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It’s essential to conduct research before choosing a firm to invest in or use for your needs. Knowing the company’s history might help you determine whether investing is worthwhile.

This in-depth analysis of the Strata Trust Company will assist you in determining whether they are a good fit for your investment. The business is an elite IRA custodian serving the entire country.

Their area of expertise is alternative investments. Depending on your areas of interest, there are many different investment opportunities. You can find all the details regarding the investment company in this guide. Now that that has been said, read on for more.

Before you begin this evaluation:

They know how challenging it is to choose a business you can entrust with your hard-earned savings. They produce insightful and practical material to give you as much information as possible so you can make the best decision.


Strata Trust Company, established in 2008, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Horizon Bank, SSB. Officially, they go by the name Self Direct IRA Services, Inc. The organization underwent a significant rebranding in 2017 to become what it is today.

They have the knowledge and skills to assist investors in achieving their retirement objectives. They have many options for alternative investments, including real estate, private equity, crowdsourcing, and precious metals.

They have over 30,000 investors who want to profit from their retirement. Institutional IRA services were introduced by the corporation, which is advantageous to experts, advisers, and investment platforms.

They were among the first businesses to use platforms for crowdfunding. These significant decisions were great for the company because they attracted many investors.

The number of assets in their care increased significantly; by 2019, they employed more than 50 people. They have embraced several technologies that make IRA transactions more straightforward. One of the Strata Trust Company’s novel initiatives is the self-service site.

In today’s challenging financial world, they have successfully acquired assets worth over $3 billion; their accomplishments are outstanding. It has to do with the total number of years of experience of their staff.

The retirement market typically offers few options, but this company makes an effort to give investors choices. Their website states that their mission is to be an innovative partner in assisting investors in achieving their financial goals.

When investing, you must seek a firm that promotes you. Even with this knowledge, you should still research before creating an IRA account with the business.

Who Is Strata Trust Company?

The management and leadership team of Strata Trust Company was instrumental in helping the business achieve all of its goals. The management or executive team of the company is made up of these people.

Kelli Click

Kelli Click is the president of Strata Trust Company. For more than 28 years, she has served as an institutional and self-directed IRA custodian. She has been on the Retirement Industry Trust Association board for more than 17 years (RITA).

Kelli participates actively in the senior community and puts in a lot of effort on behalf of the Strata Trust Company.

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson is in charge as COO. Almost more than 29 years of experience, he is knowledgeable about the subject’s nuances and regularly comes up with solutions. Jeff has participated in several purchases of accounts from other custodians.

He holds a degree in administration and management of businesses.

Michele Maruri

The Chief Financial Officer is Michele. She started working for the organization in 2014 and brings over 30 years of knowledge about self-directed IRAs. With a University of Texas accounting degree, Michele Maruri is a certified public accountant.

Before beginning her current position, she served as a director at Sterling Trust Company.

Strata Trust Company Investing Options

Real Estate

A real estate IRA enables you to hold property in single-family homes, vacant land, and commercial property. If you are knowledgeable about the real estate market, it is the ideal investment.

Additionally, you can help other people buy homes by owning mortgage notes.

Precious Metals

If you want something physical, you can invest in precious metals like palladium, platinum, silver, and gold. A prized metal investment, for example, can withstand a downturn in the economy. The metals can be bought, held, and sold whenever you want.

However, before investing, research precious metals.


One method for entrepreneurs to raise money for start-ups is through crowdfunding. If you select this strategy, you can fund your convictions. You can diversify your investment portfolio, and there are always new options.

You will have access to various resources, including private stocks, real estate, and more.

Private Equity

You can invest in a privately held business with this investing strategy. Starting businesses and established enterprises are both available as investment prospects. Everything relies on your retirement objectives and plan.

High risks come with high returns.


The account fees charged by Strata vary according to the type of investment you select and the services you need. Here are the service charges for various IRA accounts.

Although Strata Trust Company also charges other service fees, it’s crucial to be informed of these. It is more expensive than other companies to close an account, and it can be troublesome if you decide not to keep the account.

You must pay $ 35 for returned items, card declines, or stop payments. If you need research or have a specific request, the service costs $75 per hour for research and $25 for each customer request.

Note change costs $50, and partial transfer out costs $100. The service costs determine the company’s price, and you should know the firm fees.

The in-kind distribution charge for each asset is $30. 30 days after the invoice date, a $50 late fee is assessed.

Customer Reviews

Strata Trust Company has a few client comments and endorsements on its website. All of the reviews have five stars.

It shows the caliber of services they provide, but it’s unusual for a business to include negative ratings on its website.

Although the business is not recognized by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), you can still decide using the BBB’s ratings, reviews, and complaints. There are several reviews and a few complaints on Trustpilot as well.

You can only learn about a company’s customer service practices through the experiences of others. The majority of reviews consistently mention how excellent their customer service is. Strata Trust Company can always answer your questions.

You can give them a call or use the tools on their website. Clients agree with the website’s five-star ratings of the business.

They receive a 4.4 out of 5 on Trustpilot, and Strata has an A+ rating from the BBB. Few complaints have been made about their services, and the website and logging in are the only issues, although they only affect some.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Investments in Self-Directed IRAs Insured?

Your Strata account’s cash is FDIC-insured up to $250,000 in value. Your IRA account won’t be insured and could lose weight if it holds other investments.

Which IRA investment types are prohibited?

Collectibles, including stamps, artwork, rugs, coins, antiques, and gemstones, are just a few of the investments that are not allowed. Before creating an account, it’s usually a good idea to contact their support staff.

They will help you by advising you on all the do’s and don’ts and improving your experience.

Are Precious Metals Sold, Bought, or Exchanged by Strata Trust Company?

Not at all, no. To negotiate the exchange, sale, or purchase of precious metals, you will need the assistance of a broker. Before choosing a particular metal dealer, try to educate and research yourself. Such investments frequently result in fraud charges.

You shouldn’t put your IRA money in danger by making shady purchases.

What kind of precious metals are prohibited from holding in an IRA?

You cannot hold some metals in your Strata account, notably Italian Lira, Hungarian Korona, Mexican Peso, Columbian Peso, French Franc, and British Britannia.

The complete list of valuable metals that have yet to be approved has been posted online by Strata Trust Company. Furthermore, your gold must be 99.5% pure.

A manufacturer or refiner must create bars, coins, and rounds with accreditation. They must satisfy the minimal fineness specifications, and cash that is not proof should be damage-free.

Exists a Precious Metals Storage Alternative at Home?

The Strata Trust Company must continue to hold custody of all precious metals. Your IRA assets will be in the company’s care until they are distributed or sold under IRS regulations.

The metals will come under your ownership or control while they are under Strata’s care.

How Do I Pay for My IRA?

IRA contributions, direct rollovers, and direct transfers are all options. You could even combine all of these techniques. Make sure to deposit money properly, particularly when making IRA contributions.

Can I Have A Self-Directed IRA If I Participate In A Workplace Retirement Plan?

Your Roth IRA contribution will be restricted if your income rises above a specific threshold. Your spouse’s participation in a different workplace retirement plan could provide issues.

Get in touch with the company’s self-directed IRA specialists and devise a workable solution for your situation. Every case is different; therefore, you must evaluate your circumstances and income.

Final Thought – Strata Trust Company Review

You can use the alternative retirement alternatives provided by Strata Trust Company to grow your IRA. Because of its range of services, this business is well-known and a leader in the retirement industry.

However, choosing to invest in a firm is a personal choice. Therefore you must weigh both the positives and negatives. Take into mind both their numerous amount of good reviews as well as the complaints.

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