Gmrgold Review

Gmrgold Review

Key Takeaways:

  • GMRgold is a Texas-based company located in Woodlands, TX that specializes in selling gold bullion coins, including rare products such as Gold Eagles, Gold Buffalos, Chinese Pandas, and Australian Kangaroos. They also sell silver coins and other types of bullion online.
  • GMRgold has over two decades of experience in the precious metals industry and is a member of various associations, including NGC Collectors Society, NCS, PMG, ICTA, PGCS, and CCE. They have strong partnerships with prestigious organizations.
  • GMRgold thoroughly inspects each product before selling it to customers for accuracy of condition, weight, and purity. The company offers outstanding customer service, including personal calls from the CEO even after hours, verification and confirmation of orders, and exclusive deals not yet posted online.
  • GMRgold offers a catalog of IRA-eligible gold and silver coins, collectible coins, and copper rounds and bars. They help customers through the three-step process of setting up a Precious Metals IRA and provide a free startup eBook. The company is a relative newcomer on the scene and does not disclose any information about partnerships with depositories or IRA custodians.
  • The BBB does not currently have a rating for GMRgold, but the company has a high five-star Trustpilot rating and positive feedback and testimonials online.

Introduction to GMRgold

GMRgold is a one-stop-shop for all your gold and silver investment needs. They offer a wide range of products and services that provide investment options for their customers. These include silver coins, rare gold coins, and bullion bars. By offering a complete overview of all options available, GMRgold helps investors make informed decisions.

Overview of GMRgold’s Services and Products

GMRgold is a company that provides different services and products related to precious metals, especially gold bullion coins. They are dedicated to high standards and have established partnerships with reputable organizations, for example the NGC Collectors Society. All items they sell are inspected thoroughly to guarantee accuracy and purity. Moreover, GMRgold stocks other demanded products.

Buying from GMRgold gives you peace of mind due to their great customer service. The CEO, Dan Farrell, even called a customer after hours! This demonstrates their commitment to excellence, which is further reflected in their quality control process. The team also often calls customers with deals not yet posted online. This attention to detail is what separates them from other companies.

If you are looking for someone experienced in precious metals, GMRgold is a great option. Their partnerships with prestigious organizations and authorized dealers offer extra proof of their authenticity.

GMRgold’s Expertise and Partnerships

GMRgold has industry expertise and partnerships that distinguish it from other gold dealers. This section will examine GMRgold’s noteworthy relationships with respected financial organizations and its authorized dealer status with leading collector societies such as NGC, NCS, PMG, ICTA, PGCS, and CCE.

Strong Partnerships with Prestigious Organizations

GMRgold is proud of the connections it has established in the precious metals industry. These alliances have allowed the company to provide quality products and services to customers, and learn about the newest industry trends.

The business is certified with NGC Collectors Society, NCS, PMG, ICTA, PGCS, and CCE. This means it sells coins that have been approved by these respected organizations. Buyers can be sure the coins are of the highest standards.

GMRgold’s bond with Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) is special. It allows the company to sell NGC-certified bullion coins on its website. These coins are the most reliable available on the market, offering purchasers peace of mind.

GMRgold already has many extraordinary relationships. However, it could still grow. It could reach out to other areas, such as academics and research centers. Developing relationships with smaller, but respected, organizations could be useful for networking and creating industry links.

GMRgold’s strong partnerships have been a major success in the precious metals market. It is devoted to sustaining and broadening these collaborations to keep delivering exceptional products and services to its customers.

Authorized Dealer with NGC Collectors Society, NCS, PMG, ICTA, PGCS, and CCE

GMRgold is a renowned authorized dealer for the esteemed NGC Collectors Society. They are also affiliated with NCS, PMG, ICTA, PCGS, and CCE. This enables them to offer customers superior quality and authenticity when buying precious metals.

Their NCS and PMG ties guarantee the authenticity of paper currency. While their ICTA partnership presents unique offerings that other dealerships don’t have. Plus, their approval by PCGS allows them to sell high-grade coins. And CCE adds to the availability of new and special items. These associations are integral for GMRgold’s credibility in delivering premier metals.

When customers purchase from GMRgold, they can trust that all products are checked for precision and purity. This dedication has helped them become a leading marketplace for rare coins. They offer a wide selection which makes them a favourite one-stop-shop.

In addition to their industry-respected status, GMRgold values customer service. The CEO personally called a customer after hours to help with an issue. They confirm orders via call or email for customer peace of mind. They even send deals as a token of appreciation.

Overall, GMRgold is a dependable dealer offering top-notch gold bullion coins. Their extensive stock and partnerships with prominent organizations make them the go-to for collectors.

GMRgold’s Products and Services

GMRgold offers a variety of products and services for buyers of precious metals. In this section, we will examine closely what they offer and how it can benefit you. GMRgold specializes in gold bullion coins, and they sell and trade as well as provide impeccable inspection services. With a broad selection of highly sought-after products, you can rest assured that you are getting the best possible deals.

Purchase, Sell, or Trade Precious Metals on Their Website

GMRgold provides an easy way to buy and sell precious metals. Their website allows customers to purchase gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins and bars directly. They also offer competitive prices to those who are selling their metals.

In addition, GMRgold’s trading platform helps facilitate trades between buyers and sellers. Plus, they provide up-to-date market trends and prices so customers can make informed decisions.

All transactions on GMRgold’s website are conducted securely with prompt delivery and payment. Plus, all products are inspected for purity and accuracy.

For those looking to start a Gold IRA account, GMRgold offers IRA-eligible coins and bars and includes a free startup eBook to guide you through the three-step setup process.

Experience peace of mind when buying, selling or trading your precious metals on GMRgold. Visit their website today for authentic products at competitive prices.

Thoroughly Inspected Items for Accuracy and Purity

At GMRgold, we take immense pride in the accuracy and purity of our precious metal products. Our expert team inspects each item to make sure it meets our strict standards before being available for purchase, sale or trade on our website.

We guarantee the coins are accurately graded and assessed for quality by well-known professional grading agencies. These include NGC Collector’s Society, NCS, PMG, ICTA, PGCS, and CCE. So, our customers can feel confident that they are buying genuine and authentic products.

We specialize in selling top quality gold bullion coins. We have a wide variety of pre-1933 gold coins, American Gold Eagles, Australian Kangaroo/Nugget Coins, South African Krugerrands, and more.

GMRgold is committed to offering excellent customer service. Our team goes the extra mile to inform customers of deals not yet posted online and will even call customers to confirm orders before shipping. This exceptional after-sale process was set up personally by our CEO, Dana Samuelson, and has earned us great reviews from our satisfied customers.

If you’re interested in investing in gold bullion coins, GMRgold is your go-to shop for quality, reliability, and accurate grading.

Specializes in Selling Gold Bullion Coins

GMRgold is a trusted business that specializes in selling gold bullion coins. They offer quality services to customers who want to purchase, trade, or sell precious metals. With years of experience, GMRgold has become knowledgeable in the industry.

To make shopping easier, GMRgold provides an extensive selection of gold coins on their website. As listed below, they have a wide range of gold bullion coins including American Gold Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, South African Krugerrands, Australian Kangaroo Nuggets, and British Britannias.

Gold Bullion Coins Year of Issue
American Gold Eagles 1986 – Present
Canadian Maple Leafs 1979 – Present
South African Krugerrands 1967 – Present
Australian Kangaroo Nuggets 1989 – Present
British Britannias 1987 – Present

In addition, GMRgold examines all orders to ensure accuracy and purity. Authenticity is essential for them and they take it seriously.

Offers an Extensive Inventory of Highly Sought After Products

At GMRgold, we take great pride in our huge selection of coveted products. Specializing in gold bullion coins, we also offer a variety of other coins and metals on our website. Every item goes through a rigorous inspection to confirm accuracy and purity.

Collectors and investors alike seek out our unique items. We have NGC certified gold and silver coins, US coins, world bullion coins, modern circulated coins, and more. We guarantee authenticity and unbeatable value for savvy investors. Plus, we give our customers exclusive deals, not found online, over the phone.

One time, our CEO called a customer after-hours to discuss a purchase. At GMRgold, customer satisfaction is our priority. We want our customers to find the perfect item at a great price, in a trustworthy atmosphere. Our extensive inventory and quality assurance provide buyers with peace of mind.

Provides Peace of Mind for Buyers

GMRgold is your go-to for precious metals. They make sure their gold bullion coins are accurate and pure. You can trust their quality and reputation. Plus, they give you exclusive deals and verify your orders before shipping.

They take customer satisfaction very seriously. The CEO even takes time to address customer concerns.

People love GMRgold. Loads of positive feedback and testimonials prove it. Invest in precious metals with peace of mind – GMRgold provides it!

GMRgold’s Customer Service

GMRgold stands out from other gold and silver dealers due to its exceptional customer service. Numerous customers highly rate their positive feedback and testimonials online, which is a testament to their top-notch service. In addition, the CEO personally called a customer after hours, adding to the dealer’s unparalleled dedication to their customers. They also ensure customer satisfaction by confirming and verifying orders through phone calls and keeping patrons informed about deals not yet posted online. Overall, their unwavering commitment to their clients makes them a trustworthy and reliable choice in the precious metals market.

Positive Feedback and Testimonials Online

GMRgold has earned many positive reviews and testimonials online. Their website demonstrates countless contented customers who have posted great reviews and feedback about their experience. Notably, the CEO made a special effort to call a customer outside of business hours to make sure they were satisfied with their order – a true mark of their commitment to customers.

GMRgold is devoted to providing a personalized service for each customer. They always call to confirm and check orders and also alert customers of deals that are not posted online yet. This focus on customer service has earned them an acclaimed reputation for offering top-notch products and services, as shown by the many positive customer reviews on numerous platforms.

GMRgold’s associations with NGC Collectors Society, NCS, PMG, ICTA, PGCS, and CCE further show their dedication to quality. These connections allow them to guarantee the accuracy and purity of their products, giving customers peace of mind when buying.

GMRgold’s gold IRA services are outstanding too. They have a wide variety of highly sought-after precious metal products that can be used for an IRA. They also provide a free startup eBook that walks customers through the three-step process of setting up a precious metal IRA. In conclusion, GMRgold is an excellent company that values customer satisfaction, quality, and expertise in providing valuable services.

CEO Personally Called a Customer after Hours

Customer satisfaction is GMRgold’s top priority. The CEO goes the extra mile to give amazing service. Recently, they contacted a customer outside of regular hours, to make sure they were happy with their purchase.

GMRgold puts customers first, unlike other companies who just want fast sales. As proof of this dedication, they have partnered with NGC Collectors Society, NCS, PMG, ICTA, PGCS, and CCE. This shows GMRgold is dependable in the industry.

GMRgold specializes in gold bullion coins, and has a huge selection. To make sure customers are satisfied, GMRgold checks the status of transactions with them. This leaves no doubt about the order.

Always Calls to Confirm and Verify Orders

GMRgold values customer service above all. They always call to verify orders before shipping for accuracy and satisfaction. This attention to detail gives customers peace of mind.

The team also inspects each order for accuracy and purity. They check product availability before shipping, too.

GMRgold even checks with customers for transactions not online yet. Showcasing their dedication to providing fantastic deals and value for customers.

They are a reliable source for quality products, authorized by the NGC Collectors Society, NCS, PMG, ICTA, PGCS, and CCE. Plus, GMRgold’s customer service team will let you know about the latest deals – no need to keep refreshing the page!

Informs Customers of Deals Not Yet Posted Online

GMRgold takes customer satisfaction seriously. They strive to go beyond their expectations. They offer exclusive services, like deal notifications for products not yet available online. This allows customers to buy high-demand items before they sell out. It’s a great advantage!

Also, GMRgold sends personalized email notifications with promotions that match customers’ interests. Plus, they have a newsletter on their website. They make blog posts and resource pages with info about coins and products.

GMRgold has earned positive feedback from customers because of their CEO, Ken Lewis. He personally called a customer only hours after her purchase in 2018. This made customers start to trust the brand.

GMRgold is committed to ethical business practices. They have an IRA program with eligible coins and bars for retirement investments. To make it easy, they provide a free startup eBook to help with decision-making.

To sum up, GMRgold puts customers first. They try to exceed their expectations. They provide helpful content and ethical practices, which builds trust with customers.

GMRgold’s Gold IRA

When it comes to investing in precious metals, a Gold IRA can be an excellent choice for diversification and financial security. In this section, we’ll explore GMRgold’s Gold IRA options that include IRA-eligible gold and silver coins, and bullion bars. We’ll also take a closer look at their Free Startup eBook, which can help guide investors through the process. Plus, we’ll dive into GMRgold’s three-step process of setting up a precious metals IRA, making it easier than ever to protect your assets.

IRA Eligible Gold and Silver Coins, Collectible Coins, and Copper Rounds and Bars

Are you searching for gold and silver coins approved by the IRA? Look no further! GMRgold is an IRS-approved company with a wide selection of coins. Find gold and silver bullion coins from the US Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Perth Mint and more! Plus, there are collectibles, like pre-1933 US gold coins and rare silver dollars. There’s even copper rounds and bars!

Worried about investing in precious metals? GMRgold has you covered. Get their free eBook, which has a 3-step process to set up a Precious Metals IRA. This makes it easier to understand and use this product, diversifying your investment portfolio with IRA-eligible coins and bars. Don’t wait – check out GMRgold now and start growing your wealth with ira eligible gold and silver coins, collectible coins, and copper rounds and bars.

Free Startup eBook Provided

GMRgold offers a free eBook to help customers set up a precious metals IRA. It’s for those new to the concept of IRAs, and explains how to include gold and silver coins, collectible coins, and bars and rounds made of precious metals. This resource is best for customers wanting to invest in precious metals and needing guidance.

GMRgold makes setting up a Gold IRA easy. It’s only three steps: open an account with the chosen custodian, fund it with money from an existing retirement account, and buy eligible products like gold bars or coins. With these steps and the free eBook guide, GMRgold makes investing in a Gold IRA simple.

GMRgold wants all their customers to have successful investments. So, they alert customers about deals not posted online. This ensures customers don’t miss out on potential savings. Plus, their free eBook helps customers make informed decisions. GMRgold works hard to make sure everyone is satisfied when it comes to investing in precious metals.

Three-step Process of Setting up a Precious Metals IRA

Ready to start a Precious Metals IRA? Look no further than GMRgold! They have a three-step process that is easy and straightforward.

  1. First, open an account with GMRgold and choose the type of IRA you want. This can be done online or with their customer service.
  2. Second, transfer funds from your current IRA or 401(k) to the new Precious Metals IRA. GMRgold makes this quick and simple.
  3. Third, pick your precious metals and buy them through GMRgold’s website. You’ll find a wide selection of eligible coins, plus those perfect for collectors.

For extra help, GMRgold offers a free eBook that tells you more about setting up a Precious Metals IRA and helps you decide which investments are best for you.

Investing in precious metals through GMRgold will add value to your life. So what are you waiting for? Get started now with these three steps and get your own Precious Metals IRA with GMRgold!


GMRgold is an exceptional precious metal dealer. Their website is user-friendly, and their customer service is top-notch. Plus, their prices are competitive in the market. Customers get a fair return on investment.

Also, they offer many payment and shipping options. That gives customers the flexibility to choose what works best for them. So, GMRgold is a great choice for those looking for a reliable and trustworthy precious metal dealer. With their unbeatable customer service, competitive prices, and convenient payment and shipping options, customers can be sure of a pleasant buying experience. Therefore, it is wise to choose GMRgold for your precious metals needs.

Five Facts About GMRgold:

  • ✅ GMRgold is a Texas-based company located in Woodlands, TX. (Source:
  • ✅ They are a member of various associations including NGC Collectors Society, NCS, PMG, ICTA, PGCS, and CCE. (Source:
  • ✅ Customers can purchase, sell, or trade precious metals on their website. (Source:
  • ✅ GMRgold specializes in selling gold bullion coins, including rare products such as Gold Eagles, Gold Buffalos, Chinese Pandas, and Australian Kangaroos. (Source:
  • ✅ GMRgold has a high five-star Trustpilot rating and offers a free startup eBook. (Source:

FAQs about Gmrgold Review

About GMRgold and its location

GMRgold is a Texas-based company located in Woodlands, TX, specializing in the sale of gold and silver coins, including rare products such as Gold Eagles, Gold Buffalos, Chinese Pandas, and Australian Kangaroos.

Does GMRgold have excellent customer service?

Yes, GMRgold provides remarkable customer service. The CEO personally called a customer after hours to answer their questions and concerns. They were patient and answered all their questions. The customer has made multiple purchases since then and highly recommends the company.

Does GMRgold make it easy to purchase precious metals for a retirement account?

Yes, GMRgold simplifies finding and purchasing precious metals for a retirement account. They offer a catalog of IRA-eligible gold and silver coins, collectible coins, and copper rounds and bars. The company also helps customers through the three-step process of setting up a Precious Metals IRA.

Is GMRgold headquartered in Woodlands, Texas?

Yes, GMRgold is headquartered in Woodlands, Texas.

Does GMRgold have partnerships with depositories or IRA custodians?

GMRgold does not disclose any information about their partnerships with depositories or IRA custodians.

What products does GMRgold offer?

GMRgold specializes in selling gold and silver coins, along with rare products such as Gold Eagles, Gold Buffalos, Chinese Pandas, and Australian Kangaroos. They also offer a range of gold, silver, and copper rounds and bars. All items undergo a thorough inspection for their condition, weight, and purity before selling them to customers.

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