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Have you considered purchasing silver or gold from Swiss America? If so, you should read this article.

We will give you details about the business, its background, its goods, and our frank assessment of its services.

They are registered as gold dealers and investment counselors in Swiss America. They offer investors and precious metal accounts around the nation gold coins, bars, and certificates.

The business is also a certified and insured dealer in coins.

They have nearly 20 years of expertise dealing with precious metals, established in 1982 by Craig Smith, and this is far longer than the existence of many other unique metal traders.

Why Choose Swiss America?

Swiss America might be suitable if you think investing in the gold and silver markets is secure. Their investment consultants, leaders in the field, have worked with precious metals for over 20 years.

They are also acknowledged as subject matter experts in the financial media. They can assist you in selecting the best product for your requirements and offer a massive selection of goods.

Swiss America Products and Services

Swiss America offers the following goods:

Coins and Bars of Gold

They have a vast selection of gold, platinum, and silver bullion coins in the U.S. and abroad.

Gold and American silver eagles are seen on some U.S. coins.

The following ounces of gold coins are available as gold bullion:

  • One-ounce
  • Half-ounce
  • 0.1-ounce weights
  • Coins for Numismatics in General

The gold value of bullion is offered by generic numismatic coins, which also have the advantage of being a wholly-owned private asset of the U.S. government.

Rare American Coins

Additionally, Swiss America sells rare U.S. coins, which have a market comparable to that of fine art or antiques. Since relatively few of them still exist in perfect form, these coins are highly sought after by collectors.

Swiss America Credentials

Swiss America now has an A+ rating and is a recognized member of the Better Business Bureau after serving over 60,000 customers.

The business has appeared on several television shows:

  • CNN
  • News Corp.
  • CNBC
  • Business Newsmax Fox
  • CNN Money
  • TBN \sCBN

It has also appeared in many publications, such as the following newspapers and magazines:

  • AZ Business Review
  • As of today
  • Washington Post
  • Times of New York
  • The Star-Tribune
  • Phoenix Republic

Benefits of Owning Gold

In finance, gold is regarded as valuable, meaning you can exchange it for cash or sell it. The advantages of having gold or silver bullion coins or bars are numerous.

Gold has several advantages besides serving as a store of value and a material object of wealth.

Here are a few examples of the benefits:

  • Preservation of Value

Precious metals have consistently held their worth throughout history, in both prosperous and challenging times.

Gold has never lost value over time, unlike paper assets like stocks, bonds, and commodities. Most individuals believe that gold can protect assets amid a financial crisis.

In contrast to fiat currencies like the U.S. dollar or the Euro, it is also widely acknowledged and recognized by many nations worldwide.

  • Anonymity

Paper assets like stocks and bonds typically have a record. The majority of these records are accessible online, and it makes tracking their value simpler.

With gold, there is, however, absolutely no record. All bullion coins are regarded as legal tender and are anonymous.

Precious Metals IRAs

Taxpayers may make contributions in the form of coins, bars, or certificates of gold and silver. It is regarded as an excellent choice for retirement planning. It’s crucial to remember that precious metals are not subject to income tax in the U.S.

When you sell your gold bullion coins or bars, you can also postpone paying capital gains taxes on your investment earnings.

How to Get Started with Swiss America

It would help if you first spoke with your account executive, who will walk you through the selection of each coin to get started.

Once you’ve decided on whatever coins you want, Swiss America will arrange a conference call with their trading division to reserve your desired currencies.

To guarantee price and availability, this department will also give you a confirmation number for each coin you buy. After that, you must make your payment.

Some of the payment choices available are as follows:

  • To their account by bank wire.
  • Send a personal or cashier’s check to their account.

You may find the specifics of these accounts on their website, which we link to at the conclusion of this piece. After that, your coins will be delivered by U.S. Postal Service.

Are There Red Flags for Swiss America?

As was previously mentioned, Swiss America is a trustworthy business, and it has been active in the market for a more extended period than many other businesses. U.S. federal authorities and a member in good standing of the Better Business Bureau approve them.

Because the business is a registered precious metals dealer, it is required by law to keep records of all transactions for anti-money laundering purposes. You are safe in their care.

Resources for Investors

The business is upfront about its activities and has a distinct business strategy. They have an SEC registration and BBB accreditation. So inspiring confidence in their security and operations among investors.

The business is also quite open about handling, keeping, and giving customers its precious metals.

Unlike many other precious metals traders, Swiss America only deals in precious metals. They won’t have to deal with acquiring materials from distributors, which would cause delivery delays or increased costs.

Swiss America is a decent company overall, but we’ll analyze some alternatives that would be better for your investment.

Fraud Protection

  • There is a higher risk of consumer fraud and rip-off schemes since precious metals are more well-liked and in higher demand. Swiss America suggests that you take the following sets of steps to protect yourself from them:
  • Observe any business that tries to convince you to wire money to their accounts and make hurried purchasing decisions.
  • It would help if you stayed away from any company that makes you the absurd promise of earnings with little to no risk. There are no such businesses.
  • Be cautious of unsolicited calls about investments from salespeople or companies you don’t know.
  • Before buying any precious metals, make sure to get in touch with the CFTC or other relevant agencies.
  • Cross-check every piece of information provided by the precious metals seller.
  • Only complete the transaction if you know what you’re doing.

Why the Price of Gold Rises

A precious metal with numerous industrial applications is gold. Gold is used in the creation of electronics, jewelry, and timepieces. Gold is more in demand as more individuals buy these products.

Since you can trade with it from anywhere globally, it’s also a simple way to diversify your investment portfolio. In addition, when there is an economic crisis, gold is a haven for investments, and even in trying times, it retains its value.

Gold prices rise as more people invest in gold bullion coins and bars. Because they are stable and lose minimal value over time, precious metals are preferred by many investors.

A well-balanced portfolio with a portion allocated to gold may be a significant financial investment.

Security of the Company

Swiss America has many mechanisms to protect its clients’ information. These consist of the following:

  • Their website and servers are constantly being watched to prevent unwanted access.
  • A firewall to fend off hacking attempts.
  • A CCTV system for their offices and cash vault. This aids in the detection and prevention of potential fraud, security breaches, and theft attempts.
  • For the burial, offices, and transportation of their clients’ gold, a physical security system.
  • A no-trespassing solid policy and a client confidentiality policy.
  • Their website is encrypted with SSL. The communication between their website and the client’s computer is encrypted and protected against man-in-the-middle attacks.

Customer Reviews

On Trust Pilot, Swiss America has an excellent reputation. Numerous reviews from actual customers who made purchases from their websites are available.

The simplicity of using its online service to purchase gold or silver is mentioned in many excellent evaluations. Other clients were content to pay in cash when their orders were delivered. Since 2018, they have kept their Better Business Bureau rating of A+.

According to the BBB data, there are only a few complaints against this precious metals dealer, and no court cases have been brought against them.

Pros and Cons


  • For their customers’ initial education, they offer fantastic resources. It shouldn’t be challenging to deal with them for the first time.
  • They provide a large selection of precious metals.
  • They are open and honest about every aspect of their services and business strategy.
  • They offer their clients a complete deposit return if they cannot deliver.


  • No 24-hour live chat support system is available.
  • Swiss America does not offer live support around-the-clock. You must use the company’s email service or other more conventional methods, including phone calls, to get in touch with them.
  • Users’ Reviews and Ratings Need Improvement
  • Except for Trust Pilot, there need to be more online reviews to judge a company’s customer service.
  • Customer complaints in large numbers
  • Users have made some concerns about the reliability of their services online. The bulk of people does, however, have faith in their products.

Final Thoughts – Swiss America Review

Swiss America is a reputable company that provides its clients with various investment alternatives.

Gold bars, coins, and bullion coins are among the available possibilities. The business trades a wide variety of precious metals in the proper ratios.

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