Money Metals Exchange Review

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Money Metals Exchange is the national bullion dealer that allows users to buy, sell, and possess investment-grade metals.

Clients can pay in cash or using various payment options, including wire transfers, checks, credit/debit cards, electronic funds transfers, and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

The firm offers a wide variety of gold and silver bullion at meager prices for immediate delivery via Money Metals Depository Accounts. It has some of the lowest premiums in the business on all coins, rounds, and bars.

Money Metals Exchange maintains, an online retail business dedicated to providing investors with direct access to physical bullion at the lowest possible price through market-based pricing and trading physical bullion goods for customers across the United States.

Before you begin, consider the following:

They understand how tough it is to decide where to invest your hard-earned money. That is why they provide informative and helpful content to give you as much information as possible to assist you in making the best decision possible.

What Products does Money Metals Exchange Offer?


Rounds, coins, bars, and fractional weights of Canadian Maples, American Eagles, and European Gold Bullion.


Bars, bullets, fractionals, and rounds in multiple weights.


Australian, Canadian, and American coins with bars in diverse weights.


Buffalo rounds, peace rounds, Morgan heads, and 1- ounce copper bars.


Maples and Palladium eagles are present together with bars of diverse weights.


It is available in 1- and 5- ounce bars.

What is the Buying Process from Money Metals Exchange like?

Purchasing metals via the exchange is simple, safe, and quick when done online. All items available for purchase at any given time are listed in the website’s menu under the “Buy Silver” category.

Click the blue “Add to Cart” button next to the product you want to purchase after making your selection. The exchange only allows you to buy one thing at a time for simplicity’s sake, but if you want more than one, please repeat this process as often as necessary.

Except for customers who prefer to track their purchases or set up new subscriptions, which entitle them to exclusive discounts and even free rounds each month, creating an account is optional.

Click the blue “Check Out” button in the top right-hand corner of the screen once you have added everything you want to your basket (and, if you’d like, modify your purchase).

Once you make an account or log in, you must enter your billing and shipping information.

By selecting the option to keep it stored with your user name when you click “View Cart” in the top left corner of your screen, you can preserve this for simpler reorders in the future.

The entire procedure lasts roughly ten minutes. Depending on where you are concerning the depository, you can anticipate delivery between 1 to 5 days after placing your order.

What is the Selling Process from Money Metals Exchange like?

The following steps can be used to sell palladium, gold, silver, and platinum to the money metals exchange:

1. Contact the exchange by calling 800-800-1865 during regular business hours. You’ll receive a receipt from a representative.

2. You can confirm your order by securing the pricing if you are pleased with the company’s quote.

3. Verify your purchase order in your email. Observe the shipping guidelines.

4. Submit the order to the exchange for money metals.

5. Using the most recent prices available, Money Metals Exchange will weigh your shipment and validate it using a third-party scale service provider.

6. The actual price you will pay will be determined by the metals’ live bid and ask prices at the time of verification. Settlement timeframes typically take two business days, although they can change depending on the market.

Always check that your metals meet the company’s buyback requirements before calling.

Are Money Metals Exchange’s Prices Competitive?

Compared to similar competitors, money metal exchange is a little more expensive. If you are a seller, it provides fantastic buyback prices.

Buy Prices 

A quick look at the money metals website in May 2020 showed that the business had priced one ounce of uncirculated American eagle coins from a random year at $1,867.70. The cost was higher than JM Bullion’s and Golden Eagle’s rivals.

The difference was only $25 and $4, respectively, so it was insignificant. For payments made using PayPal and credit cards, an extra 4% will be applied.

Sell Prices

Despite slightly higher buyback prices than the competitors, money metal exchange may offer average buyback prices. For instance, the business paid $1,776.70 on the same date for an uncirculated American eagle.

Is It Money Metals Exchange Safe?

Money Metals Exchange protects the privacy of its clients. It will never share any information about your account with anybody besides you, including your name or email address.

It doesn’t share or sell its client lists with other businesses.

Personal data like payment card numbers, names, addresses, and phone numbers are encrypted on the MME website using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology.

The business is also a member of the Better Business Bureau, whose mission is to ensure the security and simplicity of your transactions.

At Money Metals Exchange, all transactions are handled by highly qualified experts in compliance with local, state, and federal laws.

Does Money Metals Exchange Disclose Customer Information to the Government?

No, without being provided with a legal search warrant issued upon proof of probable cause, Money Metals Exchange does not willingly divulge personal information about its clients to government officials, law enforcement authorities, or any other third parties.

Additionally, because all transactions are conducted anonymously, and in confidence, the company does not divulge or identify any particular purchases or sales of metals that were done through it.

What Is the Minimum Amount of Gold You Can Buy?

You can only purchase a small amount of gold as a private investor, and it weighs a gram.

However, because gold bars are priced in troy ounces, the least quantity you can buy will depend on your investment budget, transaction costs, and dealer charges.

But even if you wish to make a significant financial investment, there are still options to purchase gold bullion below that limit.

Dealers do this so customers can place multiple orders at once or for convenience. Charges are divided into smaller portions known as “lots.”

What Are Customers Saying About Money Metals Exchange?

Currently, there are 957 reviews of the company on the review site Yelp. Most customers were happy with their purchase and expressed it by giving Money Metals Exchange a high score on Yelp.

Customers give positive feedback on the service representatives they describe as competent and courteous. However, there are complaints of a lack of customer support during the weekends and delays in shipping.

Storing Your Bullion and Fees

Accounts for Delivered Storage:

Customers can buy coins or bars, which you will then deliver to the vaults at Money Metals Exchange.

Each deposited item receives a unique physical serial number that enables Money Metals Exchange to keep track of it.

Depository Accounts:

Any stock item at Money Metals Exchange may be purchased by a customer and left with us for safekeeping for a small cost of 0.46% per year, based on the market value of the item(s).

Monster Boxes with Seals:

These alternatives for high-security storage are only offered by Money Metals Exchange and are an excellent new way to gain complete protection from theft or harm.

Real Customer Reviews

This buyer and seller on the metals exchange have a good reputation. The procedure of buying my metals was simple, and I enjoyed it. When I sold my metals back, the prices were lower than when I had bought them. That’s all right, and I’m going to buy something else. The consistency is good.”

  • Anjuvachi S. on BBB

“DON’T USE THIS BROKER! With a USPS signature necessary, they ship, and my signature served as proof that my order had been delivered. The only problem is that I DIDN’T RECEIVE the package. Their three-hour “probe” revealed that USPS GPS had verified the position.

The USPS or the cops are my only options, and they swept their accountability under the rug. There are many (ALL) safer precious metal traders!”

  • Robert L. on Trustpilot

Why Put Gold in Your IRA?

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) protect your retirement and your family’s financial security.

These specific tax-sheltered accounts allow you to save money for future use.

To ensure and save for retirement, a sizeable portion of these long-term funds must be invested in trustworthy and stable assets.

Cash deposits into IRAs are possible, but the value quickly erodes, and inflation is out of control.

Gold is the ideal asset for this because it is trustworthy, maintains its value over time, and even increases in value.

Investors guard themselves by placing actual gold in IRAs as the global economy struggles due to lockdowns, shortages, conflicts, and inflation. Uncertainty is at an all-time high.

These economic downturns, which harm the majority of other investments, are advantageous for gold investments.

Risk is ignoring economic dangers to your family and yourself even though you are aware of them.

Safety is being aware of the threats to your financial future and taking action to protect it. It is simple to accomplish with a Gold IRA.


  • Privacy: Under no circumstances will the business sell your information to anyone.

  • Convenience:The Money Metals Exchange is the most suitable place to buy gold and silver.
  • Actual price The Money Metals Exchange’s prices are updated in real-time.

  • Fabricated portfolios: The exchange provides multi-gram, silver, and gold portfolios that are already assembled if you are a novice investor in the metal world.


  •  Transaction Fees: Using your credit card to purchase will result in an additional 4% charge. PayPal entails additional fees as well.
  • Limited Support: The exchange doesn’t offer round-the-clock assistance. Only during the weekdays are its representatives available.
  • Payment Method Restrictions: The highest and the lowest amount you can pay is capped, depending on your payment method.

Final Thought – Money Metals Exchange Review

For its clients, Money Metals Exchange is flooded with various precious metals. It also offers ready-made portfolios for beginners, and customers can choose direct storage from the company.

The checkout procedure is halted by its restrictions on processing fees and payment options. Weekend customer service support is not offered.

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