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  • Strata Trust Company, a subsidiary of Horizon Bank, SSB, was founded in 2008 and offers alternative investment opportunities including real estate, crowdfunding, private equity, and precious metals, as well as traditional IRA services. They also launched institutional IRA services for professionals, advisors, and investment platforms.
  • Strata Trust Company has over 30,000 investors and was one of the first companies to work with crowdfunding platforms. They have also adopted innovative technologies, such as a self-service portal, to simplify IRA transactions. Strata Trust is recommended as one of the best investment companies.
  • Customers should be aware of Strata Trust’s fees and customer service issues, as well as potential issues with precious metals accounts.
  • Strata Trust offers both commingled and segregated storage options for precious metals, with yearly flat rate fees and sliding scale fees respectively.

Introduction to Strata Trust Company

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4.8/5 Ratings

With the complexity of financial markets increasing each day, choosing the right trust company is crucial. In this introduction, we will take a closer look at Strata Trust Company.

Strata Trust Company is a well-known trust firm that offers a range of services to investors, including self-directed IRAs and alternative investments such as private equity, hedge funds, and real estate.

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Pros and Cons


✅ From trust creation and investment administration to financial advising, Strata Trust Company offers a variety of services.

✅ The business has experience offering high net worth clients asset protection solutions.

✅ Asset transfers between generations can also be done tax effectively through Strata Trust Company.

✅ Due to their expertise and friendliness, the company’s customer care specialists make it simple to explain the advantages and disadvantages of various investing possibilities.


❎ For smaller investors in particular, the service fees are quite hefty.

❎ To start an account with Strata Trust Company, customers must make a sizeable initial commitment.

❎ Due to limits put in place by the company, investors may have fewer options for the investments they can make.

❎ Strata Trust Company could not provide the best return on investment in comparison to other investment possibilities.

Additionally, we will address some concerns that have been raised about Strata Trust to provide you with a clear understanding of their capabilities and services.

Overview of Strata Trust Company’s Services

Strata Trust Company offers a range of investment services. They specialize in self-directed Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and alternative investments. This gives investors more control over their retirement funds, and access to wider opportunities than traditional asset classes.

Self-directed IRA services enable clients to invest in real estate, private equity, loans/mortgages, and cryptocurrency. The company also provides institutional IRA services for companies. They collaborate with crowdfunding platforms to provide even more investment choices. Strata Trust use innovative technologies like blockchain to guarantee security and transparency.

Customer reviews praise Strata Trust for their disclosure of fees and customer service. Some consumers have reported issues with precious metal accounts. But Strata Trust also offer traditional IRAs. They charge fees for storage and account administration based on assets under management. All this info is available on their website.

The company started in 2008. They were one of ten trust companies approved by the South Dakota Department of Banking for self-directed IRAs. Since then, they’ve extended their services to include institutional IRAs.

Remember, prior to investing in an alternative asset class through an IRA with Strata Trust or any other provider, understand the risks. Seek advice from professionals if needed.

Addressing Concerns with Strata Trust

Strata Trust Company is renowned for their commitment to transparency and customer service. They understand their customers’ concerns, and work with them to address any issues. Primarily, customers worry about transparency and fees. Strata Trust updates their fees structure for self-directed IRA accounts and alternative investments regularly on their website. The customer service team responds promptly to any inquiries.

Moreover, customers are also concerned about the customer service experience. Strata Trust has knowledgeable staff to offer excellent customer support through the investment process. They provide helpful resources to assist investors in opening and funding IRAs.

Additionally, Strata Trust partners with crowdfunding platforms to offer a wide range of alternative investment opportunities for individual investors. This service is an excellent feature that sets them apart.

In conclusion, Strata Trust is a remarkable financial company. They offer flexible investments, transparent fees, and superior customer service.

Also, they address all customer concerns immediately. Therefore, Strata Trust is the ideal choice for self-directed IRA services.

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Investment Services offered by Strata Trust Company

Strata Trust Company offers multiple investment services including alternative investments, IRA services, crowdfunding platforms, and innovative technologies. This section will explore the details of each investment service to help investors make informed decisions about where to put their money. With a diverse range of options available, Strata Trust Company provides investors with the tools and resources necessary to navigate the complex world of investment management.

Alternative Investment Opportunities

Strata Trust Company is an investment firm that offers a wide range of investment opportunities, including alternative options. These are not usually available from traditional financial institutions, including investments in hard money loans, real estate, privately placed notes, and more.

One of their unique services is the ability to invest in cryptocurrency through their self-directed IRA. Strata Trust has expertise and experience in handling such assets, providing clients with a safe investment experience.

In addition, they provide other services, such as institutional IRA services. They also work with crowdfunding platforms. Strata Trust uses innovative technologies and industry-leading guidance from their experts to give access to unconventional asset classes.

Overall, Strata Trust is ideal for investors seeking unique options not usually offered by traditional financial institutions. They have all kinds of offerings under one roof, plus excellent client support and account management assistance.

Institutional IRA Services

Strata Trust Company is a top provider of Institutional IRA services. They help financial institutions offer self-directed IRA products and services, while acting as custodian, simplifying the process of adding trade and alternative investments into their clients’ accounts.

Investors can take advantage of precious metals, real estate, private equity funds, and hedge funds with Strata Trust’s help. This helps them find growth opportunities and diversify their portfolios.

Institutional investors can get custom-tailored solutions to their goals from Strata Trust. In addition to traditional services like record maintenance, distribution processing, and report management, they provide quality services and crowdfunding solutions to help investors hit their financial objectives.

So, Strata Trust Company is a great solution for institutional IRA services. Clients get a reliable and convenient platform to reach their financial aims.

Strata Trust Company Review

Working with Crowdfunding Platforms

Strata Trust Company is a licensed trust company that has been providing self-directed IRA services since 2008. Their philosophy is to offer alternative investment options and foster innovation in financial services. This includes collaboration with crowdfunding platforms to give clients unique investment opportunities.

Clients can invest in private placements through their IRA accounts. Strata Trust also conducts due diligence on crowdfunding projects to help inform their clients. Custody and administration services make sure funds comply with regulations.

Strata Trust’s technology integrates with crowdfunding platforms. This simplifies the investment process and ensures transparency and accountability. They guarantee factual accuracy and compliance with regulations and guidelines. All to help their clients reach their investment goals.

Adoption of Innovative Technologies

At Strata Trust, we’re committed to giving the best service. We use innovative tech to make it easier for customers to manage their accounts and investments.

Our tech solutions let investors stay ahead. With mobile apps and online portals, customers can easily get account info, track performance, and view trends. We prioritize following rules so processes are safe and secure.

Using our cutting-edge tech has lots of benefits. Customers get diverse portfolios and fewer errors.

Our service puts customers first and helps them get an edge. Don’t miss out on Strata Trust’s innovative offerings!

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Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Strata Trust Company Reviews

Strata Trust Company has gained widespread recognition for its top-notch services in the financial world. In this section, we will delve into the customer reviews and testimonials, which shed light on the company’s reputation for providing exceptional services to its clients. We will explore the transparency and disclosure of fees as well as the customer service experience. Furthermore, we will analyze any issues with precious metals accounts. By studying these reviews, we can gain valuable insights into how Strata Trust Company is perceived by its clients.

Transparency and Disclosure of Fees

Strata Trust Company is a customer-oriented firm, with transparency and clarity as their main focus. All fees are disclosed to clients and the fee schedules are publicly available. They provide detailed breakdowns of fees for their self-directed IRA accounts. Plus, clients can find FAQs and personalized consultations for further clarification. The Company wants to build trust with customers, providing reliable info and demonstrating openness in financial dealings. Transparency and disclosure of fees are essential for any reputable financial service provider, such as Strata Trust.

Customer Service Experience

Strata Trust Company is renowned for their customer service. They’ve earned positive reviews and testimonies, due to their dedication to greatness. Transparency is a key factor to their success. They make sure all fees are clearly available to their customers. In addition, their representatives are professional. They efficiently solve any queries or complaints.

They also handle precious metals accounts well. Strata Trust quickly and effectively deals with any potential issues. Plus, their services are unique. They offer institutional IRA services for wealthy people and businesses. Self-directed IRA services provide more flexibility to investors.

Overall, the company has a long-standing reputation for great customer service. With their transparent fees, prompt resolution, and commitment to improvement, it’s no surprise that clients trust them for their retirement accounts.

Issues with Precious Metals Account

Strata Trust Company has heard from some customers about their precious metals account. Testimonials show that transparency and fee disclosure are weak. Even though storage fees are reasonable, customers are not happy about unknown charges.

Delivery of metals is a problem too. There have been cases of late delivery. That’s annoying for customers who expect to get their assets quickly.

It’s worth noting that Strata Trust Company is good with self-directed IRAs. They offer institutional and standard IRA services, plus access to alternative investment possibilities and crowdfunding platforms. That shows they want to provide great service to their clients.

If you want to steer clear of fraud, Strata Trust’s self-directed IRA services are the way to go. Even though their precious metals account has issues, Strata Trust Company is still a good choice for people who want new investment solutions.

Self-Directed IRA Services Review

Looking for the right self-directed IRA services can be daunting, but it is a crucial step for securing your future. In this section, we’ll review Strata Trust Company’s self-directed IRA services and how they provide excellent investment evaluation and alternative asset class investment choices while protecting their clients against fraudulent schemes.

Strata Trust Company’s account administration fees vary depending on the type of account and investment, but they provide transparent pricing and online access to statements and transactions. They also have high ratings from reputable sources such as the Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot. For more information, you can visit their website or contact them directly.

Investment Evaluation and Fraudulent Schemes

At Strata Trust Company, we understand how crucial investment evaluation is for any strategy. Fraudulent schemes can have a major impact on returns. Our team works closely with clients to understand their goals and use risk management tools to evaluate investments.

We also provide Self-Directed IRA administrative services. Our internal auditing processes help prevent fraud. We partner with custodians and trust companies to use their third-party verification systems for validating investments. This helps clients make informed decisions and avoid fraud.

Investors can diversify their portfolios into alternative asset classes with Strata Trust’s Self-Directed IRA services. We ensure asset valuations are disclosed before being invested. This allows investors to maximize returns and feel secure.

Explore alternative investments further with Strata Trust Company. From stocks to crowdfunding and innovative technologies, a variety of asset classes are available to invest in. This gives investors the power to grow their investments while minimizing the risk of fraud.

Traditional and Alternative Asset Class Investment Choices

Strata Trust Company is an investment services provider that provides various asset class investment alternatives. Investors can collaborate with crowdfunding platforms and utilize inventive technologies to construct diversified portfolios. This includes equities, fixed income, and alternative investments like private equity funds, hedge funds, commodities such as gold and silver, and even cryptocurrency.

To help investors comprehend available choices, Strata Trust Company has provided a detailed table. For equities, investors can select stocks, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and real estate investment trusts (REITs). Fixed income options include bonds, certificates of deposit (CDs), treasury bills, government notes and bonds, and municipal bonds.

By offering these options, investors can create diverse portfolios that work for their investment goals and reduce risks. Institutional IRA services and self-directed IRA services are also available. These services provide access to commodities, real estate development projects, or cryptocurrency assets.

In summary, Strata Trust Company offers investors many traditional and alternative asset class investment options. With innovative technologies, investors can reach their retirement savings goals.

Storage and Account Administration Fees

Strata Trust Company is a top-rated self-directed IRA service provider. They offer storage and account administration fees. Clients can pick from various pricing models that fit their investment strategies. An annual account fee of $150 applies for an individual account and $250 for a joint account. A storage fee from $85 to $180 per year is charged, depending on the asset type. Digital assets like crypto may incur higher fees. Transactional fees may apply when buying or selling assets.

The storage & administration fees differ based on the number, type, and value of assets in the account. Strata Trust Co. make sure to be transparent with fee disclosures, so clients can make educated decisions. They provide 24/7 portal access to view accounts and transactions in real-time. Plus, regular data backups and hardware replication are available for secure continuity of services. Contact Strata Trust Co. now!

Contact Information and Ratings

Clients are always happy with Strata Trust. They provide fast responses and helpful assistance. There’s something for everyone. Self-directed IRA, institutional services, and standard IRA services are all available. Choose Strata Trust and you’ll get transparency and excellent customer service.

Strata Trust Company is all about transparency. It’s easy to find their contact info and reviews. Reach out to them by phone, email, or mail. Their website is great for investors. FAQs, forms, and calculators are there to help. And check out the reviews on Yelp and Google.

Strata Trust’s History and Unique Services

Strata Trust has made a name for itself in the investment management industry by offering unique services to institutional clients and high net-worth professionals. In this section, we will explore the history of Strata Trust and the two primary services they offer: Self-Directed IRA and Institutional services. We will also examine their other services, including unique offerings for clients.

Strata Trust Company Review Ratings

Self Directed IRA Services and Institutional Services

Strata Trust Company is a financial institution that offers a range of services. These include self-directed IRAs, as well as institutional services. It provides access to assets not usually available with standard IRAs, such as private equity, crypto, real estate, and more.

Institutional IRA services are an excellent choice for finance and banking professionals. Options include pooling contributions to invest in specific assets, a benefit usually only available to institutional investors.

Strata Trust has partnered with crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe, Indiegogo, and Kickstarter. This allows customers to negotiate deals on the same level as traditional investors.

The company’s approach to investment is unique. It uses digital processes and the latest DeFi and Blockchain technology to help investors see returns.

Founded in Texas in 2008, Strata Trust Company has received top B+ ratings from the Better Business Bureau (North Central Texas chapter). This attests to their diligence towards customer satisfaction and regulatory requirements.

Standard IRA Services Offered

Strata Trust Company is a top choice for IRA services. They offer a range of services, such as Traditional, Roth, SEP, and SIMPLE IRAs. Customers can invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, and CDs. Plus, there are no hidden transactional fees or account maintenance costs.

Strata Trust Company makes it easy to consolidate accounts from other financial institutions. Their online portal provides quick access to balance info. They also encourage customers to use innovative technologies for account management.

Plus, Strata Trust Company specializes in self-directed IRA servicing professionals that offer precious metals storage. This makes their services even more comprehensive.

Servicing Professionals and Unique Services offered

Strata Trust Company is a top choice for self-directed IRA services. They provide custom solutions to meet the unique investing needs of professionals. These services let individuals stay in charge of their investments, while giving access to normally unavailable options.

Strata Trust also offers services for institutional investors. Including document preparation, compliance reviews, and account management.

For crowdfunding investors, Strata Trust is a secure custodian for their IRA assets. This allows investors to invest in private offerings without the restrictions of employer-sponsored plans. Strata Trust utilizes advanced technologies, like blockchain-based platforms, for secure, accurate transactions.

Strata Trust offers advisory services to ensure professional investors make the right decisions. For more traditional investments, research must be done to factor in storage and account admin fees.

Strata Trust is an excellent partner for professionals wanting expert advice on investing strategies that align with their goals. Representatives are available by phone and email during standard business hours, to give the guidance and support needed for informed investing.

Final Thought – Strata Trust Company Review

For people and businesses around the country, Strata Trust Company is a top provider of trust, estate, and financial planning services. Since its founding in 1986, the company has expanded to provide a variety of goods and services, including asset management, guidance on charity giving, retirement planning, tax preparation, and more. The business collaborates with clients to create specialized strategies that safeguard assets and encourage long-term monetary security.

Some Facts About Strata Trust Company:

✅ Strata Trust Company is a subsidiary of Horizon Bank, SSB and was founded in 2008. (Source:

✅ They offer alternative investment opportunities including real estate, crowdfunding, private equity, and precious metals. (Source:

✅ Strata Trust Company was one of the first companies to work with crowdfunding platforms, which generated a lot of investors and helped their assets grow to over $3B. (Source:

✅ Strata Trust Company charges yearly flat rate fees for storage and account administration, and clients can choose between co-mingled and segregated storage options. (Source:

✅ Strata Trust Company emphasizes servicing professionals who deal with individual clients, including financial advisors, broker dealers, real estate professionals, precious metals brokers, and investment issuers and product sponsors. (Source:

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FAQs about Strata Trust Company Review

Is Strata Trust Company A Safe way to Invest Retirement Funds?

Yes, Strata Trust Company offers both traditional and alternative asset investment choices, including real estate, crowdfunding, private equity, and precious metals. However, investors should be aware of potential fraudulent schemes when considering a self-directed IRA. Custodians and trustees may have limited duties to investors and may not evaluate the quality or legitimacy of an investment and its promoters. Investors should check with regulators about the background and history of an investment and its promoters.

What Does Strata Trust Company Offer in Terms of Ira Services?

Strata Trust Company offers standard Self Directed IRA services, including Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, Beneficiary IRA, SEP IRA, Simple IRA, processing documentation for contributions, transfers, and rollovers, executing investments, ensuring that assets are properly registered, and performing relevant tax reporting. They have over 30,000 investors and have launched institutional IRA services for professionals, advisors, and investment platforms.

What are The Annual Fees For Holding an Account With Strata Trust Company?

Strata Trust Company charges annual fees for custodial accounts. The fee schedule is fully disclosed at the time of account opening and on their website. Annual fees include flat rate fees for storage and account administration. Clients can also choose segregated storage on a sliding scale fee or co-mingled storage for $100 per year with either Brinks Global or Delaware Depository.

What is the Experience of Working With Strata Trust Company?

Strata Trust Company has over 10 years of experience in providing Self Directed IRA services. They were one of the first companies to work with crowdfunding platforms, which generated a lot of investors and helped their assets grow to over $3B. They have adopted innovative technologies, such as a self-service portal, to simplify IRA transactions.

What Should Investors Beware of When Considering Strata Trust Company?

Investors should beware of potential fraudulent schemes when considering a self-directed IRA. Custodians and trustees may have limited duties to investors and may not evaluate the quality or legitimacy of an investment and its promoters. Investors should undertake their own evaluation of the merits of a proposal and check with regulators about the background and history of an investment and its promoters. Additionally, one customer review on Trustpilot warns against poor customer service and issues with account holdings.

How Does Strata Trust Company Handle Ira Transfers And Fees?

Strata Trust Company charges annual fees for custodial accounts. The customer is fully disclosed about the fee schedule at the time of account opening and on their website. In one customer review on BBB, a transfer request was returned because it was missing a signed letter of acceptance from the recipient. After receiving the signed letter, Strata Trust Company processed a partial transfer of cash. The customer’s IRA account remains open until all notes are handled before it can be closed.

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