention. He had mentioned his negative experience with them – his order being missing and no compensation. He also felt the customer service wasn’t sympathetic.

SD Bullion accepted full responsibility for the lost package and apologized. They promised to compensate Matt and said customer satisfaction is their number one priority. To make sure this doesn’t happen again, they stated they train their staff to tackle situations with empathy and address customer complaints fast.

Companies must take negative reviews seriously. SD Bullion’s response showed their commitment to great customer service.

SD Bullion’s Business Model

With over 400,000 satisfied customers and over $3 billion in orders, SD Bullion’s business model is definitely worth examining. In this section, they’ll take a closer look at what sets SD Bullion apart, including their commitment to offering the lowest prices and excellent customer service. They’ll also highlight their impressive achievements, such as earning a spot on Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest-growing private companies for three consecutive years from 2017 to 2019.

Lowest Prices and Excellent Customer Service

SD Bullion is famous for its low prices, which have been key to its success. It also offers top-notch customer service with phone support, email communication, and a live chat feature on its website. This commitment to affordability and personalized service sets it apart from other bullion dealers.

The company has built a loyal customer base of over 300,000 and their orders add up to over $2 billion. SD Bullion realizes buying and investing in precious metals can be difficult and strives to provide support throughout the process.

In summary, its model of providing the lowest prices and top-notch customer service has attracted and retained customers who value its transparency and service.

Inc. Magazine’s List of Fastest Growing Companies

SD Bullion is a shining success. Inc. Magazine has recognised them on their List of Fastest Growing Companies for 3 years in a row. Their growth rate was 1592% between 2013 and 2016!

CoinWeek has awarded them the best value for bullion, making them a popular choice for investors. The website is easy to use and customers can buy precious metals online quickly.

The recognition from Inc. Magazine shows SD Bullion’s hard work and dedication to customers. It reinforces the trust in their brand too. Inc. Magazine provides insights into America’s entrepreneurial landscape. If SD Bullion’s customers were a country, it would be larger than Iceland. Amazingly, their total orders make them a billionaire.

Over 300,000 Customers and $2 Billion in Orders

SD Bullion is renowned for their dependable services, which have pleased over 300,000 customers. These customers have collectively made $2 billion in orders. See the impressive stats of the company in the table below:


SD Bullion Reviews show that they can serve many customers and make substantial sales. Inc. Magazine even included them on their list of fastest-growing companies. This recognition confirms SD Bullion as a dependable investment.

Investing in SD Bullion is a smart move for those looking for reliability and credibility. With 300,000+ satisfied customers and $2 billion in orders, as well as their continuous growth and wide customer base, SD Bullion is a leading figure in the industry.

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Complaints and Controversies Surrounding SD Bullion

SD Bullion has become a renowned name in the precious metals industry due to its extensive range of gold, silver, and platinum bullion products. However, despite its success, the company has faced criticism and scrutiny. This section will delve into the complaints and controversies surrounding SD Bullion.

SD Bullion Reviews Gold coins

Gold Coins

SD Bullion Reviews Silver coins

Silver Coins

SD Bullion Reviews Platinum coins

Platinum Coins

They will shed light on the complaints received by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) about lost packages, the controversy surrounding the 30-day wait policy, and the company’s lost package policy. Additionally, they will explore instances where the company provided an unsympathetic response, as well as the controversy surrounding the CEO’s request for anonymity.

BBB Complaints Regarding Lost Package

SD Bullion has had a bad rap due to its 300,000+ customers and $2 billion orders. Numerous complaints on the BBB site are about lost packages during transit.

The company says they take these reports seriously and handle them case-by-case. Yet, customers have complained about unhelpful customer service reps. Furthermore, SD Bullion requires a 30-day waiting period before a refund or replacement shipment is processed. This mirrors USPS policy.

If SD Bullion wants to keep its good name, it must quickly address these issues. While treating each case individually is great, their shipping process should be improved. This means no more lost packages. Further, delivery must be timely.

It’s a buyer beware situation when choosing SD Bullion. They offer competitive pricing and good customer service, but those issues must be sorted out first. To ensure customer satisfaction, SD Bullion must refine their shipping process and reduce lost packages.

Lost Package Policy and 30-Day Wait Controversy

SD Bullion, an online bullion dealer, is facing criticism lately. Their lost package policy, plus the 30-day waiting period to file a claim, has caused controversy. Customers have voiced their frustration, saying the wait time is too long.

Also, some customers have reported concerns about how SD Bullion responds to their claims. One customer shared that the CEO refused to provide their name when asked.

The low prices and customer service make SD Bullion attractive. But customers should consider potential risks before buying. They must weigh the benefits against the lost package policy and the 30-day waiting period.

Empathy-Less Response and CEO’s Name Request

SD Bullion’s response to a customer complaint was found lacking in empathy. The customer had requested help with lost packages, but SD Bullion failed to respond with care and understanding. Dissatisfaction was expressed through negative reviews.

This incident shows the importance of businesses taking complaints seriously.

Companies should provide a more empathetic response to customers’ concerns. Making these changes can lead to improved service quality, which is beneficial for all.

Recommendation to Use SD Bullion

Searching for a reliable & inexpensive precious metals dealer? Look no further than SD Bullion! Over 300,000 happy customers and $2 billion in orders. Inc. Magazine even featured them on their List of Fastest Growing Companies.

SD Bullion Reviews BBB rating

SD Bullion offers an array of products – gold, silver, platinum, palladium, coins, bars. Affordability is key in their business model – perfect for those looking to invest in precious metals.

But don’t take our word for it – customers love their customer service! Any issues like lost packages or long wait times for refunds – SD Bullion’s staff always respond with empathy and willing to solve the problem. For anyone considering investing in precious metals, they strongly suggest giving SD Bullion a try.

Final Thought – SD Bullion Reviews

SD Bullion is a respected precious metals dealer that offers consumers with great service and high-quality goods. With a vast assortment of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, they cater to the demands of both investors and collectors alike. The company’s dedication to openness and affordable pricing sets them apart in the business. Their experienced and pleasant team offers a seamless and hassle-free shopping experience, delivering professional help and addressing any queries consumers may have. SD Bullion’s focus to customer satisfaction and their trustworthy shipping and handling processes make them a trusted alternative for precious metals lovers. In a market packed with alternatives, SD Bullion stands out as a trustworthy and reputable provider for all precious metals requirements.

Five Facts About SD Bullion Reviews:

✅ SD Bullion offers protective cases for coins for a small additional fee. (Source:

✅ SD Bullion has a wide selection of coins at great prices. (Source:

✅ SD Bullion has coins that are not commonly seen on other silver websites. (Source:

✅ SD Bullion has serviced over 300,000 customers and shipped over $2 billion in orders. (Source: Shopper Approved)

✅ SD Bullion’s dedication to providing the best experience in the industry is reflected in their nearly perfect customer review rating. (Source: Shopper Approved)

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FAQs About Sd Bullion Reviews

What is SD Bullion and when was it founded?

SD Bullion is a precious metals dealer that offers gold, silver, and platinum bullion at low prices online. It was founded in 2012 and has serviced over 300,000 customers and shipped over $2 billion in orders.

What should I do if I am unable to activate the human confirmation button on SD Bullion’s website?

If you are unable to activate the human confirmation button, try a different method to prove your humanity.

What are some customer reviews for SD Bullion?

Recent customer reviews indicate that SD Bullion made it easy for new customers such as Christian Q. to purchase their products and even offers protective cases for coins for a small additional fee. SD Bullion has a wide selection of coins at competitive prices and also offers coins that are not commonly seen on other silver websites. Delivery time was quick, even during snowy weather, and customers like Christian Q. have expressed enjoyment in doing business with SD Bullion and plan to continue to do so.

What is SD Bullion’s cancellation policy?

Per SD Bullion’s terms of use, cancellation fees are calculated as 5% of the order total or $35, whichever is greater, plus any applicable market loss.

What is SD Bullion’s reputation as a business?

SD Bullion has a nearly perfect customer review rating and has been on Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest growing companies four times. Their business model of low prices and excellent customer service has led to their success.

What should I do if I have an issue with my order from SD Bullion?

If you have an issue with your order from SD Bullion, contact their customer service. SD Bullion is dedicated to resolving any issues that may arise and their representatives are trained to provide the best possible service.


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